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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix IV - Custodes Rotulorum of Clare [5]

1627—14th Feb. . Henry Earl of Thomond.
1640—15th May . Barnaby Earl of Thomond.
1663—15th June . Henry Earl of Thomond.
1714—4th Nov. . Henry Earl of Thomond.
1741—29th June . William Earl of Inchiquin.
1777—18th Oct. . Murrogh Earl of Inchiquin.
1808—24th March . Henry Earl of Conyngham.
1833—25th Oct. . Lord Vesey FitzGerald.
1843—10th June . Sir Lucius O’Brien, Bart.
1872— . . . Colonel The Hon. Charles White.
1878— . . . Lord Inchiquin.

Deputy Governors of Clare

1762—17th July . Augustine FitzGerald.
1766—29th Jan. . Right Hon. Sir Lucius O’Brien.
1773—30th Jan. . Simon Purdon.