I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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Amenities, General Iinformation & Accommodation, Towns and Villages (Other than seaside)


Barony of: Ibrickane, Parish: Killard, Population: 300
Location and Brief Description:
Doonbeg village is situated on the river of the same name on the W. coast of Clare, 6 miles N.-E. of Kilkee, 12 miles S.-W. of Miltown-Malbay, on the main road between them and 8 miles N. of Kilrush. It is a very neat little village - the houses being remarkably clean. It has adequate footwear, drapery, and grocery supplies, but accommodation is limited. Due to the surrounding low-lying country, the village suffers greatly from altantic winds during winter, while in summer the bogland air from the S. and E. mingled with ozone from the Atlantic is ideal for the seeker of health and pleasure.

Description of beach (? Length, sandy, shingle, safe, currents, &c.):
There is a fine stretch of sandy beach commencing where the Doonbeg R. meets the sea (½ ml. N. of village). It extends N. for ¼ ml., then forming a semi-circle runs E. and N. for 1 ml. When the tide is fully out it leaves a strand of 500 yds in width. This semi-circular portion is dangerous, currents being strong and frequent. First ¼ ml. is very safe. Two miles N.-W. of Doonbeg at Killard there is a beautiful little strand known as "The White Strand". It is 200 yds long and 100 wide when tide is out. It is perfectly safe and sheltered currents are not known here. The remainder of the shore is mainly rocky.

Public right of way to beach or swimming places? Yes

Bathing, swimming and diving facilities. State if mixed bathing allowed, and quote bye-laws (if any) relating to bathing places. Include swimming pools, bathing boxes, surf-riding, &c.
Bathing and swimming at the "White Strand", Killard and also ½ ml. N. of Doonbeg village at the mouth of the Doonbeg river. There are no diving facilities. Mixed bathing is allowed. No bye-laws. No swimming pools or bathing boxes. Surf-riding available at "The White Strand", Killard and at the semi-circular strand near the sand hills 1½ mls. N.-E. of Doonbeg village.

Shelters? No Lavatories? No Seats? No
Parking place for cars? On sand hills   Charge? No
Life-saving corps? No   Beach attendant? No
Swimming Club? No   Secretary:
Sea water baths? No   Proprietor:

Boats (type) available for pleasure trips? Curraghs

Amusements Park and Games Provided:
The sand hills and strand adjacent are the only amusement grounds. No games provided.

Dance Hall Proprietor
Doonbeg Parochial Hall Rev. Fr. McNamara

Is there a Town Hall? The Parochial Hall only in Doonbeg village

Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds. Brief Description:
The sand hills - over a ml. long and an average of 150 yds. in width. A very attractive place in summer both for adult and child.

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
The water is mainly drawn from spring wells. There is one pump in charge of Clare Board of Health. (No reservoir, no sewerage system).

Public Services
Nearest Station: Doonbeg
Distance: One mile
Bus Service?
Public lighting by—Electricity? No Gas? No

Public Libraries: Branch of the Clare Co. Council Library
Private Lending Libraries: Mrs. Igoe’s

Churches and Services

Church Services (Sundays)
R.C. Church 8.00 and 10.30 old time
Church of Ireland No service held

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: In the village
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone): M.O.’s, Telegraph and Telephone

Schools and Colleges
Doonbeg National School

Fairs and Markets; Half-Holiday
Monthly Fairs and Markets: Fairs held monthly
Weekly Market Day: None
Half-Holiday: None

Conveyances for Hire (Owners):
Motors (Touring): Patrick Hayes, Doonbeg; John O’Donnell, Doonbeg; Patrick Morrissy, Doonbeg
Boats (State type): Curraghs. Dan Hayes; Anthony Talty; Michael O’Brien; P.J. Frawley.

Camping Sites
Location Landowner 
Duagh Mór Sand-Hills  Mr. O’Donnell
Mr. Healy
Mr. Shannahan 
Killard  Miss Blackall

Guest or Boarding Houses
Mr. McInerney, Station View: 2 Guest Bedrooms, No Baths, 1 Lavatory, Two (2) Public Rooms, Not Licensed. Very good accommodation. Catering good.

Date: 14/7/43
(Signed): James Henchy Surveyor.
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