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The Bodyke Evictions: Orators and Agitators

Transcription of the order fixing the fair (judicial) rent of Peter Flanagan under the Land Act of 1881.

Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1881.
Court of the Irish Land Commission.
Order Fixing Fair Rent.
Landlord Jno O’Callaghan
Tenant Peter Flanagan
County of Clare
Record No. 1845

The Tenant having duly served an Originating Notice of an application to the
Land Commission for an Order fixing the fair rent to be paid for the holding therein
Mentioned, the description of which holding, as stated in such Notice, is contained in
The Schedule endorsed hereon.
WE, the undersigned, forming a Sub-Commission, after hearing the parties and having regard to the interest of the Landlord and Tenant, respectively, and considering
All the circumstances of the case, holding, and district, DO HEREBY FIX AND
DETERMINE that the fair rent of the said holding is the annual sum of

£41:10 : = Fortyonepounds ten shillings

And WE DO FURTHER ORDER that the several parties
shall abide their own costs – and we
do further order that the tenant shall
provide one suitable labourers cottage
together with half a statute acre of
land, for which he shall be entitled
to charge as rent one shilling per

And WE DO CERTIFY that the Landlord at the hearing required that the
right of sporting, as mentioned in the 5th section of the Act, should belong exclu-
sively to him.

Dated this 13th day of June 1982.
Signed Robert Reeves
C O’Keeffe
E McCausland

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Bodyke Evictions: Orators & Agitators