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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Advertisements

Mr. A Ryan, Market Square, Kilrush
Advertisement: Important to Bakers: A large stock of finest Hops
and Malt always on hand at Mr. A Ryan, Market Square, Kilrush.
(Kilrush Hearld, 11th May 1899).
(Photo: Lawrence)

1839 12th December (CJ).
Advertisement: Kilrush Distillery:
The proprietor Mr. J.W. Paterson begs to inform the public that this establishment is now completed and in full operation. He flatters himself that for the purposes for which it was specially intended (the manufacture of Pure Malt Spirits) it cannot be surpassed by any establishment in the Kingdom.

The difficulty of procuring genuine Malt Whiskey in this county in well-known and easily accounted for by the fact that we are chiefly indebted for Malt Spirits to the Scottish Distilleries who supply the trade in this country, and however good its original qualities must be liable to adulteration in passing through so many different hands before it could be consumed.

Mr. Paterson has brought over an excellent distiller from the Highlands of Scotland and has now the pleasure of offering to the public, and in particular, the Housekeepers, to whom it is specially recommended, a sample of spirits rarely to be met with. He solicits a trial of his present stock, which will speak for itself.
Kilrush: December 2nd 1839.

1864 17th March (IT).
Houses and Lands:
To be sold in Fee, or let on long lease to a desirable tenant: the house and demesne of Bessborough in the county of Clare: it is situated on the River Shannon, opposite to Tarbert, and is within two miles of the post town of Knock, and four of Kilrush. The house is modern, raised on arches, and built of the very best materials regardless of expense. The offices are equally well built, and are enclosed in three yards. The farm, which comprises 73 Irish acres plantation measure, inclusive of 8 acres of turbary, is ornamentally planted, well sheltered by quickset hedges. The land is of good quality, and is with the exception of a few acres in pasture. There is a walled-in garden.

The neighbourhood affords the amusements of hunting, shooting, and yachting: the peasantry are orderly and respectable.
There is daily communication between Kilrush and Limerick by steamer and partly by rail.
Apply to: Rev Theobald Butler, Delgany, or
Paul Molloy, Esq, Waterloo Terrace, Cork.
(Bessborough was purchased by Robert Cary Reeves, Crofton Moore Vandeleurs’ son in law)

1870 8th January (CA).
Advertisement: Education:
Mr. and Miss Chambers’ Seminary, Toler Street, Kilrush.
Business will be resumed on Monday the 10th inst. A few boarders can be accommodated who would have peculiar? Advantages.

1870 8th January (CA).
Advertisement: Fresh arrival of timber at O’Doherty’s, Timber Yard, Toler Street, Kilrush.
Red and Yellow Pine, Deals, Battens.
Planks from 8ft. to 26ft in length.
Sawn and split laths.
Oak Staves etc., etc.----
All of which will be sold at the lowest shades of profit.

1870 5th February (CA).
Advertisement: Garret Doherty: Supplies for the New Year.
Direct Tea and Wine Importer,
Family Grocer and c, Moore Street, Kilrush.

1870 12th February (CA).
Advertisement: Important to Farmers.
John C. Mahony,
Hardware, Leather and Flour Merchant.
21 Market Square, Kilrush. --------.

1870 12th March (CA).
To the people there is no doubt of the great value that is to be had at,
George Brew’s
Woollen, Linen and General Drapery Establishment;
Frances Street, Kilrush. ------
George Brew’s
Bakery, wholesale and Retail Flour Stores
Will be found to hold the best value in Bread and Breadstuffs.----

1870 16th April (CA).
Advertisement: Founded 1824
The Patriotic Assurance Company at Kilrush.
Fire and Life. -----
Thomas McInerney, Agent, 50 Moore Street, Kilrush.

1970 23rd April (CA).
Advertisement: The Sisters of Mercy, Kilrush.
Will open a Fourth School on Monday 25th inst. ---- for the accommodation of the female children of the district. ----.

1871 6th May (CA).
Advertisement: Notice.
There is a driver wanted for the Kilrush and Ennis Mail Car.
He is required to read and write. He will be required to be perfectly sober. He will be required to be recommended. He will get a standing allowance weekly together with his perquisites.
Apply to Mr. Williams, Kilrush.

1871 8th July (CA).
Advertisement: Wanted an Apprentice. To the Painting Business.
Apply to Michael Devers, Painter and c, Moore Street, Kilrush.
A small intelligent lad preferred.

1871 16th September (CA).
Advertisement: P.F. O’Brien,
Family Grocer, 59 Frances Street, Kilrush.
Has the richest – most highly flavoured and the very best TEAS that can be procured anywhere for love or money.---
--- McNellan and Co’s Alloa Ales.
--- Jameson’s 5 year old Dublin.
-- Tobacco ! ----- Agent for the lover’s assorted “Emerald Penny Packet” a bargain.

1871 28th October (CA).
Advertisement: Tobacco ! Tobacco ! Tobacco !
Pure and unadulterated tobacco on sale at
G. Doherty’s
Tea, Wine and Grocery Establishment, Moore Street, Kilrush.

1871 25th November (CA).
Advertisement: W and A Gilbey, --- have approved as their agent,
J. McNamara, Mineral Water Manufacturers,
41 Frances Street, and Shamrock Brewery, Kilrush.

1871 2nd December (CA).
Advertisement: Woollen Warehouse.
13,14,15 and 16 Moore Street, Kilrush.
D. S. Bulger.
Has just received a large assortment of jackets in,
Real Seal Skin, Imitation Seal and German Beavers,
Dress Goods in
Fringed Waterproofs, Black Silks – Japanese Silks.----
The selling price marked on each article in plain figures. ---

1872 6th January (CA).
Advertisement: Christmas Cakes.
Christmas cakes in great variety for evening parties. Pie Nic Cakes: Wine Biscuits: Cheese Cakes.--- Custard, Jellies &c &c – suitable to the present season on sale at M Molony’s, Confectionery Establishment, Francis Street, Kilrush.
M M has also on sale a prime stock of Dublin and Scotch four year old whiskey: Guinness XX porter ---
NB: The lowest Limerick Price adhered to.

1872 20th January (CA).
Kilrush Trades Association.
The above association – have changed their place of meeting , from the Widow Griffin’s house in Vandeleur Road to Miss Hunt’s , Burton Street. – George Ford, Secretary.

1872 24th February (CA).
The Great Virginia Tobacco Company, Belfast have appointed as their agent for the west of Ireland.
J McNamara (Messrs Gilbey’s agent)
41 Frances Street, Kilrush, who will be constantly supplied for the trade only with a large stock of their superior manufactured Roll Tobacco, Cavendish, Nail Rod and Coil Tobacco, Fancy Grass Cut, Smoking Mixtures &c &c.

1872 23rd March (CA).
J. J. Bradley, General Draper, Moore Street, Kilrush, begs to inform his friends and the public that he has been appointed local agent to the Scottish Union Insurance Co. Estab. 1824.

1872 25th May (CA).
Room Paper in all new designs for season 1872 from 3d per dozen upwards at
Anthony Collins’s , Woollen and Fancy —3 Market Square, Kilrush.

1872 22nd June (CA).
Advertisement: Kilrush County Clare: Important Auction:
Patrick Browne has been favoured with instructions by Mr. Charles Copland, who is leaving the country in consequence of the Patriotic Assurance Company not having given him a sum of money sufficient to replace the machinery recently destroyed by fire.---
To sell by Public Auction – the premises are situated at Leadmore, in the town of Kilrush, and known as the Kilrush Wool Factory.
P. Browne, Auctioneer and Valuation – Jail Street, Ennis.

1872 10th August (CA).
A Morrissy and Sons, have just landed from Quebec at the Revenue Pier, Kilrush --- Deals, Planks and Battens------
Mourning and Funeral Requisites:
Henry Street, Kilrush.

1872 5th October (CA).
Advertisement: Economy of Fuels.
By the use of Smith and Wellstood’s, Kitchen Ranges, Parlour and Bedroom Stoves and Laundry Boilers. --- R and M Foley, Agents at Kilrush.

1872 26th October (CA).
Cheap Tea and Wine and Grocery Establishment.
31, Market Square, Kilrush.
Thomas Shannon.---
-- Jameson Pure Whiskey, Guinness XX ---
Remember 31 Market Square. ( Next door to Mr. Thomas Roughan)

1873 4th January (CA).
Advertisement: Emigration to Queensland Australia.
---- Free passages to Agricultural Labourers,
Married or single to Female Domestic Servants---
Appointed Agents for Kilrush:
R and M Foley, 37 Frances Street, Kilrush.

1873 1st February (CA).
Advertisement: Mr. Michael Carey, Tailor,
Begs to inform his numerous customers that he has changed his residence to Mrs. Mescall’s, Market Square (Next door to Mr. John C. Mahony’s)

1873 8th February (CA).
Advertisement: Michael McRedmond, Merchant Tailor.
Begs to inform his numerous customers and the public that he has removed to Market Square. Next door to Mr. Thomas Roughan --- Millinery supplied on the lowest terms by Miss McRedmond.

1873 15th March (CA).
Advertisement: Hay for Sale:
To be sold at Scattery Island, a large quantity of prime well-saved upland hay, grown on the island and saved without rain last August. Application to be made to the Master Gunner on the premises.

1873 5th April (CA).
Cork Cutting and Aerated Water Manufactory, Henry Street, Kilrush.
T. C. O’Mahony.
Begs to inform his friends and the trade --- will from this day forth be able to supply Lemonade and Soda Water. ----.

1873 10th May (CA).
Advertisement: Home Rule in a Nutshell ---
Encourage Irish Manufacture --- Blarney Tweeds, Indigo Serge’s, Mangerton Tweeds for summer wear just arrived at:
Thomas McInerney’s, Market Square, Kilrush.

1873 31st May (CA).
Advertisement: Medical Hall, Kilrush, Established 1866.
Charles Coote, L.A. and Medical Practitioner --- The establishment is replete with an extensive stock of drugs.----
Dr. Coote’s famous ointment for the cure of Scald Heads and Ringworms forwarded on application. Price five shillings each.

1873 31st May (CA).
Advertisement: To be let for the summer months:
Doon Dahlin the residence of Marcus Keane Esq, J.P., ---near Loop Head –
The house contains 3 sitting rooms, 7 bedrooms and dressing rooms, 3 servant rooms, kitchen, pantry, closets &c. --- good anchorage for a yacht and a landing pier on the demesne --- Mr Thomas Sheedy, Kilkee

1873 5th July (CA).
Advertisement: Licensed House to Let:
--- The old-established house No. 31, Market Square, Kilrush (Lately in the possession of Mr. Thomas Shannon). The license is paid up to next October---
Apply to Mr. William Brew, Moore Street, Kilrush.

1873 9th August (CA).
Advertisement: The undersigned has now for sale Blacking made from sea moss—it produces a matchless polish in less time ---
John Howard, Shopkeeper, Manufacturer and Exported of Irish Moss,
Market Square, Kilrush.

1878 9th September (CJ).
Advertisement: Important and unreserved Auction at Cappa House Kilrush;
The residence of William Blair Esq:
On Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th September commencing at 11 o’clock.
--- Thomas Norton, Auctioneer Bedford Row, Limerick.

1879 11th September (KH).
Advertisement: W. MacNamara, Watch and Clock Maker, Henry Street, Kilrush:
Begs to acquaint the public that he is prepared to give general satisfaction in the repair of Watches, Clocks and Jewellery.

1879 11th December (KH).
Advertisement: Trial is the surest test of Quality, for the choicest Teas, Coffees and Old Whiskey: J .B. McInerney, Frances Street, Kilrush (agent for the Kilrush Herald)

1879 18th December (Kilrush Herald).
Advertisement: The Kilrush Steam Mills:
Are now in full working order for the manufacture of Flour, Indian meal, Oatmeal, Bran, Pollard &c.

1881 15th January (CA).
M. Chambers, Henry Street, Kilrush, Grocer, Tea Wine and Spirit Merchant,
Desires to direct special attention to a large consignment of New Season Teas:
New Bruit, Sugar soft and lump, Dublin and Cork whiskey 3 years old.---
S, McMahon, Frances Street, sells the best whiskey, XX and XXX porter, groceries of the best description: ---- Housekeepers will conduct their own inquiry by making a trial.

1881 29th January (CA).
Advertisement: The Late Mr. J. McNamara, Kilrush:
Messrs W and A Gilbey --- that the agency will be carried on by Mrs. McNamara.—
Mrs. McNamara and Sons, 41 Frances Street, Kilrush.
The Scottish and Amicable Life Assurance Company. Established AD 1826.—
M. Studdert Gibson, Agent at Kilrush.

1881 5th February (CA).
Champions ! Champion !
Large arrivals weekly of Pure Scotch Champion Potatoes,
Per the SS Toward from Glasgow. ---- Stores at John Street.---
Michael Mescall, 20 Market Square, Kilrush.

M.S. Gibson, Coal and Salt Merchant,
Has removed from No. 3 Henry Street, Kilrush
To No. 1 Merchant’s Quay. --- Salt by wholesale only.---
Trade list and Directory.
Drapery: Best and cheapest house in the trade for best Black and Blue Cloths, Irish Friezes, Blarney Tweeds, Shawls, Blankets, Friezes, Fancy Goods, & c
P. Cullinan, Frances Street, Kilrush.

Don’t forget before buying elsewhere call and see Clayton’s Friezes, Black Irish Tweeds (Navan Mills) at 2s-6d and upwards. ------
Cunningham’s Drapery and Millinery Warerooms, 59 Moore Street, Kilrush.---

1881 5th March (CA).
Notice of Application for a Transfer of Excise License:
--- that I, Edmond Griffin of Henry Street, Kilrush – to apply --- to entitle me to a transfer of Excise License held by Catherine Boland of Henry Street, Kilrush.---

1881 21st May (CA).
New Garden and Flower Seeds for 1881,
Fresh arrivals of– Guano – additional manures---
John C. Mahony’s, 21 Market Square, Kilrush;
Sole Agents for Goulding’s Celebrated Manures in the west of Clare.

Summer Season 1881.
The Monster Drapery, House Furnishing and General Fancy Hardware Warehouse,---
33 and 34 Moore Street, Kilrush
William Peacocke and Son. ---

1881 5th November (CA).
Michael Carey, Tailor – removed to Frances Street, opposite the National Bank.

1882 11th February (CA).
For Sale: A front pew, South Gallery, in the Catholic Church, Kilrush. Apply at the office of this paper.

1882 25th February (CA).
A word to the Farmers:
You should have decent ware in your houses at the Christmas Holidays --- for cash you can buy cheap, Delf, China and Earthen ware ---
Mr. and Mrs. Curran’s Establishment, Market Square, Kilrush.

1882 4th March (CA).
Applications for Excise Licenses:
John Grogan --- Frances Street, Kilrush.
William Parkinson --- No. 17 Henry Street, Kilrush.
Daniel Breen ---- Moore Street, Kilrush.

1882 18th March (CA).
Advertisement: Notice:
Take notice that any person in future taking flags from any of my piles in Merchant’s Quay, Kilrush will be prosecuted according to law.
Thomas Talty, Donogrogue, Killimer.

1882 10th June (CA).
Removal William Parkinson, having removed from Frances Street, to
Henry Street, Kilrush – has a most extensive concern opposite to
Mr. T. C. O’ Mahony, Warehouse.

1882 17th June (CA).
J. T. Moran, Organist, Catholic Church, Kilrush.
will give pianoforte lessons at his residence,
11 Market Square, Kilrush.

1882 15th July (CA).
Daniel Breen, Grocer, wine and Spirit Merchant.
32 Moore Street, Kilrush.

1882 16th September (CA).
Application for an Excise License:
-- That I, James Ginnane --- Market Square, Kilrush.

1882 16th September (CA).
Wanted a man to set as Head Ported, at Cappa Quay
Apply to H. G. Supple. ---

1883 13th January (CA).
John Clancy, Moore Street, Kilrush
--- Poplins, Hosiery, & c. ---

1883 20th January (CA).
Patrick D. Kelly, M.R.C.V.S.
Can be consulted daily on the diseases of horses, cattle, sheep and all domestic animals at Mr. O’Dwyer’s Yard. Henry Street, Kilrush.

1883 12th May (CA).
Mrs. Curran, Market Square, Kilrush (Next door to Mr. Bryan Dwyer)
Begs to acquaint her friends that she has opened a Grocery Establishment in the above concern where family groceries of the best description will be sold at the lowest shade of profit.
P.S. John Curran, Harness Maker, has transferred his business concern from the Market Square to Burton Street next door to Mr. Martin Daly’s house.

1883 14th July (CA).
Marine View, Cappa, Kilrush, County Clare.
Sale by Auction of Modern Superior Furniture --- 19th July.---

1883 4th August (CA).
Kilrush Races 14th and 15th September:
If you want to be well and fashionably dressed for the races go to
Michael Lynch & Co. , 69 & 70 Moore Street, Kilrush.
The Cheapest House in Town
-- Tweeds, Dresses, Jackets, Hats, Caps, Collars, Ties etc.

1883 15th December (CA).
Advertisement: Application for an Excise License.
--- Catherine O’Dwyer – at Henry Street, Kilrush.

1884 5th January (CA).
A desirable Investment: To be Sold
Two Dwelling Houses in Frances Street also two dwelling houses in Hector Street, Kilrush,
Are at present occupied by solvent tenants.
All information to be had from Thomas McInerney, Market Square, Kilrush.

1884 9th February (CA).
Kelp Kelp Kelp.
--- Send to Mathew Chambers, General Store, Henry Street, Kilrush.

1885 10th January (CA).
Cheap Bread,
4lb loaf 5d at the new Bakery,
Henry Street, Kilrush,
John Cahill, agent for Sir John Arnott.

To Be Sold:
The interest in the premises 4 and 5, Market Square, Kilrush.
Immediate possessions will be given. Apply to Thomas McInerney, Moore Street.

1885 20th June (CA).
Town of Kilrush : Important and Attractive Auction:
General Drapery, Hardware, Electro-Plate Goods, Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Stationery, Musical Instruments, Furniture, etc.---
(-- with instructions from Messrs. William Peacocke and Son who is retiring from business)
At Moore Street, Kilrush on Wednesday the 1st July 1885. ----

1885 10th October (CA).
Advertisement: To be Sold:
The houses 13, 14, 15 and 16 at Moore Street, Kilrush.

1889 11th May (KH).
Advertisement: M. Lynch and Company.
Are now showing a large assortment of O'Brien Brothers' Cork Tweeds:
of this, seasons pattern which for style, design and durability cannot be exceeded:
M. Lynch and Co., 69 and 70 Moore Street, Kilrush.

Advertisement: Important to Bakers:
A large stock of finest Hops and Malt always on hand at Mr. A Ryan, Market Square, Kilrush.

1889 9th November (KH).
Advertisement: Established half a century:
E Walsh, Tea, Wine and Spirit Warehouse: Moore Street, Kilrush.
Gissler's Champagnes -excellent quality. La Mancha- a celebrated red wine of Spain, Hennessy's Brandy: J Jameson 5 and 6-year-old Malt – Jamaica Rum
Guinness XX porter; Pure and unrivalled Teas

1890 15th February (KH).
Advertisement: Coals Coals:
Andrew Madigan begs to announce the arrival of the “Wilson” with a cargo of best Smith's Coal.

1891 10th January (KH).
Advertisement: Requirements of the Season:
I have just received my supply of Lamps and Lanterns for the present season and would invite an inspection, prices moderate and extremely good value .Lamps, Shades, Globes and Wicks, Chimneys & c., also, a well selected stock of Breech and Muzzle-loading Guns, Gunpowder, Cartridges, Caps &c. A large stock of Household Furniture, Iron Bedsteads, Kitchen Wares, Cutlery and General Hardware always on hand.
M. O'Sullivan, Moore Street, Kilrush.

Advertisement: Important Notice:
P. O'Connell begs to inform the public and his numerous friends that he has just received a very large stock of winter boots and shoes. Nailed and un-nailed to suit men, women and children. Motto: Quick sale and light profit. Please note the address;
West Clare Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 52 Moore Street, Kilrush.

1892 11th June (KH).
Patrick Carey: Auctioneer, Valuator and Commission Agent. --- 27 Frances Street, Kilrush.

1894 5th May (KH).
Advertisement: At Browne's opposite the Post Office, Bass Ale in clear sparkling condition, Guinness XX stout wholesale (63/64 Moore Street).

1896 25th April (KH).
Denis Troy is now open at No.2 Market Square, Kilrush (late Mrs. M Foley) for the sale of Hardware, Seed, Manure, Drapery, Boots and Shoes. Cheapest and best house for freshest seeds and Goulding's manures.

1900 26th January (KH).
Advertisement: New Grocery, Wine, Spirit Establishment.
Flour, Meal and Bran.
Thos. Donnellan, Market Square, Kilrush. ----.

1900 25th May (KH).
Advertisement: James Galvin's, the Popular Bar. --- All the leading drinks to be had in an up-to-date bar also fancy tobaccos. James Galvin, Proprietor.

1900 13rd September (CJ)?
Kilrush Annual Horse Fair:
The Kilrush Annual Horse Fair will be held in the town of Kilrush on Wednesday 10th October, 1900. We most respectively solicit the attendance of buyers. The late fairs were a success. Good classes of stock exhibited. There will be a through rate with the West Clare Railway Company and other lines. John Murray: Clerk to the Kilrush Urban Council. September 11th 1900,

1900 29th December (Nenagh Guardian).
Advertisement: High-Class Artistic Dentistry.
All the latest American and English Improvements in Materials, Style and Finish. First-Class workmanship Guaranteed.
Painless Operations by Gas, Cocaine, or other Local Anaesthetics. Crown, Bridge and Bar Work a Speciality, Gold Fillings, Porcelain Inlays, etc., etc.
All Irregularities in Children's Teeth Rectified. Charges Strictly Moderate. Consultation Free
Note Addresses: Jaffe, Surgeon Dentists Ltd. London and New York. Dental Institute, Central Office-43, Cecil Street, Limerick. Tel. No. 93. and Cambrian House, Clonmel. ----
Kilrush —William's Hotel, Wednesday 9 to 4.30. (Weekly).

1904 19th March (CC).
Advertisement: Important to Farmers:
Mr. P.J. Dillon, Grocer, Moore Street, Kilrush,
Begs to inform the public that he has made arrangements
To buy large quantities of fresh lump butter-------.

1909 9th January (CC).
Advertisement: Ford Line: Dublin, Liverpool and Kilrush. Fortnightly Sailings:
Sailing from Liverpool Wednesday 20th January, Dublin Friday 22nd January.
The best cheapest and quickest route for goods from Dublin to, Kilrush, Kilkee, Kildysart, Labasheeda, Tarbert, Ennis, Miltown Malbay, Ennistymon, Lahinch--
For further particulars apply to: A Ryan, Agent, The Square, Kilrush, Telegram “Ryan Kilrush”

1911 25th February (CC).
Advertisement: M. O'Connor and Co., Kilrush,
Great Annual Spring Sale of General Drapery Goods commencing Wednesday next,
Great bargains in every department to make room for new goods.
1 Market Square, Kilrush.

1914 13th January (IT).
Advertisement: If Rheumatism racks your bones get a box of “Sanadones”.
Mr. J D Lillis, Moyadda, Kilrush, Co. Clare writes:
“For twenty years I had suffered torture from rheumatism with stabbing grinding and burning pains in the arms, hips, small of back and toes. I tried all sorts of remedies without results. Then I sent for “Sanadones” and I am pleased to tell you that I have not felt a pain or ache since.” ----------------.

1914 9th May (CC).
Advertisement: Opening of New Drapery Business:
At Henry Street, Kilrush, Batt Reidy, begs to announce to his friends and the public that he intends opening on May 16th in the above premises a drapery warehouse well stocked with a large carefully selected assortment of smart and up-to-date goods. He respectively solicits their patronage and support.

1915 19th June (CC).
Advertisement: A Ryan and Son, Kilrush: Ford:
There are two kinds of cars- those the owners swear by and those the owners swear at. The Ford car is never in the second category. Every Ford owner is a Ford Enthusiast.
Runabouts £115: Five passenger touring car £125: Town car £175: Complete with full equipment: Head Lamps: Side and tail lamps: Horn: Hood: Windscreen: Tyre Pump, Repair Outfit: Two Levers: Tools and Jack.
All prices at Works, Manchester. Full particulars from A Ryan and Sons, Kilrush.

1917 15th January (CJ).
Advertisement: Kilrush Urban District Council:
Working Road Ganger Wanted:
--- To take complete charge of their roads and workers at a weekly wage of 18s --- experienced in the measurement and trimming of gravel.
------ M. J. Murphy, Clerk of the Council.

1918 12th January (CC).
Advertisement: We Can Supply You Promptly:
With everything, you may require in the Book world in any language, from the best articles? In Cloth, Velvet, Calf etc.
We can satisfy the severest Book-Worm:
Large assortments of novels, cheap fiction, fountain pens, note paper etc.
Write and tell us what you want. We are at your service.
Walsh Bros., Book Stores, Kilrush.

1922 6th May (CC).
Advertisement: Gramophones:
Our Standard Model £5-10s.
Solid oak cabinet, Powerful Motor, Special Sound Box, Large beautiful Panel Horn, 6 double-side records and 1,000 needles.
Hornless Gramophone as above £4-15-0.
Latest Irish Records: 2/6 each.
We repair any make of gramophones
Dold and Sons, Kilrush.

1923 10th February (CC).
Advertisement: Wedding Presents.
Silver Tea Services, Sugar Scuttles, Toast Racks, Salad Bowls, Fruit Dishes, Jam and Butter Dishes, Dinner and Breakfast Cruets, Cases of Cutlery, Cases of Fruit Knives, Cases of Tea Spoons, Art China Vases, beautiful designs------- Gents Silver Shaving Sets.
N O'Dwyer, 11 Market Square, Kilrush.

1925 11th November (II).
Manufacturers of
Branches at:

1927 12th November (CC).
Take no Risks
Get the best confectionery available.
It costs no more. Regular supplies of
Thompson's Confectionery.
Are at your disposal. Many varieties are available when you call. Varieties not in stock can be obtained by return.
P.J. Fleming, Kilrush.

1927 3rd December (CC)
Quality and Purity the true test of Value.
Why is Considine's confectionery going so strong?
Because of the following facts:
The purest of ingredients only are employed in its manufacture. We use no substitutes.
Fresh supplies can always be obtained
Our Bracks Jam and Chocolate Rolls, Jam sandwiches &c &c are wrapped in air-tight attractive containers bearing our guarantee of purity by which we stand.
Our van visits your districts regularly
Wedding and Birthday cakes beautifully iced (Almond and Royal) and decorated made to order with any greeting required.
X-mas cakes iced and decorated: Barn Bracks, Seed cakes &c &c. X-mas puddings the finest obtainable moderately priced -different sizes.
Support Home Industry and Help Clare men to live at Home.
Considine's High Class Confectioners and Bakers Kilrush.

1928 7th January (CC).
Cement: Steamship Kilclogher is due with 4,000 sacks of cement. Nine elms brand
Special prices ex-ship. G O'Doherty & Sons, Kilrush.

1931 24th January (CC).
Advertisement: John O'Shea's:
Wonderful sale now in full swing third week commences on Saturday January 24th:
Some good “wine” left including the following:
2 pieces navy suiting, 40 yards in each, Indigo Dye worth 16/6s now 8/6s -----
Come round to Market Square, see the bargains offered there, just buy a parcel and compare the cheapest house in Banner Clare.
John O'Shea, Market House, Kilrush. The Irish House.

1932 26th March (CC).
Seed Oats: Goulding's xx super-phosphate: Goulding's semsol.
Sulphate of ammonia: Potash salts: Kainit:
At lowest prices.
D O'Shea & Co., Kilrush.

1936 4th April (CC).
Advertisement: Kilrush Calling. George Brew
Wishes to announce that he has enlarged his furniture premises at 59 Henry Street, Kilrush:
Intending purchasers are cordially invited to call and see his large stocks of furniture and find how easy it is to furnish homes in modern style at moderate prices:
Seven piece leather suites £6-15s
Seven piece velour suites £7-15s
Leather arm chair £1-12-6d
Warbles! Warbles! Warbles! : Gad-Ex and Paragad. Warble Fly powder stocked prices moderate.

1937 13th February (CC).
Palace Theatre Kilrush.
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, February 17th, 16th, and 19th. at 9.00 pm.
Matinee Wednesday 17th at 5 pm.
Matinee Saturday 20th at 4. pm.
Tom Cooper, Eileen Davis, Donal Cahill, Brian O'Sullivan in “THE DAWN”.
The greatest film ever produced of Ireland's' fight for freedom with all Irish cast.
Prices: 1/6 1/- and 7d.

1937 17th May (IT).
Advertisement: - M Glynn & Sons established 1811.
Buy Clare Milled Flour “Firsts”, the Flour of the Flock.
Our Indian Meal, Calf Meal, Oat Meal, Brown Flour, Bran
and Pollard, are all Guaranteed Pure.
Co. Clare Flour and Meal Mills, Kilrush.

1937 19th June (CC).
Advertisement: Cameras.
A large supply of Kodak cameras now in stock at prices to suit all.
M.J. Howard, Chemist, The Square, Kilrush.

1938 14th May (CC).
Devitt Drapery and Boot Store, 38, 39 & 40 Moore Street, Kilrush.
-- is now showing a large range of new summer goods with the following bargains-----.

1938 28th May (CC).
Irish Cement: We beg to announce that we have been appointed sole distributors of cement in the County of Clare. G O'Doherty and Son, Kilrush, Timber Importers and Builders Providers.

1947 28th November (IT).
Wolseley 8 h.p. 1947 Saloon, never used, for sale at list price, £515, at Dublin: inspection at Dublin.-M. Glynn and Sons. Co. Clare Flour and Meal Mills, Kilrush.

1951 15th September (IT).
G. O'Doherty & Sons, Ltd.
Timber and Coal Importers, General Builders' Providers:
Egg, Poultry and Rabbit Case Manufacturers:
Large Stocks of Fireplaces, Grates etc.
Catalogue on request.
Kilrush, County Clare.

1951 15th September (IT).
Established 1811 Telephones: Kilrush 2 and 40.
M. Glynn & Sons
County Clare Flour and Meal Mills.
Manufacturers of Bakers' Retail and Whole Flour.
And of Balanced Rations for Cattle, Pigs
And Poultry.
Importers of Coal, Salt and Fertilisers.
Agents for Shannon Steamship Co. Ltd., and for
Royal Insurance Co., Ltd.

1951 6th October (Kerryman).
Enquiries Invited
For Best Quality
Belgian Basic Slag
Analysis Guaranteed
M. Glynn & Sons, Kilrush.
Est. 1811. 'Phones: Kilrush 2: Limerick 156: Glin 9.

1951 13th October (Connacht Tribune).
Carrageen Moss.
We require large or small quantities of Bleached and Unbleached Moss.
Please post average sample and advise price at nearest Rail-head or lorry depot, and total quantity
We supply wrappers and make prompt payment.
In the case of quantities over 1 ton, our representative from Kilrush can arrange to call.
Please write direct to:
Irish Marine Products Ltd.
Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1951 10th November ( Kerryman)
Hohner the world’s best accordion.
Cash or Hire Purchase.
Radio, Electrical &
Musical Stores,
Moore Street, Kilrush.

1953 27th April (II).
Kilrush Travel Agency for Air or Sea.
Authorised Agent by International Air Transport Association.
John Lillis, Frances Street, Kilrush. Tel. 46.

1955 18th March (II).
Michael O'Sullivan & Son.
49 & 50 Moore St., Kilrush.
Hardware, Worsted, Stationery, Cartridges,
Glass, Oils, Paints, Colours and General Warehouse.
Household Furniture, Looking Glasses, Iron Bedsteads,
Hair and Fibre Mattresses etc.

1955 24th March (IT).
Advertisement: Cruiser for Sale: 29’ motor/sailor; sails well: very good sea boat: 15 h.p. Kelvin, in excellent condition: - D. Ryan, Cappa, Kilrush.

1955 18th March (II).
M. J. Carmody.
Grocer, Spirit and Provision.
Henry Street, Kilrush.
Co. Clare Estab. 1850.

1955 2nd September (II).
Carriers of all types of goods:
Shannon Steamship Co. Ltd.
M.V. “Dingle” M.V. “Alita”.
Trading on Shannon for 150 years.

1956 9th March (II).
Load of Egg Cases (750) being Despatched from
P. Blunnie & Sons Ltd.
Egg & Poultry Case Manufacturers.
High Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare. Phone 34.
All other types of wooden crates made to Customers Specifications.

1956 9th March (II).
J. A. Doyle
Pharmaceutical and Dispensing Chemist.
Henry Street. Kilrush.
Co. Clare Phone 29.

1956 9th March (II).
W. Hearne.
Henry Street, Kilrush.
Boot, Shoe and Leather Merchant.
Also Ladies Hairdressing.
Proprietress: Tess Hearne.

1956 9th March (II).
Kilrush Operatic Society.
Rose Marie
(By Permission of Samuel French Ltd.)
Guest Artistes: Lisbeth Lennon and Thomas Milne.
8 nights -April 1st -8th.
Seats Bookable – Phone Kilrush 47.

1957 20th April (Connacht Tribune).
Maritana: for eight nights only.
Easter Sunday 21st April, to Sunday 28th April.
At Mars Theatre, Kilrush.
*Lisbeth Lennon *John Hauxvell.?
*Janet Howe *Kenneth McDonald.
Admission – Balcony (reserved) 6/-: Stalls (Reserved) 5/-
Parterre (Unreserved) 3/-.
Telephone Bookings: - Kilrush 80 (2 pm to 7 pm daily).
* The Committee of Kilrush Operatic Society wishes all its patrons to know that this production of “Maritana” is certain to create Operatic history in the West. Consequently, Bookings will undoubtedly create a record.

1957 18th May (Irish Press).
Kilrush: Key to the West, stay at Williams Hotel:
Licensed. H & C. All bedrooms. Good Food and every comfort.
I.T.A., I.T.B. Resident Proprietress: Mrs T Sheehan, Phone Kilrush 36.

1957 21st May (II).
S. H. Rush, Proprietor.
Bakery, Confectionery, Restaurant and Grocery.
1, Shanahan St. & 52 Clancy St., Kilrush.
Telegrams: “Rush, Kilrush”.

1957 26th October (Farmers Journal).
Artistic Iron Works.
Kilrush, Co. Clare.
Manufacturer of Tubular Cow Stalls, and
Fittings made to measurement of buildings if
Required. Entrances Gates and Iron work in
general.-all guaranteed to give satisfaction.
For further particulars write to:
Paul Keating, Phone 20.

1957 13th December (II).
Michael Eustace.
Henry Street, Kilrush.
Co. Clare.
Member of the Irish Jewellers' Association. Phone 59.

1858 20th May (Irish Press).
Leadmore Dairy, Kilrush, Co. Clare.
Leadmore Ice Cream is warranted to contain
only the best and purest ingredients.

1958 28th May (II).
Thomas J. Reidy.
Auto-mobile Engineer – Morris main Dealer.
Henry Street, Kilrush.
Customers Cars driven by members of our staff at Customers'
own Risk and Responsibility.
Cars for Hire. Phone Kilrush 37.

1958 28th May (II).
Kilrush Motor Co. Ltd.
Michael O'Dea & Son.
Modern Garage Equipment and all the latest
in agricultural machinery.
Ennis Road, Kilrush. Phone, 48.

1959 14th January (II).
“St. Lua” Brand.
Seasoned Ash Hurleys
Superbly finished Prompt Delivery.
Enquiries to:
G. O'Doherty & Son Ltd. Kilrush. Co. Clare.

1959 24th May (Sunday Independent).
Radio, Electrical & Cycle Stores.
Moore Street, Kilrush; Phone 24.

1960 7th May (Nenagh Guardian).
The Kilrush Operatic Society: (Amateur) Present:
“The Bohemian Girl” at Mars Theatre, Kilrush.
For eight nights:
Commencing on Sunday, May 8th -15th:
With Guest Artists-all of whom have sung at Covent Garden:
Estelle Valery, Soprano: Janet Howe, Mezzo Soprano:
Brychan Powell, Tenor: Denis Noble, Baritone.
Booking- Balcony 7/6 (Bookable): Parterre 5/6 (Bookable)
Parterre 3/- (Unreserved)
Reservations from Monday, May 2nd. Hours: 2 pm. To 6 pm...
Williams' Hotel, Kilrush, (Phone 36)

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