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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 16. Inquisitions relating to county of Clare—Reign of James I

Dermot, Baron of Inchiquin; Richard Wingfield; Turlogh O’Brien of Tullaghmore; Teige, and Slaney O’Brien of Boneil; Donogh Grana O’Brien of Magowna

Inquisition, taken at Quinpool, on the 8th of August, 1612, before Donogh, Earl of Thomond, and others, finds that Dermot, Baron of Inchiquin, is seized, by various tenures, of lands, the names of which are given at great length, but which we must here omit on account of the space the enumeration would occupy. The same Inquisition goes on to state, that Richard Wingfield, as the husband of Honoria, daughter and co-heiress of Teige, son of Murrogh O’Brien of Ballynagown, was seized in fee, of various lands, viz.:—Ballinagown, Lisduff, Shanbally, Knockoultagh, Lurraga, Cahereamore, Tullyodea, Oankeagh, Cahernamart, Maherareagh; of one-third part of the Abbey lands of Kilshanny, with the tithes thereof; of Carrowkeale, Carrowmore, Ballyalla, Porsoon, Ballygastell, Carrowanbachalla, and Garryanvoghalla in Kilfenora. The Inquisition in recital, further sets forth, that Turlogh O’Brien, son of Aney O’Brien, another of the co-heiresses of Teige of Smithstown, was seized of the castle and lands of Tullaghmore, Ballytarsna, Knockskea, Caheranmoher, Knocknaskeha, Fanta, the third part of the Abbey (with its lands), of Kilshanny and Ballydeely. The Inquisition proceeds to declare, that Teige O’Brien, and Slaney O’Brien, his wife, the third of the co-heiresses of Teige of Smithstown, were seized of the castle and lands of Boneill, Dirhee, Inargydd, Seadyne, Martry, Drynagh, Morilla, Oankea, and Ballaghboy; finds that Roger O’Shaughnessy, Esq., and Bœtius Clancy, Esq., are seized of the following lands, as Trustees for the use of said Teige O’Brien and his wife, for their lives, with remainder to their heirs male; viz., Dromore, with its sub-denominations of Carrowandrehid, Carrownahanagh, Dromonagromyn, Ballyka, Ballyedreman, Gortacroghery, Kilmaskeemet; finds that Conor MacGillyshaghta (Lysaght), is Trustee for the use, under a deed of 16th October, 1597, of said Teige O’Brien and his wife Slaney, of the following, namely, Teermorane, Ballyslattery, and its sub-denominations, viz., Rieskmore, Knock, Liscullane, Kilbeg-Magera-Ballymulcahy, known by the names following; viz., Coollistiege, Carrowduff, Cahergal, Alclooney, Bleandrury, claimed by Teige, son of Donald MacNamara; Knockballane, Derrynane, Ballyverrighan, Killyane, and Carrowmore in Ballyallia.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 19th of March, 1619, finds that Donogh Grana (the Nasty) O’Brien, late of Magowna, died on the 22nd of December, 1612, being owner of Ardcarney; of three bed rooms in the castle of Magowna, to wit the “white chamber,” the “guard chamber,” and one other near the court; of the lands of Inchicolaght, Drumboige, and Derroolagh; finds that he held these lands from Dermot, Baron of Inchiquin; finds that Syna is the widow, and that Conor is the son and heir of said Donogh; finds that the lands of Teeronaun are now in the possession of Sir Roger O’Shaughnessy in his capacity of guardian of William Neylan (his step son); finds that Brian na Mocoiree (the early riser) O’Brien, had conveyed the lands of Ardcarney to Turlogh na Mocoire, by deed of 1616; finds that Marcus O’Griffy and his wife enjoyed the produce of this land, and that the fee simple was claimed, as his right by James, son of Nicholas Neylan.