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Woodland, Trees and Hedgerows


Up until the 1800s Ireland was almost entirely covered in deciduous woodlands, now only a few pockets of ancient woodlands remain. Clare has a considerable amount of oak-ash-hazel woodland and some wet alder woodlands. Small pockets of ancient woodland still remain in Clare.

In the Burren scrub is a problem as it is expanding onto areas of limestone pavement and dry calcareous grassland. However in many parts of the county scrub is declining, mainly due to clearance for agriculture or housing. Hedgerows have been an important feature of the landscape in most parts of Ireland for centuries. They provide a habitat for many species and also corridors for animals to move through.

Woodland and Tree Habitats in the Clare 101 list


- Oak-ash-hazel woodland
- Wet woodland
- Scrub
- Hedgerows

Species found in areas of Woodland and Trees from the Clare 101 list

- Brown long-eared bat
- Hedgehog
- Pine marten
- Red squirrel

- Yellow hammer
- Brown hairstreak
- Brimstone
- Bluebells