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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Rs

Name Ainm Miniú
Racorcran Ráth Corcán Coílle The wild geranium; or perhaps the meaning is the rath of the pot, corcrán.
Raffline Ráth Flainn Flan's habitation; this is an Irish name of common occurrence.
Rahaniska Ráth an Uisge The residence by the water.
Raheen Rathín The little homestead.
Rahena Rathína Rathína Beag, the little dwellings; rathina mór, the large dwellings.
Rahona Rath Thonnach A fortified rath.
Rannagh Raithneach A place abounding in ferns.
Rannaghan   A place abounding in ferns.
Rath Ráth An earthen mound, erected for defence of the homestead.
Rathbaun Ráth Bán The white rath.
Rathbeg Ráth Beag The little rath.
Rathcahaun Ráth Cathadh Of the fighting.
Rathclooney Ráth Cluain The rath of the plain.
Rathcraggaun Ráth Chreagán The rath of the stony ground.
Rathcroney Ráth Cróna The brown rath.
Rathfolan Ráth Fodhaladhn The last word signifies litigation.
Rathkerry Ráth Cíar The fortalice of protection.
Rathlaheen Ráth Lochín The rath of the pond.
Rathluby Ráth Lubaidh A rath near a place sloping downwards.
Rathmeehan Ráth Miocháín O'Meehan's place of residence.
Rathmore Ráth Mór The great rath.
Rathvergin Ráth Mheirge Of the signal.
Reaghfa Réidhfa Level fields.
Reanabrone Ráe an Brón The field of the quern.
Reanagishagh Ré na Cisach A causeway made for passing over swampy ground.
Reanahumana Ré na Thumanach Bushy ground, from tum a bush.
Reanalicka Rae na Lice The field of the flag stone.
Reaskaun Riasgán The little marsh.
Rehy Reig Mountain flats, (Joyce).
Reiskcammoge Riasg Camóg The marsh of the winding stream.
Rine Rinn A headland; roinn means a division of land.
Rineanna Rinn Eanach The wet headland.
Rinecaha Roinn Cata The place of the sheepfold.
Rinelea Ronn Liath Grey division.
Rinemacaderrig Rinn Mac an Deirge Redness. No doubt from the exhibition of light to allure passing ships.
Rinerrinagh Rann Erranac The tail end.
Rinnamona Roinn na Móna The bog division.
Rinneen Roinnín The little divislon of land.
Rinroe Roinn Róe The red division; it sometimes means the red headland.
Rockvale Bealach an Fiadhbhail The Irish name of this place is Bealach an Fiadhbhail, the road through the wood.
Roo Rúadh Red bog, or moory land.
Rooska Riasgach Moory ground.
Rosmadda Ros Madadh The dog's wood, or the dog's meadow.
Rosmanagher Ros Manachair The Monk's wood or meadow. This is a very doubtful interpretation of the word, but it is the best we can give. There were never any monks in the locality.
Rosneillan Ros Nialláin O'Neylan's field.
Rosroe Ros Rúadh The red wood.
Ross Ros Signifies a wood, sometimes a meadow, and again a promontory.
Rossalia Ros Saíle The sea meadow.
Rossanure Ros an Iúbhair The yew wood.
Rosscliff Ros Clíebh The field of the house made of wicker work.
Rosslara Ros Lára The mare's field.
Rosslevan Ros Lemhain The elm wood.
Roughan Rabhacán A beacon fire.
Roxton   The proper Irish name of this place is Creag an Bhran, the ravens rocky land.
Ruan Ruan An old name for the alder tree which dyes wool of a red colour.
Ruanard Ruadhan Árd Ruan here means a red bog.
Rushaun Rosán A patch of arable land.
Rusheen Rosín The little wood.
Russa Rosach Woody.
Rylane Reighleán A hurling field, an exercise ground.