The Augustinian Houses of the County Clare:
Clare, Killone, and Inchicronan

Thomas Johnson Westropp
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Clare County Library

Killone Convent

The Ruins: the Crypt

THE CRYPT is an unusual feature in our abbeys, and was needed in this case to raise the east end of the church to the level of the ground at its west end, 15 feet 4 inches above the graveyard at the east gable. It is a plain pointed vault, originally turned over wickerwork, and is paved with the graves of the Macdonnells from 1799. Tradition alleged that the bones of the nuns lay undisturbed in this room till the end of the last century. There were two very long and narrow east slits, of which, owing to the batter, the lower parts sloped out, but the southern has been replaced by a modern gate under a slab, carved with the name and arms of the Macdonnells. This family we may note made a most creditable attempt to repair the ruins. Their work is still apparent in the jambs of the north window and staircase door of the church, and the east window and door of the domicile. Unfortunately, the usual silly rumour, that bones were being removed and thrown into the lake, spread to Ennis, and caused so much excitement and ill-will, that the works were stopped. Nothing more was done (save some attempts by the Stacpooles and the writer of this paper, at intervals, to free the east window from destructive ivy) until the mainly good and prudent work done by the Board of Public Works in 1894-1895.

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