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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Es & Fs

Name Ainm Miniú
Eanty   This is the plural of Áonach, a hill.
Effernan Ithearnán The word Ithir signifies corn producing land.
Einagh Aighneán Ivy.
Emlagh Imlioch A place borderidg on a lough; a marsh.
Enagh Óenach ua Floínn A fair held in the territory of the O'Flyn's and subsisting to our times.
Ennistimon Inis Diamáin Diamain's river meadow. It may signify the fruitful river side meadow, Inis Diamáin.
Erina Airedhnadh The place of salmon weirs - Aire a weir.
Erribul Earbull Earbull signifies an end or tail.
Errinagh   Err signifies an end or tail.
Fahanlunaghta Fatha an Leamhnacda The place of new milk, the milking place.
Fahee Fatha Simply means a field, usually a field adjoining the place of residence.
Faherlaghroe Fatha an Loch Rúadh The red field by the lake.
Fanaleen Fán an Lín The flax producing hill slope.
Fanore Fán Ór The declivity by the sea coast: Ór means the sea coast.
Fanta Fánta Hill sides.
Fanygalvan Fán ua Galamhán O'Galvan's declivity.
Farrahy Fairge The sea.
Faunarooska Fán an Rúsg The declivity of the skirmish.
Faunrusk Fan Riasg Would mean the marsh at foot of the hill side; or perhaps it has the same meaning as the last word.
Feagarroge Fiadha Garabhóg A place producing wild mustard.
Feagh Féabh A wood.
Feaghquin Fiadha Chainche The arbutus shrubbery.
Feagreen Fiadha Críom The withered wood.
Feakle Fiacail Fiacail is a tooth. The parish is supposed to be so named from the tooth of some saint preserved there.
Feeard Fiadha Árd High lying rough land.
Feenagh Fhiadhanach Forest land.
Feenish Fiadh Inis Wooded island.
Feenlea Fiadhian Lia Grey coloured rough land.
Feighroe Fiadha Rúadh The red wood.
Finanagh Fidh an Eanach Forest land beside a marsh.
Finavarra Fídh an Mhara The wood by the sea.
Finlough Fiónn Lóch The fair lake.
Finnor Fionn Ór The white coast.
Fintra Fionn Tráigh The white strand.
Fodry   From Fód, a sod; a place where the surface land was stripped off for fuel.
Foilrim Fhaill Drim A steep valley.
Fomerla   This name place baffles all efforts at interpretation: there is an Irish word meirle which means theft, and another formalach which signifies a hireling, but neither will answer here - no more will meirleach, a thief.
Foohagh Fothach A wilderness.
Formoyle   Mr. Joyce thinks this word means a rocky meeting place; farradh means an assembly.
Fortane   This is an English-Irish word.
Fortwilliam   The Irish name of this place is Baile ua Fhearíla, O'Farrell's abode.
Fossabeg Fosda Beag The little bank.
Fossamore Fosda Mór The great bank.
Freagh Fraoch Heath or heathy land.
Freaghavaleen Fraoch an Mhala Heathy rising ground.
Furhee Foirtehi Dark.
Furoor   Fór Bhár, or the hilltop; or Fo Úr, buried. (Cormac's Glossary).
Furraglaun Gleann Furá This last word means preparation.