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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Ms

Name Ainm Miniú
Madara Magh Darach A place covered with oak trees.
Maghera Machaire A field.
Magherabaun Machaire Bán The white field.
Magheranraheen Machaire an Rathín The field by the little homestead.
Magherareagh Machaire Riabhac The brown field.
Magheraweeleen Machairemaoelín The little hillock.
Magowna Magh Gamhnach The stripper cow's field.
Manus Mainis A spear.
Martry Martraigh This word signifies the place of wounding or killing.
Mausnarylaan Más na Reighleán The first of these words means a thigh, here applied to land; the second means exercise ground.
Meanagh Meanfhach A yawning where a stream has cut its way deep through the land.
Meelick Míliuc Míliuc, (Four Masters, 1601;) a marsh. That part of Meelick near Limerick which lies on the side of the mountain was called Fadhbach on account of its many valleys stretching downwards.
Meenross Mín Ros The level or smooth meadow.
Meggagh Meagach Meagach; the meaning of this word is obscure. In O'Brien's rental Muigach, it is equally unintelligible. The word Meagach signifies earthy, but there is no clay in the place, it is all rock. Again, the word may be Miogac, smiling or sunny;
Miltown   The proper name of this place is Baile Maolín, the home of a family named Moylan.
Moananagh   In O'Brien's rental this place is called Magh n'Aonach, the fair green.
Moanmore Móin Mór The great bog.
Moanogeanagh Móin an Caoneach The mossy bog.
Moanreel Móin Réil Rightful landed property.
Moarhaun Motharán A small stone structure for folding lambs.
Moe Móigh A plain, or flat land.
Mogouhy Magh Gaothach A windy place.
Moheramoylan Mothar Maoilínn The little sheep fold with low stone walls.
Moheraroon Mothar an Ruain The fold of the red-dying plant.
Moherbollog Mothar Bolg The cows' moher.
Mollaneen Molánín The little hill.
Mollogha Magh Locha The field beside the lake; this was the birth place of St. Senán of Iniscahy.
Molosky Magh Loscathaidhe The burnt plain.
Monagh Mónach Rough tracts of ground.
Monanaleen Móin an Lín The flax producing place.
Monanoe Móin an Eó The common of the yew tree.
Monaskeha Móin na Sceiche The bog by the white thorn tree.
Moneen Móinín A little bog; it also indicates a rough pasture.
Moneennagliggin Móinín na Cluigan The little mountain of the skulls. It is still a burial place.
Monreagh Moin Riabhach The brown bog.
Mooghaun Muchán According to Joyce this word means a morass, but there is no morass here; there is, however, a small lough which may have the same meaning.
Mooghna Móna Rough tracts of ground.
Mortyclogh Mothar Tighe Cloch A stone enclosure.
Mount Mannt A gap or chasm.
Mountallon Maidhm Talmhan The proper Irish name for this place is Maidhm Talmhan, a land slip.
Mountcashel Baile Maoel Caisil The place of the dilapidated stone fort is the Irish name.
Mountievers Baile ui Fharíla O'Farrell's town is the proper Irish name of this place.
Mountshannon Rectè Cnoc na Cros The hill of the crosses, indicating church lands.
Moveen   This place is called Magh Mhín in O'Brien's rental. It means the smooth district.
Moy Mágh A field or plain.
Moyadda Mágh Fhada The long field.
Moyarta Mágh Fhearta The place of graves.
Moyasta Mágh Fhasta Mágh Fhasta, of a prison; Thasta of a rumour, neither very probable, but no better can be given.
Moybeg Mágh Beag The little field.
Moygalla Mágh Eallach The plain of cattle.
Moyglass Mágh Glas The green field.
Moygowna Mágh Gabhnach The field of the stripper cow.
Moyhill Maethil Signifies the marshy land.
Moyhullin Mágh Chuillean Land covered with holly bushes.
Moymore Mágh Mór The great field.
Moyne Mágh Ain The land of rushes.
Moynoe Mágh an Eó The field of the yew tree.
Moyree Mágh Righe The field of plunder.
Moyriesk Mágh Riasg Marshy land.
Moys Máighe Fields.
Moyullaan Mágh Ubhalán The apple field.
Muckanagh Muc Eanach The hog's marsh.
Muckinish Muc Inis The hog's island.
Muingacarreen Múing an Catharín The rough grassy land beside the little caher.
Muingboy Muing Buidhe Land producing coarse yellow grass.
Munnia Muine Bushes.
Murroogh Muirbheach A sea marsh; land overflowed by the sea at high water; a strand.
Mweelagarraun Maoel an Gárán A hillock covered with bushes.