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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 18. Inquisitions relating to county of Clare—Time of Commonwealth, James II., and William and Mary: Inquisitions—Time of William and Mary

James Fitzgerald, John Leonard; Redmond Magrath of Tyredagh; Donogh MacNamara of Glensleade; Murrogh O’Brien of Moanreel

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, in the sixth year of William and Mary, before Daniel O’Brien, Esquire, finds that James FitzGerald was charged with high treason in the year 1691; that he held from Daniel Viscount Clare, the lands of Rathfolan, Carrownakelly, Caherscooby, Feenagh, and Maghery West, in the barony of Bunratty; together with Moveen, Kilfeeragh, and Clonreddan, in the barony of Moyarta.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 11th of July, 1684, before Daniel O’Brien, finds that John Leonard “utlagat fuit” of high treason; finds that Donogh O’Brien of Leamaneh had mortgaged to him certain lands in Burren and Corcomroe; and that Henry Ievers of Mount Ievers, had also got from him money on mortgage of the following lands, in the barony of Tulla; Ardskeagh, Killegy, Shanaknock and Carmemore.

Inquisition, taken at Ennis, on the 22nd of July, 1696, before John Budden, finds that Redmond Magrath mentioned in the King’s commission, which bears date the 11th of May, in the third year of his reign and that of the late Queen Mary, was attainted of high treason and his estates forfeited; finds that said Redmond was owner in fee of the lands of Lecarrow, Lecarrowgarry, Glandree, Kilmore, Tooreen, Affock, Tyredagh, Cloondonogh, Tome, Roscartery, Rosslara, Fortanemore, Ballinahinch, Annaghheale, Cloonelane, Clogher Upper, Annagh, and Clogher Lower; finds that some time before the attainder of said Redmond, his father, Edmond Magrath, had demised the lands of Roscartry to Margaret and Daniel MacNamara, and other lands to Teige Maloney and James Freney; finds that said Redmond, on the 15th of April, 1684, had demised to David Nihill, the half quarter of Arud, part of Clogher Lower; finds that this David’s son, also named David, being engaged in the rebellion, was killed at Limerick, on the 8th of April, 1691, and his lands confiscated; [3] finds that a certain Thomas Boucher claims sundry debts due, by virtue of a judgement of the Court of Common Pleas against him; finds that one Thomas Butler had an annuity of five pounds a year, chargeable on Magrath’s lands, which annuity Butler assigned, in 1696, to Henry Boucher; finds that Thomas and John Magrath also had charges on the estate of Redmond Magrath.

Finds, that by the above recited Commission, Donogh MacNamara was attainted of high treason, and his lands of Glensleade, Lismalinda, Tuma, Killiocydin, and Killiaraghty, all in the barony of Burren, were confiscated.

Finds, that Murrogh O’Brien was, by the same Commission, outlawed and declared guilty of high treason, and his lands forfeited to the Crown; these were Moanreel and Mortry, which he held from Lord Inchiquin, under a deed of Mortgage.