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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 19. Rising of the Catholics, 1641; — Siege of Ballyallia Castle

The castle of Inchicronan attacked by the O’Gradys and the O’Shaughnessys

The castle of Inchicronan was besieged, the 13th of March, by Gilladuff O’Shaughnessy and the O’Gradys, and some Connaughtmen that were returning home; whereupon Anthony Heathcot sent a letter to the Earl of Thomond, promising him a rick of wheat if he would please to relieve him. The Earl, accompanied by Dermot O’Brien, and John MacNamara, repaired to Inchicronan, with his own troop, and fifty Englishmen in arms, but finding the besiegers had decamped, he killed two or three rogues whom he found remaining in the bushes. He then returned home. The besieged, thinking all was safe, ventured forth to obtain provisions, but the O’Gradys and Roughans falling upon them, killed nine, suffering only one, Newman, to return with news. Now Gilladuff and the rest came against the castle again, and compelled Heathcot to throw it open and pay him twenty pounds. Heathcot, with his adherents, retired to Ballyallia and Clare castle, in a state of utter destitution.