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The Bodyke Evictions: Disturbances and Distress

Transceiption of a
four-page letter showing the deposition of Patrick Dwyer, the Limerick bailiff, who accompanied Colonel O’Callaghan’s land agent, Stannard MacAdam, onto the lands at Lisbarreen in March 1893. The sworn statement illustrates the difficulties of carrying out a distraint of goods in the highly-charged atmosphere that prevailed.

[page 1]

Petty Sessions District of Tomgraney
County of Clare
The Information of Patrick Dwyer, Bailiff
of Georges Quay, Limerick who saith on his oath
I am a Bailiff and reside at
the above address. That on
the morning of the 2nd March
Inst about 7 o’clock I proceeded
in company with Mr. S. McAdam (agent to
Colonel O’Callaghan) and two other men
from a protection post near Bodyke
Co. Clare for the purpose of executing
decrees for rent on the property of
Colonel O’Callaghan. I was acting as
Special Bailiff. We proceeded to the
holding of a man named Halloran
about a mile distant but effected no
seizure there. We were leaving

[page 2]

that place when I saw Halloran
rush at Mr Mcadam and seize
hold of his rifle and attempt to
twist it from his hand. I was about
ten yards behind and I went immediately
to Mr McAdam’s assistance. I saw
Mr McAdam bleeding from the
mouth. I heard him call upon Halloran
to let go the rifle but he did not do so
I assisted in trying to loosen the
rifle from Hallorans grasp – Halloran
did not let go the rifle until Mr McAdam
threatened to shoot him and then he

[page 3]

let go. We next proceeded to
the holding of a man named
Curtin close by Hallorans.
We there seized a cow and a
donkey and car. Halloran followed
us shouting and threatening all
the way. A crowd of about twenty
people had collected by this time and
Halloran joined them. He had a stick
in his hand. This crowd opposed
our removing the cow + donkey + car
I saw a man, whose name I believe is
Nugent , in the crowd. He hunted the
cow from me and I followed her.

[page 4]

He took up a big stone and swore out
an oath that he would take my life if
I attempted to follow the cow. Mr McAdam
came up and helped me to get the cow
out on to the road and we hadn’t gone
ten yards when the crowd pelted
stones at us. I looked back and I
saw Halloran and Nugent in the crowd.
They seemed to be the two ringleaders
altogether. The crowd groaned and shouted
us and Mr McAdam had to threaten
to fire on them to kep them back.
After that they did not do anymore to us.

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Bodyke Evictions: Disturbances & Distress