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The History and Topography of the County of Clare by James Frost

Part I. Topography of Thomond Chapter 9. Ui Fearmaic; Gleann Omra; Ui Bracain; Ui Floinn; Ui Ronghaile

Ui Ronghaile

Killuran parish; Ancient Irish Deed relating to lands in Killuran

This parish is spelled Cill Lobhrain, in MacNamara’s Rental. Who this Saint Uran was it is impossible to say, no account of him having come down to us. His church is wholly destroyed, except a fragment of the south wall; a large burial ground surrounds it. At Elmhill exists a little grave yard for children. In Killuran parish are found the undernamed castles, and we give their owners in 1580. Moanogeenagh, Sioda MacRory MacNamara; and Teerovannan, Donald Reagh MacNamara. The first-named of these structures is almost destroyed; the second stands nearly at its former height, but with the facing of its doors and windows wholly gone.

Among the ancient Irish Deeds given in the fifteenth volume of the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy is one relating to lands in this parish. It bears no date, and is as follows:—

“This is the bargain made by Mahone O’Halloran and Grainé, daughter of Rory O’Moloney, with John, son of Rory, son of Conor, and with his sons: viz., the said John and his sons do give their part of Dura (Dooras) unto Mahone and Grainé in mortgage of three and twenty cows, and Donogh, grandson of Conor, the son of John, to have in the same manner half a quarter of the said land, excepting the fifth part; and that the said John shall have an ounce (of silver) rent accruing to him out of said lands over and above the said mortgage; and that the said Mahone and his sons, or the survivor of them, shall have the said three and twenty cows paid to them at the time of redemption in one whole payment, and the redemption to be made at the bawn of Coolreagh at midsummer. Also Covea and Mahone having come awhile after, received four cows for the said ounce, and the payment given them instead of the said four cows was a milch cow and a brood mare, and the same to be repaid at one time with the said mortgage. And if any difficulty should come upon Doorus aforesaid owing to John, son of Rory, or his children, then Clooncool is to stand in mortgage.” The deed then goes on to give the usual power of redemption, and to state that Mahone shall pay the Boroimha, that is, O’Brien’s rent, if it should be demanded.