Ennistymon Union Minute Books

Book No. 1 

Meetings held from 29th October 1841 - 21st October 1842

Meeting held on 29th day of October, 1841.

[54] Resolved that a second advertisment be put forward on the Clare Journal publishing for tenders for bedding, clothing and furniture.
Resolved that we do not consider the valuation in a state that we could approve of it.

Meeting held on the 26th day of November 1841

Resolved that Patrick Begly of Currofin and William Lawler of Ennistymon be declared joint contractors for the portion of the furniture composed of tin as per tender at Lawler's prices. 

[56] Resolved that John Bourke of Ennis be declared the contractor for supplying nets for boiling potatoes viz.
                2d per net containing 4 lbs. each. 
                2d per net containing 3 lbs. each.
                3 1\2d per net containing 2 lbs. each.

that the following persons be appointed collectors of rate in the following places and that they be allowed the sums per pound in their tenders mentioned as a remuneration for their services. 
- Michael Owens for Kilnaboy at the rate of 4d per pound sterling and his securities are Peter John Owen and Mort O Brien Esq.
- Mort McMahon for Carron, his sureties are Terence O Brien and Austin Davoren Esq.   Michael Sullivan for Drumcreehy, his sureties are Mr Peter Talty,Mr Dan Kinnelly and Mr Pat Collins. 
- Peter Carrucan and Francis O Brien cojointly for Noughville,Rathborney and Kileany their sureties are Mr John
Davoren and Mr Michael Hynes; Mr John O Brien and Mr Francis O Brien. 
- Colman O Loughlin for Kilmoon his sureties are Mr. Pat Shannon and Mr James Moran.
[57] - Michael Holahen for Rath his sureties are Thady Hogan and Thomas Holahen. 
- Thomas Miniter and Mort Flanigan for Kililagh and Kilfenora cojointly and their sureties are Pat Hynes, Peter Scales and Mr John Cahill. 
- William Conole for Liscannor and Kilshanny his sureties are James O Gorman and Pat Shannon Esq.
- Michael O Brien for Miltown Malbay his sureties are Mr Pat Donnellan and Mr Pat McMahon.
- Charles Carrigg for Ennistymon his sureties are Gerald Fitzgerald Esq and Mr Austin Carrigg.

- that the valuation be received by the board as it now stands, corrected and revised.
- that Mr Patrick O'Dwyer of Ennistymon be declared the contractor for as much of the bedding and clothing as is contained in his tender.
[58] - that Mr John Cullinan of Ennis be declared contractor for as much of the bedding and clothing as is contained in his tender.
- that the trades people of Ennistymon Union be entitled to any benefit that will arise out of the making up of the clothing of the Ennistymon Union Workhouse.
- that the sum of 1.5.0 be paid to Mr James Lysaght for printing notices.
[59] - that Mr Francis Coffee and Mr Pat Powell get a check for 80.
- that Martin Tuohy and James McDonough be declared contractors cojointly for as much of the furniture as is offered and contracted for in their joint tenders.
- that Robert Wiggins of Ennistymon be declared the contractor, in as much as is in his tender pointed out, in the way of furniture, and at the prices therein mentioned.
- that John Fallon of Ennistymon and James McMahon of Miltown be declared the contractors for supplying the shoes, that is Mr Fallon for the small size shoes and James McMahon for the large size at the following prices viz.
        Large size 5/6 per pair
        Small size 3/9 per pair
Meeting held on the 18th day of December 1841.

Resolved that Francis O'Brien be appointed collector of rate for the Burren, at the rate of 4d per pound sterling. Connor O'Brien and Francis O'Brien both of Ennistymon are the sureties. 

Upon Mr Howleys explaining to the board the illegality of guardians becoming securities to the collectors of rate,
Resolved that the clerk be requested to write to the collectors, to request that they come prepared with their sureties to the next meeting.
Resolved that a rate for the relief of the poor of Ennistymon Union be made at 5d in the pound.  Laurence Eagan and Suzanne Considine having been proposed as schoolmaster and schoolmistress,
Resolved that the appointment of those officers be made at the next meeting. 
Resolved that the keeper of idiots and lunatics be appointed at the next meeting.

Meeting held at the clerk's office, Ennistymon, on the 7th day of January 1842.

Upon reading the application of schoolmaster it was proposed that Laurence Eagan be appointed schoolmaster to the workhouse.  Carried unanimously Suzanne Considine has been appointed schoolmistress to the workhouse unanimously.
Upon the application of the keeper of the idiots and lunatics to the workhouse being read there did three appear namely,

                Michael O'Riely
                Mort Considine
                John Neville
A division took place and Mort Considine was returned by the vote of the chairman. 

that the salaries of the schoolmaster and schoolmistress and keeper of idiots and lunatics be the same as it is now, or will be hereafter, in Ennis Union. 

Meeting held on the 3rd of February 1842.

Resolved that the dietary as stated in the Commissioners' circular be adopted with this alteration if necessary, that 3 1/2 lbs of potatoes be substituted for the meal for breakfast, that each adult pauper get a pint skimmed milk or half pint new milk for breakfast
[64] and dinner, that each pauper from 9-14 years do get 3 1/2 ozs meal or 2 lbs potatoes with one pint new milk for breakfast and dinner. The children's diet is adopted.
- that the sick dietaries as stated in the Commissioners' circular are also adopted by the board. 
- that Bartholomew Leyden be declared the contractor for supplying the shoes to the workhouse of this union, that is: 150 pair of men's shoes in 3 sizes 8, 6, 5 at 5s 4d per pair. 150 pair women's shoes in 4 sizes 2,3,4,5 at 3s 9d per pair as stated in his tender.
- that Martin Tuohy and James McDonough be declared the contractors for bedsteads, forms and tables.

Meeting held at the sessions house Ennistymon on Wednesday the 2nd day of March 1842.

- that John Bourke gets a check for the sum of 4.11.8 being the price of the potato nets contracted by the board.
- that Mr Pat O Dwyer do get a check for the sum of 223.9.3 1/2 being in part payment for goods.
- that Michael Walsh do get a check for 1.10.10 1/2 for stationery
[66] - that John Neville be appointed wardsman to the Ennistymon Union Workhouse at the rate of 10 per annum with diet and clothing.
- that Timothy Murphy be appointed rate collector of the Ennistymon Electoral Division.  

Meeting held on the 15th day of March 1842.

- that the matron, Mrs Flanigan, gets a check for the sum of 2.10.0 being the amount of expences incurred by her while under instruction in Limerick. 
- that Timothy Murphy be appointed collector of rate of the Ennistymon electoral division at the rate of 4 1/2d per pound sterling.
- that Mr John Cullinan get a check for the sum of 233.3.9 being the amount of clothing bedding, blanketing, etc delivered by him. 
- that Pat Begly get a check for the sum of 2.13.0 being the amount of tin quarts (10 1/2 dozen at 3s per dozen and 10 3/4 dozen of tin pints at 2s per dozen) delivered this day by him. 
- that John MacNamara, the porter, do take charge of the clothing, furniture etc. in the house of Mrs McDonough, which is appointed the store for the safe keeping of the goods and furniture at the rate of 10s a week. 
- that John McNamara, the porter, be put under pay from the 2nd March instant as he has been in charge of the portion of clothing and bedding supplied by Mr Pat O'Dwyer on the said 2nd of March 1842 and that he be allowed the sum of 7s a week for his diet and lodging while employed in this way. 

Meeting held on the 28th day of March 1842.

Moved that William N. McNamara Esq. M.P. be appointed chairman of the board for the ensuing year. Carried unanimously.  Moved that Francis McNamara Esq. be appointed vice chairman of the board for the ensuing year.  Carried unanimously.  Moved that James O'Gorman Esq. be appointed deputy vice chairman of the board for the ensuing year.  Carried unanimously.
- that Mrs McDonough gets a check of 2.8.1 for postage.
- that the clerk gets a check for 15 sterling for his salary and rent of his office up to the 25th inst.
- that Ross O Loughlin be appointed collector of rate for Ennistymon Electoral Division at the rate of 4d in the pound sterling and that the resolution of the appointment of Timothy Murphy be rescinded in consequence of his sureties being considered insufficient.
- that the collectors of rate do attend on the 15th day of April next with their sureties for the purpose of perfecting their bonds. Here Major McNamara takes the chair and Henry McDonough is removed from the chair. 
- that all articles of clothing and bedding not exactly comfortable to the paupers be rejected by the board.
- that we do approve of the quantity of goods this day delivered by Mr John Cullinan and that he gets a check for amount of 75.7.11.  William N. McNamara Esq leaves the chair.  Pat Liddy takes the chair.
[70] Mr Pat Liddy gives notice that the appointment of wardsman and keeper of lunatics and idiots be dispensed with on the consideration that ablebodied paupers will be obliged to do the duty of those officers gratatis.  Mort Slattery gives notice that the appointments of schoolmaster and schoolmistress be rescinded for the purpose of having those offices filled by persons at a lower salary than that voted to the persons already appointed.

Michael O'Loughlin and Terence O'Loughlin are received as securities by the board for the collector Ross O Loughlin.

Meeting held at the sessions house Ennistymon on the 15th day of April 1842.

- that the resolution appointing schoolmaster and schoolmistress of the 7th of January 1842 be rescinded.
[72] - that the contractor for the Ennistymon Union Workhouse is wantonly neglecting the completion thereof in as much as that if he employed more hands and supplied sufficient material he could have given up the house before now, and they desire to communicate to the Commissioners that this line of conduct is most detrimental as the guardians are obliged to procure a store for clothing and furniture.
- that we do approve of the supply of clothing given this day by Mr O'Dwyer and a check be given to him for 175.19.9 1/2. 
- that Martin Tuohy and James McDonough get a check for the sum of 60 pounds sterling in part payment of furniture. 
- that Barth. Leyden does get a check for the sum of 30.2.8 for shoes supplied by him; 113 pairs in 3 sizes. 
- that Mr Michael Walsh, the master of the workhouse, do receive a check for 3 pounds to defray his expenses while under instruction in Limerick.
- that James Callinan be appointed collector of rate to the electoral divisions of Drumcreehy and Burren, his securities George McNamara Esq. and John McMahon approved of, at 4d per pound.
[73] - that Wm. Lawlor gets a check in part payment of 5 pounds for tin furniture. 
- that the presiding chairman does not leave the meeting until the business of the meeting is finished.
- that it is the opinion of the board that the lowest tender for the offices of schoolmaster and schoolmistress ought to be accepted.
- that this meeting do adjourn to the 28th day of April inst. 1842.

Meeting held on the 28th day of April 1842
- that the quantity of blanketing delivered by Pat O'Dwyer be approved, and that the clerk do give him a check for 69.13.4.
- that the furniture made by Martin Tuohy and James McDonough be approved, and that they get a check for 50.
- that Mr John Knox gets a check for 9.10.0 for printing and advertisements. 
- that tenders be received for painting workhouse furniture. 
- that the clerk furnish a list of the clothing, bedding and furniture etc. etc. and that he urge the contractors of this workhouse to complete same in order that a store may be obtained therein for the reception of so weighty a lot of goods.
[75] - that Mr Bryan Daly be appointed rate collector for Kililagh, Kilonahen and Kilfenora, and that James Moran and Augustin Davoren be received as his securities, at the rate of 4d per pound sterling as remuneration for his services.

Meeting held on the 27th day of May 1842.

- that we do not consider it necessary to paint any part of the workhouse furniture. 
- that we approve of 199 platters at 4d each supplied this day by Pat Begly and that he gets a check for the amount, 3.6.4.
- that Bart. Leyden gets a check for 187 pair of shoes supplied by him this day, 37.19.10.
- that Mrs McDonough gets a check for 9.4.0 for of storage and clothing & board and lodging of porter up to the 24th day of May 1842.
- that Mr William Lawler gets a check for 5-0-0, amount of 100 night commodes supplied by him this day at 1 s each.
- that this meeting to adjourn to the 24th day of June 1842.

Meeting held on the 24th of June 1842.

Resolved that the clerk be requested to post hand bills requiring tenders from persons willing to supply this union workhouse with potatoes, skimmed milk, new milk, coal, turf, straw, bread, meal, medicine, coffee, soap and candles for three months from the time the workhouse shall be opened, considered to be on the first day of August next 1842: potatoes, not to exceed 100 stone a week skimmed milk, 30 pottles daily new milk, 15 pottles daily coal, 5 ton turf, 10 hundred of 42 creels in each load oaten straw, 2 ton bread at [no price given] per 4lb loaf meal at [no price given] per ton medicine coffins at [no price given] each in 3 sizes Soap and candles at [no price given] per pound.   All the above articles are to be delivered at the workhouse free of expence to the union with bills and invoices. 

[78] Resolved
- that the postmistress gets a check for the sum of 5.0.6, amount of postage, storage, diet and lodging of porter up to the 20th June inst. 1842.
- that Pat Begly gets a check for the sum of 1.11.8, amount of 76 quarts and 76 pints this day delivered by him.
- that this meeting is adjourned to the 23rd day of July 1842.

Extra meeting held on 24th June 1842

Resolved that the account of expences attendant on the last election of guardians be discharged, 31.3.3.

Meeting held on 23rd of July 1842.

Moved that this meeting be private until the business be disposed of.
- that tenders for medicine be considered at the next meeting.
- that the porter gets a suit of clothes and a hat at Mr Pat O'Dwyer's the cost of all not to exceed 3 pounds sterling.
[80] - that the insurance of the workhouse be put off for a month.   Moved that the workhouse be opened on the first day of August next if the house should be by then fit for their reception.  Proposed by way of amendment that the house be not opened until 1st April. Amendment carried by 13 to 8.
- that from the general depression, and the consequent difficulty and hardship of collecting the poor rate in the present state of the country, and also the time of the greatest privation being now at an end and the season of plenty at hand, that the opening of the workhouse should be deferred until 1st April next.
- that the postmistress get a check for 3 pounds to compensate her for keeping accounts on postage for three years, such compensation to be discontinued in future.
- that the postmistress gets a check for 4.5.0 for postage, storage, diet and lodging of porter up to 25th July 1842.
- that Michael Howlahen, the rate collector for Rath, having left the country, we appoint Mr Michael Owen to collect the sums uncollected his securities being Mr Thady Hogan and Mr Thomas Howlahen.
[82] - that clerk gets a check for 7.10.0 being one quarters salary and rent of his office.

Meeting held at the sessions house on 8th August 1842.

Mr Phelan, the Assistant Poor Law Commissioner, was present.
Resolved that James McDonough and Martin Tuohy get a check in part payment for 20 pounds.
Being informed by Mr Phelan, A.P.L.C., that the resolution passed at the last meeting, namely, that the workhouse be not opened until the first day of April next, is illegal, and that another resolution passed on the same day, namely, (that it appearing that the workhouse would be soon fit for the reception of paupers, it was moved that the workhouse be opened on the 1st of August next if it be then fit for their reception), and the Poor Law Commissioners' architect having informed that the house is in a fit condition to admit of the reception of paupers, it is therefore resolved that the workhouse be opened for the reception of paupers on this day fortnight.

Read letters from Mr Bongage, agent to the Norwich Assurance Company, and from Mr Kerin, agent to the Patriotic Assurance Company. Mr Kerin's tender being the lowest by sixpence in the hundred pounds, was adopted being at the rate of 1s 6d per lot free of all charges, the sum to be insured 6,000 pounds, that is 5,000 pounds for the buildings and 1,000 pounds for the clothing, furniture etc.
Read tenders for medicine.
Read tender from Mr Pat O'Dwyer for master and matron's bedding, with the exception of feathers for the beds. 
Resolved that blackbull potatoes be advertised for, to be received on 23rd day of August and subsequent days for 3 months, and tenders for same and milk new and skimmed, oatmeal and straw be received on or before 20th August, all to be supplied, delivered at the workhouse for three months. 

tenders for turf from several.
Ordered that Pat Maughan and John King's tenders for ten hundred of turf each be received at the rate of 1s 4d per creel of two statute boxes each creel.

tenders for coffins from several.  Pat Quinn's tender was approved.


- that soap, starch and blue be taken from Mr Bouchier of Limerick and that Mr Thomas Russell supplies dipt candles.
- that the collectors of rate be instructed to attend at the next meeting. 
[85] - that Mr Michael Molony supplies bread for 3 months at 7d per 4 lb loaf best quality. 


Meeting held on 22nd August 1842.

- that paupers be admitted into this union workhouse by this day fortnight (5th Sept. 1842). 
- that the workhouse be insured for 4,000 pounds and clothing and furniture for 1,000 pounds. 
- that the sureties of Michael Howlahen be called upon to pay the sum of money collected by him for the Rath Division.
- that collectors of rates attend next meeting to show how much of the rate remains uncollected. 
- that Mr. Edward O'Dwyer be the supplier of medicine.

[87] Resolved
- that potatoes be re-advertised for, for one month.
- that potatoes be substituted for meal for breakfast.
- that a large beam and scales, with weights, and a smaller one with weights, a washing trough for washing potatoes, one press or cupboard, one small table, one bedstead and two chairs for porter's rooms be advertised for.
- that the master and porter do forthwith reside in the workhouse and take charge of all articles of bedding clothing and furniture and that Mr John O'Dwyer, Mr Edmund Thynne, Mr Francis Fitzgerald, Mr Daniel Considine and Mr Mort Slattery be appointed a committee to superintend all the cloathing, bedding and furniture to be delivered on Wednesday next.
- that the doctors have this day entered on their duties.
[88] - the master does purchase sufficient straw to fill 30 beds for the present.

Meeting held at the board room, Ennistymon, on 5th September 1842.

Read letters from the Patriotic Insurance Company stating that the insurance on workhouse property is made into subdivisions.
Resolved that an insurance to the amount of 5,000 pounds be made on this union workhouse and property therein in the following scale divisions: viz:



s d
On building of & furniture in the extreme building


0 0
Household and other poorhouse property therein


0 0
Building of the main and principal building


0 0
Household and other poorhouse property therein


0 0
Building of the infirmary


0 0
Household and other poorhouse property therein


0 0
Both ranges of idiot ward at end of infirmary


0 0
Household and other property in both


0 0

Each of the ranges of the idiot wards are insured in the sum of 225 including furniture.
Agreed that Mrs Mary Moran be contractor for new milk for 3 months from this date at the rate of three half pence per quart, in such quantities as may be required. 

Agreed that Laurence Neligan be the contractor for skimmed milk for 3 months at half penny per quart.
Resolved that the sureties of Michael Howlahen come forward to settle the accounts of the Rath Electoral Division. 
[91] Resolved that James Daly be contracted to supply potatoes at 2 1/4d per stone for 1 month.

Proposed that Mr Hynes be nominated solicitor. 

Proposed that Mr John Gardiner be nominated solicitor. 

Read letter from Mr Talbot proposing to print and supply books and stationery. 
Tender accepted for beams, scales and weights from Mr Patrick A. Lysaght of Ennis. 
Ordered that the clerk employ a carpenter to fit up a table, small desk and some shelves in the surgery. 
that Messrs the vice chairman and the deputy vice chairman Cornelius O Brien Esq., M.P., Francis G. Morony Esq., Mort Slattery and John Ryan be a committee to inspect the several articles of furniture and clothing received by the master. 
Resolved that Friday be the day for holding the guardians weekly meetings at 12 o'clock noon. 
Resolved that one ton of straw be taken from Edward Quinlivan and one ton from Thomas Neylon at 1 per ton. 

Your committee appointed to examine the furniture & clothing proceeded to examine the blankets consisting of two sizes and furnished by Mr Pat O'Dwyer and John Cullinan and consisting of 300 pairs, the master being satisfied that all are free from damage, it appearing to us that the large and small blankets are agreeable to the contract, and the master also being satisfied as to the number of both sizes, we do not deem it necessary to count them all.

Meeting held on 9th September 1842.

Settled the accounts of Michael Howlahen, collector of rate for Rath.  The master reported that potatoes supplied by James Daly were unfit for use. 12 stone bought at three halfpence 1/4 per stone at Ennistymon market.  A pauper named John Healy left the workhouse without permission having a suit of clothes the property of the workhouse on, but was pardoned having returned with the clothes. 
Resolved that parish wardens be appointed to each parish in the union and that the guardians nominate such wardens.
Several bills having been presented for payment, checks for same were ordered upon a majority of 4 to 2.  The bills were Mrs McDonough's for diet and lodging of the porter from the 25th July to the 5th September, amount 2.2.0 Mrs McDonough's bill for storage of clothing and furniture, amount 2.4.3. at 10s per week from the 25th July to the 25th August 1842.  Mrs McDonough's bill for a second store for clothing and furniture from the 27th of May to the 25th August 1842 at 7s a week amount 4.16.5. Robert Wiggin's bill for pots, kettles and saucepans agreeable to contract for the sum of 10.7.4 1/2. Michael Mulqueeny's bill of carriage of furniture to workhouse amount 18s John Barrett's bill of carraige of furniture bedding and clothing to the workhouse amount 18s. 

that it is necessary that the master and matron should be supported, and being anxious to follow the example in that respect of the guardians in the Ennis Union, it is considered fit that they should be supported in the same manner until there is an opportunity of consulting the assistant commissioners. 
[96] The above resolution is objected to by Mort Slattery but afterwards carried by a majority of the whole board against Mr Slattery.  The master ordered to procure meal in small quantities as may be required until the next board day. 

- that the master gets a check for 2 cwt of soap, amount 1.14.10.
- that the master gets a check for one stone of dipt candles, amount 7s 3d
- that Pat Sharry of Derreen is appointed warden to the parish of Kilmacreehy.
- that Mathias MacNamara is appointed warden to the parish of Killispuglinane.
- that the following articles be advertised for viz. 2 branding irons for wood and linen marked Ennistymon Union 12 sconces for candleholders for house generally to be
hung on walls.  11 sweeping brushes with handles.  12 candleholders for paupers' sleeping rooms.  12 spittle boxes for house.  1qt, 1pt, 1 1/2pt measures of pewter.  12 rollers or wiping cloths.  
The board proceeded to admit paupers when 25 were admitted and the meeting adjourned to Friday the 14th September 1842.

Meeting held at the boardroom on 16th September, 1842.

Francis G. Morony was in the chair before James O Gorman arrived.  Mort Slattery gives notice that he will move for suspending the duties of schoolmaster and schoolmistress on the 30th September next.   Edmund Thynne gives notice that on this day week he will move to have the clerk's salary raised equal to the salary of the Ennis Union clerk, amount 60 a year.
- that the dietary of the master and matron of this union workhouse, be 7 lbs of bread, 7 lbs of meat each per week commencing on the 9th September 1842.
- that the dietary of the schoolmaster, schoolmistress and porter be 1/4 stone of potatoes each for breakfast, and half pint of new milk each, 1/4 stone of potatoes and a pint of skimmed milk each for dinner every day except Sunday, when there is substituted for the above diet, 1 lb of bread, and 1 lb of meat each for breakfast or dinner.

tender from Charles Carrigg for fitting up surgery, which was agreed on, amt. 1.8.0.

Read tender from William Lawler for a candlestick, sconces, spittle boxes etc. to which was agreed to on following terms. Viz:
        12 candlesticks at 1s each.
        12 spittle boxes at 4d each.
        12 sconces at 6d each.
        1 imperial tin quart, 1 pint, 1 1/2 pint imperial all for 1s.
Read tender for meal from Michael Molony. Ordered that meal be advertised for, for 12 months.
- that the doctors be allowed to call upon any female pauper in the workhouse whom they shall think fit to
perform the duties of nurse and if such pauper refuse to comply that she be forthwith discharged.
- that no checks on treasurer be in future issued, except on the first Friday of every month.
- that the board meets every Friday in future at 10 o'clock in the morning.
The nomination of solicitor agreeable to a former notice here came under consideration and it was moved by Cornelius O'Brien, and seconded by Pat Clancy, as an amendment, that in as much as the office of solicitor was not in the contemplation of the Poor Relief Act it is not fit nor expedient for the board to appoint any individual to such an office. The appointment and amendment was polled and the amendment was carried by a majority of 6 to 1.
Moved by Mort Slattery and seconded by John Ryan, that the reporter be paid a salary to compensate him for his trouble in reporting the proceedings of the meetings of this board.  
[101] - that as the Poor Relief Act does not contemplate such an officer as a reporter it is not fit nor expedient to appoint him, a poll took place and there appeared for the motion 5 and for the amendment 6.  The board proceeded to receive paupers when 21 were admitted. 
- that the medical officers be at liberty to order tobacco medicinally to paupers.
- that this meeting is adjourned to Friday next at 10 o'clock in the morning.

Meeting held on the 23rd of September, 1842.

Mr. Thynne withdraws his notice of raising the clerk's salary to 60 a year and gives notice that on this day fortnight he will move that the clerk's salary be raised to 50 a year.
Moved by James O'Brien and seconded by Daniel Considine that the school of this union workhouse, be in connection with the National Board of Education and that the clerk apply to its secretary, to forward the necessary supplies of school materials to be fixed by the schoolmaster of this board on the usual terms on which they are supplied to other workhouses.
- that the hours of rising or getting out of bed by the paupers be 7 o'clock, be set to work at 8 o'clock, leave work at 6 o'clock, and go to bed at 8 o'clock with an interval of one hour for breakfast at 10 o'clock and one hour for dinner at 5 o'clock, Application for storage for furniture being read is to be considered on another day.
- that the clerk be directed to communicate with Mr. OH  the clockmaker in Limerick, and know from him how much he will charge for an eight day clock, well cased with blackbirch, and know from him how long it will continue to keep good and regular time without repairing it.  Moved by Mr. Slattery and seconded by Mr. James O'Brien that the following dietary be adopted from the 25th inst. inclusive.

- That the dietary of the adult paupers be 3 1/2 lbs of potatoes and 1/2 pint of new milk for breakfast, the same quantity potatoes for dinner and one pint of skimmed milk.
[104] - Children's dietary from 9 to 15 shall be 3 lbs of potatoes for breakfast 1/2 pint new milk, and 3 lbs of potatoes for dinner and one pint of skimmed milk.
- Children's dietary from 6 to 9 years old shall be 2 1/2 lbs of potatoes and 1/2 pint new milk for breakfast and the same quantity of potatoes for dinner with 3/4 pint of skimmed milk, and 1/4lb bread for supper.
- Children 2 to 6 to have half pint new milk and 2 lbs potatoes for breakfast, the same quantity of potatoes for dinner and half pint skim milk, and 1/4 lb [bread] for supper.
- Children under 2 years old to get 1/2 lb of bread, and one pint new milk per day, and that the sick dietary be numbers 1, 3 and 4.

that the clerk invites tenders for offall [sic] of the house for 3 months from the 30th inst.
Proposed that the minutes of the 16th September which applies to the dietary of the master and matron as, not having been proposed and seconded, is therefore not to be considered as a resolution of this board.
Resolved that it is expedient that the dietary of the officers of the house be higher than that of the paupers of this union.
Moved by Mr Morony and seconded by Mr O'Dwyer that the master and the matron get 1 lb of bread each per day
for breakfast instead of the house breakfast and 4 lbs of meat per week in place of milk for dinner for each of these four days.  Amendment moved by Mr. Owen and seconded by Mr Considine that the quantity of meat allowed for the master and the matron weekly be 6 lb for each, the amendment was carried by the casting vote of the chairman.

Read letter from Mr. O'Dwyer, contractor for medicine, that he cannot supply medicine according to the agreement ordered that medicine be had from Mr. Leslie for the workhouse and that the doctor be requested to order medicine forthwith.
Ordered the clerk advertise for tenders for a press for master's books.
Mr. James O'Brien gives notice that he will on this day week remove a pauper from his electoral division, Kilonahen.The schoolmistress applied to have her four children admitted into the workhouse, the oldest 11 years old, the youngest three, she agreeing to pay the cost expences of their support.  Peter J. Owen gives notice that on this day fortnight he will move that a fit and proper person be appointed to revise the valuation in this union.Mr. Henry McDonough gives notice that he will on this day week apply to remove 2 paupers improperly located on the Electoral Division of Drumcreehy.
- that the clerk writes to the sureties of Michael Howlahen unless they pay the sum of money due by them to the treasurer, a solicitor will be instructed to take proceedings against them this day week.
- that Mr. Mort Slattery, Mr. Pat Clancy and Mr Michael Finucane be appointed a visiting committee for the ensuing week.  James Clancy gives notice, that he will remove 3 paupers from Miltown Malbay Electoral Division improperly located on that division this day week.
Circumstanced as we know the matron to be with a family of five children entirely unprovided for except the salary obtained from this institution, she be permitted to have these children in the workhouse until the Poor Law Commissioners' opinion on the subject be obtained under such regulations as they may order. 

that the master employ the able bodied male paupers in levelling and laying down the approaches to the workhouse and that tenders be invited for 12 pick axes with good handles.
Ordered that the several collectors of rate be directed to attend this board on the first Friday in October to bring their books and receipts and that they be now informed that the entire rate must be paid up on or before the first day of November next, otherwise, that their sureties will be proceeded against for the balance uncollected.  
Moved by Mr Considine and seconded by Mr. Owen that seeing notice of motion from Mr. Slattery to suspend the duties of schoolmaster and schoolmistress we are of opinion that those officers commence their duties on the 26th inst.

Resolved that in as much as the resolution on the minutes of the last day's meeting respecting the dietary of the schoolmaster, schoolmistress and porter was [108] neither proposed or seconded each gets one pound of bread daily for breakfast and 3 pounds of meat weekly for dinner with potatoes.  Mr. Owen gives notice that he will, on this day fortnight, remove any paupers that may have been improperly placed on the Currofin Electoral Division. 
Ordered that the master gets checks [sic] for payment of 5.5.7 1/2 to defray labour expences, attending making up turf a/c. Also a check for 7s due to a nurse attending infirmary patients.
Ordered that the clerk invites tenders for supplying meat to the workhouse to be considered at the next meeting.

Meeting held on the 30th September, 1842.

Meal samples were produced from Michael Molony and John Fallon. 

that John Fallon supplies the meal to the workhouse for 12 months at 11.0.0 per ton being the lowest tender, Francis Sweeney, Francis O'Brien his securities both of Ennistymon. 
Read tenders for meat, ordered the consideration thereof to be put off to the next meeting of the board.
Read tenders for pick axes. Thomas Clune is declared the contractor for 12 pick axes with handles at 3s each. Pat Clune and Ned Ryan both of Inagh are his sureties.
Read tenders for master's press for books. Charles Carrigg is declared contractor at 2.5.0, Pat O'Dwyer and Mr.Carrigg are his sureties both of Ennistymon.
[110] Read letter from the clockmaker Mr. OH Limerick, ordered that it be considered at the next meeting.

The master's report on expiring contracts being read, potatoes were ordered to be advertised for 12 months from the 29th Setpember inst.  Furniture for schoolmaster and schoolmistress' rooms, infirmary etc. was represented by the master to be wanting, the consideration thereof was adjourned to the next days meeting.  The cloaths belonging to Mort Kerin, a pauper who died in the workhouse, were ordered to be given to his mother.   The clerk was ordered to invite tenders for the supplying of the following articles viz: oil, salt, rollers or wiping cloaths, half dozen razors, one table with a food drawer and lock, and 2 chairs for the porter's room.  William Anderson is declared contractor for brushes according to his tender. 

Proposed by Daniel Considine and seconded by Pat Clancy, that Mort Considine, the keeper of idiots and lunatics, be this day directed to commence the duties of his office. 
Moved as an amendment by John O'Dwyer and seconded by Mort Slattery that the consideration of his doing so be put off until there is a better attendance of the board.

Ordered that the question lies over until the next day of meeting. 
Ordered that Bryan Kerin and his family be discharged from the workhouse, it being discovered that they are not fit objects for workhouse relief.
Ordered that Betty Healy and her son, two paupers, be allowed to leave the workhouse for 2 or 3 days and if they do not then return, that John Healy, her husband, be discharged. 

Meeting held on Friday the 7th, October, 1842.

The following resolution was proposed by Cornelius O'Brien, Esq. M.P., and seconded by Edmund Thynne. 

Resolved that Dr. Phelan is entitled to our respect and gratitude for the courteous and satisfactory manner in which he discharged his duty as Assistant Commissioner in this district and that we deeply regret his removal to another.
Moved by Edmund Thynne according to previous notice and seconded by Daniel Considine that the clerk's salary be raised to 50 a year. Carried with only one dissentient voice.

that John and Joseph McNamara be removed from off the Drumcreehy Electoral Division and placed on the Rathborney Division, their proper place, it being discovered that they do not belong to Drumcreehy.  The issue of checks for money is adjourned to Friday next. 
Ordered that Laurence Murray, a pauper, be discharged from the Electoral Division of Currofin and from the workhouse, he not belonging to the union upon strict enquiry.  

by Peter J. Owen and seconded by Daniel Considine that the clerk be directed to advertise for a proper person forthwith to revise the valuation of the union for one year, on the Clare Journal and Limerick Chronicle.
Moved as an amendment by John O'Dwyer and seconded by Mort Slattery that the consideration of advertising be put off for 3 weeks from this day.  For Mr Owen's motion there appeared 9 viz

Michael Vaughan

Pat Clancy
James Clancy
Michael Finucane
James Shannon
Daniel Considine
James O'Brien
Peter J. Owen
Michael McNamara

Against it and for Mr O'Dwyer's amendment

Francis G. Morony
Edmund Thynne
Henry McDonough
Mort Slattery
John Ryan
John O'Dwyer                    Majority 3

Moved by Mort Slattery and seconded by Pat Clancy that the non issue of checques for money until Friday next be reconsidered.  All monies due and claimed this day were ordered to be discharged. The claimants were the following, viz. for the following sums:

s d
John King for turf delivered 28 0 0
Pat Flanigan for turf delivered 28 0 0
William Lawlor, tins delivered 1 15 8
William Anderson, brushes delivered 0 15 1/2
Charles Carrigg, desk for surgery 1 8 0
Edmund Quinlivan for straw 0 17 6
James McDonough for turf measure 0 16 0
James Daly for 578st. 11 lb. potatoes




James Stack for 7 cwt straw @ 1s6d per100 0 10 6
Thomas Clune for 12 pick axes 1 16 0
Michael Walsh, master, for labour at turf
and hire of nurse 5 12 7 1/2
Martin Tuohy and James McDonough,
furniture in part 40 0 0
Michael McDonough, clerk, salary
ending 25/9/42 6 13 4

- that the clerk sends for the medicine to Limerick as soon as it is ascertained that it has arrived there from Mr. Leslie.
- that one quart of new milk per day be the dietary of inmates with 1/2 lb. bread for each.
- that the clerk urges the neccessity of having the sewers of the workhouse put in order without delay.

[115] Read tenders for meat.
Ordered that Richard Cavanaugh be the contractor for beef and mutton for 3 months, his being the lowest tender, beef at 3 1/2d and mutton at 4d per pound.
Ordered that the clerk invites tenders for seven fenders, 2 tables, 4 chairs, two plain bed steads for schoolmaster and schoolmistress' rooms all to be delivered at the workhouse. 

Read tenders for potatoes for 12 months.
Ordered - that Pat Flanigan be declared the contractor for the supplying of potatoes for 12 months at the rate [of] 3s 6d per bushel of 20 stone. 
- that 12 o'clock sharp be the hour of meeting of the guardians in future.
- that the clerk directs Mr. O H the clockmaker in Limerick, to supply a clock, mahogany cased, to the workhouse, delivered there at the sum of 5 and that Mr O H be obliged to set up same in the proper manner of so doing, with all other usual engagements.
- that Mort Considine, the keeper of idiots and lunatics, commence the duties of his office forthwith at the salary of 5 per annum and the same rations as the porter of the workhouse.
Ordered that John Healy a pauper be discharged in consequence of his wife and son having left the workhouse on leave and did not return.
Resolved that the clerk be directed to give written notice to the guardians whenever the appointment of an officer, or the giving or raising of a salary, the making of a rate, or making a contract is likely to take place.  Cornelius O'Brien, Francis Gould Morony and John O'Dwyer filled the chair alternately.  Read tenders for furniture for porters room. 
Ordered that James McDonough be the contractor for a table and lock and key and 2 rollers with wiping cloaths made of canvas 3 yards long each and 1/2 yard wide, roller made fast to walls with iron holdfasts, amount of contract 14s.  The board proceeded to receive paupers when 5 were admitted.  Read tenders for offall. Bridget McDonough is declared the contractor at 5d per head for 12 months.

Meeting held on the 14th October, 1842.

Doctor Phelan A.P.L Commissioner was present.
Ordered that Laurence Deely's improper location on the Killilagh Electoral Division be considered at the next meeting of the board. 
Ordered that the services of Mort Considine the keeper of idiots and lunatics be dispensed with for the present, considered not wanting.
Ordered that the services of a person to revise the valuation of the union be dispensed with in as much as that no such appointment can be made without formally obtaining an order under seal of the Poor Law Commissioners.  It is besides considered inexpedient, to make any such revision until after the next rate is made.
[118] Ordered that the collectors of rate be requested to attend the next meeting, and produce their books and receipts so as that it may be ascertained, how much they have collected, how much remains uncollected and how much they have paid to the treasurer they not having attended the last meeting as directed by the resolution of the 23rd. September last.  Read letter from the treasurer stating the necessity of obtaining the signatures of the chairman and two guardians to make further advances in which should be mentioned the amount required to be borrowed, he also requires the amount of the first rate still outstanding and what time it may be recovered and paid in and when it is intended to levy another and the amount of the second rate. 

Ordered that on the first point the clerk give the necessary information, and on the second he informs the treasurer that is the intention of the guardians to make a new rate early in November and that steps are now being taken to consider the amount of such rate.
Ordered that the treasurer be informed that the board expects that it will not be necessary to call on him for any advances beyond the checques already made on him and the sum of 200. 
Read letter from Pat Flanigan, whose tender for potatoes was accepted on the last board day, surrendering his contract and Mr Pat O'Dwyer's being the next lowest and the terms fair,
Ordered that his tender be accepted at 3s 8d for every 20 stone of good potatoes.
by Cornelius O'Brien and seconded by Francis MacNamara, that the appointment of wardens being indispensibly necessary, the guardians of the several electoral divisions be requested to suggest the names of fit persons to act as such for their respective electoral divisions and that their appointment be taken into consideration on this day fortnight.
Moved by Mr Clancy and seconded by Mr McNamara that the chairman, the vice chairman, the deputy vice chairman, Mr O'Brien, Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Morony, Mr O'Dwyer and Edmund Thynne be a finance committee, three to be a quorum, and that no accounts amounting to a sum exceeding 1 be paid until it shall have been considered by such committee certified to be correct.
The Assistant Commissioner, having called the attention of the board to the necessity of signing the deed of charge for the sum of 400,

that the subject be considered on this day fortnight and that the Poor Law Commissioners be requested to supply the guardians with any documents which may enable them to satisfy themselves if the work be executed according to the contract and that the commissioners direct their architect to examine the house and report to the board of guardians on the subject. 
Proposed that as there are no vaccination contracts in this union the clerk be directed to invite tenders from competent medical men for the several vaccination districts on the terms suggested by the P.L. Commissioners, viz:
one shilling for every successful case up to 200 and 6d for each successful case beyond that number, and that this day fortnight be fixed upon for their consideration. 
Ordered that Charles Carrigg be contractor for making schoolmaster and schoolmistress' furniture with a bed for his tender being the lowest.  
Meeting held on Friday the 21st day of October 1842.

Doctor Finucane stated that there is at least an over charge of 1.10.0 in certain surgical instruments received from Messrs. Leslie and Company, druggists, Dublin. 

Ordered that they be returned if Messrs. Leslie do not make abatement of 1.10.0 or send sufficient midwifery instruments to remunerate the union in the said sum of 1.10.0. Mr Francis MacNamara gives notice that he will on Friday next require the numbers of paupers in the workhouse, the quantity of potatoes, milk, meal, bread used by them daily and the cost expence of each individual per day. 
that Messrs. O'Dwyer, Fitzgerald and Slattery be the visiting committee for the ensuing week.

Resolved that any pauper wantingly leaving the workhouse, will not be allowed to come in a second time and if he should remain out longer than the time allowed upon leave of absence, he will not be readmitted.   Mort Slattery gives notice that he will on this day week remove any paupers located this day on the Ennistymon Electoral Division, except Pat Dundon, Pat Doogan and his two children and Hanora McGlosky.  Considering the inclement season now approaching and the slight material of which the male paupers' caps is made of, ordered that each pauper gets 2 caps or one additional. 
[123] [blank page]

Division Collector


s d
Ennistymon Ross O'Loughlin Aug '42-Jan '43 145 0 0
M.Malbay Mich O'Brien Aug '42-Jan '43 136 8 0
Liscannor Will Conole Sept 42-Jan '43 109 1 0
Kilshanny Will Conole Sept 42-Dec '43


3 3
Killilagh Bryan Daly July 42-Nov '42 86 13 2
Kilfenora Bryan Daly June 42-Nov '42 143 6 10
Rath Ml Houlihan Sept 42 63 14 11
Corofin Ml Ownes July 42-Jan '43 127 2 0
Carron Mort McMahon July 42-Oct '42 100 10 0
Burren Jas Callinan July 42-Nov '42 83 9 7
Drumcreehy Jas Callinan Aug '42-Dec '42 54 10 0
Rathbourne Jas Callinan Aug '42-Nov '42 112 11 4
Killonohen Bryan Daly July 42-Nov '42 80 11 0

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