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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Gs

Name Ainm Miniú
Gallowshill Cnocán an Bhraidé It means the hillock on the mountain top.
Garracloon Garaidh Chluain The cultivated land beside the open field.
Garraun Garán Land covered with bushes, and brushwood.
Garraunatooha   The northern garraun; Tuath, the north.
Garraunboy Garán Buidh Gorse covered land.
Garruragh Garadh Ughra A moist flat.
Garrynagry Garáidh na Gróigh The horses' field.
Garrynamona Garáidh na Móna Cultivated land beside a bog or marsh.
Garryncallaha Garaidh an Caladh The garden by the embankment or landing place.
Garryncurra Garáidh an Coradh The land near the weir.
Garvillaun Garbh Oileánn A stony river side meadow.
Garvoghil Garbh eo Choill The rough yew wood.
Gawrus Gabhar Ros The horse's meadow.
Ggrtygeeheen query Gort Gáothín The windy field.
Gilloge Giolchóg A place abounding in reeds.
Glascloon Glas Cluain The green plain.
Glasha Glaise A streamlet.
Glen Gleann ui Concobhair The site of O'Connor's Castle, near Ennistymon.
Glenbonniv Gleann Bonnan This last word signifies blasts of wind.
Glencolumkill Gleann Colum Cille St. Columkill's valley.
Glenconaun Gleann Conáin Conan's valley.
Glendine Gleann Domhain The deep valley.
Glendree Gleann Daireach A wooded valley.
Gleninagh Gleann Áighneach The ivy producing valley, from Aighneán, ivy.
Gleninsheen Gleann Insín The valley of the little meadow.
Glenletternafinny Gleann Leiter na Fine The valley situate in the tribal waste land.
Glenlon Gleann Lón The last word means a marsh.
Glenmore Gleann Mór The great glen.
Glennageer Gleann na Gabhar The valley of the horses.
Glennagross Gleann na Cros The valley of the crosses, so called from the crosses erected there to mark the boundary of the Diocese of Limerick.
Glenquin Gleann Chúinn O'Quin's valley.
Glensleade Gleann Sláid This word means robbery, or sometimes slaughter.
Goleen Gabhalín The fork made by the little stream near Kilkee as it falls into the sea.
Gortaclare Gort an Clár The place of the board.
Gortaclob Gort an Chlob A place where water is swallowed into the ground. Clab, an open mouth.
Gortacullin Gort an Chuilleann The holly field.
Gortacúrka Gort an Coirce Oatfield.
Gortaderry Gort an Daire The wood field.
Gortadroma Gort an Droma The tilled land on the hill side.
Gortafika Gort an Fic query The field of the spear.
Gortaganniv Gort an Gaineamh The sand field.
Gortalassa Gort an Leasa The genitive of lios, an earthen fort.
Gortalougha Gort an Locha The field by the pond.
Gortaniska Gort an Uisge The water field.
Gortataggart Gort an Sagairt The priest's land.
Gortatogher Gort an Tóchuir The field beside the causeway.
Gortatrassa Gort an Treasa Treas means a skirmish.
Gortaveha Gort an Bheithach The birch field.
Gortavrulla Gort an Bhrollach Of the breast; otherwise meaning the front field.
Gortbofarna Gort Bó Feárna The cattle pasture of the alder bushes.
Gortboyheen Gort Búidhe The little gorse covered field.
Gortcallyroe Gort Caladh Ruadh A field near the red landing place on the Shannon.
Gortcooldurrin Gort Cúl Dorn Literally the back of the fist.
Gorteen Gortín The little field under cultivation.
Gorteenanaelig Gortín an Áoileach Genitive Aoilíg, dung.
Gorteenmacnamara   This place name requires no explanation.
Gorteennaguppoge Gortín na Capóg The field of docks.
Gorteenreagh Gortín Riabhach So called from the plant dwarf red rattle.
Gortgarraun Gort Garán Bushy land.
Gortkeel Gort Cáol The narrow field.
Gortlecka Gort Leaca The field of flag stones.
Gortlurkaun Gort Lurgán A field so called from its resemblence to the leg.
Gortmagy Gort Mágach The latter word signifying a hare.
Gortmore Gort Mór The large piece of cultivated ground.
Gortnaboul Gort na Póll The field of hollows.
Gortnaclohy Gort na Cloiche The stony field.
Gortnacorra Gort na Coradha The field by the weir.
Gortnacorragh Gort na Corrach The field near the marshes.
Gortnafaha Gort na Átha The field near the ford.
Gortnaglearagh Gort na Cléireach The priests' field.
Gortnaglogh Gor na Cloch The stony field.
Gortnagonnilla Gort na Congbhaila This last word means houses.
Gortnamearacan Gort na Méaracán The field of the fox glove.
Gortnamuck Gort na Muc The pig's field.
Gortnamuinga Gort na Muínge Of the morass.
Gortnanool Gort na N'ábhal The orchard.
Gortnaskagh Gort na Sgeach Producing white thorns.
Gortnavreaghaun Gort na Fraochán The field of the whortleberries.
Gower   It is difficult to tell the meaning of this place name. In Irish the word Gabár means a goat or a horse, but why a district should be so named it is not easy to say.
Gowerhass   Hass here means south, Deas Gabhar.
Gowlaun Gabhal This is the junction of the two streams at the sulphur spring of Lisdoonvarna.
Gragan Graig Means a village.
Granaghan Greanach Gravelly land.