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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Ls

Name Ainm Miniú
Lacaghakea Leaca Caidhe The muddy flag stones.
Lacamore Leaca Mór The large flag stones.
Lack Leac A flag stone.
Lackannashinnagh Leacach na Sinneach The hill side of the foxes.
Lackareagh Leaca Riabhach The brown flag stones.
Lacken Leaca na Beithighe The flag stones, beside the birch wood.
Lackenbaun Leacan Bán The white hill sides.
Lackennaskagh Leacan na Sgeach The bushy hill side.
Laghcloon Leith Cluain A little field.
Laghill Leamh Cóill The elm wood.
Laghtagoona Leacht an Gamhnach The stone heap of the stripper cow.
Laghtmurrida Leacht Muireadach The grave of Muiredach.
Laghvally   The little townland, Leith Bhaile. This place was the home and property of Aodh Buidhe Mac Curtin, the author of the Irish-English Dictionary and other works.
Lahardan Leith Ardán A very little hill.
Lakkabranner Leac an Branar The stone of the fallow ground.
Lakyle   Leith Cóill, means a little wood; or perhaps it is Leamh Chóill, the elm wood.
Langouch Langach The slender townland.
Lanna Leana A meadow.
Lannaght Leamhnact The plant called septfoil.
Laraghakea Laracha Cáidhe Muddy places.
Latoon Leath Tua Mhumhan The half of Thomond, that is the dividing line which cuts it into two equal parts.
Lavareen Leath Bairighean A small plot of ground.
Leacan Leacan A hill side.
Leadmore   In O'Brien's Rental circa A.D. 1350, this place is called Ceathramhadh Leid Mór Mhic Mhathghamhna, that is Mac Mahon's wide division.
Leagard Leag Árd The tall flag stone. The place is absurdly anglicised Miltownmalbay.
Leaghort Leith Phort A small landing place.
Leaheen Leathín The little half.
Leamaneigh Léim an Eich The horse leap.
Leamnaleaha Léim na Latha The genitive of Lath, a dog - the dog's leap.
Leana Léana A swampy meadow.
Lecarrow Leith Ceathramhadh A small division of land.
Leeds Lias A hut for lambs while they are being weaned.
Lehaknock Leith an Cnoic Half the hill side.
Lehinch Leith Innse The Irish name of this place is Leact ui Choncabhair, that is, the burial place of O'Connor, one of the chiefs of that sept.
Leitra Leitrach Marshy.
Leitrim Leith Tirim Partly dry land.
Letterkelly Leitir Coille The marsh beside the wood.
Lickeen Ligín A little flag stone.
Licknaun Licenán Licenán the genitive of leacknan; it means a small field abounding in flag stones.
Lifford Lia Phort The flagged landing place.
Lis Lios An earthen enclosure, forming a habitation.
Lisalough Lios an Loch The home near the pond.
Lisanair Lios an Ár The place of slaughter.
Lisanard Lios an Ard The dwelling place situate on the height.
Lisbareen Lios Bairghín The lios of the creeping crow foot plant.
Lisbiggeen Lios Beicín Of the little hill.
Liscannor Lios ua Concobhair The home of one of the family of O'Connor, who were owners of most of the barony of Corcomroe. The district is called in Irish Tuaith na Ranna, forming as it does a kind of promontory.
Liscasey Lios ui Chathaisa The place of the guard or sentinel.
Lisconnor Lios uí Choncobhair O'Connor's home.
Liscoonera Lios Cuanaire The lios of the sea inlets.
Liscormick Lios Cormaic Cormack's home.
Liscullaun Lios Callán This word means shouting, or perhaps it is the lios of the young cow - colán.
Lisdeen Lios Dubhín The little black lios.
Lisdoonvarna Lios Dún Bhearna The lios at the fort by the gap.
Lisdoony Lios Dúna A fortalice.
Lisduff Lios Dubh The black lios.
Lisgoogaun Lios Gágán Which word means a split on the side of a cliff.
Lisgurreen Lios Góire Also means a cave.
Lisheen Liosín The little lios.
Lisheencrony Liosín Crón The brown lios.
Lisheeneagh Liosín Áodh The little home of Aodh.
Lisheenfurroor Liosín For Bhár The little lios on top of the hill.
Lisheenvicnaheeha Lisín Mhic na Óidhche The little lios of the son of the night; i.e. a fairy.
Lisheenydeen Liosín a Domhain Situate in a hollow place.
Lisket Lios Cata A sheepfold.
Lislarheenbeg Lios Latharín Beag The lios of the little meeting place, lathar.
Lislea Lios Líath The grey lios.
Lislorcan Lios Lorcáin Lorcan's homestead.
Lislunaghan Lios Luigheachán The lios of the ambush. I am not sure of this interpretation.
Lismacleane   Mac Lean's lios.
Lismacsheedy Lios Mac Sioda Mac Sheedy's homestead.
Lismacteige Lios Mac Tadhg Mac Teige's habitation.
Lismeehan Lios Miodhacain O'Meehan's residence.
Lismoher Lios Mothar The lios near the sheepfold.
Lismorahaun   This is called Lios Moráin in O'Brien's rental of the fourteenth century, and it is no doubt the proper name - the home of O'Moran.
Lismorris Lios Murghis This is a man's name.
Lismuinga Lios Múinge That is, rough grass.
Lismulbreeda Lios Maól Bríghde The servant of St. Bridget. It was under her patronage that the neighbouring convent of nuns was founded at Killone.
Lismuse Lios Mús The pleasant home.
Lisnafaha Lios na Fatha Of the fields.
Lisnanard Lios na n'Ard Of the heights.
Lisnanroum Lios na Dhróm Of the heights.
Lispuckaun Líos Pocán Of the he goat.
Lisroe Lios Rúadh The red lios.
Lissan Liosán The little lios.
Lissana Liosanadh The plural of lios.
Lissanair Lios an Aír The place of slaughter.
Lissatunna Lios a t'Shunnach So called from its milking place.
Lissofin Lios Aodh Fionn A man's name, no doubt one of the family of Macnamara.
Lissyline Lios an Lín The flax growing place.
Lissylisheen Lios ui Liosín This seems to be tautology.
Lissyneilan Lios ua Nialáin O'Neylan's place of abode.
Lissyvurrheen Líos ui Murcháin Little Murrogh's residence.
Loophead   The Irish name of Loophead is Léim Concullin, the leap of Cucullin across the chasm there.
Loughaun Lochán A pond.
Loughaunaweelaun Lochán na Faoileánn The sea gull's pond.
Loughborough Loch Burradh Swelling up after rain.
Loughbourke   I do not know the Irish name of this place - Bourke was a transplanted papist.
Loughnagowan   This place name, is either the pond of the black smiths, Gabhain; or of the stripper cows, Gamhnach.
Loughrask Loch Reas The pond of the fight, described in the Cathréim Toirdealbaich.
Loughvella Loch Béille The last word means a caldron.
Luogh Leamh Marsh mallows - Joyce is the authority for this interpretation.
Lurraga Lorga The shin: beside this other places in Clare are called Lurraga from their long slender shape.
Lyan Leana A wet meadow.