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The Abbey of Inisgad (Canons’ Island), Co. Clare
By Michael Mac Mahon


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5. The first authentic record of Canons Regular OSA appears to be in 1067, at St. Denys, Rheims.

6. Some examples of such foundations are Kilmacduagh, Clonfert, Tuam and Clonmacnois.

7. The Canons Regular of St. Augustine should not be confused with the Augustinian Friars (known in England as Austin Friars) who established a number of houses in Ireland after c.1282 as part of the English province. The friars made no foundation in Killaloe diocese although they did succeed in taking over the defunct Canons Regular house at Lorrha just before the Cromwellian upheaval. The friars also successfully claimed possession of some other former Canons Regular foundations e.g. Clontuskert in Co.Galway, which was rebuilt for the friars c. 1636. For an account of the friars, see F.X. Martin, ‘The Augustinian Friars in pre-Reformation Ireland’, in ‘Augustiniana’, VI (1956), pp. 346-84.

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The Abbey of Inisgad