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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part III. History of the County of Clare
Chapter 20. Depositions of Protestant Settlers, 1642

Depositions relating to Doora

Urias Reade of Knockanean, parish of Doora, stone mason, says the property of which he was deprived amounted in value to £505. His despoilers were Redmond Neylan of Ballymacahill, and his brothers Walter and Flan, Donogh O’Brien, Conor O’Brien of Ballymacooda, and Conor O’Brien of Leamaneh. Dermot O’Brien came to his house and carried off a cullivar, a fowling piece, pikes and pitchforks, alleging at the same time, that he had acted on a warrant from the Earl of Thomond, directing that all the English should be disarmed. He used these words, “By my soul, Urias,” quoth he, “I would not do it had I not been commanded by his Lordship.” After that time, almost every cow-boy pillaged the English at his will.