The Augustinian Houses of the County Clare:
Clare, Killone, and Inchicronan

Thomas Johnson Westropp
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Clare County Library

Killone Convent

St. John’s Holy Well

In a grove on the shore of the lake, to the due east of the convent, lie the quaint pretty well, altar, and bathing tank, once the scene of a far-famed “pattern.” “Rounds” are still made there each June, but, though the piety still remains, the dissipation has been stopped, and with it the merrymaking. The altar bears an inscription on its north side:
“THIS ALTAR WAS¦BUILT BY ANTHONY ¦ROCH, MERCHANT ¦FROM ENNIS ¦1731 I.H.S.” A number of large sea-pebbles lie upon it, and numerous offerings are found fixed upon a tree near the well. China, plaster figures, small pictures, coins, nails, pins, buttons and such like: only valuable as marks of the simple faith of the donors—mostly poor, sick, and afflicted people.

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