The Churches of County Clare
By T. J. Westropp, M.A.
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Clare County Library

Survey of the Churches


The following graveyards are given as being possibly ancient church sites, though I know of no tradition or remnant of a building connected with them. There can be little doubt but that many of the older churches perished before the Norman invasion, though their sites continued to be used for burial.


187. KILLAMURROOGH, Sheet 1.—Gleninagh Parish.

188. KILLOGHIL, Sheet 2.—Dromcreehy Parish.

189. AUGHINISH, Sheet 3.—Abbey Parish. I could procure no information as to the existence of this church.

190. KILWEELRAN (GLENNAMANAGH), Sheet 5.—Oughtmama Parish.


191. KILCORNAN, Sheet 15.—Kilmanaheen Parish.

192. GORTNAKILLA (TEERLEHEEN), Sheet 24.—Clooney Parish.


193. TEMPLEBANNAGH, Sheet 11.—Kilkeedy Parish.

194. KILMASCUIT, Sheet 17.—Ruan Parish.

195. KILRANAGHAN, Sheet 17.—Same.

196. KILKEE, Sheet 25.—Same. Has a well.

197. KNOCKAKILLA (BALLYEA), Sheet 24.—Inagh Parish.

198. KNOCKAKILL (FORMOYLE), Sheet 32.—Same.


199. KILCOLUMB (KNOCKMORE), Sheet 32.—Kilmaley Parish.

200. KILLANURE, Sheet 33.—Dromcliff Parish.

201. KILLERK, Sheet 41.—Killone Parish. Perhaps the “Killargenayn” of 1302.

202. KILLEA (CRAGBRIEN), Sheet 41.—Clondagad Parish.

203. KILFIDDAUN, Sheet 47.—Same. Has a well, Toberaniddaun.


204. KILVILLY, Sheet 26.—Inchicronan Parish. Has a well, Toberbreedia.

205. KILLAVEINY (CRUSHEEN), Sheet 18.—Inchicronan Parish.

206. KILFIDDANE, in Templemaley Parish, according to Mr. Frost, has a font and church site. [190]

207. KILLIAN, Sheet 26.—Same. Doughnambraher.

208. KILBAY, Sheet 26.—Clooney Parish.

209. KILCATHERINE, Sheet 26.—Same.

210. KILLOGHAN (CAHERLOGHAN), Sheet 34.—Same.

211. KILLULLA, Sheet 51.—Clonloghan Parish.

212. SAINT’S ISLAND (CLONMONEY), Sheet 51.—Bunratty Parish.

213. KILLAVOGHER (KNOCKALISHEEN), Sheet 63.—St. Patrick’s Parish.

214. MONEENAGLIGGIN, Sheet 63.—Killeely.


215. KILTANON, Sheet 27.—Tulla Parish. There are, beside the graveyard, a fort,
Lisnagleera, a cromlech, and a well, Toberbreedia.

216. CRAGG, Sheet 35.—Same. Kilchulla graveyard and Tobermochulla well.

217. FORTANNE, Sheet 35.—Same. Has a well, Tobermochulla.

217A. FOMERLA, Sheet 34.—Same. A bullaun lies in this graveyard.

218. KYLEATANVALLY (FOSSABEG), Sheet 28.—Tomgraney Parish.

219. KYLEVORIA (CAPPACANAUN), Sheet 20.—Same.

220. KILNABARNAN (BALLYLAGHNAN), Sheet 37. Ogonnelloe Parish.

221. KILMOCHULLA, Sheet 53.—Kilseily Parish.

222. KILGOREY, Sheet 28.—Kilnoe Parish. Graveyard and well of St. Mochulla.

223. KILMORE, Sheet 53. Killokennedy Parish. Has two wells, Toberanore and Toberamanrielta.


224. KILDEEMA, Sheet 36.—Kilfarboy Parish.

225. TEMPLE NA SPANNIGG is mentioned by Mason [191] as near Spanish Point. It was used as a burial-place for the Spaniards wrecked in 1588. If it be a site which I visited in 1887 only mounds remain.

226. KILTINNAUN (TULLAHER), Sheet 56.—Killard Parish.

227. KILBREEDIA, Sheet 38.—Kilmurry Parish. Has a well, Toberbreedia.


228. KILLANNA (MOUNT SHANNON), Sheet 68.—Killoffin Parish.


229. KILLINNY, Sheet 65.—Moyarta Parish.

230. KILLAKNICK (DRIMELIHY WESTROPP), Sheet 47.—Kilmacduane Parish.

231. KILTRELLIG, Sheet 71.—Kilballyone Parish. Has a well.

232. KILCLOGHER, Sheet 72.—Same. Has a well, Tobersenan.

233. KILKEEVAN (BREAGHVA), Sheet 57.—Kilrush Parish.

The only Clare Churches which I have noted in the records whose sites are not known at present are—

234. KILCONNELL, 902, on the Fergus (named in the will of Cormac, King of Cashel).

235. WAFFERIG (if not Oughtdarra), 1302.

236. DISERT, 1302, near Killonaghan.

237. KILLENYARNY (not Killeany), 1302, near last.

238. KELLARGENAYN (if not Killerk), 1302, between Kilmaley and Clare.

239. ERIBANUS (or Sribanus), 1302, near Clondagad.

240. COLLEBONOUM, 1302, near Killard. Perhaps the church renamed “Kilmurry Ibricane.”

241. MUKAN, 1302, near Kilraghtis, or Kilbrecan.

242. KILLITIRE, 1317, near Letterconan, in the Burren (“Wars of Turlough”).

243. KILVOORY, 1584, near Killeedy, in Tulla Barony (MSS. E 2. 14 T.C.D.)

244. KYLCORIDAN, 1584, near Kilmurry MacMahon (Ibid.)

245. KILIORAGH, 1584, near last (Ibid.)

246. TEMPLE CRIGH, 1584, near Carran (Ibid.)

247. KILOURG LONAYN, 1584, in Corcomroe. Probably Killaspuglonane (Ibid.)

248. KILLASPULE, 1584 (if not Killaspuglonane) (Ibid.)

249. TEMPLEGLAN, 1584, near Noughaval (Ibid.)

250. KILVILLY, 1584, near Dysert O’Dea (Ibid.)

251. KILNOE, 1584, near Kilkeedy (perhaps Temple na deirka, or Correen) (Ibid.)

252. KILVALE, 1584, near Kilmurry Ibricane (Ibid.)

253. KILLONE, 1586, near Tullyglass. (Inquisition post mortem of Macnamara Ffynn).

254. FEENISH ISLAND had a church (“Vita S. Senani”). No trace or tradition remains. Ancient name Fidh Inis.

255. INISTUBRID is also named in the same authority as having a church, which has completely vanished.

256. CRATLOE has the alleged site of an unrecorded “friary.”

Photographs of the following ecclesiastical antiquities in the county Clare appear in the collection of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, which deserves to be more frequently consulted by antiquaries than has been the case to the present time. (Thirty-eight of these photographs were exhibited when this Paper was read.)

Churches: Canons Island, Carran, Clare, Coad, Corcomroe, Dromcliff, Dromcreehy, Dysert O’Dea, Ennis, Gleninagh, Inchicronan, Iniscaltra (3), Kilballyowen, Kilcorney, Kilcredaun, Kilcrony, Kilfenora, Kilkeedy, Killaloe (2), Killeany, Killilagh, Killoe, Killonaghan, Killone, Kilmacreehy, Kilmaley, Kilmurry-Ibricane, Kilnaboy, Kilraghtis, Kilshanny, Noughaval, Oughtmama (3), Quin (2), Rathblamaic, Rathborney, Scattery (5), Temple an aird, Templemore, Termon, Tomfinlough, Tomgraney, Toomullin, Tulla (53 buildings). [192]

Round Towers: Dromcliff, Dysert O’Dea, Iniscaltra, Kilnaboy, and Scattery.

Crosses: Dysert O’Dea, Kilfenora (3), Kilnaboy, Kilvoydan, Noughaval, Skeagh a Vanoo.

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