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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Ps & Qs

Name Ainm Miniú
Parkalough Pairc Agh Loch The field near the pond.
Parkmore Pairc Mór The large field.
Parknabrinnia Pairc na Binne The field on the summit of a hill.
Parknamoney Pairc na Muine The bushy field.
Parkroe Pairc Rúadh The red field; the place is a red bog.
Parteen Partín The little landing place.
Pass   This word means Pasaiste, a causeway.
Pollagh Pollach A place of pits, Pollach.
Pollaghanumera Pollach an Umaire Pits sunk beside a ridge.
Porsoon Parsún Priest's land.
Portdrine Port Dráighean A landing place covered with black thorn bushes.
Portlecka Portlice A flagged landing place.
Poulacapple Póll an Capaill The horses cave: these caves are numerous in the limestone cliffs of Burren.
Poulacarron Póll an Carn The cave by the heap of stones.
Poulaforia Póll an Phonaire Of the beans.
Poulagoona Póll an Ghúnach The hole or cave of the stripper cow.
Poulagower Póll an Gabhair This word means a goat, sometimes a horse.
Poulanine Póll an Ainneadh This last word means patience, but how it becomes connected with a cave I cannot say.
Poulaphuca Póll an Phúca The pooca's cavern.
Poulataggle Póll an t'Sheagal The rye cavern.
Poulatrumpa Póll an Trúmpha Cave of the trumpet.
Poulawack Póll an Bhaic A cave with a bend or turning.
Poulawillin Póll an Mhulleann The cave beside the mill.
Poulbaun Póll Bán The white cave.
Poulcarragharush Póll Carrach an Ruis The stony cave by the meadow.
Pouleennaccoona Pollín na Cuana The little fissure by the fields.
Poulgorm Póll Gorm The blue cave.
Pouliskaboy Póll Uisge Buidhe The yellow water cave.
Poulmacrih Póll Machraidh This last word signifies distemper, perhaps a place for sickly cattle.
Poulnabrone Póll na Bróne The cave of the querns.
Poulnabrucky Póll na Broca The badgers holes.
Poulnadarree Póll na Doiraidhe The hollow of the woods.
Poulnagun Póll na g'Cun The dogs cavern.
Poulnalour Poll na Labhair The lepers' cave.
Poulnaskagh Poll na Sceach The bushy cave.
Poulroe Poll Ruadh The red fissure in the cliff.
Pullaghanumera Pollach an Iomaire The pits by the ridge.
Querin Caor A blaze of firelight.
Quilty Coillte This word must mean woods, but they can have been only underwood of hazel or holly.
Quin Cainche A word meaning arbutus.
Quinpool Lurga The Irish name of this place is Lurga, a shank or shin bone.