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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 6. West Corcabaskin

Kilfearagh Parish

Of the various saints of the name of Fiachrach, or Fiachra, mentioned in the Irish calendars, it is impossible to name the particular one after whom this parish is designated. No holy well or patron day indicates the man; his church is level with the ground, but a large burying-ground identifies the place where it stood. Another graveyard now deserted, stands on the townland of Kildimo, dedicated to St. Dioma, but to which of the saints so called cannot be decided. A third burial place is found in the townland of Bawnmore namely, that called Cill-na-mban-órtha that is, the church of the pious women, and in the immediate vicinity is a well of the same name. At Kilkee is the site of a little burying-ground, from which that town has its name, and about two miles away, on the verge of the cliff, opposite Bishops Island, is a holy well dedicated to St. Caoidhe. In the town itself is a fine spring, which supplies the inhabitants with water, and is dedicated to St. Senán. As regards the Bishop’s Island above mentioned, no authentic history exists to throw light upon its name, but the purposes for which two little buildings now standing upon it were erected can be easily explained. They consist of an oratory and cell, both belonging to the very earliest ages of Christianity in Ireland. On the townland of Killnagalliagh in this parish, once stood a church called the Church of the Nuns, but no trace of it now remains. It was founded by St. Senán. Two burial-places for children are noticed in the parish, namely, Farrihy and Emlagh.