The Augustinian Houses of the County Clare:
Clare, Killone, and Inchicronan

Thomas Johnson Westropp
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Clare County Library

Killone Convent

The Ruins: the Cloister

South of the church lies an irregular cloister from 51 feet 6 inches to 51 feet north and south, and from 46 feet 6 inches to 44 feet east and west. It is surrounded by buildings the church lying to the north, but the walls to that side have fallen down the slope, and the western wall is levelled; indeed, only two fragments of the western wing, and the inner wall of the southern rooms, are standing. This latter has two doors, the eastern pointed, the western late semicircular. The “Tuscan” monument of Timothy Lucas, who died 1759, erected by his son Joseph, 1763, stands against the western end, and the table-tomb of the Daxons rests upon the south-eastern angle of the west wing. The only surviving feature of the south wall is the lower part (the sill and the chamfered sides) of a door at the east end. A similar, but perfect pointed door, leads into the eastern building or domicile. To the south-east angle of this is attached, what, at my rate, in its present state, is a burial enclosure, but seems old.

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