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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 7. Corcomroe

Kilaspuglonane parish—Family of MacCurtin

An extensive burial ground exists in this parish, and adjoins a ruined church dedicated to St. Flannan, first bishop of Killaloe. A little to the south-west is found St. Flannan’s well, where stations continue still to be performed. In the townland of Tullamore, stands a castle which was the property of Sir Daniel O’Brien, of Dough. The townland of Carrowduff in this parish, and Laghvally in Kilmacrechy, were the patrimony of the family of MacCurtin, distinguished for their scholarship. Of this family the following records are preserved in the Annals of the Four Masters:

“A.D. 1376. Kelloch MacCurtin, chief historian of Thomond, died.
A.D. 1404. Gilla Duivin MacCurtin, ollav of Thomond in music, died.
A.D. 1435. Sencha MacCurtin, ollav of Thomond in history, a man generally skilled in the arts of poetry and music died.
A.D. 1436. Geanann MacCurtin, intended ollav of Thomond in history, was drowned. There was not in Leth Mogha in his time a better materies of an historian than he.”