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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 16. Inquisitions relating to county of Clare—Reign of James I

Fineen Oge MacNamara of Kilmurry; Donogh MacNamara of Derrymore; Donogh MacNamara of Rosslara; John Reagh MacNamara of Rossroe; Teige O’Ruddan of Cloonmunnia; Conor O’Brien of Leamaneh

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 2nd of October, 1621, before John, Bishop of Kilfenora, finds that Fineen Oge M‘Namara died on the 1st of May, 1621, being owner, in his life time, of Kilmurry-na-Gaul, of Rath, in Kilmurry parish; of Clondaraghmore and Fibagh, in the parish of Killeely; the two latter of these he held from Donogh, Earl of Thomond, as appears by letters patent of the 19th of January, in the 18th year of the king; finds that said Fineen, by Deed of the 22nd of August, 1615, gave the above-mentioned lands to Turlogh O’Brien of Ballymulcashell, in trust to the use of Honoria O’Brien, wife of the said Fineen, for life, with remainder to his heir; finds that John, now aged four years, is the son and heir of said Fineen Oge and of Honoria; finds that one Rory O’Liddy lays claim to Kilmurry as mortgagee, having taken these lands in pledge for twenty milch cows, ten barren cows, and thirty pounds in money.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the same day, also before the Bishop, finds that Donagh, son of Cuvea MacNamara, died on the 8th of May, 1620, seized of the following lands, viz.:—Derrymore, Knockmoloher, Ballynahinch, Lisbarren, in the parish of Kilnoe; of Dromefren and Clondaloe, in the parish of Killuran; of half a quarter in the east part of Ballybroghan, in the parish of Ogonnelloe; finds that, by deed of the 30th of September, 1615, he conveyed to Teige MacNamara of Rosslara, and to Flan MacBrody of Moynoe, the above recited lands, to the use of his wife Finola, daughter of Donald MacNamara, and to their issue; finds that he, on the 2nd of July, 1618, mortgaged another part of Ballybrogan to one Patrick Harrold, of Limerick, merchant, for twenty-one pounds; finds that John M‘Namara, now aged seventeen years, is the eldest son and heir of said Donogh.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the same day, also by the Bishop of Kilfenora, finds that Donogh, son of Sheeda MacNamara, died on the 7th of March, 1619, owning the following denominations of lands:—Rosslara, parish of Tulla; Lecarrowancarrie, parish of Feakle; Fahy-i-allurain, parish of Kilmarogh (?); Gurtdrinane and Gurtden, in the parish of Feakle; finds that, by deed of the 20th of September, 1615, he conveyed these lands to trustees, namely, to Donogh O’Grady, of Cloneny, gent., and to Donogh, son of John MacNamara of Ballymukroine, for the use of his wife, Finola MacNamara, for her life, and to their heirs afterwards; finds that the mother of said Donogh, namely, Finola, daughter of Donald MacNamara, yet lived, and was entitled to her jointure out of said lands; finds that John M‘Namara is the son and heir of the said Donogh, and that his age, at the time of his father’s death, was two and a half years.

Same Inquisition finds that John Reagh MacNamara died on the 1st of March, 1613, being owner of Lecarrow Gortnamonia, otherwise Lecarrow Lackanatown, in Rossroe, in the parish of Kilmurry, barony of Tulla; of Gortdrislagh, Fybagh, and Cloncowsebeg, in the parish of Killeely, which last he held from the Earl of Thomond, under patent, bearing date Dublin, 19th January, 18th of the King; finds that, by Deed of the 3rd of February, 1611, he mortgaged Gortdrislagh and Cloncowsebeg for eight cows and eight pounds sterling, to Teige and Conor O’Ruddane, of Ballyroe, gents.; finds that his mother, Aney MacClancy, the widow of his father Maccon, son of Sheeda, being still living, had a claim for jointure upon his lands; finds that his widow also survived, whose name is Margaret Crues, and who claims her jointure out of Gortnamonie; finds that Donogh MacNamara is the eldest son and heir of the above-named John Reagh; finds that one Honoria MacNamara lays claim to Gortmania.

Same Inquisition finds that Teige, son of Mahone Finn O’Ruddán, was owner in his life-time of Cloonmunnia (near Sixmilebridge); that he died on the 12th of May, 1615; that John O’Ruddán, aged at the time of his father’s death thirteen years, was his eldest son and heir; finds that More O’Ruddán, his widow, now lives.

Inquisition, taken at Poulquin, (Quinpool, near Limerick), on the 9th of August 1622, before Sir Nicholas Walsh, Knt., finds that Conor O’Brien of Dromoland died at Leamaneh, on the 2nd of January 1604, being owner of the castle of Leamaneh and three quarters of land, then occupied by Conor O’Flanagan; finds that he was owner also of Cahermacon, which lands were then in the occupation of Loghlen Reagh O’Hehir; that he also owned the lands of Felmanagh, Cross, Dromen, and Clonenickmarragh; finds that one Teige O’Brien, son of Murtagh, and one Teige O’Kearney, were then in the occupation of these three last-named denominations; finds that a certain Mahone, son of Brian Roe O’Brien, was owner of the lands of Kilbucke, which he had demised to Marcus Dowly and Conor M‘Hillisabhe in trust; finds that the above-named Conor O’Brien was owner of Fahyfane in Burren; that he had mortgaged the lands of Boherkoyer and Bradagh to James M‘Inerney for £14; that he had mortgaged to Mahone Maoel, son of Gilladuff, the lands of Clonghelieth for five cows; that he had granted to James M‘Inerney four acres of Rathfolan; that he had mortgaged Ballygriffy to Maurice, Bishop of Killaloe, for £150; that he had mortgaged Dromflare to Donald Buy O’Nealan for nine milch cows; that at the time of his death he was tenant of the following lands to the Earl of Thomond for a term of forty-one years, viz.:—Dromoland, Ballyconneely, Rathfolanmore, Ballygirreen, Latoon . . . Kiren; finds that of these lands, he had mortgaged certain parcels to one Donoghue, and to Conor, son of Mahone Roe; finds that Slaney O’Brien is the widow of said Conor, and that his eldest son and heir is Donogh, aged, at the time of his father’s death, eight years.