I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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Amenities, General Iinformation & Accommodation, Towns and Villages (Other than seaside)

Cranny & Coolmeen

Barony of: Clonderlaw, Parish: Kilfidane,
Cranny about 20, Coolmeen about 15
Location and Brief Description:
There is no village in Kilfidane parish. The scattered hamlets of Cranny and Coolmeen are the nearest approach to that name. Cranny has a R.C. Church, C.C. residence, school, creamery, two licensed houses. Coolmeen has a R.C. Church, presbytery, school, one licensed house. There are post offices - (no M.O., Telephone or Telegraph) in both places and a few other very scattered houses. The parish is sandwiched in between Kiladysert and Kilmurry east and west and runs V shaped from Kilmihil to the Shannon. The byeroads are hilly and the worst surfaced in Clare.

Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds. Brief Description:
No park or gardens. There is a standard size football field near Cranny, with a fair surface.

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
Parish wells supply good water. No sewerage system installed - none needed

Public Services
Nearest station: Kilrush
Distance: 14
Bus? Two miles distant
Public lighting by—Electricity? None Gas? None

Churches and Services
Church Services (Sundays)
Cranny R.C 8.30, 11.00 a.m.
Coolmeen R.C. 10.00 a.m.

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: Near Cranny and Coolmeen villages - letters only
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone): No M.O., Telegraph, or Telephone.

Swimming Pools and Baths
Swimming Pool? None Location: Bathing is available in Shannon

Social Clubs, Cultural Societies, &c.
Social Clubs: There is a parish council - no club.

Industries and Handcrafts
Industries: The only industry - outside of farming is “a Dairy Disposals Creamery” at Cranny which trades in poultry and eggs - an addition to milk.

Important Public Buildings (Give brief notes on architectural features)
R.C. Church at Cranny - a small, primitive looking church - nave only. Nice altar.
R.C. Church at Coolmeen - cruciform, well lighted, clean, two gallery, neat altar, tarpaulined floor, seats.

Schools and Colleges
Coolmeen N.S. dilapidated and dark - under repairs, two teachers.
Cranny N.S. a neat three teacher school.

Ennis 17 miles
Kilrush 14 miles

Fairs and Markets; Half-Holiday
Monthly Fairs and Markets: None
Weekly Market Day: None
Half-Holiday: Wednesday

Conveyances for Hire (Owner):
Motors (Touring): Two hackneys

Camping Sites (At principal holiday resorts)
Location: In any part of the Parish “Free”. Landowner: No objection

Local Improvements Committee: There is a Parish Council which makes no improvements.
Secretary: The N. teacher.

Guest or Boarding Houses
Miss Shannon, 2 Guest Bedrooms, No Baths, 1 Dry Lavatory, 1 Public Room, Licensed. This licensed house has very little accommodation. The house is clean, and the proprietress never refuses the wayfarer a meal, or lodgings. I believe she would make a couple of tourists comfortable. However, “as I have not sampled her wares” I cannot speak from experience.

Restaurants and Cafés
Miss Shannon would give dinners and teas.

Date: September 27th, 1943
(Signed): Ralph Lucas Surveyor.
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