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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Ds

Name Ainm Miniú
Dabrian Dae Bhriáin O'Brien's House.
Dangan Daingean A fortalice.
Dangananella query Eill, a precipice.
Danganbrack Daingean Breac The brown or speckled fortified residence.
Darragh Darach An oak wood.
Deelin Dilíonn Signifies an inundation, or a place liable to be submerged.
Deerpark Currach an Bhata The proper name of this place is Currach an Bhata, the marsh of the post.
Dehomad query Deac, good; Cóímhead, a watch, or a good reconnoitering place.
Derreen Daireín The little wood.
Derreenatlaghtan Dairín an Slochdán This last word means a pit or hole in the ground.
Derreendaogh Dairín Dúa A little wood on a high plane.
Derry Daire Means a wood or plantation; its usual meaning is an oak wood.
Derry Keadgran Deire Céad Cran The wood of a hundred trees.
Derryabbert Daire Abhar Signifies a wood near a marsh.
Derrybeg Daire Beag The little wood.
Derrybehagh Daire Beitheach A birch wood.
Derrybric Daire Bric Genitive of Broc, a badger.
Derrycalliff Daire Cullach Boar's wood.
Derrycarran Daire Carn So called from its vicinity to a heap of stones.
Derrycnaw Daire Chná The wood of hazel nuts. Cno, a nut, plural cna.
Derryeaghra Daire Eachradh The horse's wood.
Derryfadda Daire Fadá The long wood.
Derrygaravaun   The rough plantation.
Derrygarriff Daire Garbh The rough plantation.
Derrygeeha Daire na Gáothe The wood exposed to the wind.
Derryharriv Daire Tarbh The bull's wood.
Derrylea Daire Líath The grey wood.
Derrylough Daire Loch A wood near a pond.
Derrylumman Daire Luman The wood of the shield.
Derrymore Daire Mór The great wood.
Derrynacarragh Daire na Carach Of the stones and hillocks.
Derrynagittagh Daire na Ciotach Wood of the left handed people, a strange name.
Derrynagleragh Daire na Cléir Woods belonging to the clergy (of Inchicronan).
Derrynaheilla Daire na Áille The wood near or on the steep hill side.
Derrynalecka Daire na Licadh The wood of the flag stone.
Derrynaneal Daire na Neall Neall means a cloud; and Neal signifies noble. The meaning is uncertain.
Derrynavahagh Daire na Athach The giants' wood.
Derrynaveagh Diaréna Fiach The raven's wood.
Derryniddane Daire Nid Án The wood of the bird's nests - Nid is the genitive of Nead, a nest.
Derryoolagh Daire Shúlach The sunny wood, derived from Súl, the sun.
Derryowen Daire Eaóghain Owen's wood.
Derryshaan Daire Sheághan John's wood.
Derryulk Daire Olc The bad or worthless wood.
Derryvet Daire Bheith A birch wood (this derivation is doubtful).
Derryvinna Daire Beinna The last word means the summit of a hill.
Derryvinnane Daire Meannán The kid's wood.
Derrywillin Daire Muilleann The wood near the mill.
Dooglaun Dubh Gleann The dark valley.
Doolin Dubh Linn The dark pool.
Doolough Dubh Loch The dark lough.
Doon Dún Means an enclosure, an enclosed homestead, or a fortified residence.
Doonaha Dún Faitche In O'Briens Rental, A.D. 1380 - It means a doon in an open field. This the birth place of Eugene O'Curry, the great Irish scholar, born here in the year 1796.
Doonass Dún Easa Eas is the word applied to the rapids of the Shannon at Castleconnell.
Doonaun query The little doon.
Doonbeg Dún Beag The little doon.
Doonin Dúnín The little doon.
Doonmacfelim Dún Mac Féilim The home of Mac Felim (O'Connor).
Doonmore Dún Mór The great doon.
Doonnagore Dún na Cór The doon of the round hills.
Doonnagurroge Dún na Curróg Which last query word means parsnips.
Doonogan Dún Ógáin Hogan's fortalice.
Doonsallagh Dún Salac The muddy doon.
Doonyvardan Dún ui Bhárdán O'Bardan's residence.
Doorus Dubh Ros The dark wood.
Dough Dabhac Sandhills.
Drim Drim The back - a hill side.
Drimmeennagun Druimín na Cun Of the hounds.
Drimna Dromina This is the plural of Dromin, a little hill.
Drinagh Draigheanach Producing black thorns.
Dromeen Dromín The little hill side.
Dromintobin Drom an Tóba This word signifies a burdock.
Dromoland Drom Fodhaladh The hill of litigation.
Dromore Drom Mór The great hill side.
Drumadrehid Drom an Droichead The hill by the bridge.
Drumandoora Drom an Dúire The last word query is the genitive of an oak wood.
Drumanure Drom an Úr The hill near the marshy place.
Drumatehy Drom a Teitheadh The hill of the flight of the Clare folk from Red Hugh O'Donnell in 1599.
Drumbaun Drom Bán The white hill.
Drumbiggil Drom Bigil This word means watching.
Drumbonniv Drom Bonna The windy hill side.
Drumbrickaun Drom Breac A speckled or brown hill.
Drumcarna Drom Carna The hill crowned with heaps of stones.
Drumcarran Drom Carn A hill with a heap of stones on top.
Drumcavan Drom Cabhan The field on a hill side.
Drumcharley Drom Siarralach This word means broom.
Drumcliff Drom Cliath So called from its ancient church constructed of hurdles.
Drumcore Drom Córr The enclosed hill.
Drumcullaun Drom Callán The hill of shouting.
Drumcurreen Drom Corín The hill by the little corner.
Drumdigus Drom Dígus Derived from Díg, a ditch.
Drumdoolaghty Drom Dúbhlachtach O'Doolaghty's hill; the family name still exists.
Drumduff Drom Dubh The black hill.
Drumeevin Drom Áoibhinn The pleasant hill side.
Drumellihy   Recté, Drumlicky, flag stones.
Drumgeely Drom Gáile The wind beaten hill.
Drumgloon Drom Glúing From its resemblance to a shoulder.
Drumgranagh Drom Granach A gravelly hill side.
Druminshin Drom Insín The hill by the little holme meadow.
Drumlesh Drom Leis The sheltered hill side.
Drumline Drom Láighean The hill of spears. (Four Masters, A.D. 1593.)
Drummaghmartin Dromach Martín The heifer's back.
Drummaneen Dromanín The little hill.
Drummeer Drom Shiár The western hill.
Drummin Dromin The little hill.
Drummina Drominna The plural of dromin, a hill.
Drumminacknew Dromin an Cneamh The hillside abounding in wild garlic.
Drumminagran Dromin an Gran The hill of gravel.
Drumminakela Dromin Aicheala The eagle's hill.
Drumminanav Dromin na Dhamh The hill of the oxen.
Drummod   Should be Drom Art, the last word meaning a house.
Drummoher Drom Mothar The hill with the stone sheepfold.
Drummullan Drom Abhálan The orchard hillside.
Drumnadeevna Drom na Déabhaidh The hill of skirmishes or disputes.
Drumnagah Drom na Gá The hill of the spears.
Drumquin Drom Caoin The pleasant hillside.
Drumsallagh Drom Sailach A hill covered with sallow trees.
Drumsillagh query A hill covered with sallow trees.
Drumullan Drom Abhalan The hill of the apple trees.
Drumumna Drom Umna The oak ridge, (Joyce).
Dulick Dubh Leac The black flag stone.
Dunneill Dún ua Néill O'Neill's habitation.
Durha Durtheach It means a cabin; sometimes a church, vide Petrie's Round Towers.
Durra Daire A plantation (of oak).
Dysert Dísert A wild country destitute of inhabitants.