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The Bodyke Evictions: Orators and Agitators

Hosford's Letter Transcription

[page 1]
[left hand column]
Your Estate
Mr Col. O’Callaghan’s Estate
Lands Ballydonahane
Tenant Peter Flanagan
Yearly Rent £41 10 0 (jud Rent)
Total Due nill

Dear Col. O’Callaghan,
This tenant has paid
his rent in full to the
29th Sept ’83.
He now offers you £5
a year for the grazing
of the mountain situated
in Ballydonahane and ad-
joining his farm, which
he held till 1881.
Kindly let us know
what you think of the
Delmege Hosford
14 Jany ’84.

[right hand column]
Application refused
This man is cutting turf
on my mountain & his uncle
John Molony also without my sanction
I hope you
have made
no mistakes in
receiving the full
rent from this man
up to its proper date
as I am aware he
imposed upon
you some time
since pleading
poverty This is a
rich man and
was secretary of
the Land league branch
at Scariff where
he resides as a Publican
pays his rent always
by cheque.
He used to pay £15 per annum

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Bodyke Evictions: Orators & Agitators