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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Hs & Is

Name Ainm Miniú
Hurdlestown Baile na Cliath  
Battle Island Oileán an Comhrúath The proper name of this island is Oileán an Comhrúath, i.e. of the confluence of tides.
Breckinish Breac Inis The brown or speckled island.
Bush Island Oileán na Shgeach  
Canon Island Inis na Canánach Of the Canons Regular of the Order of St. Augustine.
Coney Island Inis Cuinínidhe Rabbits' island.
Deenish Island   The island of sorrow, Diadh.
Ieverstown Baile ua Fhearíla This place is called in Irish Baile ua Fhearíla, O'Farrell's place of abode.
Illaun Oileán The island.
Illaunaroan Oileán an Rón The seal's island.
Illaunatoo Oileán an Samhadh Sorrell island.
Illaunban Oíleán Bán The white island.
Illaunyregan Oileán ua Riagán O'Regan's island.
Inchalughoge Inis an Luchóg The mouse's meadow.
Inchbeg Inis Beag The little river side meadow.
Inchicronan Inis ui Crónain St. Cronan's island.
Inchiquin Inis ui Chúinn O'Quinn's island.
Inchmore Inis Mór The large river side meadow.
Ing Íng A neck of land.
Inishaellaun Inis Aoilán The pleasant island.
Inishbig   Anglicised Hog Island. I cannot make out the derivation of the word big applied to this island.
Inishcorkar Inis Corcur The wild geranium.
Inishdadroum Inis da Drom Of the two backs; which exactly describes its appearance.
Inishdea Inis Dé The last word is the genitive of Dia, plenty.
Inishloe Inis Luaigh The pleasant island.
Inishmacnaghten Inis Mhic Nactain Mac Naghten's island.
Inishmacowney Inis Mhic Uaine Mac Owney's island.
Inishmore Inis Mór The great holme or river side meadow at Templemaley.
Inishmurry Inis Muire The Blessed Virgin Mary's island.
Inishtubrid   Whether the name of this island is derived from Tobar, a well, I do not know.
Iragh Adhras A dwelling place.
Iskancullin Uisge an Cuillean The spring of the holly shrubbery.
Islandcosgry   O'Cosgary's island.
Islandgar Oileán Gár The short island, or perhaps the contiguous island.
Islandmacnevin Oileán Mhic Nemhín Mac Nevin's island.
Islandmagrath Oileán Magraith Magrath's island.
Islandmore Oileán Mór The great island.
Mutton Island Inis Cáorach The ancient name of Mutton Island was Inis Fitcha (IV. Masters).
Quay Island Oileán Caedh The marshy island.
Saints' Island Óileán na Náomh  
Scattery Island Inis Cathagh The name of a serpent banished by St. Senán.
Sod Island   The proper name is Oileán Dubhach, sad island.