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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Court Sessions 1833 - 1899

Includes notes from the Kilrush Petty and Quarter Sessions and the Kilrush District and Circuit Courts. Petty Sessions were originally held by Justices of the Peace, (J.P.) who were lay people, and in Ireland typically members of the Protestant Ascendancy, as preliminary hearings for Quarter Sessions. The District Court was established by the Courts of Justice Act 1924 to replace the Courts of Petty Sessions. The business of the District Court can be divided into four categories: criminal, civil, family law and licensing. The Circuit Court was established again in 1924 to replace the courts of the Crown and Peace. The Circuit Court is a court of limited and local jurisdiction and its work can be divided into four categories: civil, criminal, family law and jury service.

1833 11th April (CJ).
Kilrush Sessions:
The following is a calendar of the convictions that took place:
James McGuire: For riot and assault: imprisonment for 6 months.
John McGuire: For riot and assault: imprisonment for 6 months.
Catherine Garahy: For riot and assault: imprisonment for 4 months.
Thomas Frawley: For assault: Imprisonment for 4 months
Simon MacMahon: For assault: Imprisonment for 4 months
John Bourke: For assault: Imprisonment for 6 months
Edmund O'Neill: Provocation: imprisonment for 1 month --------------.

1834 10th November (CJ).
A murder was committed on the 18th ult., at Kilrush, which shows at what value human life is esteemed in this Country. A man named Darby Glynn was at the Sessions and had some proceedings with a man named Michael Ryan. Ryan employed two men to beat Glynn and the price agreed was three glasses of whiskey each. They gave the unfortunate man such a beating that he died on the 27th. The two men named Comyn and O'Neill were arrested on the spot and Ryan has been taken by the exertion of Mr. Blake, Chief Constable. One of them turned informer.

1837 9th January (CJ).
The following is the new arrangement of the sessions' divisions and towns in this county:
From and after the present sessions the present division of Kilrush is to constitute two districts one to be called the district of Kilrush, and to consist of the baronies of Moyarta, Clonderlaw and all the barony of Ibrickane except the parish of Kilfarboy: four sessions in the year to be held for that district in Kilrush. ---.

1839 25th April (CJ).
Rule of Court at Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
John Kinnane, Mary O'Brien and Bridget Corey: for robbery: - to be transported for seven years. Catherine Haugh: for larceny: - to be imprisoned for seven days. Patrick Connors for larceny: - two months. John Hayes for assault: - five days. Michael Haneen for larceny: - a fortnight.

1840 2nd January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions on Tuesday:
--- Irwin W Paterson, Esq also charged several persons in his employment with conspiring to defraud him by purchasing inferior corn and selling it again to him at the highest market rates.

1840 23rd January (CJ).
Rule of Court at Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
James Grady assault on Michael McInerney six months confinement: Simon McGrath and John Hanrahan assault on Malachy Mescall at Doonbeg three months each: ------.
1843 13th November (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Captain Scotland, master of the “Helen Scott”, summoned Pat Rochford, Harbour Master, for cutting his hawsers whereby his vessel was put to much inconvenience as also the firm of John Kelly and Co. who had barley shipped on board, which is liable to heat from the detention.-- Magistrates reprimanded Rochford severely for his conduct.---

1848 6th November (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
Thomas Coughlan, horse stealing, to be transported for 10 years.
Bartholomew Kennedy, Kilkee, larceny to be transported for 7 years.
John Wright, sheep stealing, to be transported for 7 years.
Bridget Brew, larceny, to be transported for 7 years.
John Hehir, Pat Hehir and Michael Morgan assault on a civil bill officer in discharging his duty, 12 months each in prison.
John McMahon, stealing an ass, 6 months in prison.
Anne Coffee and Mary Blood, petty larceny, 2 months each in prison.

Civil Bill entries: 1067
Ejectment entries: 56
Crown cases: 87

1850 Thom's Directory @
Petty Sessions Courts:
Kilrush- Monday: John Armitage (Clerk).

1850 23rd May (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: The Palm Oil Case.
A case, which excited considerable interest in this neighbourhood, was brought before the Bench today. The magistrates presiding were Colonel Vandeleur, Captain Studdert, R.N., and R. H. Borough, Esq.
A large quantity of palm oil had been cast upon the coast around Kilkee some time since being a portion of cargo of the “Commerce” wrecked near that coast. --- The people along the shore seized --- quantity of the valuable commodity-- and the prosecution case was at the suit of Frederick Wm. Trevor Esq, Collector of Her Majesty's Customs-- against Francis, Pat, Edward and Ellen Allender.-- As the persons did not appear warrants were issued for their apprehension.
(The “Commerce” was wrecked on the Blaskets on the 3rd April 1850).

1850 4th November (CJ).
At the Kilrush Sessions, which terminated on Thursday three persons were sentenced to transportation for 15 years and two others for 10 years each for cow stealing. The three who were sentenced to 15 years transportation, all of whom were young girls of bad character, had stones concealed in their hands while in the dock with the design of doing violence to his worship.---.

1851 3rd April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
On the bench: Colonel Vandeleur, Captain Studdert, R.N. and James Little Esq, R.M.:
Thomas Markham was summoned by Pat Rochford, Harbour-Master for assault and he was fined £1.

1851 2nd June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- James Sheehan summoned Mr. James Sidley, master of a vessel for assault. --- Mr. Sheehan, watchmaker to that town. --- Mr. Sidley was fined 5s and costs of 6d or 14 days imprisonment.

1851 20th June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
R H Borough was the only magistrate on the bench.
-- Francis Lillis for having vegetables in his possession for which he could not account was sentenced to two months hard labour or pay a fine of £3. He was arrested in a garden of Mr. Paterson's about the hour of twelve o'clock in the night.
--- Thomas Moroney, master shoe-maker summoned Thomas Quilty a journeyman for leaving employment without finishing his work. ----

1851 29th December (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Pat Keating, Martin Honan, Timothy McCarthy and Michael Halloran for deserting the workhouse, were each sentenced to 14 days hard labour in the County jail.
-- Pat Scanlon was fined £2-10s and 6d costs for having in his possession stones which were taken off the battlement of Blackweir Bridge, or two months imprisonment. -- money paid in court.

1852 2nd September (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The court was densely crowded and great interest was excited in consequence of it being known that Mr. Trevor, the Collector of Customs for the Limerick district was to prosecute the Captain of the Ellen Forestall (Captain Banbury) and also Denis Culligan, pilot to the same vessel on a charge of smuggling---

1852 13th September (CJ).
The case of the prosecution of the master of the brig Ellen Forestall for having contraband tobacco on board was before the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Thursday. The magistrate convicted the master Cornelius Banbury in a penalty of £100 and Denis Culligan and James Kinnane, river pilots for aiding and assisting, in a like penalty. --- The parties in default of payment were escorted to Ennis Jail by a party of Coast Guards.
The vessel is the property of Messrs. McNamara and Shaw of the town (Ennis).

1852 7th October (CJ).
Cornelius Banbury, captain of the Ellen Forestall was yesterday discharged from Ennis Goal he having paid the full penalty.

1855 22nd January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
--- Johanna Daly was indicted for stealing a shawl the property of Mr. M. H. Talbot of Kilrush on the 28th of November last: -- verdict not guilty.
--Anne Cunningham was sentenced to three months imprisonment from her committal for stealing a woollen shawl the property of Mr. W. Peacock, of Kilrush on the 23rd of December.---

1856 8th June (CJ).
This day an important investigation is being held in Kilrush before the local Bench of Magistrates into the assault of the police a fortnight ago at the hearing of the case of Denny, the Scripture Reader against the Rev Mr. Hannon, C.C., of Carrigaholt.

1856 14th July (CJ).
Clare Assizes: -Thursday: The Kilrush Rioters:
-- His Lordship passed the following sentence on John Slattery: Thomas Gorman: Pat Curtin: John Rochford: Bridget Keane: Honora Morony and Anne Donnellan. —each to be imprisoned for three months.--

--- Denis McAuliffe and Corney Moloney convicted of obstructing navigation on the River Shannon – discharged on bail—in the meantime to remove the obstruction.

1857 13th August (CJ).
At the last Sessions of Kilrush, the case of 32 passengers saved from the ship St Clive, from Tralee to Quebec, which sailed on the 12th June and foundered about six days after, was brought to the magistrates by Captain Ellis, Government Emigration Agent of Limerick port but the investigation was postponed as six weeks should have expired which is given to the owner, charterer, &c, to find them another ship. ----.

1858 15th March (CJ).
-- At Kilrush Petty Sessions Thady McNamara was sentenced to two months’ imprisonment with hard labour for leaving his employers service and Michael Canty to two months’ imprisonment for taking forcible possession.

1859 5th December (CJ).
-- At the last Petty Sessions at Kilrush, the police charged Mr. B. Crowley, Licensed Publican, with having persons in his house at 20 minutes past 11 and at 12 o’clock on Saturday the 19th inst.

1860 18th May (IT).
At last Kilrush petty sessions, James Liddane was fined £5 for killing a hare without licence.

1860 27th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
---- The Shannon Commissioners v John Molony, Michael Moloney and Martin Walsh, carmen for forcibly entering the Revenue Pier at Cappa on the 8th inst., Pat Rochford, Harbour Master, prosecuted. --- Fined 5s each and costs. ----

1861 Report from Commissioners, by Great Britain Parliament, House of Commons.1862. @
Committals to and Expenses of Bridewells, in the Year 1861.--Kilrush.

Bridewell Number of Committals Of whom were Drunkards Number supported at Public Expense Number of meals actually issued. Cost of Meals. Cost of straw, Candles, Fuel,etc. Amount of incidental Expenses Keeper's and Matron's Salaries during the Year Total. Cost of Dietary per head per day.
Kilrush 84 Male 25 Female 19 Male 6 Female 80 Male 25 Female 847 £9-14-1¼ £6-0-0 £11-7-9 £30-0-0 £57-1-10¼ 5.75 M 5.25 F

1862 15th January (IT).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: - The Clare Journal says:
So weighty a session as the present one (for the business is not yet disposed of) has not been held in Kilrush for many years. The number of decrees taken out (many of which will not be worth the expense incurred) show as clearly as possible the frightful state of insolvency to which this part of the country is reduced. Near 4,000 processes were entered.

1863 26th March (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
At those sessions on Monday a number of persons were charged with rioting and disorderly conduct in Kilrush on the 10th instant. All cases having been satisfactorily proven, seven of the parties were sentenced to one month’s imprisonment each with hard labour and three other were ordered to pay a fine of £1 each and 2s-6d costs. --- The Stipendiary Magistrate was Mr. McCullagh. –

1863 10th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Monday:
Magistrates: Colonel Vandeleur, M.P., Chairman: Richard Studdert, Benjamin Cox, R.H. Borough and R.W.C. Reeves.
The Case of Mary Madigan who was brought up in remand charged with having stolen a silver spoon from the house of Mr. Borough at Cappa, which she broke and hid it in a dunghill, occupied the house for a long time. --- Case was dismissed --- she had broken the spoon and was hiding it with a view to getting it fixed. —
The constabulary summoned Thomas Hennessy for assaulting the police. It appeared that he went to the cricket ground and got drunk, and behaved in an indecent manner. He struck one of the police when putting him off a car. --- Fined 10s and costs ---

1864 21st January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Yesterday four male prisoners were committed from Kilrush Petty Sessions to the county gaol charged with passing base coin and now await trial at the next assizes.

1864 25th January (CJ).
--- Sub-Constables Elliott and Neylon against seven little boys for kicking an Indian rubber football in a field after 3 o’clock p.m. on Sunday the 10th inst., in violation of the Act for the better observance of the Sabbath. – They were let off on paying one-shilling costs each. –

1865 30th October (CJ).
--- Among the defended cases, there were some sad exhibitions of fraternal disagreements, half-brothers and whole brothers, selfish children and close-fisted fathers trying by legal assistance- and subtle ingenuity to over-reach each other.

1869 8th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
On the 6th inst., from Kilrush Petty Sessions Thomas Hennessy, alias Beckham (a notorious offender) for stealing clothes to be imprisoned for 6 months. --- .

1869 24th May (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Assault near Kilrush --- a young woman Mary McMahon was brought before Mr. McCullough R.M., at Kilrush Petty Sessions on Tuesday last charged with having violently assaulted another woman named Mary McLaughlin with an instrument called a “billhook”. ---.

1870 24th March (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- On the 18th inst., Simon Keane for assaulting his wife – imprisonment for one month.
Ellen McMahon for stealing a quilt – imprisonment for one month.
Thomas Hennessy (alias Beckham) for drunkenness a most notorious and incorrigible delinquent to be imprisoned for 9 days.

1870 25th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Indecent Conduct: At last Kilrush Petty Sessions a charge was preferred against Mr. Granville Elliott for having intentionally exposed his person before females in Moore Street. --- trial to be sent to the assizes. --- Bail £100 and two sureties of £50 each.

1870 14th July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Thomas Hennessy (alias the notorious Beckham) for assaulting a policeman 4 months.
Clare Summer Assizes:
- Granville Elliott of Kilrush, an elderly gentleman -- indecently exposing his person --- six months hard labour and a fine of £50 to the Queen. ---

1870 1st August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty sessions:
- Richard Eyers for assault --- one month imprisonment.
-- Martin Clohessy for stealing fruit ---- seven days imprisonment.

1870 29th July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The magistrates have returned for trial at Ennis Assizes a blind fiddler named Luke Guinane, and John Halloren, Robert Walsh Nolan, M Birmingham and Martin Keane for being in a party of about sixty men who associated for the purpose of drilling on the night of the 15th inst., and marched through the town two deep, filing out at the different points by word of command. ---

1870 19th December (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Several persons prosecuted by the Sanitary Inspector for keeping pigs at their place of residence were fined by the magistrates.
-- Mary Burke --- two months for assaulting a policeman.

1871 17th April (CJ).
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions, which opened on Friday, before Michael O’Shaughnessy, Esq. Queens Council-Chairman. There were 155 civil bills and 13 ejectments for hearing.

1872 16th September (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
On the bench R.H. Borough, N.S. O’Gorman, B.L., B. Cox, J.T. Butler and R.W. Borough Esq.
Clancy v Madigan about a few perches of land in dispute –bench suggested arbitration.
-- Stephen Cunningham prosecuted Michael Gorman for non-fulfilment of contract by refusing to give the plaintiff fourteen days’ work out of each quarter of the year --- Gorman was ordered to fulfil contract.

1874 30th July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
At the last Kilrush petty Sessions a farmer from Dromellihy was prosecuted by Mr. Carmody, butter merchant, for having sold to him a cask which was dishonestly made up, it contained five or six quarts of pickle. – fined £1.
--- Mr. John Egan, butter merchant, --- said he knew several buyers to have been swindled. ---.

1874 26th November (FJ).
A Caution to Sportsmen.
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Tuesday, before Colonel Vandeleur, D.L., (chairman), Counsellor O'Gorman, Major Studdert, Randal Borough, Robert Holmes Borough, Thomas Butler, R.M., Esqs, and the Sub-Inspector, Mr. Cameron, a case of interest to sportsmen and others occupied the attention of the bench. At the suit of Captain Stackpoole, a man named James Clancy, residing at Moyasta, near Kilrush, was prosecuted for carrying arms and shooting down a crane on the plaintiff's estate. A farmer named Purtill, one of Capt. Stacpoole's tenants proved to the satisfaction of the magistrates that Clancy killed the crane and of previously warning the defendant off the land. The magistrates, after some consultation, ordered the defendant to pay £3 and costs, but it was afterwards understood that the fine was reduced to £1 and the costs.

1874 26th December (IT).
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Tuesday, the Master of the Workhouse prosecuted an able-bodied pauper for having assaulted him, and threatened to inflict serious injuries. The accused was sentenced to a month's imprisonment.
On Tuesday, Captain C.M. Patterson, Local Inspector of Prisons, in County Clare, made his usual quarterly inspection of the Kilrush Bridewell and reported favourably upon the condition of the entire establishment.

1875 4th January (IT).
Clare:-Charge against a Head-Constable.
At the Kilrush quarter sessions on Saturday, before John O'Hagan, Esq, Q.C., Head-Constable Mahony late of Knock station, now Kilkee was prosecuted by a man named Michael Morrissy, of Kilrush, for damages sustained by alleged false arrest on the 22nd October last. ------- His Lordship said it was clear that Morrissey never intended to steal the cheque, and he would accordingly give damages, the head constable having in this instance mistaken the law.

1875 7th January (IT).
Clare:-Kilrush Petty Sessions.
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions yesterday, before Counsellor O'Gorman (chairman), Michael Glynn, Major Studdert, R. H. Borough, and Thomas Butler, R.M., Esq, Honoria McKnight was decreed for over-holding possession of a house in Kilrush. A grocer in Kilrush was prosecuted by Sub-constable Flannery for breach of the Licensing Act, by the alleged selling of liquor to a man who at the time was drunk. This case was dismissed. John Clancy and John Kelly were charged with brutally assaulting a man named Carey, whose skull in the affray was injured. The prisoners were bound over to keep the peace, and heavy fines were also inflicted. A stalwart tramp, who hailed from Ennis, Londonderry, Antrim, Ballinasloe, Ballymahon, Mullingar, Trim and Wexford and claimed each of these places as his home and who further said he belonged to the Trim Militia, was sent to jail by the magistrates for two months, with hard labour.

1875 25th March (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The only cases of interest were several parties who were prosecuted for drunkenness and assaulting the police on St. Patrick’s day and were sent to gaol for periods ranging from one week to two months each.

1875 12th June (FJ).
Consolidated Nisi Prius Court :( before Mr. Baron Deasy and a Common Jury)
The Irish Civil Service Permanent Building Society v Martin Mahony.
This was an inter-pleader issue directed by the Court of Queen's Bench to try the ownership of a quantity of machinery. It appeared that a Mr. Charles Copeland, who resides near Kilrush, in the county of Clare, by lease of the 27th April 1871, took certain house premises in Kilrush for 500 years for the purpose of a cloth mill. Requiring money to carry on this trade, on the 22nd August 1871, he executed a mortgage of the premises and trade fixtures to the trustees of the society, who are plaintiffs in this matter, for a sum of £250, which amount he afterwards got. More recently Mr. Martin Mahony, of the Messrs. Mahony Brothers, Blarney, obtained a judgement against Mr. Copeland for £18 odd and costs, amounting in the “tot” to £22. This was put in the hands of the sheriff of Clare to be levied and be seized Mr. Copeland’s machinery. Having advertised a sale, the plaintiffs gave evidence to the effect that certain of the machinery was fixed to the premises and that all of it was “trade machinery” upon which counsel argued that it was included in the deed of mortgage.

1875 30th December (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Two cases of application to sell spirits were then entertained. – one from John Hooligan, Knock and the other a transfer from James Martin, Kilrush. Both were allowed provisionally until the October Session when all such cases in future are to be disposed of.

1876 11th January (FJ).
The Peace of Clare: Ennis, Monday.
--- At Kilrush neither at the last nor previous sessions was there a criminal case to be disposed of, --------.

1876 27th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The secret attempt at cannibalism: --- The pensioner Roche was then brought forward charged with eating the nose off one J. Mangan, Burton Street, of this town, with whom he lodged.
Roche who is known locally as” man-eater” looked on the proceedings with seeming indifference.--.

1877 12th June (FJ).
Charge against a Sea Captain. Yesterday, at the Kilrush weekly sessions, Captain Michael McGoiffe,of a schooner belonging to the Clyde, and which is taking in a cargo of kelp from Mr. John Egan,Kilrush,was brought up on a charge of drunkenness by the police, and was also charged with assaulting one of them while in the lock-up of the barracks. --- he was fined for both offences, 7s and costs and was told by Mr Michael Glynn that he ought be thankful to the police for taking charge of him on the occasion.

1877 11th October (FJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
Yesterday his worship, John O'Hagan, Esq, Q.C., opened the general quarter sessions for Kilrush town district. His worship was joined on the bench by the following justices of the district: - Mr. Reeves, D.L.: F.N. Burton, D.L.: Michael Glynn, Counsellor O'Gorman, Mathew Kelly, sen.: Mathew Kelly, junr. Thomas Butler,R.M.: Captain E.B.Brown,Captain Ellis, Wm McMahon. The following gentlemen were sworn in:- William Connole (foreman): Synan McAuliffe, Michael S. Brew, Michael Behan, Samuel Bourke, John O’Donnell, Richard B. Sells, Michael O’Donnell, Daniel Moloney, Henry Keane, Garrett Doherty, Charles Keane, Michael Neylon, Edmond Power, John C. Mahony, John S. O’Donnell, George Blackall,P .Killeen, George Mathews, James Bennett.------.

1878 29th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Monday the 26th Colonel Crofton M Vandeleur in the chair:
The only cases of importance before the court were those summoned by Mr. Thomas Slattery for destroying his fruit trees &c. The following young men – now brought into court to be punished. --- for destroying those picturesque and beautiful gardens.—James Meade alias Mish was sentenced to six months as he was considered the father of all blackguard acts in Kilrush, his brother Michael, for being a pupil of his, was sentenced to three months: John Flanagan, Pat O’Brien, John O’Donnell, John Walsh and Sinon McGrath to one month each. Mr. Frawley on being sentenced to seven days turned around to the witness John McInerney stating that when he would come out of jail he would fix him for informing against him,he McInerney being one of the party but in order to escape the punishment of the others appeared against them as a witness. Frawley for threatening McInerney got two months more in addition to the seven days.
--- The above sentences of imprisonment do not appear to have much effect on the youth of Kilrush as the following evening the garden of the Misses Lucas suffered in a similar manner.

1879 23rd August (IT).
The Knife. - At the Kilrush, County Clare, Petty Session, on Monday, before Mr. Benjamin Cox and Mr. T. Butler, R.M., Justices, a young man named J. Breen was charged with stabbing his brother Michael in the abdomen with a knife. The two brothers were employed as tradesmen in the establishment of Mr. John Morony, boot and shoe warehouse, Moore Street, Kilrush, and a quarrel having ensued, the accused, while in a passion, used the knife, which he had cutting leather, which having a very sharp point, went through the apron and the other outer clothing which the assailed wore inflicting on the poor fellow a wound of half an inch in depth. In the absence of some material evidence, the case was adjourned for a week. The occurrence took place but a few days since.

1879 25th September (CJ).
The appointment of a Petty Sessions clerk for the divisions of Kilrush and Knock took place in the Kilrush Courthouse on Monday. The candidates were Messrs Thomas McInerney and Robert Borough. --- Colonel Vandeleur gave the casting vote to Mr. McInerney.

1881 12th May (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Sub-Constable Taylor had Thomas Keating, publican, Henry Street, summoned for having three parties on his premises after legal hours.

1881 21st July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
----- T. Kelly Solr. made an application for a transfer of license from the name of Michael McGrath to that of Morty Morrissey, Vandeleur Street, which was granted.

1881 3rd October (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
Spirit Licenses: Transfers:
Bridget Comyn, Bryan Dwyer, Edmond Griffin, Honora? Keatinge, Michael Madigan, Honora? O’Neill, Margaret O’Gorman, Catherine McInerney and Thomas Roughan.
New Applications:
Michael Madigan, Pat Carey,Michael Curtin,M.Morrissy,Wm. Ryan, James Waters, Mary Garry, James McMahon, John Houlihan, Michael Hough, Michael Nash, Bridget Carmody and John Cahill.---

1882 19th January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Michael Meade, gamekeeper of Kilrush House, had James Halloran of Kilrush, summoned for cutting some trees on the demesne of Captain Hector Vandeleur, on the evening of the 28th December 1881. – Halloran was sent to jail for 14 days or pay a fine of £1.
--- A man James Cleary was sent to jail for seven days for indulging rather freely in “John Jameson’s” barley during the Christmas Holidays.

1883 5th January (IT).
The Rent Question in Kilrush.
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions on yesterday, before County Court Judge Kelly, Colonel Kelly-Kenny had about thirteen of his tenants at Granatuohy processed for a half-year's rent each, up to the 1st November last, on an agreement mutually entered into between him and them whereby the rents were greatly reduced. In this agreement, it was stipulated that all arrears of rent should be paid up to November 1881, and in default of tenants not complying with this, the agreement should be regarded as fallen through. The reason the tenants objected to pay the reduced rents, was that Colonel Kelly-Kenny said he would allow them half the taxes. --------.

1885 2nd July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Hector S. Vandeleur v Pat Hayes.
This was a summons for trespass in that the defendant, on the 11th June, broke down a bank in Hog Island and carried it away which will cause the island to be flooded. ----- dismissed.

1886 28th January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Magistrates: Messrs. Daniel Molony, Chairman and Benjamin Cox. William Chambers, District Inspector occupied a seat on the Bench.
Mr. Chambers had a young man named Patrick Connors, in the employment of Mr. Michael Glynn, J.P., charged with using threatening language to Paddy Lynch(The Jockey) a few days ago.--

1886 7th March (News of the World @ British Library Online Newspapers.)
Malicious Injury to a Mare: The Clare Grand Jury has made a presentment for £80 compensation for malicious injury to a mare, which was killed at the Kilrush Steeplechase. It was the property of Mr. Morris Gleeson, and at the race on the 11th September there was an organised mob to boycott two gentlemen who had horses entered. The presentment sessions allowed £50: but the Grand Jury increased the amount to £80, and allowed £9 for expenses of a veterinary surgeon. The mare received a blow from a stone, which fractured her skull.

1886 18th September (IT).
Alleged Illegal Fishing in the Shannon: - House of Commons-Yesterday.
Mr. Cox asked the Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland if it was a fact that at a Court of Petty Sessions held recently at Kilrush, in the County of Clare, an extensive stake net proprietor named Simon McAuliffe, who is also a member of the Limerick Board of Conservators, was prosecuted for illegally fishing his weirs in the tidal waters during the weekly close time: whether, though the case was clearly proved against him, the magistrates indicted only the minimum penalty of £10, the maximum penalty being £50: whether McAuliffe would be permitted to retain his seat at the Board of Conservators?.

1886 18th October (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
--- Mary Brew v Richard Brew.
The plaintiff deposed that her brother had paid for a grave in the Protestant Churchyard at Kilrush and that the defendant erected a vault which prevented future burials in the plaintiff’s burial ground. --- dismissed.

1887 31st March (CJ).
Mrs Boland, Cappa, was summoned for having persons in her licensed premises on Sunday. – Dismissed: --- they were French sailors.

1888 12th July (CJ).
At a Crimes Act Court at Kilrush on Monday a number of men were prosecuted for stone throwing and assaulting the police. John Masterson was sentenced to three months with hard labour: two farmers named Galvin and McInerney to 14 days imprisonment.----- The bench intimated that it was the police not Kilrush rowdies that would govern Kilrush in future.

1888 11th August (Nation).
The Vandeleur evictions-summonses against Colonel Turner, the Sub-Sheriff, &c., granted:
At the usual weekly Petty Sessions held in Kilrush, the magistrate being Captain Welch,R.M.,and Mr. Michael Glynn,J.P.,on the application of Mr. Hilliard, solicitor, summonses were granted by Mr. Glynn against Colonel Turner, Divisional Magistrate: Captain Croker, Sub-sheriff of Clare: Mr. Hallam G. Studdert, agent: District-Inspector Hill, of Ennis: and Constable Atkinson, of Kilrush, for having, by force and violence, and whilst acting illegally and unlawfully, taken forcible possession of certain houses on the Vandeleur estate, to which Mr. Hilliard's cautionary notices applied in some of the evictions recently carried out.

1888 1st October (CJ).
Kilrush Borough Court:
-- Sergeant Henry Fletcher had a shoemaker named Joseph Breen summoned for being drunk in the public streets on the 13th inst. Fined 1s and costs.----.

1889 7th January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions on Friday Dr. John M. Studdert, Carrigaholt brought a demand for twelve guineas, against the Kilrush Board of Guardians, for examining lunatic cases. --- Dr. Counihan had similar demands on the guardians for examination of lunacy cases, but not pressing his claims he consented to accept half the claims.

1889 17th August (KH).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Act:
Miss O’Donnell, Henry Street was summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act. ----.

1890 24th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Sergeant Joyce v Mortimer Morrissy (Vandeleur Street).
This was a summons for a breach of the Licensing Act.

1890 10th May (KH).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Mr. John Culligan, Mr Thos. S Brew, B.L., Mr. Benjamin Cox and Mr. Andrew Mondes Harper, R.M. were the presiding justices--
Mr. Bryan McMahon, Grocer, Frances Street was fined £1 and costs for an alleged breach of the Sunday Closing Act. ---

1890 12th May (CJ).
The Kilrush Borough Court was held on Friday before Mr. John Culligan, J.P. The Police had several old offenders summoned for drunkenness. Some said that they would take the pledge, others promised to do so.Mr. Culligan took their word and in some cases imposed a nominal fine of one shilling and costs.

1890 10th July (CJ).
Kilrush Borough Court:
At the Kilrush Borough Court on Friday, before Mr. John C. Mahony, a rather curious case was heard.
The town sergeant (Mr. Morrissy) summoned three men named Scully,Connell and Mangan for having in their possession the body of a dead pig pronounced as unsound meat for the use of man.----

Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Constable Bowler had a man named Denis Hayes from Doonbeg summoned for furious driving through the streets. --- fined 5s and costs.

1890 18th August (CJ).
On Friday Mr. John C. Mahony, J.P. adjourned the Kilrush Town Court as a tribute of respect of the memory of the late Randal Borough, J.P.

1891 7th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday Sergeant Joyce and Constable Madigan, R.I.C. were prosecuted by District Inspector Irwin for as alleged allowing a prisoner to escape at Tarbert while on his way to Limerick Jail by steamer, from Kilrush.--- The case was dismissed.

1892 24th March (KH).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: Licenses Transfers:
Licenses were granted to Michael Crotty and John Downes of Henry Street being transfers.

1892 7th April (CJ).
At Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday a well-known local character named Sinon McNamara was sent to Jail for two months for assaulting Constable Bowler in the exercise of his duty on St. Patrick’s Day. The Constable proved a long list of convictions against McNamara who did not think it worth his while to put in an appearance.

1892 23rd June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- A summons for assault by John Boland, Cappa against Mr. Andrew Burke, Harbour Master and a charge of wilful obstruction against the first named by Mr. Burke was also investigated.---- Both cases were dismissed.

1893 23rd March (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
--- At midday his worship (Kelly) adjourned the Court for an hour to give the professional gentlemen present and the general public an opportunity of attending the funeral obsequies of Mrs. Featherstone, mother of our popular manager of the National Bank, Mr. D Featherstone.

1893 27th July (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: A Thirsty Soul:
Acting-Sergeant Kane charged James Morgan of Cranny, who frequently figures in Court with being drunk, while engaged in the responsible duty of guiding an ass.
Chairman: Has he been up before?
Sergeant: It is his fourth offence your worship, within the past twelve months.
----- fined 5s or jail for seven days.

1894 6th January (Southern Star).
Judge Kelly on Fashions in Clare.
At Kilrush Quarter Sessions on Wednesday, Mrs O’Connor, a milliner in Kilrush, had an action against a pensioner named Madigan, residing near Kilrush, for goods supplied to his daughter, who has left for America.
His Honour Judge Kelly said women were the ruin of the country. Nothing pleased women now a days but those extraordinary fashions, comprising parasols, corsets, petticoats, feathers and all this ludicrous headgear, which brought ruin on their parents and husbands. There was this girl, the daughter of a pensioner with ten-pence a day, procuring parasols, corsets, and feathers from this milliner. Those fashions and the style of the present day were truly monstrous and did not add to their elegance or grace, and his honour would tell them that the women who a generation ago wore the Galway petticoat, shawl and bonnet looked far more handsome and graceful. These fashions of the present day were a ruin to the country.
This judicial opinion on the fashions created much laughter in court. His honour made a decree for the milliner.

1894 8th January (CJ).
The Kilrush Petty Sessions terminated at an early hour on Saturday subsequently Judge Kelly accompanied by his registrar Mr. John H. Harvey, left by the mid-day train for Ennis.

1894 7th May (CJ).
Mr. J.C. Mahony, Borough Magistrate presided at the Kilrush Town Court on Friday and disposed of some cases which were of no public interest.

1894 8th September (KH).
Notice of Application for Excise License:
Sir, Take notice that I, Mary Poole, of Cappa, do intent to apply----- for confirmation – in the house lately licensed by Mary Maholm? situate at Cappa --- and I nominate as securities Michael Behan, of Cappa, farmer and John McMahon of Leadmore, Shipbuilder and boat owner. 21/8/1894.

1895 4th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Patrick Redmond, commissioning agent, Frances Street, had Patrick Scanlan, plasterer summoned for assaulting him on the night of the 16th of last month.—
--- fined 10s-6d and ordered to find securities for his future good behaviour, himself in £10 and two securities of £5 each or in default – jail for one month.

1895 14th September (KH).
Licenses Applications:
Frances Kelly, Henry Street, Kilrush.
Richard O'Dwyer, Henry Street, Kilrush.
James P. Clancy, Henry Street, Kilrush.
Maryanne Comerford, Henry Street, Kilrush.

1895 21st September (KH).
Licenses Applications:
James McNamara, Frances Street, Kilrush.
Michael Clancy, Market Square, Kilrush.

1896 1st August (KH).
Licensing Prosecutions:
District Inspector Rolleston, charged Mr. John Boland, licensed premises at Cappa with a breach of the Sunday Closing Act. ---.

1898 16th June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: A Railway Prosecution:
The West Clare Railway Company prosecuted Thomas Hamill for allowing his donkey to trespass on the line at Moyasta. ---

1898 2nd July (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Charge against a publican.
Daniel Madigan a licensed publican in Henry Street ---- was summoned for selling drink on Sunday morning the 19th ------.

1898 22nd October (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing prosecution:
--- Mrs Carmody of Vandeleur Street was summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act. ---.

1898 17th November (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Mr William J. Brew had Miss Margaret Borough up for the continuous trespass of a goat of hers on his field at Belvue. ----

1898 26th November (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Transfer of License:
-- From William Parkinson, Henry Street, ---- to John Hough. ----.

1899 5th August (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecution:
A publican in Henry Street, named Daniel Madigan was summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act; ----.

1899 4th November (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecution:
Pat McMahon, Vandeleur Street, was summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act.—

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