I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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Amenities, General Iinformation & Accommodation, Towns and Villages (Other than seaside)

Labasheeda, Kilmurry McMahon & Knock

Barony of: Clonderlaw, Parish: Kilmurry McMahon & Knock, Population: Labasheeda - 161, Knock - 52
Location and Brief Description:
Kilmurry McMahon Parish contains two villages - Labasheeda, and Knock, and the very scattered hamlet bearing the parish name. It stretches N. and S. from within 6 miles of Kilrush to Kilfidane parish and E. and W. from the Shannon Estuary to the Kilmihil parish boundary, near Tullycreen. It is very large, undulating, and mostly, thinly populated, with an even percentage of good and bad land. Its roads are of the worst description and its scenery - along the Shannon - beautiful.

Is there a Town Hall: In Labasheeda Location: West end of village - near church and school

Parks, Gardens and Recreation Grounds. Brief Description:
There are no parks or gardens. There are football fields in Labasheeda, and Knock, of standard dimensions, and fairly good surface.

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
In both Labasheeda and Knock the water supply is got from wells. There is no sewerage system in either village. The village streets are steamrolled and clean.

Public Services
Nearest station: Kilrush 6¾ from Knock, 8½ from Kilmurry, 11½ from Labasheeda
Distance: 6¾, 8½, 11½
Bus? No
Public lighting by—Electricity? No Gas? No

Dance Hall: Labasheeda Hall has licensed accommodation for 100 dancers, on the basis of 10 ft to each person.
Proprietor: Parochial Hall Committee. Secretary - Mr. Crowley, N.T.

Cinemas and Theatres
Kind of shows (Drama, Comedy &c.): None - Travelling shows are allowed to perform in hall.

Public Libraries: The County Council supplies books to almost all the villages. There are no public libraries, the books are lent out.

Churches and Services
Churches Services (Sundays)
Labasheeda R.C. 10.30 a.m.
Knock R.C. 10.30 a.m.
Kilmurry McMahon R.C. 9.00 a.m.
Kilmurry McMahon Church of Ireland 3.00 p.m.. fortnightly

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: Centre of village in Labasheeda and Knock. Crossroads in Kilmurry
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone): All three in Labasheeda and Knock. Letter office only in Kilmurry McMahon.

Swimming Pools and Baths
Location: Tidal waters at Labasheeda and Knock.

Social Clubs, Cultural Societies, &c.
Social Clubs: There is a local dramatic club in Labasheeda.

Industries and Handcrafts
Industries: There are dairy disposal creameries at Labasheeda and Kilmurry McMahon. No other industries.
Handcrafts or Cottage Industries (Give names of craftsmen, employer, &c.): At intervals in the winter there are domestic economy and woodworking classes, held in the parochial hall.

Important Public Buildings (Give brief notes on architectural features)
(1) In Labasheeda there is a neat cruciform, gothic, R.C. Church, very nice altar, well lighted, tiled and boarded floor, gallery.
(2) In Kilmurry McMahon there is also a similar pattern R.C. Church with P.P.’s house attached. This (Kilmurry McMahon) church has concrete floor.
(3) In Kilmurry McMahon there is a “Crumbling Church of Ireland” church, fortnightly - service.
(4) In Knock there is a small but neat, well lighted R.C. church.

Schools and Colleges
There is a good N.S. in Labasheeda - two teachers. (2)
A similar N.S. near Knock - three teachers. (3)
A similar N.S. near Kilmurry McMahon - four teachers. (4)
A small N.S. at Kilkerrin, another at Tullycreen - two teachers. (2)

Nearest Kilrush—6¾ miles from Knock
Nearest Kilrush—8½ miles from Kilmurry McMahon
Nearest Kilrush—11½ miles from Labasheeda

Fairs and Markets; Half-Holiday
Monthly Fairs and Markets: There is a fair held in Kilmurry McMahon on 29th June.
Weekly Market Day: None
Half-Holiday: Wednesdays

Conveyances for Hire (Owners):
Motors (Touring): None at present. There were three hackney cars pre-war.
Boats (State type): Boats can be procured to cross the Shannon at Kilkerin Point, Knock, or Labasheeda. The type of boat is the usual small row boat, and the charge is 10f per person for the three mile crossing to Tarbert etc. Co Limerick.

Camping Sites (At principal holiday resorts)
Location: In any part of parish. There are “free” camping sites. Landowner: No objection by any landowner

Local Improvements Committee: Parish Council Secretary: Mr. Crowley, N.T., Labasheeda

At the present time there is no accommodation, or provision of food for travellers or tourists in Kilmurry McMahon parish, or it’s villages. There is no post war planning, though I was informed by Gardá and teachers, that the demand for lodgings etc. would be met if - and when - the necessity arises.
There are seven licensed houses in Labasheeda, two in Knock, and one in Kilmurry McMahon. None of those would sell the traveller a cup of tea, or give a nights lodging.

Date: 9th October 1943
(Signed): Ralph Lucas Surveyor.
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