I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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Barony of: Clonderlaw, Parish:Kilmihil, Population: 218
Location and Brief Description:
Kilmihil village is located 10 miles from Kilrush - 3 miles west of the main Kilrush, Ennis road, at Knockalough. It contains an untidy square and two sides streets. Its three banks betoken the prosperity of the surrounding farming community and the villagers. Even though only a village, one misses the usual hotel and chemist shop. The approaching bye roads are indescribable. I am sure it could never become a tourist resort and I formed the impression that the locals were not concerned in that regard.

Is there a Town Hall? Parochial
In Kilmihil village

Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds. Brief Description: There is a football and sports field.

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
The water supply - from street pumps - is fairly good. No regular sewerage system exists. Dry closets are in most houses. The streets are not tidy.

Public Services
Nearest station: Kilrush
Distance: 10
Bus? None
Public lighting by—Electricity? None Gas? None

Dance Hall: Yes Proprietor: The Secretary, "Kilmihil Hall Committee", Kilmihil

Private Lending Libraries: A branch of the County Council Library is established which lends books.

Churches and Services
Church: R.C. Church, Kilmihil Services (Sundays):8.30 and 11.00 a.m.

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: In centre of village
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone): All three

Banks: Bank of Ireland; National Bank; Provincial Bank

Sports and Photo Supplies
Sports Dealers: One shop supplies sporting cartridges and fishing hooks in very limited assortment.

Swimming Pools and Baths
The lakes of "Knockalough" and "Moore" are boggy, and not well suited for bathing in.

Social Clubs, Cultural Societies, &c.
Social Clubs: The parochial hall is the only social club, besides dancing, "dramatic classes", "concert parties" and other entertainments are held there. It is a very good hall with a technical school attached, and is rather artistic looking on the outside.

Industries and Handcrafts
Industries: The only industry is a dairy disposals creamery
Handcrafts or Cottage Industries (Give names of craftsmen, employer, &c.): There is a branch of the Clare Technical schools which gives instruction in carpentry etc. Also domestic economy and other subjects.

Public Monuments (Brief description; inscription to be quoted)
There is a small celtic cross erected outside the technical school with the names (in Irish) of I.R.A. men from the Kilmihil district who were killed in the fight for Irish freedom.

Important Public Buildings (Give brief notes on architectural features)
The R. Catholic Church is a Gothic semi-cruciform building. There is a nice altar, but the galleries are so constructed as to obstruct the lighting from the windows, and gives the whole church a very dark appearance. It is well seated and comfortable.

Schools and Colleges
Kilmihil N. School - A substantial four teacher school, clean and well kept.
Cahermurphy N. School - A small two teacher school, ancient looking.
Leitrim N. School - A small two teacher school, ancient looking.
Lisnaligan N. School - A small two teacher school, ancient looking.

Nearest Kilrush Distance —10 miles

Fairs and Markets; Half-Holiday
Monthly Fairs and Markets: Fairs, every month - Except October
Weekly Market Day: None
Half-Holiday: Thursday

Garages and Petrol Stations
No regular repair garage. Two petrol pumps.

Conveyances for Hire (Owners):
Motors (Touring): There are two hackneys

Camping Sites
Location: Everywhere Landowner: None to object

Local Improvements Committee: Parish Council

Remarks: Kilmihil village is most unsatisfactory for accommodation. I had great difficulty in getting lodgings in one house and meals in another, and this in face of the known fact that I represented the I.T.A. The Gardai speak of the hopeless state of accommodation.

Guest or Boarding Houses:
Mrs Queally's. 3 Guest Bedrooms, Bath, Flush lavatory, 1 Public Room, Not Licensed. Mrs Queally has a small, very clean boarding room and restaurant. She can only accommodate 3 persons and is usually booked up by Permanents.
Pat Daly's. 5 Guest Bedrooms, No Bath, Dry lavatory, 1 Public Room, Licensed. I would not at the present time recommend Pat Daly's. He contemplates much needed improvements.

Restaurants and Cafes
Mrs Queally's is the only house where meals are available in Kilmihil village. Her capacity to supply is very limited.

Date: 23rd October 1943
(Signed): Ralph Lucas Surveyor.
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