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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Cs

Name Ainm Miniú
Caher Cathair A habitation surrounded by a high stone wall.
Caheraderry Cathair an Doire The caher by the plantation.
Caheraghacullin Cathair an Cuillean The cahers by the holly plantation.
Caheramona Cathair na Mona The caher beside the bog.
Caheraphuca Cathair an Phúca The Pooka's Caher.
Caherbannagh Cathair Bannach The fox's caher.
Caherbarnagh Cathair Bearnách The delapidated caher.
Caherblonick Cathair Blainic The caher of the land, literally interpreted.
Caherbullaun Cathair Bulán The caher of the bullock.
Caherbullog Cathair Bológ The ox's caher. It is called Caherpulla in O'Brien's Rental.
Cahercahill Cathair ua Cathail O'Cahill's Caher.
Cahercalla Cathair ua Cealadh O'Kelly's place of abode.
Cahercloggaun Cathair Clochán A caher situate in a stony district.
Caherconnell Cathair Cónnaill O'Connell's residence.
Cahercoosaun Cathair an Chuasán A caher standing near a hollow.
Cahercorcaun Cathair Corcán The cahir of the wild geranium.
Caherea Cathair Aodh The residence of Aodh.
Caherfadda Cathair Fada The long caher.
Caherfeenick Cathair Fionnach The old caher.
Cahergrillaun Cathair Greilleán The caher of the old rusty sword.
Caherhurley Cathair Órdlach The home of the hero.
Caherkine Catair Cáin The sunny caher.
Caherkinnailia Cathair Cinn Shaile The caher by the sea side.
Caherlean Cathair Leána The meadow caher.
Caherlogan Cathaír Lochan The caher by the pond.
Caherlooskaun Cathair Luasgán This word signifies a cradle; how it is applicable to a caher, it is not easy to say.
Caherlough Cathair Loch The caher beside the lake.
Cahermaan Cathair meodhan The caher lying in the middle field.
Cahermacclanchy Cathair Mac Fhlancaidhe MacClancy's place of residence.
Cahermackateer Cathair Mac Tíre The wolf's caher.
Cahermackerrila Cathair Mac Irghiala The home of the son of Irial O'Connor. This was a common name among that family.
Cahermacnaghten Cathair Mac Neachtain One of the finest and best peserved structures of its kind in Ireland.
Cahermacrea Cáthair Mácraidh This word means a distemper or disease amongst cattle.
Cahermacrusheen Catair Mac Roisín Mac Rusheen's abode.
Cahermacun Cathair Mac Con Cu, the genetive of which is Con, was a common Irish name.
Caherminnaun Catair Mionnán The kid's caher.
Cahermore Catair Mór The great caher.
Cahernalough Catair na Loch The caher near the lakes.
Caherogan Cathair ua Ogáin O'Hogan's caher.
Caherrush Cathair Ruis Genitive of Ros, a meadow or wood.
Caherscooby Cathair Sgúabaidh The caher of the broom or sheaf.
Cahershaughnessy Cathair ua Seachneasadh O'Shaughnessy's stronghold.
Cahersherkin Cathair Seirgh Seirg signifies trefoil.
Caherteige Cathair Tadhg Teige (Mac Namara's) home.
Callahy Calaith Signifies a harbour, or sometimes a landing place or an embankment.
Calluragh Ceallabhreach A pagan burial place.
Cammoge Camóg A winding stream.
Cant (properly Ballymulcane) Baile Maol Cainne O'Mulcanny's residence.
Cappagarraun Ceapach an Garán The place of holly, hazel, etc.
Cappagh Ceapach Usually means land under cultivation.
Cappaghabawn Ceapacha Bán White fields.
Cappaghard Ceapach Árd The high lying fields.
Cappaghbeg Ceapach Beag The little tillage field.
Cappaghcannaun Ceapach Conáin Land belonging to a person named Conán.
Cappaghfean Ceapach Feadhan Wild and overgrown with weeds.
Cappaghkennedy Ceapach ua Cinneaida O'Kennedy's field.
Cappaghlaheen Ceapach Loichín The field by the pond.
Cappaghlea Ceapach Liath The grey or brownish land.
Cappaghluocar Ceapach Luochar Ceapach Labraine is the name of Cappagh near Kilrush, as given in O'Briens Rental.
Cappaghnakilla Ceapach na Coille The field near the wood.
Cappakea Ceapach Caidhe The muddy field.
Cappamore Ceapach Mór The large field.
Cappanageeragh Ceapach na Cáoradh The sheeps' pasture.
Cappanalaught Ceapach na Leacth A laught signifies a mound under which a chief is buried.
Cappanapeasta Ceapach na Peiste Piast means any kind of animal.
Cappanaslish Ceapach na Slis The place of the beetle or thin board used for washing clothes.
Cappantimore Ceapach an Tigh Moir The land attached to the great house.
Capparoe Ceapach Ruad The red field.
Cappavilla Ceapach an Bhíle The field of the large tree.
Carheen Cathairín The little caher.
Carnaun Carnán A small heap of stones.
Carncreagh Carn Cré A heap of earth.
Carnmallow Carn Mealadh The genitave of Míl, honey; the honey heap.
Carrahan Carrachanh Rough ground.
Carrahill Carraic Coill The rocky plantation.
Carrig Carraic A rock.
Carrigaholt Carraic an Chabhlach The rock of the fleet.
Carrigerry Carraic Aire The rock by the weir.
Carrigoran Carraic Fhuarán The rock beside the spring.
Carron Carn A heap of stones, usually piled over a dead chief's remains.
Carrow Ceathramhadh Means a quarter or sub-division of a Baile Biatach.
Carrowancaslain Ceathramhadh an Caisleain The castle division.
Carrowbane Ceathramhadh Bán The white townland.
Carrowblough Ceathramhadh Bloch The round division.
Carrowconoal Ceathramhadh Conóail O'Conole's property.
Carrowcore Ceathramhadh Cór The place of hillocks.
Carrowdotia Ceathramhadh Doitaidh The burned townland. Burning the surface of land was much practised in Ireland.
Carrowduff Ceathramhadh Dubh The black division; this was the home of Aodh buidh MacCurtin, a learned Irish scholar, author of the English Irish Dictionary and other works.
Carrowena Ceathramhadh Oenach The fair green.
Carroweragh Ceathramhadh Riabhac The brown division.
Carrowfree Ceathramhadh Fréadh The place of plunder.
Carrowgar Ceathramhadh Gár Signifies a place near at hand.
Carrowkeel Ceathramhadh Caol The narrow townland.
Carrowlagan Ceathramhadh Lagán The little hollow.
Carrowmanagh Ceathramhadh na Manach The property of the Cistertian Monks of Kilshanny.
Carrowmeere Ceathramhadh Mír The top quarter or division.
Carrowmore Ceathramhadh Mór The great division.
Carrownacloghy Ceathramhadh na Cloiche The stony townland.
Carrownagarnaun Ceathramhadh na Garnán Land covered with hillocks.
Carrownagoul Ceathramhadh na Cóll The land of the hazel bushes.
Carrownagowan Ceathramhadh na Gabhan The blacksmith's division.
Carrownagry Ceathremhadh na Groigh The horses' pasture.
Carrownahooan Ceathramhadh na Uaimh The place of caves.
Carrownakelly Ceathramhadh na Coille The division adjoining the wood.
Carrownalegan Ceathramhadh na Liagán The place of the standing stones.
Carrownamadra Ceathramhadh an Madradh The dog's quarter.
Carrownanelly Ceathramhadh na n'Aile The place of standing stones.
Carrownaweelaun Ceathramhadh ne Faoileánn Of the seagulls.
Carrownecalla Ceathramhadh an Caladh The site of the embankment or landing place.
Carrownerribul Ceathramhadh an Earball The tail or western division.
Carrowntedane Ceathramhadh an Seidán The place of the quick sand.
Carrownycleary Ceathramhadh ná Cleir The property of the clergy.
Carrowroe Ceathramhadh Ruadh The dark brown townland.
Cartron Cart The fourth part of a division of land.
Casarnagh   Casar, means a path.
Caslanancalad Caisleán an Caladh A castle by the landing place; anglicised Castlebank.
Castlecrine Caisleán Crín The plural of crann, a tree.
Castlefergus   Ballyhannan, Baile Ainnean, the home of O'Hannan.
Castletown Baile an Caisleain  
Cerrowcraheen Ceathramhadh Creatach A place covered with brushwood.
Clab Clab A wide mouth; occuring amid limestone rocks into which water is swallowed up.
Claremore Clár Mór So called from its bridge of boards.
Clashduff Clais Dubh The dark ditch.
Clashmore Clais Mór The great ditch.
Classagh Claisach A place abounding in furrows.
Claureen Clárín The little bridge of boards.
Clenagh Cláonach Sloping or inclining ground.
Clifden Cosánatrioma The Irish name of this place is Cosánatrioma, that is, the dry stepping stones.
Clogga Cloga Cloga means vetches; here it is more likely that it is Clochach, stony.
Cloghaun Clochán Stepping stones; the word also means a causeway.
Cloghaunatinny Clochán Aiteann The stepping stones by the furze.
Cloghaunbeg Clochán Beag The little crossing over a stream.
Cloghaundine Clochán Domhain The deep stepping stones crossing.
Cloghaunmore Clochán Mór The wide crossing.
Cloghaunsavaun Clochán Samhán This word means a puppy dog.
Clogher Clochair Set with stones.
Cloghera Clochara Stony.
Cloghlea Cloch Liath The grey rock.
Cloghoolia Cloch Uaille The stone of wailing.
Clonboy Cluain Buidhe Land abounding in gorse.
Clonbrick Cluain Bric The genitive of Broc, a badger.
Clonderalaw Cluain Edir Da Ládh Land between two streams.
Clonlea Cluain Láogh The calf's field.
Clonloghan Cluain Lochán The field of chaff.
Clonmoher Cluain Mothar The plain of the sheepfold.
Clonmoney Cluain Muine A plain overgrown with bushes.
Clonroad Cluain Rámh Fhada The place of the long rowing. Ennis stands on this townland; it is called in Irish Inis na Laoi, the calves' island.
Cloonadrum Cluain an Drom The hill field.
Cloonagarnaun Cluain na Carnán The field of hillcocks.
Cloonagowan Cluain na Gobhain The blacksmiths' property.
Cloonaherney Cluain na Áirne The place of sloes and blackthorns.
Cloonanaha Cluain an Átha The place near the ford.
Cloonanassa Cluain an Asa So called from its neighbouring waterfall - As.
Cloonaveige Cluain an Bhéicach The place of shouting.
Cloonawee Cluaina Bhuidhe The yellow fields.
Cloonawillin Cluain an Mhuilleann The field near the mill.
Cloonbony Cluain Buine The cow's pasture.
Cloonbooley Cluain Buaile A milking place on flat ground.
Clooncaurha Cluain Cáirt So called from a large stone.
Clooncolman Cluain Colmáin Colman's field.
Cloonconeen Cluain Coinín The rabbit's field.
Clooncool Cluain Cúl The remote field.
Clooncoose Cluain Cúas The plain of the cave or hollow.
Clooncoul Cluain Cóll The hazel producing plain.
Clooncullin Cluain Cuileann The holly field.
Cloondrinagh Cluain Dráighneac The land of blackthorns.
Clooneen Cluainín The little field.
Clooneenagh Cluainín The little field.
Clooney Cluainadh The plural of Cluain.
Clooneybreen Cluaine Bré The hill side field.
Clooneyconry Cluain ua Chonaire O'Conroy's land.
Clooneyogan Cluain Ua Ogáin O'Hogan's land.
Cloonfadda Cluain Fada The long field.
Cloonfeagh Cluain Feádh The plain near the woods, or the plain of the deer.
Cloonfeaghra Cluain Fíadha A place overgrown with bushes and underwood.
Cloongaheen Cluain Gathín Ga means a javelin.
Cloongarve Cluain Garbh The rugged townland.
Cloonglaughaun Cluain na Clochán The place of stone walls.
Cloongowna Cluin Gamhnach The field of the barren cow.
Cloonkerry Cluain Ciaráidha The dark brown land.
Cloonlara Cluain Lára The genitive of Lair a mare.
Cloonloheen Cluain Lochín The field of the pond.
Cloonloum Cluain Lóm The bare field.
Cloonmacken Cluain Meacan Parsnip producing land.
Cloonmartin Cluain Martán The heifer's pasture.
Cloonmore Cluain Mór The wide plain.
Cloonnagro Cluain na Cró The pasture field of flocks of sheep.
Cloonomra Cluain Ómra A pleasant place.
Cloonoughter Cluain Úachdar The upper meadow.
Cloonreddan Cluain Readán The field of reeds.
Cloonselherney Cluain Sailleach The land of sallow trees or osiers.
Cloonsheerea Cluain Siaráidh The western plain.
Cloontabonniv Cluainte Bonnamh Fields belonging to the tribe.
Cloonteen Cluaintín The little field.
Cloontohill Cluain Tuáthail The field lying at the left hand side.
Cloontra Cluain Trádh The field of the lance.
Cloontymurphy Cluain Tigh Murcudha The site of O'Murphy's house.
Cloontysmarra Cluainte Smeartha The literal meaning of these words is greasy fields.
Cloonwhite Cluain Fuit The cold field.
Cloughauninchy Clochán Ínse The genitive of inish a riverside meadow.
Cloverhill Cnoc an Baile Bán The Irish name of this place is Cnoc an Baile Bán, that is, the white hill.
Coad Coíd Coíd, means brushwood, but the name being pronounced cood has, in all likelihood, the signification of an unihabited place, Cuad (Cormac's Glossary).
Cohy Cathaghadh A battle field.
Cooga Ciúgeadh The fifth part of a baile biatach.
Coogaun Cuagán The poll of the head.
Cooguquid Cuigeadh Cuid The fifth part of a ploughland.
Coogyulla Coig Ulládh Means province of Ulster.
Coolagh Cúlag Means turf or peat.
Coolbaun Cúl Bán The white corner.
Coolderry Cul an Doire The back part of the wood.
Coolea Cúl Áodh Aodh's angle, Aodh was a common name.
Coolistoonan Cúl Lios Tuathanach This means a farmer.
Coollisteige Cúl Lios Tádhg The corner containing Teige MacNamara's home or lios.
Coolmeen Cúl Mín A corner of a field.
Coolmuinga Cúl Muinge Land at the back or end of the morass.
Coolnahilla Cúl na Eilidh The deer's quarter.
Coolnalira Cul na Ládhghar The angle of the fork or junction.
Coolnatullagh Cúl na Tulach The back of the hills.
Cooloorta Cúl Úrta Means the damp or wet corner.
Coolpeakaun Cúl Peacán The angle of land beside the sharp pointed hill.
Coolshamroge Cúl Seamróg Cul here means the remote part of the farm which produces Shamrocks.
Coolshingaun Cúl Seangán The corner of the ants.
Coolycasey Cúl ui Cathasach O'Casey's angle.
Coor Cubhar An angle of land.
Corbally Corr Bhaile Uneven ground; it also means a place near a weir.
Corbehagh Cór Beitheach A district abounding in birch trees.
Core Cór Means a hill side, a neighbourhood, and sometimes an enclosure.
Corebeg Cór Beag The little district.
Corelea Cór Thléa Rising ground at foot of a mountain; Tlé is the genitive of sliebh a mountain.
Corkanaknockaun Corcach na Cnocán Hillocks existing on low flat land beside the Fergus.
Corlack Cor Leacan A hill side.
Corranroo Corádh an Ruadh The weir by the alder tree.
Coskeam Coscéim A footstep.
Coumbrack Cóm Breac The speckled hollow.
Coumnagun Cóm na Cun The dogs' valley.
Crag Creag A stony field.
Cragard Creag Árd The high stony field.
Cragataska Creag an Teasgadh The latter word means lopping or cutting down of trees.
Cragavickoge Creag an mhucóg A field producing broom.
Cragaweelcross Creag an Méoel Cros The rocky field of the low cross, no doubt indicating church land.
Cragballyconoal Creag Baile Chonóail O'Conole's rocky pasture.
Cragbrien Creag ui Bhríain The family estate of Brian MacGiollareagh, anglicised Gallery.
Cragbwee Creag Búidhe The yellow, or gorse producing stony field.
Craggagh Creagach Stony land.
Craggaknock Creag an Chnoc A stony field on a hill side.
Craggaunboy Creagán Búidhe The yellow hillock.
Craggaunowen Creagán Eóghain Owen's little rocky hill.
Craggycurridan Creag ui Curradán O'Curridan's stony field.
Craggykerrivan Creag ui Ciárabháin O'Kirwan's land.
Cragleagh Craig Líath The grey rock is the name of the high hill at the north west of Killaloe. It was the reputed home of Aoevill the banshee of the family of O'Brien.
Cragnagower Creag na Gabhar Goats' stony pasture.
Cragnarooan Creag na Rúadhan A plant used to dye red colour; the word also means rue.
Cragreagh Creag Ríabhach The brown stony field.
Cragroe Creag Rúadh The red stony field.
Cranaher Crannach A place abounding in trees.
Cratloe Creat Shuileóg The rough land of the sallow trees.
Crean Críon Parched land.
Creegh Cria Means a market.
Creehaun Critheán The aspen tree.
Creevagh Cráebhach Bushy.
Creggaun Creagán The little rocky height.
Creggaunnahilla Creagán na Thuile The field of the butter cups.
Creggaunycahill Creagán ui Cathail O'Cahill's rocky height.
Cregmoher Creag Mothar The stony field of the sheep fold.
Croagh Cruach A pile of stones.
Croaghaun Cruachán A little pile of stones.
Cronagort Cró na Gort Signifies a sheepfold situate in the fields.
Cross Cros A cross was usually erected to mark the boundary of church lands.
Crossagh Crosach Means streaked or seamed ground.
Crossard Cros Árd The high cross, or rather the cross placed upon high ground to show the boundary of the land belonging to the church of Killinaboy.
Crossbeg Cros Beag The little cross.
Crosscarnan Cros Carnán A place where a cross stood on a mound to show the mearing of church lands.
Crossderry Cros Doire A wood belonging to the church.
Crossmore Cros Mór The great cross.
Crughwill   Crochabh means a height, and Aill a cliff; this place name seems to be composed of these ingredients.
Crumlin Crom Gleann A sloping valley or hill side.
Crusheen Croisín The little cross.
Cullaun Cuileánn The little holly-wood.
Culleen Coillín The little wood.
Cullinagh Cuileanach Holly producing land.
Curracloon Corraclúain A dwelling standing on a plain.
Curraderra Currach an Doire A marsh adjoining a wood.
Curragh Currach Signifies a marsh.
Curraghadoo Curracha Dúbh The dark brown marshes.
Curraghkeele Currach Cáol The narrow marsh.
Curraghkilleen Currac Coillín The marsh beside the little wood.
Curraghmoghaun Currach Muchán This word means smothered.
Curraghodea Currach ua Déadha O'Dea's marsh.
Cushacorra Cois an Coradh Hard by the weir.
Cutteen Coitcheann The little commonage.