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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Councils

Includes notes from the Kilrush Town Commissioners, Urban and District Councils.

1885 27th July (CJ).
The first meeting of the newly-constituted Kilrush Town Commissioners was held at the Court House, Kilrush on Monday last. Mr. J.C. Mahony, was elected chairman, Mr. Hilliard was appointed solicitor and the Provincial Bank, treasurer. It was resolved to advertise for a Town Clerk at a salary of £25 a year. ---.

1886 30th January (IT).
The Commissioners of Kilrush have been boycotted by the inhabitants. Notices have been posted advising the people not to pay the Commissioners who “persecute the poor ratepayers with unnecessary taxation”.

1886 18th October (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners: Public meeting of the inhabitants to petition the Local Government Board to dissolve the Body of Commissioners.
The main question brought before the meeting was the additional taxation imposed on the ratepayers by the establishment of the Town Commissioners without any equivalent value whatever save the dignity of using the ornamental appendage of Town Commissioner to the names of twelve individuals.---

1888 5th January (CJ).
--- At the last meeting of the Kilrush Town Commissioners, Mr. J.C. Mahony, presiding, resolutions of sympathy with the Rev. M. Ryan, the Lord Mayor of Dublin and Messrs. O’Brien, Hooper and Sheehy M.P.’s and other political prisoners in their imprisonment were unanimously adopted.----

1889 20th April (IT).
Improvements at Kilrush.
A bill to confirm certain Provisional Orders of the Local Government Board for Ireland, relating to Kilrush, has been printed on its passing the House of Commons.
It appears that the population of the town of Kilrush being less than 6,000,the place formed until 1886 part of the Rural Sanitary District comprised in the Kilrush Poor Law Union. The Kilrush

Guardians have since completed certain sewerage works and waterworks, and the bill provides that the right and interest of the guardians in these works shall be vested in the Urban Sanitary Authority, formed in 1886, and authorises the latter body to levy the amounts of the half-yearly instalments of the sums secured by certain mortgages made to provide funds for the improvements named upon rateable premises situated within the townlands named in the mortgages. At the same time the security of the Commissioners of Public Works under the said mortgages are not to be affected or impaired by the provisions of this order.
In case the Urban Sanitary Authority shall make default in lodging the amount payable by the authority, it shall be lawful for the Rural Sanitary Authority to raise and levy it upon the town lands liable.

1889 18th October (KH).
Election of Town Commissioners for Kilrush:
Andrew Madigan 68 votes: William J. Glynn 68 votes: Luke O'Brien 58 votes:
Patrick Cullinan 53 votes: James Clancy 47 votes: Andrew Ryan 30 votes:
The first four were declared duly elected.

1890 27th January (CJ).
Tools and Customs of Kilrush:
The Town Commissioners met to consider --- forming a deputation to wait on Mr. Hector Stewart Vandeleur, concerning the transference and control of the Tools and Customs of the town.

1890 6th December (KH).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
The usual monthly meeting of the Town Commissioners was held at the Market House, on Monday night Mr. John C. Mahony (Chairman) presiding, the other commissioners were Messrs. John Culligan, J.P., A. Madigan, Thomas Kelly (Solr.), M. Lynch, Luke O'Brien, W. J. Glynn, M. O'Sullivan, Patrick Cullinan, Richard O'Dwyer, John Reidy, Dr. J. F. Counihan, Community Sanitary Officer, Mr. Hilliard, Board Solicitor, Mr. P. Considine, Liquidator of the Gas Company, and Mr. A. Bourke, Harbour Master.-----.

1891 12th January (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
The usual monthly meeting –John C Mahony, presiding---- The Harbour Master lodged £16-17s-3d to the credit of the Harbour Account. ---

1892 6th October (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
At an adjourned meeting of the Kilrush Town Commissioners held on Tuesday evening the Secretary to the Gas Co., Mr. M. O’Sullivan read a letter from eight consumers stating that they did not intend to burn any gas in future --- as a protest against an insult said to have been given by the manager to the Rev. Father Scanlan ----.

1892 12th December (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
The Town Commissioners of Kilrush have fixed on the 5th of January for a public meeting to consider the best steps to be taken for deepening the river up to their town.---

1893 6th January (IT).
Improvement of the Port of Kilrush: Kilrush, Thursday Evening.
Today an influential public meeting of the landed gentry, merchants, and traders of west Clare was held in the Market house Assembly Rooms, Kilrush, for the purpose of taking steps to improve the port of Kilrush. The hall was crowded to its utmost capacity. The proceedings commenced a little after 12 o’clock.

The following gentlemen occupied seats on the platform:
Very Rev. Dr. Sylvester Malone, P.P., V.G., Kilrush: Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur, D.L., J.P., R.W.C. Reeves, D.L., J.P., William Vandeleur Reeves, John Culligan, J.P.: F.W.G.Hickman, J.P., John C. Mahony, Borough Magistrate: the twelve Town Commissioners: William G. Studdert J.P., Michael Mescall, Chairman of the Kilrush Board of Guardians: William J. Glynn (of Messrs. Glynn and Sons): Francis O’Doherty (O’Doherty and Sons); William Morrissey, Commissioners Engineer: M.Studdert Gibson, R. J. Keating, Andrew Ryan Shannon, John Murphy, Town Clerk: John Mahony, late of California: John O’Brien, Simon McAuliffe, & c.

Captain Vandeleur, who was received with loud applause, proposed that Dr. Malone take the chair, which was carried with acclamation.

The Chairman, who was also cordially received, thanked them for asking him to preside at that influential meeting, called to improve the Port of Kilrush and to remove those obstructions that retarded its progress. (Applause) Even moderate sized ships cannot enter this port without getting struck in its centuries of mud, which materially injured the prosperity of their fine town. In Kilrush, private enterprise had done all that could possibly be done, and now they should approach the Government for assistance. Up to the present, the town of Kilrush had never received a penny of Government aid, although its claim could not be disputed as an unrivalled port. (Applause).

Captain Vandeleur said with the opening of the New Year he wished them all-success, and hoped by this time next year that they would have made much progress in the improvements of their port. (Applause) This would be not only of vast utility to Kilrush, but to the entire County of Clare, which, with Kilrush, now enjoyed railways which, he was certain, would prove of immense public advantage and remunerative to the companies, (Hear, Hear). For a long time various efforts were made to improve Kilrush. His late lamented friend Mr. Glynn appeared before a Committee of the House of Commons with a scheme to extend Cappa Pier, but the objections raised against Kilrush then were that it did not enjoy a corporate representative body, and had no railway connection. Well, he was glad to see that they had now got rid of all these objections. They had town commissioners and a well-equipped railway to Kilrush, which would carry out everything that was expected of it. (Applause) ---------.

1893 13th March (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners: Anti-Cholera Precautions.
Several letters were received from the Local Government Board dealing with the Cholera Question.--- Dr. Counihan said he was pleased with the accommodation available in the Union sheds, which could at a small expenditure be converted into an excellent cholera hospital. --- The Guardians had selected Hog Island as an intercepting hospital. --- The present tenant Mr. McAuliffe required some compensation before letting it be used for this object.----

1893 3rd April (CJ).
Under the auspices of the Kilrush Town Commissioners, the first of a series of monthly fairs will be held in that town on the last Wednesday of the month.

1894 22nd October (CJ).
Kilrush Municipal Elections:
--- Four vacancies on the Town Commissioners Board – result: John Clancy 69: Richard Walsh 65: James Doohan 63: James Clancy 58: Patrick Cullinan 42: first four were elected.

1896 10th February (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
Last night the monthly meeting of the commissioners took p[lace in the Market House Assembly Rooms, and the proceedings were characterised by some very disorderly scenes in which some of our local “gods” played a prominent part. – There was a running fire of witticisms which the police present endeavoured vainly to suppress. --- lent a farcical air to the entire proceedings.

1897 12th January (IT).
Meeting in West Clare.
Posters have been issued today by the Town Commissioners of Kilrush, calling a meeting of the people of West Clare on next Saturday in connection with the question of the over-taxation of Ireland. Mr. R. W. C. Reeves, D L, Bessborough, is to preside, whilst clergymen of all denominations, several members of Parliament the magistrates and other representatives’ men invited. The proceedings, which are to take place in the Town Hall, will open at 1 o’clock.

1898 6th January (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners:
At the monthly meeting of the commissioners on Monday, Mr H. R. Glynn announced that the government has offered £800 annually to the Railway Company for the transit of mails to west Clare --- The Railway Company wanted £1,000 and were now trying to get the government to further increase their offer.-----

1898 10th February (CJ).
Kilrush Town Commissioners: Stormy Proceedings.
--- The proceedings at times were characterised by scenes of wild disorder. To some commissioners the air seemed to be charged with electricity which so incensed them that they allowed their passions to run riot and indulged in personal abuse of each other ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.----

1898 9th September (FJ).
Re-naming the Streets of Kilrush: Sweeping Alterations. Kilrush Wednesday:
Last night at the monthly meeting of the Kilrush Town Commissioners, held in the Market House, Assembly Rooms. – Mr. Luke O’Brien (chairman), presiding – the following Commissioners were present- Messrs. John O’Mahony, J.P.: F.J. O’Doherty, J.P.: Thomas Roughan. Joseph Finnucane, Dr. J.J. Kelly, V.S.: Andrew Ryan, James Kelly, Thomas Ryan, Bartholomew Crowley.
Messrs. John Murphy, Town Clerk: William Morrissy, Boards’ Engineer, and the other officials of the board were also present.
The hall was crowded to the utmost in convenience.
Mr. T.J. Hunt, solicitor, appeared on behalf of the local branch of the ’98 Club (Henry Joy M’Cracken ) who have recommended to have the streets of Kilrush re-named after the martyred heroes of ’98. In forcible and clear terms Mr. Hunt gave it as his opinion that there was nothing to prevent the Town Commissioners from re-naming the streets of the town ----.

It was then proposed by Mr. Thos Roughan, seconded by Mr. Thomas Ryan, and.—

“Resolved – That from and after the passing of this resolution the names of the streets and roads within the municipal boundary of Kilrush shall be changed as follows, that is to say ---
Frances Street shall be called Wolfe Tone Street, Moore Street shall be called Lord Edward Street, Henry Street shall be called M’Cracken Street, Ennis Road or Vandeleur Street shall be called Michael Dwyer Street, Toler Street shall be called Father Murphy Street, John Street shall be called Sarsfield Street, Burton Street shall be called Emmet Street, Hector Street shall be called William Orr Street, Pound Street shall be called Humbert Street, Crofton Street shall be called Anne Devlin Street, Stewart Street shall be called Shears Street, Market Square shall be called Martyrs Place, Grace Street shall be called Betsy Gray Street. That suitable boards be prepared at the expense of the Commissioners and set up in convenient places to indicate the change of names ------,

1899 19th January (CJ) and (Clare Man).
Kilrush Municipal Elections Results:
Carmody (Labour Candidate) 322, Glynn (Independent) 310, T. Ryan (Labour Candidate) 279.
O’Brien (Independent) 272, Roughan (Labour Candidate) 231, J.P. Clancy (Labour Candidate) 220.
Dowling (Independent) 216, Culligan (Independent) 208, J. Clancy (Labour Candidate) 206.
Mahony (Independent) 194, Hollingsworth (Independent) 194, M. Carey (Labour Candidate) 184.
John O’Dwyer (Labour Candidate) 178, Curtin (Labour Candidate) 178, O’Doherty (Outgoing Commissioner) 172. Carroll (Independent) 165, A. Ryan (Outgoing) 158, B. Crowley (Outgoing) 144. J. Finucane (Outgoing) 128, P. Madigan (Labour Candidate) 127, Lynch (Independent) 122.
P. F. Carey (Independent) 97, Hunt (Solr. Independent) 91, J.J. Kelly (Outgoing) 91. P. Cullinan (Independent) 81, R. O’Dwyer (Outgoing) 76, M. O’Dea (Publican) 41, M. O’Dea (Egg Merchant) 40, T. W Coote (Retired) 34.

1899 20th May (Clare Man).
Kilrush Urban Council: J Hollingsworth in the chair. ----.

1899 26th June (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Another Stormy Meeting:
This afternoon the Kilrush Urban Council convened a special meeting to consider the tenders received for the cross berth at Cappa Pier, which had been adjourned from Monday night owing to the uproarious scenes which took place. –

1899 2nd October (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council:
Last night a specially convened meeting was held to consider the tender for the supply of 25 tons of cement in connection with the work at Cappa Pier. -- from G. O’Doherty and Son at £2-7-6 per ton.
(CJ of the 23rd stated that the contract was divided between Mr. O’Doherty and Mr. John Kelly at £2-6-6 per ton)

1900 22nd February (CJ).
Kilrush Election Expenses:
At the fortnightly meeting of the Urban Council held last night --- the question of expended in connection with the late municipal election was discussed, the amount was £17-18-5d. --- The Town Clerk said he considered it very reasonable. --- Mr Ryan said “Oh no we could never do without an election” and recited the following:
“Guinness’s stout is good no doubt: in either wood or bottle: but ‘pon my oath, it can bring a vote: when a man lets it down the throttle” -- Loud Laughter ----

1900 24th March (Clare Man).
Kilrush Urban Council; Adjourned.
--- as a mark of respect to the memory of Mr. John Mahony, Victualler, Market Square ---

Cappa Pump:
Mr. Ryan: If you impose a charge on the water at Cappa, you will require a caretaker.

Mr. Culligan: said he heard that for years masters and vessels on the roads got a supply from Mr. Brew's well at Bellevue.
(25” Ordinance Survey Map (1888-1913) shows a Well House at Bellevue House)

1901 14th February (CJ).
Kilrush District Council:
The adjourned quarterly meeting of the District Council was held on Wednesday at the Kilrush Courthouse ----- Chairman Mr. Mescall, J.P. --- for the renewal of contracts, there were 16 items on the list.----.
Kilrush Urban Council:
At a special meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council on Wednesday --- the terms of Mr. Price C.E., Cork to inspect the creek and advise as to the best lines for its dredging and improvement were accepted.

1902 2nd January (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council:
The election of four members of the town board takes place this month. --- the four gentlemen retiring are Messrs. W.J. Glynn, J.P.: M.J. Carmody: L. O’Brien, Thos Ryan all of whom are personally popular with the electors.---

The Kilrush Urban Council and the National Monument Committee have passed resolutions of sympathy with Mr. William Morrissy, Town Surveyor on the recent death of his wife and have adjourned their meetings.---

1903 11th April (CC).
Notes from Kilrush: A Human Demand:
I am glad to see that Dr. Randal Counihan is persevering in his demand to have a trained mid-wife appointed for the town. ---.

Will it satisfy those? :
The Kilrush Rural Councillors are not inclined to give Kilkee Town Commissioners all the improvement schemes they are agitating for, in the way of sanitation and a water supply. They don't exactly like to handicap themselves with an estimated expenditure of ten thousand pounds and few people will blame them, at the same time, however they are working to improve Kilkee – and to prove this they have directed Dr. Hickey to get all sanitary defects in the town promptly remedied. But will it satisfy Kilkee Town Commissioners? Not by long odds, we should say-------.

1904 17th December (CC).
A Veritable Death Trap:
At the last monthly meeting the members of the Urban Council a very important matter in connection with the unsanitary condition of Merchant's Quay, came up for discussion. Councillor Ryan said that Merchant's Quay was a veritable death trap as numerous lives had been lost owing to whoever is the owner of the property not having the place lighted.----.

1905 23rd January (CJ).
Kilrush Municipal Elections:
The polling in the contest for four Urban Councillors took place on Monday:----.
Batt Culligan, J.P. 456: W.J. Glynn, J.P. 413: J.S. Dowling, 389: Thomas Ryan, 344: Thomas Roughan, 232: M.J. Carmody, 170: James Clancy, 119: Thomas Nolan, 22: John McGarry, 19; The first four were elected.----.

1905 29th September (CC).
Kilrush Rural Council: The Kilkee Sewerage Scheme.
No extensive works contemplated ------.

1906 8th February (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Stormy.
-- During the proceedings there was evidently some electricity in the air for there were a few stormy outbreaks between members and at one time a challenge to fight between a prominent councillor and a ---- indicated more open hostilities.

1906 16th June (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Dredging:
Mr. O’Meara; asked how much had been spent in dredging the berths at Cappa Pier?
The Clerk: about £33, I have about £5 on hands it never got such a hand before.
Mr. O'Dwyer: it wants it all, vessels of very big draught are now coming there and it was very well spent.
The Chairman (Mr. Batt Culligan): I agree with you.

1907 20th February (IT).
Construction of Earthen embankments, Pipe Lines, and other Works.
The Kilrush Rural District Council are prepared to receive Tenders (through Post Office) for the Construction of an Impounding Reservoir, having two earthen embankments: by-wash and storm overflow channels: cast-iron supply and service mains, together with valves, hydrants, etc., and all other appurtenant works necessary for the completion of a scheme for the supply of water to the Town of Kilkee,Co (West) Clare ,on the lands to be provided for this purpose, in the Townlands of Corbally and Lislaningham,about 1¼ miles from Kilkee.----------.

1907 27th April (CC).
Kilrush District Council; Half-yearly meeting:
The half-yearly meeting of the Kilrush District Council was held on Saturday last at the Courthouse, Kilrush at one o'clock, Mr. Michael Mescall, J.P., Chairman, presiding.

1907 27th May (CJ).
The Kilrush District Council have received £1,500 being the first instalment of the loan for the construction of the Kilkee water works.

1907 24th October (II).
Aid for the Shipwrecked.
Kilrush Urban Council has passed a resolution in view of the number of wrecks that has taken place on the coast for some years past-including that of the Leon X111 recently-urging on the Admiralty the necessity of placing a naval ship in the Scattery Roads, Kilrush, to ensure the safety of life and property, and recommending the erection of a lighthouse at Mutton Island, outside Quilty.

1907 21st November (IT).
Labourer's Cottages in Kilrush Union.
Mr. Edmond L. O’Brien, Local Government Inspector opened an inquiry in the Kilrush Union Workhouse yesterday relative to application by the Rural District Council for the construction of labourer's cottages. It is sought to have 152 cottages erected and to provide 39 plots of land without cottages at an entire cost of £28,000.
The Clerk (Mr. T Kelly) stated in answer to the Inspector that the estimated outlay in respect of each cottage was £182.
The Inspector said the Local Government Board thought that cottages should be built for £180 each and he would suggest that the cost of fencing-viz., £12-15s, be reduced so as to bring the outlay down to the sum he had mentioned. In other parts of the country where labour was dearer, it had been possible to do this. ------------------.

1908 1st February (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Election of Chairman.
Mr. Batt Culligan re-elected as chairman. ----.

1908 24th August (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council – Bathing:
The fixing up of the Bathing Place at Cappa occupied the Kilrush Urban Council, attention for some time at the last meeting, Mr. O’Dwyer suggested to have bathing shelters erected. The Chairman (Mr. Batt Culligan J.P.) said he was afraid they would not be able to do so as the principal bathing place, Belvue was outside their area. ?.

1909 7th August (FJ).
West Clare: Kilrush Council and Mr. Barry O'Brien: Kilrush, Friday.
Active canvassing is now going on all over the constituency by the various candidates and their friends. At a special meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council at the Town Hall, last evening, Mr. Batt. Culligan,J.P. Chairman, who presided,proposed,and Mr. Luke O'Brien seconded, a resolution, which was unanimously passed, adopting Mr. Barry O’Brien, a native of Kilrush, as candidate for the West Clare Parliamentary division, and asking him to make his appearance in Kilrush at the proposed Convention, or sooner. It was likewise ordered to have a copy of the resolution forwarded to Mr. O'Brien and Mr, John Redmond, Chairman of the Irish Parliamentary Party.

1910 31st December (CC).
Kilrush District Council: Alleged malicious injury at Scattery Island:
A claim for alleged malicious injuries to his canoes was read from Mr. Patrick Brennan of Scattery Island, which is stated to be in connection with an agrarian dispute between parties on the island.
Chairman: This will be referred to the Council's Solicitor.

1911 2nd February (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council.
-- Mr. Carmody asked did the deputation of the Council go down to Pound St. to see after the flooding of that district recently.
The clerk said he heard nothing about it since.---

1911 10th August (CJ).
Kilrush Affairs:
In west Clare’s capital, things are no bit better – in fact the strike over local projects is more acute, and threatening of all sorts of consequences. For nigh 20 years there has been a yearning for waterworks amongst a large section of the inhabitants. This has been resisted all the time by another section.--- I think both sides of the Council are now well tired of all their rhetoric and debating powers. It is time. The result is that the Council have asked for a sworn inquiry from the Local Government Board to do for them in what they acknowledge themselves helpless!

1912 4th January (CJ).
Kilrush Rural District Council: The new engineer.
-- on the motion of Mr. Talty, J.P., and seconded by Mr. Doherty, J.P., Mr. John Murphy was appointed engineer to the council to complete the present scheme of the Labourers Cottages.

1912 25th July (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Votes of condolences.
--- on the death of Mr. Wm Moody, Mrs. G. Hurley and Mr. Michael Madigan.

The disused Bridewell:
--- the only record they had of the Kilrush Bridewell was dated 1829 which showed that for some repairs to the cells and sanitary matters the expenses had been borne by the barony of Moyarta,----
Mr. O’Meara said that proved conclusively that the Bridewell should belong to the Kilrush Urban Council.---

Dredgers for Cappa Pier;
The Council decided to write again to Mr. Moroney engineer of the Limerick Harbour Board relating to a dredger to clear the berths at Cappa pier.

1912 30th September (CJ).
The Kilrush Urban Council are about to enter into a contract with Capt. A.M. Vandeleur the patentee of the markets and fairs at Kilrush for the sale to them of all his rights and interests in the patents for the Kilrush fairs and markets.--

1912 5th December (II).
Notice to Sewerage Contractors.
The Kilrush Rural District Council, as the Sanitary Authority of the District, will, at their meeting to be held at the Clerk's Office, Boardroom, Kilrush, on Saturday, the 28th day of December 1912,be prepared to consider Tenders from competent Contractors for the construction of Sewers,Tanks,Engine-house,Rising Main, Outfall Pipe, and other works appertaining thereto for providing a system of sewerage for the Town of Kilkee, in the County of Clare in accordance with the Plans and Specifications prepared by the Engineer. Mr. P.H. McCarthy,M.A. B.E, M.I.C.E.I. 30 Westmoreland Street Dublin, which can be seen at the Clerk's Office,Boardroom,Kilrush or at the office of the Engineer during the usual office hours. --- T.J. Kelly. Clerk of the Council
Clerk's Office, Kilrush, Co. Clare. 4th December 1912.

1912 5th December (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council:
The monthly meeting was adjourned as a tribute of respect to the memory of the late Mr. Patrick Roughan, Market Square, Kilrush brother of Mr. Thomas Roughan a member of the Council.

1914 14th February (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council.
Mr. Nagle called attention to the want of light in some streets at night. There were no lamps lighted in Pound Street, Grace Street and the Glin.
Mr. Nagle also called attention to the state of the back streets many of them were in a filthy condition.----- the streets complained of were cleaned on Monday but they are no sooner clean that people sweep stuff out on them and make them as bad as ever.--
--- Rev Samuel C Armstrong, Rector made an application for the use of portion of the Cricket Field for a Hockey Club once a week. ----- granted.

1914 21st March (FJ).
-- On Thursday night, at the adjourned meeting of the Kilrush Urban District Council, Mr. Batt. Culligan,J.P., Chairman,presiding,Mr. Thomas Nagle,proposed the following: “ That we, the Kilrush Urban Council, congratulate Mr. John E. Redmond, M.P., and the Irish Party on their successful fight against Carsonism and factionism in the Home Rule cause, and we hope that no further concessions will be made to the forces of disorder to divide our country into two sections for their own selfish purposes. We hope Mr. Redmond will keep on with the good work until the Home Rule Bill, as it stands is placed triumphantly on the Statute Book” ----.

1914 20th April (CJ).
--- answering a member at the meeting of the Kilrush Town Council – as to how they stood as regards the waterworks scheme for the town. The Town Clerk with sarcastic humour remarked that they would have Home Rule much sooner than the waterworks for Kilrush.---

1914 13th August (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Cappa Pier surface way:
The Council disapproved of the way Mr. Barrington, engineer of the West and South Clare Railways has continued to remove the water off the pier alongside the rails laid down by the Company. What had been done only closed the pipes instead of taking the water off the pier. ---

Sand Bank Closing Berths:
Mr. Nagle asked if the Council had yet made arrangements for the dredging of the berths at Cappa as the Harbour Master had reported that the berths were getting covered with banks of sand or mud.---

1914 26th September (CC).
Kilrush District Council; Home Rule Act. Rejoicing in Kilrush.
---- on Saturday the Kilrush Urban Council at their meeting passed a resolution, congratulating Mr. Redmond and the Irish Party on having the Home Rule Act placed on the Statute Book. The Kilrush Urban Council on Monday passed a similar resolution on the motion of Mr. Greens.---.

1914 31st December (CJ).
It is stated there are ten candidates for the annual council election in Kilrush in January. Six in addition to the four outgoing. That is something !

1915 22nd March (CJ).
The Gas Works:
--- A loan of £3,500 has been applied for, for the reconstruction of the plant at gas-works and other needed improvements.---
-- Mr. Carmody: for years past consumers through defective meters had the gas for nothing. Now when things were remedied they complained. It was this state of things left the gas concern in its present state.---

1915 15th May (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council:
Joseph Hughes appeared before the Council and applied for the use of the Cricket Field for football practice.

1915 11th October (II).
The Gas Committee of the Kilrush Urban District Council will, at their meeting to be held on Friday the 15th day of October next, consider applications from fully qualified and competent persons for the position of Gas Manager for their Works at Kilrush, Co. Clare at an initial salary of £75 per year, rising by annual good service increments of £5 until a maximum of £100 is reached.
The Committee will also supply dwelling house, light and fire free. Applications with testimonials must reach the undersigned on the morning of the above date.
The appointment will be made subject to certain terms, which may be obtained from the undersigned
Dated this 5th day of October 1915. The Secretary, Gas Works, Moore Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1915 10th November (II).
--- Votes of condolence were passed by Kilrush Urban Council to Mr. F.J. O’Doherty, Manchester: to Mrs. Brennan, Scattery Island, on the death of her son, nephew of Mr. Michael Crotty: and to Mrs. McInerney, John Street, on the death of her husband. Kilrush Guardians adjourned their meeting as a mark of respect to the late Dr. Francis B. Counihan, son of Dr. J.F. Counihan, J.P., and a vote of sympathy was passed to the relatives.

1916 3rd January (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Acknowledgement:
A letter was read from Mr. P.J. Dillon, Merchant, Moore Street, thanking the Council for their sympathetic vote of condolences passed with him on the death of his mother.---

A Private Electric Plant:
-- The Town Clerk read a letter from the Local Government Board in reference to a minute dealing with the action of the Messrs. A. Ryan and Son, in laying down a private electric plant, stating that it was a question for the Board of Trade.----.

Helping the Kilrush Poor:
At the request of the Urban Council the Department of Agriculture has given instructions to their forester on the Kilrush demesne lands to supply the poor of the town with plenty waste timber for fuel during the winter. This is says the “Kilrush Herald” owing to the Shragh “pikers” or rather a half-dozen cowardly bullies there – who have intimidated the poorer class who badly wanted to sell their turf, but through fear could not bring it into town.--- The Urban Council, also sold all their coke cheaply, to the very poor people in the lanes.--

1916 10th January (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council.
-- The Sub-sanitary Officer reported the very filthy state of Moore Street, John Street and other streets on Christmas Day. – At the top of Henry Street there were places in a most filthy state.—

1916 8th May (CJ).
The Kilrush Urban Council are advertising for a Town and Poor Rate collector at a remuneration of 8d in the £1. Elaborate rules to guide his conduct have been made by the Council.

1916 21st August (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council:
-- A vote of condolence was passed with Miss Burke, Market Square, on the death of her brother, the late Mr. Thomas Burke.

1916 9th September (II).
--- Kilrush U.C. passed a vote of condolence to Mr. P.J. Boyle, “Kilrush Herald” on the death of his wife.

1916 18th December (CJ).
Kilrush Urban District Council:
Resolutions were read from the Kilrush Urban District Council and the A.O.H. of the town, expressing regret at the death of Mr. H. R Glynn, D.L., and calling on the Council to elect his brother Mr. Chas E. Glynn, in his place on their body.---.

1917 16th April (CJ).
Kilrush Urban Council: Exporting the people’s food:
From returns secured from the railway and shipping companies, it appears 600 bags of potatoes were shipped from Kilrush in the month of March alone.---

1919 25th January (IT).
For Sale: Kilrush Gas Works, County Clare.
The Kilrush Urban Council invites proposals for the purchase of their interest in the above Works.
Particulars and Conditions of Sale from
Edward Counihan, Solicitor to the Kilrush Urban Council, Frances Street, Kilrush, Co Clare.

1919 14th June (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Defective Wall.
Canon Armstrong wrote stating the wall in the churchyard near the Turret was broken down and was badly in need of repair.
Mr. Moroney: Said the Council had nothing to do with that.
Mr. Crotty: We all remember when James Clancy had the contract of making that wall up from Mr. Vandeleur.
Chairman: It is the Department of Agriculture that is bound to make it up or Mr. Vandeleur.
Mr. Ryan: We had nothing to do with it.
An order was made that Canon Armstrong be informed.

1920 26th June (CC).
Kilrush District Council: Important Resolutions:
Much interest was centred in the first meeting of the newly elected members of the Kilrush District Council.
The number of members formerly on the Council had been reduced from sixty to twenty five and only five of the old members were re-elected.
One of the Council's first acts was to acknowledge the authority of Dáil Eireann as the duly elected government of the Irish People.

1921 9th March (II).
The Kilrush Urban Council invites proposals from Corporations or individuals for installing an Electric Lighting Scheme in the Town of Kilrush.
The Council would be prepared to sell or lease suitable buildings and premises lately used as a Gas Works, and would also be prepared to facilitate promoters in acquiring the necessary statutory powers.
For further particulars, apply to, Edward Counihan, Solicitor, Kilrush Urban Council.

1922 28th January (CC).
Urban Council:
A special meeting of the Urban Council will be held during the week to consider the future working of the town and the rate question. Owing to the apathy of the people in paying their rates, the Council are very much embarrassed. Legal proceedings are being instituted against a number of ratepayers.

1923 15th February (IT).
Tenders Wanted.
By Kilrush Urban Council tomorrow for the building of six cottages.

1923 15th October (IT).
Patronage Bait:
For some time past no meeting of the Kilrush, Co. Clare, District Council has been possible, as a quorum has not assembled. A member has suggested to the Clerk that he should issue an advertisement stating that a good job at £300 a year is vacant and that the Council has the right of appointment. “That” he says “will draw every member of this Council into the next meeting”.

1924 12th January (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: First meeting of the New Year:
At the monthly meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council held on Friday night, Mr. George Brew (Chairman) presided. The other members present were,Messrs Joe Hughes, Michael Brassil, Thomas Nagle, Michael Crotty, Wm Carmody and Thomas Ryan.-------

1924 22nd March (II).
Chaos in Clare Town-Scandalous says Inspector-Kilrush Finances.
“A most scandalous state of affairs” was the description applied by the Inspector to the position of the Kilrush Urban Council, as disclosed at the inquiry into local administration in Co. Clare.
It was shown that for the last year, no rates had been collected, but the wages were obtained from the bank, some members of the Council going security. “With the exception of increasing salaries and paying wages the Council had not done much” was the statement of the Town Clerk.

1924 4th June (IT).
District Councils Dissolved.
The Dublin Gazette of June 3rd contains orders by the Minister for Local Government dissolving the Council of the Rural District of Meelick and the Council of the Urban District of Kilrush, and transferring the powers and the duties of these bodies to the Council of the Administrative County of Clare.

1924 19th November (IT).
Kilrush, Co. Clare, Urban Council has adopted a water supply scheme for the town at a cost of £11,000. In the year 1920, the work would have cost £17,000.

1924 9th December (IT).
Sea Wall for Scattery Island:-Kilrush,Co. Clare, Rural District Council has applied to the Government for a grant of £3,000,to which the Council will add £500,to cover the cost of building a sea wall on Scattery Island. On several occasions, houses have been flooded at high tide. The island lies in the Shannon, two and a half miles from Kilrush, and has a population of less than a hundred souls.

1925 10th January (CC).
Kilrush Threatened.
At Monday's meeting of the County Council Committee Administrating the affairs of Kilrush.
Mr Michael McMahon stated there was a subject of serious importance to the local workers to which he wished to draw attention. Hitherto, the coal required for the West Clare Railway was discharged from boats at Kilrush docks, thus giving dependable employment to the dock labourers. At least three steamers each of 700 tons were thus discharged and some £500 in wages alone was paid out. --- This coal would in future come via Waterford and be delivered to Ennis by rail ---.

1925 4th April (IT).
Waterworks for Kilrush:-
A grant of £5,000 has been made by the Government to Kilrush, Co. Clare, Urban District Council, to cover the cost of establishing a water supply system in the town.

1925 16th May (IT). & 11th June
Kilrush Water Works:-Invitation to Contractors.
The Committee of the Clare County Council, in charge of the affairs of the Urban District of Kilrush hereby invite Tenders for the Construction of a Water Works System for the Town of Kilrush comprising the Supplying and Laying of Water mains, Constructing Impounding Works,Reservoirs,Settling Basin, Inlet Well, Clear Water Basin and all sundry other works embraced in the Scheme and supplying all necessary Materials and Labour.----
Dated this 6th day of May 1925.
By Order of Committee.
(Signed) Michael J. Murphy.
Town Clerk's Office, Kilrush.
Michael Killeen, Town Solicitor Kilrush.

1925 23rd June (IT).
Kilrush Water Works:-
Our Kilrush Correspondent writes that the Urban Council has accepted a tender at £11,270 for the erection of waterworks in the town. There were six tenders.

1925 30th July (IT).
Kilrush Water Works:-
The Kilrush Urban Council have passed a resolution calling on the Ministry of Local Government to extend the time for the repayment of the loan for the Kilrush Water Scheme from ten to twenty years.

1925 3rd September (IT).
Kilrush Fever Epidemic: - Warning against milk and water.
Dr. Beerey, Medical Inspector for the Ministry, accompanied by two Kilrush doctors, attended a special meeting of Kilrush Urban Council on Tuesday night, and said that, as regards the present fever epidemic in the town, he advised them to use no water, either from public or private pumps, without first boiling it. The same advice, he said: applied to milk. He himself would not drink a drop of water in Kilrush unless it was boiled, the risk was too great.
They had now nineteen cases of fever, and he would not be surprised if they had “a big flare-up” one of these days. Public notices should be posted up around the town immediately warning the people. ----- The Council unanimously agreed to adopt the Inspector's suggestion.

1925 15th October (IT).
Work of Blackguards.
Kilrush Urban Council has been informed that the only water supply which passed analysis for the supply of the town during the recent fever epidemic was blocked with stones on Monday night. ---- The blackguardly act has been publicly condemned.

1926 4th March (IT).
Water Supply for Kilrush: - Department asked to sanction scheme.
At a special meeting of the Kilrush, Co. Clare, Urban Council a report was read from Mr. P. F. K. Dobbin, B.E. and adopted in relation to a catchment scheme for a water supply at half the cost of the original scheme, for which a loan and grant had been sanctioned by the Department on the grounds that work would be commenced before March 31st next.
Mr. P. Tubridy, C E, stated that in the original scheme, which would cost £15,000, 4½ miles of piping would be required. In the present scheme, half a mile would suffice.
Mr. Nagle said that they would neither get a grant nor a loan for not going on with the work.
A resolution was passed asking the Department to sanction the scheme, Mr. Nagle dissenting.

1926 6th November (IT).
Solicitor's Big Bill!
Kilrush Rural District Council, on its abolition, left unpaid, except for the sum of £100 paid on account, a bill amounting to £2484-16s-6d for law costs extending over a period of twelve years. At a meeting of the Clare County Council, it was intimated that the late Council's solicitor, Mr. M. Killeen, had agreed to accept £1,700 in full discharge of the account.

1927 26th April (IT).
Kilrush Urban Council has decided to present an address of welcome to Mr. Patrick Hogan, T D , in recognition of the interest he took in obtaining a grant of £5,000 to provide a water works scheme for Kilrush.

1929 13th April (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Cappa Pump:
A deputation of Cappa residents attended to press for the erection of a pump in Upper Cappa instead of the existing one which has been out of order for the last two years.----

1929 6th July (II) & (CC) on 13th July
Water Supply Bad: but Kilrush not worried.
Dr. Phyllis Ryan, Public Analyst, reported to Kilrush UDC that she had analysed the samples of water sent to her by the Council, from the new water scheme installed, and found it contaminated and not fit for human consumption. On the recommendation of the medical officer of health, Dr. Daly, the supply from the public pumps was previously analysed and also found not fit for use.
Mr. Crotty: I have been drinking the pump water for 50 years and it has never yet done me any harm. If away from home I would think, I could not get a decent drink of water until I would return.
Mr. Carmody:….. If that was true, we should be all dead years ago.
Mr. O'Brien: ……But you can't go behind the analyst's reports.
Mr. Ryan: ………Carry on: don’t mind them; the water in Kilrush killed no one yet.

1929 7th August (IT).
Clare Councillor's Claim:-His expenses to Dublin Celebrations.
At the fortnightly meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council an application was received from Councillor William O'Brien for the sum of £5-4s expenses for attending the O'Connell centenary celebrations in Dublin on behalf of the Council.
Mr. Carmody strongly objected to paying Mr. O'Brien anything. The Chairman (Mr. Nagle) and the Clerk (Mr. Murphy) had also attended the centenary and had not applied for expenses.
Mr. Ryan-….if Mr. O'Brien gets his expenses I propose that the Chairman and Clerk get theirs also.
The Chairman-…. It was only at the last meeting of the Council that Mr. O'Brien strongly opposed the granting of 1s per week extra to a labouring man.
Mr. Hughes held Mr. O'Brien was entitled to his expenses.
Mr. Carmody-…There was not a word about expenses at the time the deputation was appointed. Had Mr. O'Brien mentioned then about expenses he (the speaker) would not object now.
On a poll been taken, the application was defeated by four votes to three.
On Mr. O'Brien voting for his application, Mr. Carmody objected stating that it was “not cricket”. Mr. O'Brien withdrew his vote.

1930 26th June (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council:
--Proposed by Councillor Joseph P Hughes seconded by Councillor Michel Carmody. “That as a means towards helping future generations of West Clare people to forget the evils of landlordism under which their forefathers suffered that this council herewith decrees that the streets of Kilrush be renamed” -------.

1930 21st August (IT).
Council's Resignation.
At a meeting of Kilrush (Co. Clare) Urban Council it was proposed by Councillor Thomas Moore and seconded by Councillor Joseph Hughes. “That in view of the action of the Appointments' Commissioners, in the selection of a solicitor for appointment to the Urban District Council and the fact that the Urban Council had already appointed a fully qualified solicitor, that the Council resign as a protest, and that the citizens of the town be notified by public meeting of the intention of the Council” The motion to resign was carried by six votes to three.

1930 8th September (IT).
Kilrush Council Carries On.
A meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council was held on Friday night. Nine members were present out of the total of twelve, including some of those who were supposed to have resigned on August 14th as a protest against the action of the Local Government Department in calling upon them to ratify the appointment of Mr. M. J. McMahon as solicitor. It will be recalled that the Council by a majority elected Mr. Patrick O'Shea to this office. Then the Local Government Department directed that the matter be referred to the Local Appointments Commissioners. This was done and the Commissioners recommended Mr. McMahon's appointment on the grounds of longer experience. By six to three votes the Council declined to ratify this, and resigned as a protest. On a poll it was decided by the casting vote of the chairman to comply with the order of the Local Government Department.

1931 6th June (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council; Market House:
The contractor Mr. Michael Brennan,has already made splendid progress with the erection of the new Market House or Town hall and, when finished, a fine building will replace the dilapidated eyesore which has so long disfigured the central square.----
Other Improvements:
An important improvement during the past year has been the acquisition of a public abattoir at a cost of £100. There all butchers must kill their beasts paying a fee for the privilege and the meat is inspected before it can be removed for sale.
The Council are at present engaged in dredging the harbour at Cappa, nine men being employed on the work. Merchants had long been complaining that on account of the accumulating of sand and silt it was becoming difficult to discharge cargoes. ---.

1931 20th August (IT).
Tenders Wanted.
By Kilrush Urban District Council, by 21st August, for the erection of 24 four-roomed houses.

1931 21st November (CC).
Big Kilrush Grant.
£5,800 has been granted to Kilrush for the building of 24 four-roomed houses under the Workmen's Housing Act. ---
Kilrush Work-less:
Kilrush Council decided to co-operate with the County Council in asking the Government for a grant to provide work for 240 work-less men in Kilrush. Failing this grant the Council will expend £105 in Christmas relief work. ---

1932 25th May (IT).
A Site for Factories:-Kilrush Council's Claim.
Mr. S. Lemass, Minister for Industry and Commerce, yesterday evening received a deputation from the Kilrush Urban Council, who urged the advantages of Kilrush as a centre for a bacon factory and a beet factory. The deputation was introduced by Deputies Hogan (Clare) and S. O'Grady.
The Minister asked for considered plans on the subject, which he would be glad to consider.
The same deputation waited on the Minister for Local Government with regard to a sewerage scheme for Kilrush: for which the Minister promised a grant when plans and particulars as to cost were put before him.

1933 17th February (II).
Partial Sewerage Scheme for the Town of Kilrush.
The above Council invites Tenders from experienced Public Works Contractors for the installation of a Partial Sewerage Works, consisting of a Purification Works and Pipe Lines,etc for the Town of Kilrush,Co Clare in accordance with Drawings and Specifications which may be inspected at the Office of the undersigned.----
The successful contractor must undertake to employ the workmen though the local Labour Exchange Office and to pay the local trade union rate of wages. ----
Dated this day 15th day of February, 1933
By order of the Council.
James C. Clancy, Town Clerk
Town Hall, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1933 17th June (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council.
The Kilrush Urban Council has received sanction for the building of a further 22 houses making a total of 122 houses built by the Council. Mr M. Barry, contractor, Kilrush was the contractor for the building of 10 houses for £3,034. ---.

1934 5th May (CC).
Blessing of Houses.
The above “photograph “was taken on the occasion of the blessing of 22 houses recently erected by the Kilrush Urban Council for tenants who were displaced by the Clearance of Slums in the Crawford Street (Grace Street) area. The adults in the group are (left to right) Mr. P Tubridy,C.E (Engineer to the Council) Mr. J. Clancy, Town Clerk: Mr. P. Barry,contractor,Mr. T. Nagle,P.C. Chairman of the Council., Very Rev. Canon Hogan,P.P. who officiated at the ceremony,W.J. Black The Boy Scouts in the picture are members of St. Senan's (2nd Clare Troop).

1934 28th June (Irish Press).
Kilrush Urban Council:
Twelve Seats: -West Ward- Elected:-Michael McMahon (FF): Gerard Griffin (FF): Stephen Dowling (Ratepayers):M.D.Glynn (Ratepayers): John Clancy (Lab): Patk. Brassil (Lab).
East Ward; - Matthew Fennell (FF): John Lillis (Ratepayers): Thomas Clohessy (Ind): Thomas Nagle (Lab): J.P. Hughes (Lab): Patk. Scanlan (Lab).
State of parties: Lab., 5; F.F., 3; Others 4.

1935 31st January (Irish Press).
Kilrush Harbour Master:
At Kilrush Harbour Board meeting a letter was received from the L.G. Dept. refusing to sanction Mr. A. Bourke as Harbour Master at £3 per week. Considering the duties, the Minister considered that £104 per year would be sufficient.
The Board decided to re-advertise the position.

1935 18th September (Irish Press).
Water Condemned: Kilrush decides to fall back on pumps,
A report stating that sewage and vegetable contamination had rendered the local water supply unfit for drinking purposes was placed before the Kilrush (Co. Clare) Urban Council.
It was pointed out that a filtration scheme had already cost the ratepayers £18,000,and the Council decided to ask the Local Government Department to hold a sworn inquiry into the matter.
The engineer was directed to re-open two pumps in the meantime, a member stating that “ the people might as well drink one kind of condemned water as the other”

1936 25th April (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council; -----Housing Advertisements.
The committee as deputed by the Council in connection with the engineer directed the advertisements be issued as follows for the erection of 64 houses:
Grace Street Area: 32 houses one tender for two blocks of 12 and one tender for one block of 8 houses.
Old Workhouse Site: One tender for one block of 16 houses and one tender for a second block of 16 houses.

1936 7th May (IT)
Kilrush Urban Council accepted the tenders of Mr. P. C. McMahon,Ennis,at £8,288, for erection of 32 houses in Grace Street, and £8,444 for erection of 32 houses on the old Workhouse site, and £520 for water, roads and sewerage works.

1937 17th February (II)
Kilrush UDC,at the request of the local GAA Club, directed their surveyor to make provision for two sites for ball-alleys in the clearance areas.
Kilrush Housing needs:
Dr. Daly,M.O. in a report to Kilrush UDC gave the number of houses erected and occupied as 116,while 64 were being erected under previous schemes and the further number required as 158.
Dr. MacCarthy, County M.O.H in a report on his survey of the housing needs of the town, congratulated the Council on the efficient and business-like manner in which it was handling the housing problem-------.

1937 8th May (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council—Clearance Orders Etc.
Malthouse and Tan Yard (Lanes)1936. This order is now confirmed by the Minister. Areas, which the council intend to be demolished and cleared.
Pound Street order:
Order confirmed by the Minister by compulsory purchase of north side of Pound Street and Pella Road. Plans and specifications submitted for the erection of 46 houses on these sites----.

1937 16th October (CC).
Kilrush Council.--- Work at Cappa Pier.
Mr. P. Tubridy, Town Surveyor, reported that the work proceeding at Cappa Pier would be completed in 12 to 14 weeks but as funds were exhausted he stopped the work, but pointed out that it was most important to have it completed.----.

1937 16th December (Irish Press).
Closing of a Hospital:
Kilrush Urban District Council, on the motion of Mr, J. P. Hughes, Co.C. seconded by Mr. M. McMahon,Co.C., chairman, passed a resolution protesting against the closing down of Kilrush fever Hospital and the “severe hardships inflicted on the patients of West Clare, who have to be removed to Ennis owing to the insufficient accommodation in the General Hospital, Kilrush.”

1938 16th April (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council. -- Tenders Sanctioned.
A letter was red from the Department of Local Government sanctioning the tender of Messrs. McManus and Mangan,Ballina,for the erection of twenty houses on the Pound Street site at £5,784 plus £89-10s for the installation of the water main by the same builder.---.

1939 18th January (II).
Kilrush Clash with E.S.B
When a letter was read from the E.S.B. seeking the approval of Kilrush Urban Council to the proposed new charges for the public lighting of the town, the Council decided to adhere to their former decision-to pay a sum equal to that to the old company, with a pro rata increase for extra lights.------.

1939 28th January (CC).
Kilrush Clearance Area.
Families from the Glen and Crag section of the Clearance Area in Kilrush are about to being moved into 20 new houses completed by the Kilrush Urban Council on the old workhouse site. The average all-in cost of these houses is £317 towards which a subsidy of two-thirds of the loan charges on a maximum of £300 is available.-----------.

1939 1st April (CC).
Water Sewage Attendant.
A letter was read from the Council's Engineer (Mr P. Tubridy C.E.) recommending Mr. Wm. O’Donnell, McCarthy Street, Kilrush for the position of Water and Sewage attendant to the Kilrush Urban Council-----.

1939 27th May (CC).
Kilrush Hospital: Protest against Centralisation.
Mr. J. P. Hayes Co. C has forwarded us (Kilrush Urban Council) a letter dealing with fears expressed at a meeting of the Clare Board of Health that the policy of the L.G.D. was to centralise hospital services in Ennis and to close down such institutions as the Kilrush District Hospital ---.

1939 28th October (CC).
Rent of New Houses.
---Sanction was received from the Department to the proposal of the Council to fix a rent of 4/- and 4/6 per week on the new houses in Pound Street.-----.

1939 8th November (II).
Kilrush Wants Grant.
The Council asked the Minister for Finance to give a special grant for expenditure in Kilrush. Mr J. P. Hughes pointing out that as a result of the shipping standstill caused by the war about 300 workers had been dis-employed in the town.

1939 2nd December (CC).
Plots in Kilrush.
No less than 60 applicants for allotments have been received by the Kilrush Urban Council. Over fifty are from unemployed or only casually employed but there are half a dozen applicants in regular work anxious for an opportunity to till allotments in their spare time and grow vegetables etc. for the use of their families.---.

1940 16th November (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Vote of sympathy.
-----To Austin and Sinon McMahon of Scattery Island on the death of their sons following the torpedoing of the ship on which they were employed. Proposed by Mr. Brazil seconded by Chairman.--- ( The ship was the SS Kerry Head sunk by German aircraft bombs on 22nd October 1940 off the Cork coast)

1943 20th November (CC).
Kilrush Town Hall.
The official opening of the newly constructed Town Hall in Kilrush took place on Sunday evening last 14th inst. Mr Thomas Nagle. P C ,Chairman of the Urban Council on behalf of the contractor presented a suitably inscribed key to the County manager (Mr D O'Keeffe) who formally declared the building open---.

1944 1st January (CC)
Cappagh Road Bend. (Kilrush Urban Affairs).
The engineer reported that owing to the shortage of material at present in Kilrush area there was no possible chance of repairing the road at Cappagh. There were no half-broken stones since the summer months ---.

1944 30th September (CC)
Laying New Footpaths.
The Kilrush Urban Council has been notified that a grant of £410 (with a local contribution of £50) has been allocated out of the Employment and Emergency Schemes Vote for expenditure on three proposals submitted by them. These are for laying of concrete footpaths on the eastern side of Toler St. From Toler St corner to Hector St corner and the northern side of O'Gorman St to return by Pella Road.------------.

1946 26th January (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council: Butcher's Shops. The following report was read from Mr. J A Kelly V. S. “In accordance with your instructions I visited the meat shops at Moore Street, Kilrush occupied by Messrs. Allender and O'Mahony both premises are suitable as meat shops ----.

1946 29th March (IT).
The combined rate adopted by Kilrush U.D.C. Is 22s-3d, against 21s last year.

1946 30th March (CC).
All Plots Tilled: The Council's 94 plots under the Allotment Scheme have been engaged and there is a possibility of securing eight additional plots as applications for them have been received from ex-servicemen of the Defence Forces. The development of the plots is now well advanced in nearly all cases while the early cabbage plants have been distributed to the plot holders -----.

1946 26th April (IT).
Rate Collection Record:-
At the monthly meeting of the Kilrush Urban Council, the clerk reported that out of the total warrant of £6,023-10s for the town and poor rate, the rate collector had lodged to March 31st ,£5,206-1s-9d. This is the best collection on record.

1946 31st August (CC).
Caretaker Appointed: Mr A Burke has been appointed caretaker for the month of September of the bathing shelter at Cappa. There was no caretaker appointed for the month of August because the work of erecting the shelter had not been completed. Next year the Council will appoint a caretaker from the month of May to the month of September.

1947 11th January (CC).
Kilrush Council seek Grant: Water and Sewerage Scheme.------ The gross total is estimated as £35,615-1-6 and is made up as follows:
Augmentation of source of supply £11,999-10s Extention of Filtration Plant and Clear Water storage reservoir £4,921-10s Extention of main to Cappa £3,581-10s do to Leadmore £916-10s
Scraping and cleaning of existing distribution mains 7,200 yards at £100 per 1000 yards £720 Resident Engineer £500.
Sewerage Schemes: Improvements to disposal works £3,893-10s Sewerage system for Cappa £4,239-2-6 Sewerage extention to Leadmore £1,910-7-6 Sewerage extention along the Cappa Road £2,533-1-6 Resident Engineer £400. Total £35,615-1-6. ------------

1947 23rd January (IT).
No Telephone for Islanders.
The Minister for Posts and Telegraphs has informed Kilrush (Co. Clare) Urban Council that no public telephone facilities can be provided on Scattery Island, three miles from the mainland, as there is no post office on the island and the opening of one would not be warranted.

1947 14th February (IT).
Council Objects to Appointment.
All the members of the Kilrush Urban Council, with the exception of the chairman, Mr. Thomas Nagle,left the meeting of that body as a protest against a non-resident being appointed to the post of rent and toll collector, instead of one of three applicants from Kilrush.
When Mr. Hughes proposed that it was the considered opinion of the people of Kilrush that a local man, with suitable qualifications and Army service have been appointed, the County Manager said he was tied by the regulations, and could do nothing except to refer the matter to the Department.
Following the County Manager's statement. The members left in a body as a protest.

1947 11th April (IT).
“Cut More Turf” Appeal to people in West Clare.
Mr. P.T. Murphy, organiser, Bord Na Mona, addressing a meeting of the Urban Council, Progress Association, and merchants, at the Town Hall, Kilrush, appealed to them to use their influence with turf producers to cut more turf this year. He asked merchants to purchase turf early from producers in order to provide ready cash and make way for a second, and possibly a third, cutting of turf. There was, he said, no prospect of receiving coal.
The meeting assured Mr. Murphy of its full co-operation, and undertook to approach the local clergy with a view to having an appeal made to people to cut more turf this season.

1949 5th March (CC).
Kilrush Clearance Orders. That the Kilrush Urban Council had built 240 houses since 1931 and six prior to that year, and that the Council still think they require more houses of the same type was disclosed at a sworn inquiry at Kilrush on Wednesday called by the Minister for Local Government as to the propriety of confirming clearance orders made by the Urban Council in connection with Burton St and Stewart St.----.

1950 24th January (IT).
Housing Loan:- Kilrush Urban Council has decided to raise a loan of £52,000 for the erection of 41 houses in the town.

1950 27th March (IT).
Reason Why:-Increased valuation has enabled Kilrush Urban Council to reduce its rate this year from 31s to 30s-6d.

1950 21st June (IT)
Tenders: Notice to Builders, Kilrush Urban District Council.
Tender for Erection of 41 Houses at Burton Street, Chapel Street, Steward Street, and Pound Street,Kilrush.
The Urban Council invite Tenders from Competent Building Contractors for the erection of 41 houses at above------------------. “Tenders for Houses” and addressed to the Clare County Manager, c/o J C Clancy Esq,Town Clerk, Town Hall, Kilrush,Co. Clare.--.

1950 2nd October (Irish Press).
Kilrush U.D.C.
At Kilrush Urban Council, Mr. Gerald Griffin (Lab) was elected Chairman, and Mr. Stephen Gorman (Lab), Vice-Chairman.

1951 24th February (IT).
Fewest applications ever for Urban Council plots were 46 at Kilrush (Clare) last week. Last year's figure was 67. Plots, convenient to town, guarantee food supplies all year round. Seed,ploughing,manuring and spraying are all supplied free.

1953 11th July (IT).
Kilrush, Co. Clare. Urban Council has appealed to consumers to go easy on water supplies. The Knockerra Lake is so low that the Council may have to pump the water. Watering of gardens,
washing of houses, motor-cars, etc., is forbidden under threat of prosecution.

1957 23rd October (IT).
Kilrush's view on free port idea:
The Minister for Industry and Commerce is being asked by Kilrush Urban Council to consider the claims of the Lower Shannon, and the port of Kilrush in particular, in the event of a free sea-port being established in the country.
Mr. Stephen O'Gorman,vice-chairman,said he thought that no more suitable area than Kilrush could be found. There was an unlimited depth of water just outside the port.
The chairman, Mr. Gerald Griffin, said that it had been mentioned that a free port on the lines of Danzig in the pre-war years, was to be established. The people of Kilrush were prepared to cooperate with Foynes or Limerick for the establishment of the port on the Lower Shannon.

1957 28th December (IT).
Wall disappears stone by stone:
About 400 yards of a wall some six feet high in the town of Kilrush is being removed stone by stone, but Kilrush Urban Council can do nothing to prevent the occurrence as it does not own the wall, and efforts to find the owner have failed. The council wrote to the agent for the Vandeleur estate but he disclaimed responsibility, as have C.I.E. and Clare County Council.
At a meeting of the council, the Town Clerk, Mr. James C. Clancy, said that the wall was a boundary between the main road to Cappa and the railway line. Records in the offices of the Clare County Council extending over a period of 84 years had been searched but no trace could be found of the council building the wall.
If the council finds the owner, it will compel him to repair the wall.

1958 22nd January (Irish Press).
Kilrush dislikes arty. bearded men.
When Kilrush Urban Council discussed a Board Failte proposal that the town take part in the “Tidiest Town” contest, the chairman said he wanted no “arty type of official with a beard” going to Kilrush to inspect the town. He considered they would be better off “without his likes”.
The Council decided to take no action on the proposal.

1958 23rd December (IT).
The moon shone:- Kilrush,Co. Clare, has no effective lighting system and the moon shone when urban councillors went out to find out how many extra lamps were required.

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