I.T.A. Topographical and General Survey 1942/3
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New Quay

Barony of: Burren, Parish: New Quay, Population: 60
Location and Brief Description:
New Quay can scarcely be classed as a village as the houses are very scattered. However there is a Guards station, a P.O., and two shops. It is situated on Galway Bay directly opposite the city of the tribes and 6 miles N.E. of Ballyvaughan, the same distance W. of Kinvarra.

Description of beach (? Length, sandy, shingle, safe, currents, &c.):
The beach is mostly of a flaggy nature, but a sandy stretch is found just at the little village. The length of sandy beach is about 300 yds. and when the tide is out the strand is about 60 yds wide. Bathing is safe on the sandy beach. The currents are far out.

Public right of way to beach or swimming places? Yes

Bathing, swimming and diving facilities. State if mixed bathing allowed, and quote bye-laws (if any) relating to bathing places. Include swimming pools, bathing boxes, surf-riding, &c. Bathing is available along the sandy beach and a diving pier is erected to facilitate divers. Mixed bathing allowed. No bye-laws. No swimming pools or bathing boxes. Surf-riding is available.

Shelters? None Lavatories? None Seats? None
Parking place for cars? Yes   Charge? None  
Life-saving corps? No   Beach attendant? None
Swimming Club? No    Secretary:
Sea water baths? No  Proprietor:

Boats (type) available for pleasure trips? Yes

Brief comments on water supply and sewerage:
No sewerage system. There is one pump (spring) under the care of the Clare Board of Health. There is no Reservoir. Spring Wells are the chief source of supply.

Public Services
Nearest station: Ardrahan
Distance: 11 miles
Bus Service?
Public Lighting by—Electricity? Gas?

Churches and Services
Church Services (Sundays)
Catholic Church 9.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m
Church of Ireland 2.30 p.m.

Postal Facilities
Location of Post Office: In the village
Business (? M.O., Telegraph, Telephone) M.O.’s, Telegraph and Telephone

Industries and Handcrafts
Industries: Fishing is carried on in a large scale. The oyster beds are run by Mr. Scovel and several hands are employed catching and packing the oysters. Carrageen is picked and dryed and sold also to Mr. Scovel. At present it pays 10/- per stone.

Schools and Colleges
New Quay National School

Conveyances for Hire (Owners):
Motors (Touring): Mr. Gainer
Boats (State type):Mr. Tom Fahy, row-boat and currach; Mr. Coleman Fahy, row-boat and currach; Ml. Fahy, row-boat and currach; Frank McDonagh, row-boat and currach

Camping Sites
Location: Finavarra Landowner: Mr. Wall

Accommodation and Catering
Guest or Boarding Houses

Rhodesia House (Mr. Purcell), 3 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, 1 Lavatory, Not Licensed.
Mr. Gainers, 2 Bedrooms, No Bathrooms, 1 Lavatory, Licensed.
Mrs. Thomas Fahy, 1 Bedroom, No Bathrooms, No Lavatory, Not Licensed.

Date: 14th/10/'42
(Signed): James Henchy Surveyor.
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