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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Appendix VII - County of Clare: Irish local names explained

Name Index: Ts & Ws

Name Ainm Miniú
Tarmon Tearmann Tearmann, church land. Tarmon Cronan in Carran parish was St. Cronan's land, and Tarmon in Kilfeiragh belonged to Iniscathy.
Teeragh Tíreachas Tíreachas, means colonization, and this word signifies a place to which people were transplanted.
Teergonean Tír Gan Éan The birdless district.
Teerleheen Tír Leithín The little field or land near at hand.
Teermaclane Tír Mac Leighin The scholar's land.
Teermulmoney Tír Maol Muine A district covered with flat-topped hazel bushes.
Teernaglaghane Tír na Clochán Stony land.
Teernea Tír Néidh The windy district.
Teeronan Tír Tónán The western land, the back part, so named from Tón the breech.
Teeronea Tír o'n Aodha Called O'Hea's country in MacNamara's rental, circa, A.D. 1350?
Teeronear Tír án Iarthar The western land.
Teerovannan Tír an Bannach The foxes district: I can give no better meaning than this.
Teervarna Tír an Bhearna The place of the gap or chasm.
Teeskagh Teasgadh Cutting down trees, or lopping off branches.
Templebannagh Teampoll Banabh The abbesses' church or convent.
Tobaraneddaun Tobar an Neidán The well of the skirmish.
Tome Tóm A thicket.
Tomgraney Tuam Gréine The tomb of Graney, a woman's name.
Tonarossa Tón an Rosa The western part of the meadow.
Tonavoher Tón an Bhothair The western part of a townland abutting upon a road.
Tonlegee Tón le Gáoithe A place turned towards the west wind.
Toomullin Tuath Muílleann The mill field.
Toonagh Tamhnac A green field.
Toor Túar A field under cultivation; it also means a bleaching green, but of these there were none in Clare.
Tooreen Túarín The little cultivated field.
Toormore Tuar Mór The large field under cultivation.
Toornahooan Tuar na Úagheanna The cultivated land near the caves.
Treanmanagh Tréann Manach The monks land.
Treannahow Tréann an Abháin The field by the river.
Tromra   This word seems to mean land producing elder trees (Tromán).
Truogh Triucha A district.
Trusklieve Trosc Sliábh It is difficult to find the meaning of this word. Trosc is a cod fish, and Troscadh means fasting.
Tulla Tulach A hill; the village of Tulla is called in Irish Tulach nan apstaíl, the hill of the apostles.
Tullabrack Tulach Breac The brown hill.
Tullagh Tulach A hill; the village of Tulla is called in Irish Tulach nan apstaíl, the hill of the apostles.
Tullaghaboy Tulacha Búidhe The yellow hillocks.
Tullagower Tulach Gabhair The hill of the horse, (or of the goat).
Tullagroe Tulach Rúadh The red hill.
Tullaher Tulach Shoir The eastern hill.
Tullaloughaun Tulach Lochán The hill beside the pond.
Tullamore Tulach Mór The big hill.
Tullaroe Tulach Rúadh The red hill.
Tullassa Tulach Asa The hill by the water fall.
Tullig Tuilg The little hill.
Tullycommon Tulach Coítchinn A hill commonage.
Tullycreen Tulach Cráinn The wooded hill.
Tullygarvan Tulac Garbhádhn The rough hill.
Tullyglass Tulach Glas The green hill.
Tullymockan Tulach Meacan The hill producing parsnips.
Tullyodea Tulach ua Deadha O'Dea's hill.
Tullyvarraga Tulach Fairrge The hill of the waves, so called from its vicinity to the Shannon.
Tullyvoghan Tulach Bhéacháin O'Behane's hill.
Turkenagh Tuar Ceannach A market.
Turlogh Turlach A place dry in summer, but covered with water in winter.
Turloghmore Turlach Mór The great turlogh.
Tyredagh Tir Éda The district of cattle.
Woodcockhill   The proper Irish name of this hill side is Cnoc na Crabhar; from its woodcocks.
Woodpark Corrach an Bhata Marsh of the stick or wooden post.