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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Court Sessions 1900 - 1961

1900 25th January (CJ).
-- Shouting for the Boers:
Michael Gorman was up by Sergeant McGrath for riotous behaviour. The Sergeant said Gorman was shouting that he wanted to go out to fight for the Boers.
He was ordered to be imprisoned for one month. ---

1900 15th March (CJ).
-- Shop Debt Disputed:
Mr. James Connors, a shopkeeper in Moore Street, Kilrush, had a process against John Hughes, barber living in the same street. ---

1900 21st April (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Publican caught napping.
Pat Kelly a licensed publican in Henry Street was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act on Good Friday -----.

1900 28th April (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Patt Gallaher, a licensed publican at Vandeleur Street, was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act. -----.

1900 11th August (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Transfer of License.
-- Granted, from a local trader in Henry Street, to a Miss Griffin who is taking over the business---.

1900 23rd August (CJ).
--- He lives in the Workhouse:
Constable Dunne charged Sinon McMahon with being drunk and disorderly on the public street. He was disorderly by shouting, it was his fifth offence. He lives in the Workhouse.
Chairman: He lives in the Workhouse?
Constable Dunne: Yes Sir, he comes out once or twice a week and then his conduct is very bad.
Chairman: One month in jail with hard labour.

1900 1st September (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecution.
Pat Keane, a licensed publican at Henry Street was charged with selling drink on Sunday the 22nd July ----.

1900 15th December (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Joseph Finucane, a licensed publican in Moore Street was charged with a breach of the Licensing Laws on the 2nd inst. ----.
(CJ of the 13th December stated that Sergeant O’Connell found a little girl named Lizzie Connors with porter under her shawl ---- Mr. Finucane told Sergeant O’Connell that the porter had been ordered by the girl’s father on the previous night ---- Case was dismissed)

1900 29th December (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Michael Mulqueen, Moore Street --- on two charges for permitting drunkenness on his premises and supplying John Brandon with liquor while in an intoxicated state----- dismissed.
-- Mrs. Bridget Carmody, Vandeleur Street a licensed publican was fined 20s for a breach of the Sunday Closing Act. ---.

1901 26th January (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecution.
Margaret Mulqueen, a licensed publican in Moore Street was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act. ----

1901 19th August (CJ).
Kilrush Town Court:
--- An elderly man named Scanlan, a ship’s carpenter, had his wife Anne Scanlan up for abusive and threatening language. ----

1902 18th January (Clare Man).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: Confirmation of transfer of Licenses at Petty Sessions.
Elizabeth McNamara, Frances Street and Thomas Ryan, U.C., The Square.

1902 21st March (IT).
Moonlighting in West Clare.
At a special court held today before Mr. A M Harper, R M, two young men of the farming class, Batt Crowley and James Eustace, Knockerra, were again brought up in custody on charges of firing with intent into the house of a woman named McInerney at Dysart, on the morning of the 9th March at 2 o'clock. District Inspector Conlin, Kilrush, prosecuted and Messrs. Hilliard, Byrne, and Kelly, Solicitors defended. Head Constable Robert Thompson continued his direct examination, and produced a series of casts of horses hoofs taken outside Mrs. McInerney's and those of Crowley's and others' horses to which he said they bore a resemblance in shape and size--------

1902 11th April (IT).
----The hearing concluded, at the Kilrush Quarter Sessions, yesterday, before Judge Carton, of a large number of summonses against tenants who were sued by Colonel Arthur Lynch, M P for Galway, for non-payment of rent on their holdings. The tenants, who are reported to be fisherman class, and are reported to be extremely poor, applied for time. Decrees were granted against all the tenants, with one exception.

1902 3rd May (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecution.
-- Mrs Bridget Carmody a licensed publican in Vandeleur Street was fined 40s for selling drink on Sunday 20th April. ---------.

1902 23rd June (CJ).
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday, Miss Bridget Dillon obtained a transfer of the license of the late Mrs. E. Walsh in Moore Street. --- Mr. Thomas Kelly, Solr. appeared for the applicant. ---.

1902 16th August (Clare Man).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecutions.
Patrick Kelly, a licensed publican in Henry Street, was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act on Sunday 27th July-----.

1903 1st January (CJ).
--- James Meade an inmate of the Workhouse was prosecuted by the Master Mr. S Clancy, for having spirituous liquor in his possession in the institution contrary to the rules. ---.

1903 11th July (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Breach of Licensing Act:
Patrick F. Carey, Henry Street, was charged with a breach of the Licensing Act on Sunday 21st June-----.

1903 10th September (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: An Early Bird.
--- Daniel Madigan, Licensed Publican, Henry Street, Kilrush was up on a charge of having his premises open for the sale of drink and two of the window shutters down. Inside he found a man named Sinon Considine with a pint of porter in his hand. ---
--- Madigan was fined half-a-crown and the case against Considine dismissed.—

1904 6th June (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
The Court Register announced there was no criminal case for hearing this term.--.

1904 8th December (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Bridget O’Brien was granted a provisional transfer of the license held in Moore Street, by Martin Carmody. ----

1905 2nd January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Kilrush Petty Sessions had to be adjourned on Monday owing to the non-attendance of magistrates.

1905 12th January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: The Licensing Applications:
--- certificates were granted to Mrs O’Donnell, John Street: Miss Teresa Egan, Moore Street: Thomas Reidy, Henry Street and Bridget Brew, Henry Street. In the latter case it appears that the applicant is landlord of the premises and is not even in occupation ---.

1905 1st April (CC).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: Licensing Appeal:
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions before Mr. Harrison, K.C.,a case was heard in which Susan A Keating of Henry Street,Kilrush appealed against a magistrate's decision fining her 40s with endorsement for a breach of the licensing laws on the 18th December.-------
Mr. Gibson -- asked how many publicans in Kilrush. D.I. Conlin;--about 73
Mr. Gibson --- How many in Henry Street. Mr. Conlin-- twenty-five.
Mr. Gibson--- that is about 12 on each side. ---------.

1905 4th April (IT).
Desecration of graves near Kilrush.
Shocking charge against boys.
At Kilrush Petty Sessions yesterday before Messrs. R M Harper R M (Chairman): S Brews, F J O'Doherty, Thomas Talty, and J C Mahony, three little boys, named Timothy Mahony, John Mahony and Michael Mahony, residing at Cappa with their mother and grandfather were prosecuted, at the suit of Mr. Bernard Conlin D I for a shocking outrage at the Shanakyle Cemetery near Kilrush on the 21st of March.
They were accused of opening the vault in which Captain's Murray's children are interred, breaking the coffins and also with taking out the coffin of a little boy buried but seven or eight days and opening it outside the vault. They were further charged with another act of desecration in connection with the Scanlan family vault.
Mr. Conlin, in describing the facts in connection with the charges said they were happily rare in this country. Instead of going to school on the 21st of March, these three young lads went to the Shanakyle Cemetery, and committed these awful acts. Their father had gone to Waterford and as the mother was not able to control them, he hoped the magistrate would send them to where they could be controlled. ---------.

1905 18th May (IT).
Alleged attempt to drown a labourer.
At Kilrush yesterday the hearing of the charge against Michael Russell of attempting to drown a fellow dock labourer named Houlihan, was continued at a Special Court. Patrick Hayes, master of the smack Jane, of Limerick, swore he saw the prisoner deliberately strike Houlihan and push him into the tide. The prisoner then got on board the Bella, and holding on to a back stay, jumped on the head of Houlihan as he rose to the surface, forcing him underneath the water and swept aside the ropes thrown to the drowning man. The accused man was returned for trial.

1905 1st June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- granted a transfer of the license held by the late Miss Eliza Reid of Frances Street, Kilrush to her sister Miss Mary Reid. ----.

1906 21st April (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Mr. Thomas Nagle a prominent nationalist and Hon. Sec. of the Local Branch of the United Irish League had a pawnbroker in Moore Street, William O'Brien, summoned for threatened assault.
The case against Miss Conlon, licensed publican, Moore Street – case dismissed.

1907 10th October (IT).
At Kilrush Quarter Sessions yesterday a farmer named McAuliffe, who lives in the Labasheeda district was awarded £40 compensation for the malicious spiking of nineteen acres of his meadowing last month.

1907 7th November (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Mr. Kelly, Solr., applied that the license held by the late Mrs Greene, Vandeleur Street be transferred to her brother John Cussen, Ballykett, who was appointed trustee of the premises for the children.---.

1907 12th December (CJ).
At the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday before Mr. A. M. Harper, R.M., Mr. Joshua Dowling, Cappa House, was sworn in a magistrate for the County Clare. Mr. Dowling, who holds extensive property both in Limerick and Clare, is very popular amongst all classes.

1907 19th November (IT).
Kilrush Magistrate and Mr. Burrell.
A Protest (from our correspondent). Kilrush Monday.
At the Court of Petty sessions, held here today, the magistrate adjudicating were Mr. Andrew M Harper, R M: chairman: Mr. Batt Culligan, and Mr. Michael S. Brews.
After the Court had been declared open Mr. Brews rose and said-I wish to make a few observations. The Chief Secretary for Ireland said at Southampton last week that the stipendiary magistrate does his duty, the ordinary magistrate does not. They have taken the honour: they should not shirk the work. Speaking for myself I can say that I have never shirked magisterial duty. I have never spared trouble, time, or inconvenience in the performance of it. I have always made an honest effort to administer the law strictly as I found it. I--------.

1908 10th January (II).
Co. Clare's Welcome: White Gloves for Judge Bodkin.
County Court Judge Bodkin, K.C., was presented with white gloves at the West Clare Quarter Sessions in Kilrush yesterday.
Major Fred Cullinan, Sub-Sheriff, who made the presentation, said he had especial pleasure in doing so, as that was the first visit of his Honor to the county.
His Honor said he had inexpressible pleasure in accepting that emblem of the peaceable state of the county. Crime was not usual there and he hoped it would disappear altogether. It the people and practitioners were only half as well satisfied with their new judge as he was to be with them, he was not merely pleased, but grateful, that he came down in embarrassing circumstances. As he had to succeed two eminent judges, he felt he could only inadequately replace them but he trusted that the cordial relations that had existed between the judges and the litigants and practitioners would continue.

Mr. Studdert Gibson, J.P., on behalf of the other magistrates, cordially congratulated his Honor on his appointment. They knew his eminent career at the Bar and as an M.P., and they hoped he would be long spared to administer the law. They were especially glad that he was appointed by a friendly King, a most sympathetic Government, and a noble and kind-hearted Viceroy (hear, hear). It indicated a return to the good old times, when “the rich man helped the poor, and the poor man loved the great”. They also welcomed back Mr. Thos. Ross as Registrar of the Court.
His Honor said he was glad that they did not think it a disparagement that he had always been sympathetic with the aspirations of the people, and that it would not prevent him from dealing out even-handed justice to all. He also thanked them for their reference to his Registrar and friend, Mr. Ross.

1908 21st March (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Malicious Injuries.
Martin MacDermott, of Shragh, put in a notice of claim for £80 for alleged malicious injury at the Kilrush Docks to his turf boat.
(CC 11.4.1908 The boat’s name was “Bridget of Shragh” in Merchant's Quay no award was given as the boat appeared to have been derelict and neglected for a period of about six years)

1908 4th May (CJ).
Taking Church Property:
With reference to the charge at the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday against two men for taking away some portions of seats from the Kilrush Catholic Church, Very Rev. Canon McInerney did not press for any punishment. --- For the men convicted the reverend pastor paid the costs of the prosecution amid applause.

1908 19th October (IT).
Colonel Lynch's Former Estate.
Quilty Fishermen in Court.
At the Quarter Sessions at Kilrush on Friday, before County Court Judge Bodkin, ten Quilty fishermen were processed for non-payment of rent by their landlord.
Mr. Francis Casey, the landlord, stated that the estate previously belonged to “Colonel” Arthur Lynch. He (witness) became agent, then receiver, and subsequently took over the place. Purchase negotiations had fallen through.
Mr. Henry, having examined the deed, said it purported to be executed in France, a foreign country.
Mr. Comyn said “Colonel” Lynch was a British subject.
Mr. Henry-………….Arthur Lynch is a convicted felon.
Mr. Comyn-…………He has been pardoned.
Mr. Henry-…………..He is not. He is a convicted felon, and lives in France. ---
Subsequently Mr. Henry pointed out that the estate consisted of very small houses on the edge of the sea, and some of them were on the shingle.
Plaintiff said he paid a sum of £58 in cash down for the estate, and it had cost him £158. He would be only too glad to see all the fishermen become peasant proprietors. ----
His Honor-Would not the large sum raised for their heroes be most admirably applied in the purchase of the estate. --------.
Subsequently it was adjourned.

1908 20th October (IT).
Difficulties of Writ-Serving in Clare.
At the Quarter Sessions on Saturday, before Judge Bodkin, during the hearing of some processes for rent on the Vesey Fitzgerald estate it was stated that a process-server who visited the estate was unable to effect service of the writs, and that when he went there on a second occasion accompanied by an inspector and a force of police, the doors and windows of the tenant's houses were barricaded and the processes had to be put under the doors and through broken windows, and in one case a process was put through a keyhole.

1908 24th October (IT).
Gruesome Evidence in Clare Court.
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions before Judge Bodkin K C a young fellow, of the farming class named Michael Cullinan, was charged with doing grievous bodily harm to a farm labourer named Patrick McDonnell by biting his left ear on the 30th August last at a place called Killard. ---
A gruesome exhibit was made by the Crown of the portion of the man's ear, which, preserved in spirits in a small bottle, was handed to the jury for examination.--
The issue paper, which was sent down after twenty minutes, contained a finding, which appeared to puzzle the lawyers, who held diverse views as to whether it meant acquittal or the reverse.----.

1908 29th October (CJ).
No light at quarter past nine:
Sergeant McCormack summoned Michael Sullivan the driver of an ass and car for not having a light on at a quarter past nine one night last week. Danny Flanagan owner of the car said he was thinking, of equipping the vehicle with a lamp (Laughter). It would not occur again (Laughter).
Fined 6d and costs.

1909 21st January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- had Mr. Joseph Finucane, publican, Moore Street, Kilrush summoned for an alleged breach of the Sunday Closing Act. --- and allowing two men Timothy Cahill and Daniel Scanlan to enter his premises from the rere yard.

1909 23rd January (CC and CJ of 18th).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: License transfer:
Margaret Griffin, Market Square, Kilrush applied for and was granted a transfer of license--.

1909 11th February (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- had John Cunningham a publican residing at Frances Street, Kilrush, prosecuted for an alleged breach of the Licensing Act on Sunday 21st January ------.

1909 8th July (House of Commons debate @ http://hansard.millbanksystems)
--- Is it not a fact that at the two last quarter sessions at Kilrush the judge has been presented with white gloves?

1910 8th January (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Town Court;
In the Town Court were a number of drunks for the Xmas. Holidays in which the usual fines were imposed. ------.

1910 11th April (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
Malicious Injury Cases:
Mrs. Mary Gill, Moore Street, Kilrush claimed a sum of £19-5s compensation for the alleged malicious burning of five tons of hay and the destruction of a shed and entrance gate to her farm at Killimer on the 26th December last.---.

1910 20th August (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The King, at the suit of Head Constable O’Donohue, John Cunningham, publican of Frances Street, Kilrush was prosecuted for a breach of the Licensing Acts.----.

1910 15th October (IT).
West Clare Railways Strike: Attack on a Porter.
At a special court held in the Constabulary Barracks, Kilrush, on Thursday, before Mr. J Carroll, R M, a former milesman on the West and South Clare Railway, and his wife Bridget Flynn, who kept a level crossing cottage on the western end of the local railway station, were brought up in custody and charged with having unlawfully used violence towards John Moroney, a porter and signalman, whilst in the discharge of his duties the previous evening, immediately before the arrival of a train.

1910 17th October (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
-- a licensed publican in John Street named Mrs. O’Looney appealed against the decision of the magistrates fining her 5s and costs for failing to open her premises to police – on the 26th last. (adjourned).
--Mrs. Susan Dunleavy, Moore Street, also appealed against a decision of the magistrates fining her 5s (She won).

1911 2nd March (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Breach of Contract.
John Kelly, Leadmore, Pilot and Shipbroker, claimed from Thomas Rooney master of the schooner “Harmony” now lying at Merchant’s Quay a sum of £1-15s as commission on a cargo which the plaintiff secured for the defendant.---

1911 23rd March (CJ).
Kilrush Town Court: Wetting the Shamrock.
-- A hale hearty and vigorous old woman named Kate Kelly better known as “Calamity Kate” – was prosecuted at the suit of Sergeant Blennerhasset for being drunk on the 17th March on the public streets of the town.
Defendant --- I was only wetting the shamrock and that was not much (Laughter).—fined 1s and costs.
An Old Acquaintance:
Peter Casey, the Town Bellman and Billsticker, was summoned for being drunk on the 17th March. The Police read a big black record of previous convictions against the accused --- fined 5s and costs.

1911 27th April (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Transfer of License.
--- for Mrs Mary O’Neill of Vandeleur Street, Kilrush from the name of her late husband John O’Neill.

1911 26th October (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Transfer of a license held by the late Mr. James Kelly deceased of Henry Street, Kilrush to Mrs. Mary Kelly his wife, also of the wholesale license.

--- Charged Thomas Callinan of Moore Street, Kilrush, trading as Callinan Brothers, with selling drink on his premises on both days of the Kilrush Races, on the license of Michael Cunningham of Battery Point, Kilkerrin near Labasheeda. --- (case dismissed)

1912 Friday 14th June (KH).
Kilrush Petty Sessions. Head Water Bailiff John McMahon, Cappa applied to have Mrs McAllen bound over to keep the peace. He swore that when on duty on Scattery on 20th April the defendant came up to him on the beach and called him a blackguard, drunkard and a thief. She said that had she been a man, she would have smashed his canoe and kicked him off the Island.
Mr Counihan: ……Did she give a reason?
Witness: …………Yes Sir, she said I spoiled a good days fishing.
Anything else? …..Yes that I allowed all the Scattery nets fish between her weirs day and night. ----
Scattery people don’t salute you?......... It is very little salute I get from Scattery men. -------
Witness: ………….I am not afraid but I might be of her four fishermen.
The magistrates unanimously refused the application.
A woman's grave charges:
Mrs. McAllen then applied to have McMahon bound over; she was a lessee of weirs on Scattery Island. On Easter Sunday the defendant came uninvited to her house under the influence of drink and said if she gave him £10 her would allow her to fish illegally. She declined as she had never fished illegally. McMahon was hanging about her house and threatened to shoot the dog and she was afraid of him--------.
Bridget McGowan swore that on the occasion when in the house in the Island she went into the room she heard McMahon asking her for £10 and saying to the lady she could fish away on Saturdays and Sundays ------------.
Jeremiah Hehir, head fisherman to Mrs McAllen, swore he saw McMahon enter the place in a drunken state and he would not let his men in with him. He knew he came for a bribe as Mrs McAllen had told him of a previous demand.
Case was dismissed.

1912 1st July (CJ).
Kilrush Town Court: -- Taking too much for granted:
The police summoned James Scanlan for being drunk on a recent date.
The Magistrate: “He doesn’t appear”
The Clerk: “No Sir. He said what did he want attending court for when the fine would be only a shilling”
The Magistrate: “I see tell him that he is fined 10s and costs.”

1913 19th April (IT).
Extraordinary Case in Clare: Constables Committed for Trial.
At the monthly Petty Sessions at Kildysart, a case was heard which excited much interest in West Clare. It was a prosecution by a man of the labouring class named James Morgan, of Cranny, against Constables Martin Mack in and Edward Kelly, of Kildysart, for having assaulted and beaten him, and caused him serious harm, on February 13 and 14 in the Kildysart Police Barracks, where he was under detention,--------.

1913 2nd January (CJ).
Clare quarter Sessions:
Hilary Sessions:
---- for the division of Kilrush on Monday the 13th day of January at 12 o’clock noon. The Grand Jury will be called and sworn on Thursday the 16th day of January at 12 o’clock noon. Entry day Wednesday the 8th day of Jan.
The Court of Land Sessions for the division of Kilrush will be holden at Kilrush on Friday the 17th day of January at 12 o’clock noon.
- Easter Sessions ------ Summer Sessions ------- October Sessions------.

1913 2nd January (CJ).
Abominable Cases:
There was a sheaf of abominable cases from Hector Street and Pound Street, adjourned since the end of the month of November, in which married women in those streets had numerous summonses issued against each other in connection with their nasty squabbles, when language of a most revolting kind was used against each other in the public street of this quarter in the presence of as “many as would be at a race” as one witness graphically described it, and retold again in the public court. For obscene loathsomeness it could not be outclassed in the slums of London or in the Bowery of New York. -----.

1913 4th January (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecutions:
---- Constable Sullivan---- said he was at the corner of Moore Street, near Mary View, he saw three men enter the licensed premises of Mr. Dillon---- Mr. Dillon said he invited them in as he had a cow in the back yard, which was unwell, and he required their help with her.
--- you are not a veterinary surgeon
Witness. No but I would know whether an animal would be ill or not----
----- fined only 2/6 as this was his first offence.

1913 1st September (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Mrs. Donnellan, The Square, Kilrush applied for a transfer of a license from her husband’s name to her own. ---

1914 29th January (CJ).
Harbour prosecution against a Captain.
-- At the suit of the Kilrush harbour Board the master of the schooner Tarragona was prosecuted for an alleged breach of the Harbour Act in not moving his vessel when requested by the Harbour Authority or Harbour Master, but instead demanded and took a sum of £10 from the Captain of the steamer Cheshire to leave the berth at Cappa Pier usually appointed to steamers.
--- Fines 1s and costs.

1914 9th July (CJ).
Kilrush Town Court: The Bull Rampant:
Some complainant had Michael Corbett, who answered the soubriquet of “Mike the Bull”, summoned for drunkenness and disorderly behaviour on the public street. He refused to go home and said they had Home Rule now and they could do what they liked.—fined 21s and costs

1914 20th August (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- The King at the suit of District Inspector Carroll prosecuted a publican named Susan Dunleavy for a breach of the Licensing Act. ---

1915 31st May (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
-- John Nolan, a draper’s assistant sued Mr. John D. Blake, who keeps a large drapery establishment in Market Square, Kilrush, for a sum of £50 ----- on foot of an account for salary and partial board. --- awarded £25. ---

1915 24th June (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Drunks:
-- Sergeant O’Dwyer, summoned a farmer named Sinon Carey for being drunk on a recent date.
The Defendant stated that he got some teeth drawn on that day and he had to take “A little drop of stimulants”
Chairman: I never heard of drink being taken after teeth being drawn to relieve the pain (Laughter). ---- fined 1s and costs.—

1915 2nd September ?(CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- prosecuted Mr. Michael Williams, hotel proprietor, Frances Street, for a breach of the Licensing Act on Saturday night 28th August. --- fined 2s-6d and costs.---

1915 4th October (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
-- Mrs. Davitt a publican residing in Moore Street was prosecuted for a breach of the Licensing Act, on last Sunday week. --- All were invited guests---- case was dismissed.

1916 3rd January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
--- Applied on behalf of Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald for a transfer of a license from the name of the late Mrs. Blue to that of her own name --- granted.

1916 13th January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
-- Mr. James Burke, Leadmore, had an ejectment suit against Mrs. Michael Dunleavy, publican, Moore Street, Kilrush.---- adjourned.
-- An ejectment process at the suit of the representatives of the Peacock property in Kilrush against Mrs. Donnellan, a widow in Lower Moore Street, Kilrush.---- adjourned.

1916 17th January (CJ).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions:
--- against Mr. Wm T. O’Brien, a pawnbroker, in Moore Street, for assaulting a married woman.---- fined £1.

1916 13th April (CJ).
The magistrates in the Kilrush Petty Sessions on Monday, adjourned the court for a week ---- as a mark of respect to the memory of the late Mr. John Culligan, brother of Mr. B. Culligan, J.P. Chairman of the Kilrush Urban Council.

1916 20th May (IT).
At the last Kilrush Petty Sessions in a case of skinning a donkey while it was alive, the magistrates expressed their horror at the gross cruelty and sent the prisoner to jail for three months. They recommended Constable Harrison’s conduct to be brought under the notice of the authorities and said he deserved the greatest credit for the energy he had displayed in connection with the case.

1916 28th September (CJ).
Kilrush Publican Fined:
-- named Mrs Looney, of John Street, was charged with having on the 19th September opened her premises for the sale of intoxicating liquors contrary to the Licensing Laws. --- fined 20s but with no endorsement,

1916 4th November (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Breach of Licensing Act:
The King at the suit of District Inspector Dowling R.I.C. charged Mrs O'Neill, Vandeleur Street with a breach of the Licensing Laws. ----
Cycling on Footpath:
Constable Sullivan charged Patrick Bran with cycling on the footpath and also charged him with knocking down a young lad named Soffe (John) ------.

1916 14th November (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
The King at the suit of District Inspector Dowling, R.I.C charged Patrick Walshe, Vandeleur Street, with a breach of the Licensing Laws.

1917 11th January (CJ).
Kilrush Petty Sessions:
Mr. James Burke, Leadmore obtained an ejectment decree against Mrs. Dunleavy, Moore Street, for a year’s rent due in November. ---

Mr. Canny a schoolmaster and farmer residing near Kilrush processed a publican named Mr. Michael O’Dea, of Henry Street, Kilrush for £7-10s a half-year’s rent due.---

1917 19th February (CJ).
--- At the suit of Constable Hanlon six turf pickers’ were summoned for failing to have lights on their cars on the 2nd inst. at Monmore . --

1917 25th May (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Licensing Prosecutions:
The King at the suit of Head Constable Nevin? charged Susan O'Neill with a breach of the licensing laws;
Mrs. Mary O’Brien, Moore Street, was charged with a similar offence. ----.

1919 26th April (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Death of Mrs. Culligan.
On the proposition of Mr. Nagle, seconded by Mr. Dowling, a vote of condolence was passed with Mr. Batt. Culligan J.P. on the death of his daughter.

1919 9th August (CC).
Kilrush Petty Sessions: Arms in Scattery:
The King at the suit of – charged Jeremiah Hehir and Sinon Scanlan with being in possession of a gun without a permit.
Mr. O'Shea (Solr.) ---- Those people in Scattery Island were peaceable, industrious and hard working----- Result fined 1/- each.

1921 13th January (IT).
Criminal Injuries in Clare.
Judge Bodkin's Telegram to the Chief Secretary.
At the Quarter Sessions for the Kilrush Division at Ennis yesterday claims for compensation for malicious injury were heard.
A farmer named John McMahon, in the Kilkee district, claimed £600 for the burning of a quantity of hay.
Mr. Comyn, K.C., and Mr. G. Cullinan (instructed by Mr. Counihan, solicitor, Kilrush, appeared for the applicant, and there was no appearance in opposition.
Mr. Comyn stated that on the night of Wednesday,22nd September, many farmers' houses in West Clare were attacked, and their hay was burned. Amongst them was the applicant.
McMahon stated that his hay was burned. He was asleep in bed, when he was awakened by his wife. On looking out he saw a number of military lorries on the road.
His Honor (Judge Bodkin) said- I think that this is the case, as it has now developed, in which the police and military authorities should have official notice served upon them.
Considerable discussion caused between His Honor and counsel, and it was decided to send the following telegram to Sir Hamar Greenwood and General Sir Nevil Macready: - “A number of criminal injury cases before His Honor the County Court Judge of Clare. It was alleged that the criminal injury was committed by armed forces of the Government and His Honor thereupon directed that this notice should be served on you by wire, in order that the military and police should have an opportunity of appearing, if so desired, and His Honor for that purpose adjourned all cases until 12 o’clock, noon to-morrow.

1921 15th April (KH).
Carrigaholt Castle.
At the Kilrush Quarter Sessions held at Ennis before County Court Judge Bodkin, K C, Major G O'Grady Dublin applied for £15,000 compensation for the destruction of Carrigaholt Castle and Plantation formerly the residence of Mr. G. V. Burton D L. -------Judge allowed £2,000.

1921 8th October (CC).
Kilrush Quarter Sessions: Kilrush:
Miss Delia Browne, Kilrush was granted confirmation of a transfer. She purchased the licensed premises from Joseph Slattery and Patrick who transferred the license to her. ---.
: Kilbaha:
Bernard Keating, Kilbaha was granted a transfer, by a marriage settlement dated 22nd November 1920 the licensed premises had been made over to him. ---.

1922 28th January (CC).
The New Court:
The first court under the Free State was opened at Kilrush on Monday and adjourned to that day next week.
On Monday the District Court will be opened at the Courthouse and will last for several days. ---

1923 13th October (IT).
Hay-Making “Custom” that led to Prosecution.
At Kilrush District Sessions Court on Monday, before District Justice Gleeson, James Egan, Henry McGannon, Austin Boyle, P Boyle, Martin Boyle, P. Egan and M Callinan, all from Seafield, Quilty, were charged with the illegal possession of hay, the property of Miss Brew, Kilrush. Superintendent Cronin prosecuted, and Mr. J J Daly LLB appeared for the defence and submitted that his clients' case was that they had merely followed a custom acquiesced in by Miss Brew's father for years.

The Justice said that the men were guilty of larceny. Bare-faced robbery was what the action of some of those men amounted to: and that kind of thing would not be tolerated in this country. He sentenced the defendants to four months hard labour, to take immediate effect, unless they entered a bond under the Probation of Offenders Act to come up for judgement at any time when called upon within the next two years.

1924 17th May (CC).
Kilrush Sessions Court: Rate Cases:
Mr. Lyons, Rate Collector, had a number of people from Scattery Island summoned for arrears of rates for the years 1923-24. The sums ranged from £4 to £30.
Mr. Killeen, Solr. appeared for all the parties involved said these people had no objection to pay these rates but in return nothing was ever done for them by the County Council although they had received promises several times that their just demands could be looked after.
Patrick Brennan stated that the island had no facilities---- as a matter of fact he said they might as well be living in one of the South Sea Islands as where they were (Laughter)----

1924 21st June (IT).
The Week's News
When John Cleary and Thomas O’Donnell, West Clare, were charged at Kilrush Quarter Sessions with the larceny of two bicycles from Civic Guards, a statement signed “M. Shanahan, Q C, 5th Brigade, I R A” and addressed to County Court Judge Bodkin was read. The statement set out that the accused men were not responsible for the act with which they were charged, because they were soldiers acting under the orders of superior officers. The accused men strongly protested against “the attempt to brand them as robbers”. They were found guilty by the jury and recommended to mercy. The judge directed that they should be detained in custody until the rising of the Court and then discharged.

1924 13th September (IT).
Kilrush Court Jurisdiction: - In future all the criminal and civil business of the districts of Kilkee and Knock will be heard at Kilrush on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

1925 14th February (IT).
Republican Courts Not Recognised:-
Judge McElligott remarked at Kilrush, Co. Clare, Court that he never attended a Republican Court, would not recognise them, and would not admit as evidence any documents purporting to come from them.

1925 17th October (IT).
Cruelty to Horse:-
Martin Ryan, Knockalough, summoned at Kilrush District Court for working a horse, which had wounds on its breast, was fined £3 and costs.

1925 24th October (IT).
Licence Endorsed:-Patrick Connell, publican, Henry Street, Kilrush, at Kilrush District Court, was fined £4 and his licence endorsed, on a charge of keeping open. He was also charged with refusing to admit the Guards, and the case was adjourned for three months.

1926 24th July (CC).
Licensing Prosecutions.
Daniel Ryan, proprietor of Williams' Hotel was fined 40/- and costs and the license endorsed for a breach of the Licensing Regulations at four minutes past one o'clock on the morning of the 7th July-----.

1926 23rd December (IT).
Adulterated Whiskey.
For selling whiskey 45.87 per cent under proof, instead of 25 per cent under proof, John Studdert, publican, Kilmurray- McMahon, County Clare, was fined £3 and costs, with licence endorsement, at Kilrush District Court, the Justice remarking that the whiskey was half water.
John O'Dea, publican, Kilrush, was fined £1-1s for selling whiskey containing 7 per cent, added water.

1926 23rd December (IT).
Appalling Case of Cruelty in West Clare.
Remarking that it was the most appalling case of cruelty to an animal that had ever come before him, and that he hoped that he would never hear of one like it again.
District Justice Gleeson, at Kilrush on Tuesday, imposed a fine of £20 and costs on Thomas Lillis, general draper and auctioneer, Market Square, Kilrush, the owner of a cow which was left at Lisdeen,West Clare, tied with ropes, until one leg rotted off. For two weeks the animal went around the spot on three legs, quite mad, and could not be approached by anyone until it was eventually destroyed.
Charles Curtin, butcher, Kilrush, who was also a defendant, in the case, was fined £5 and costs.

1927 20th January (IT).
Assault with Ash Plant:-
At Kilrush District Court Patrick Blake, a farmer, Carrigaholt, was fined £2 and £2 costs and bound to the peace for twelve months for assaulting a neighbouring farmer named Carey with an ash plant.

1927 7th February (IT).
Stabbing Charge.
At a Special Court held at Kilrush, Thomas Walsh, labourer, Shragh, Moyasta, West Clare, was charged by Superintendent Guirey with stabbing Michael Ryan, of the same address, with a knife, inflicting a serious wound in his right arm. The accused man was returned for trial to the next District Court at Kilrush on bail of £50 and two sureties of £25 each.

1927 9th April (CC).
Kilrush District Court: Serious Licensing Prosecution.
Mrs Mary Sheehan, Vandeleur Street, publican was summoned for a breach of the Licensing Act, whilst Patrick Scanlan, High Street: Thomas McInerney do: Ml McGrath, Ennis Road and John Kelleher, The Glen were summoned for having been illegally on the premises ----.

-- Martin Conway of Pound Street was fined 1/-for wheeling a handcart on the footpath in Moore Street. His excuse was that he thought it was no harm.

1927 24th May (IT).
“A Bit of Bog”:- District Justice and Clare Litigants.
In dismissing a case at Kilrush District Court, in which Michael McGuane, Brisla, Cooraclare, applied to have Timothy Mescall, of the same district, put under a rule of bail because of threatening language used by him. District Justice Gleeson said that he regretted that two respectable men should be wasting their time and money at law over a bit of bog, ------.

1927 26th May (IT).
Challenged the Army:-Obstruction by brothers at cattle seizure.
Joseph and Michael Hassett (brothers), of Burrane, Knock, West Clare, were each fined £100 at the Kilrush District Court for obstructing Mr. O’Connell, an income tax collector, when he went to make a seizure on their mother's land.
It was stated that Joseph Hassett, who had a stone in his hand, said that the whole Free State Army would not remove the cattle that day.

1927 6th August (IT).
Sunday Drinks Hours:-Clergy's views taken at Clare Court.
When Mr. Michael Killeen, solicitor, Kilrush, on behalf of a number of licensed traders at Kilkee, West Clare, applied at the local court to have the Sunday hours altered from 1-8 to 2-9,the Justice said that he would like to hear the view of the local clergy on the matter.
The Rev. M. Breen, P. P., thanked the Justice for his courtesy in giving the clergy an opportunity of expressing their opinions. So far as he was concerned, he did not see any adequate reason for objecting to the proposed change in the hours for the convenience of visitors.
The Rev. Canon Cox, Rector, Kilkee, agreed, but said that some publicans did not think that the change would bring any special advantage to them. It “would be six of one and a half-dozen of another”.
Father Breen said that, personally, he would like to see the Licensing Act strictly enforced but in the special circumstances of Kilkee he thought that it might be permissible to suggest that a certain amount of consideration should be extended to traders.
The Justice granted the application.

1927 6th August (CC).
Kilrush District Court.
----Guard Hickey summoned Simon Clancy of the Glen for allowing a donkey to stray on the public road.
The defendant said “The donkey broke out after going to bed”
“What” said the Justice “The donkey got up out of bed and walked out” (Laughter!!) ---

1927 1st December (IT).
Killed horse with a hatchet:-Brutal and savage case says Judge.
At the Circuit Court in Kilrush, before Judge McElligott, Thomas Scully, Ball-Ally Lane, appealed against a sentence of five weeks' imprisonment imposed on him by District Justice Gleeson for having, at Ballynote, caused unnecessary suffering to a horse the property of M. Kelly, Glen Street, “by beating in the horse's head with a hatchet in an attempt to slaughter”.
----- I will reduce the sentence to one week's imprisonment with hard labour.

1927 27th December (IT).
Theft of Money from a Bank:-Young woman detained, Kilrush, Saturday.
There was much surprise in Kilrush today when it was rumoured that the Provincial Bank had been raided on Thursday night at a late hour and s sum of money taken. How the raiders effected an entrance was not known at the time, but it has been learned that an entrance was affected at the back from a lane way adjoining the bank premises.
The raiders seemed to be well acquainted with the premises. Three of the desks in the office where small change is kept were forced and a sum of £11 and nine pence was taken.
Mr. Mitchell, the manager, knew nothing of the occurrence until the servant boy entered the office in the morning to clean it and found evidence of the raid. The matter was immediately reported to the Civic Guard, and Superintendent Guirey, accompanied by Sergeant O'Reilly, was soon on the scene.
Later in the day a servant girl employed at the bank was brought up at a special court held at the Civic Guard barrack, before Mr. George Brew, and charged with being connected with the raid. She made a statement denying all knowledge of the matter.
On the application of the Superintendent, she was remanded in custody to the next District Court at Kilrush, bail was refused.

1928 7th January (CC).
Occasional Licenses.
Mary Sheehan, Vandeleur Street: Delia Crowley, Henry Street and Thos. Ryan, Market Square applied for occasional licenses for the Kilrush and Killimer coursing meetings------.

1928 10th March (CC).
Kilrush Circuit Court. Publican's Appeal:
Patrick Walsh, Vandeleur Street, holder of a six-day license appealed against a fine of 40/- and an endorsement of his license imposed on him by District Justice Gleeson for keeping his premises open for the sale of intoxicants on Sunday 30th October last.----

1928 19th May (CC).
Kilrush District Court. Road Nuisances.
For allowing stock to wander on the public road the following were fined:-
Patk Madigan, Ballynote 2/-. John Cushen, Ballykett 2/-, Jas Shannon, Carnacalla 2/-.Ml Hartney, Leadmore 2/-, Margt Kelly, Coolminga 2/-, Patk O’Brien, Hector Street 2/-, Wm Faulkner, Pound Street 2/-, Mary Madigan, Ballynote 1/-, Jas Canny, Derha 2/-, Bridget Conway, Pound Street 1/-, Jas Daly, Burrane 2/-

The Educated Ass.
John Mahony of Leadmore was summoned for allowing a donkey and van to remain unattended on the public street.
--- this was a trained ass, an educated ass for 20 years that ass has been delivering bread in Kilrush for the firm---- When the ass stopped outside a door the driver knew it was his duty to go up to that door and knock and find out from the maid how much bread was needed for the day.
---The Justice was interested and in the exceptional circumstances, administered a caution -to the driver, of course, and not the educated ass---.

1928 23rd August (IT).
Woman fined on illegal fishing charge.
At Kilrush District Court, before Acting Justice Tyrrell, Bridget Burke, Leadmore, Kilrush, was fined £20 and costs for illegal fishing of her weir on May 6th last. It was also ordered that the two heads or cribs of the weir be forfeited.
It is stated that an appeal has been lodged.

1928 20th September (IT).
Clare Wife's Complaint:-Wet Turf for a Fire.
At the Kilrush District Court on Tuesday Alice Cullinan, a farmer's wife, who lives near Kilrush, summoned her husband, James Cullinan, for £2 a week separation allowance. She also charged him with assaulting her on the 14th July.
Mr. McMahon, solicitor, appeared for plaintiff, and Mr. Killeen, solicitor, for the defendant.
The complainant stated that she was married to the defendant in 1919,and after the first three months until this day she never had quietness. He was always looking for trouble. He beat and kicked her, and she left him several times. He put her up against a wall, caught her by the neck and told her to make an Act of Contrition as she had only a few minutes to live. On the 14th August he kicked her out of the house, and she was in the County Nursery since then with her children. In all her years married to him she had only got £2 to clothe herself and he only left her wet turf for a fire.
For the defence it was stated that Mrs. Cullinan did nothing but smoke cigarettes. Mrs. Cullinan replied that she got the “fags” for nothing from his sister who had a shop in Kilrush.
The husband said that he had no objection to her smoking if she gave him quietness, and he was willing to work until he fell. She even objected to him keeping pigs.
Justice-Is she from this district?
Mr. Killeen- Oh no: Jim advertised for a wife in the News of the World, and this is what he got. (Laughter)
Mrs. Cullinan said that she was from Dublin, and it was her brother who supported her.
The defendant said that he never laid a hand on his wife on the morning of the 14th August. He was in a hurry to Mass, and as his brother was washing his face he went to fry a few sausages. She snatched the basin from his brother, flung the water in his face, and then the pan and sausages followed (Laughter)
He added that she smoked three large packets of Players weekly, and when she had no “fags” she used tobacco. (Laughter)
Paddy Cullinan, brother of the defendant. stated he was trying to do his best between them “but the likes of Jim's wife was not in the world”. (Laughter). He brought her to a blessed well to try and convert her, but it was no good”. (Loud Laughter). Mr. Gleeson dismissed both cases.

1928 21st December (IT).
Limerick Fishery Election: Clare man’s application:
Mr. Michael Comyn, K.C., with whom was Mr. Liston (instructed by Mr. T.J.Liston), applied on behalf of John Daly, of Burrane, Knock, County Clare, fisherman, for a conditional order in the nature of quo warranto against Major Cecil Rowland Leslie, of Tarbert House, Tarbert, County Kerry: William J. Chambers, of Querrin, Lisdeen, County Clare: Thomas Sliney, of Cappa, Kilrush: Louis McAuliffe, of Cappa: Thomas Mangan, of Glin, County Limerick and John Little, of Foynes, County Limerick, to show by what authority they purport to act as conservators for the number 8,or Limerick Fishery District.---.

1929 18th January (IT).
Unstamped Liquor Bottles:-Enforcing a three-year-old Act.
Twenty-seven traders were summoned at the Kilrush District Court for having supplied beer, porter or ale in unstamped bottles.
The first case was one against Mr. R. J. Hassett,Ennis,who was summoned for “arising and abetting” Michael MacNamara, a Kilmihil publican, in supplying Sergeant J. V. Hassett, Inspector of Weights and Measures, with two bottles of stout of a size other than that prescribed by the Standard Bottles Order.----------.

1929 20th March (II)
A Kilrush Ball Sequel.
Judge McElligott, at Kilrush, confirmed the decision of the District Court in the case of Patrick Frawley and Stephen Hayes against J Cohen, a Jew, for £9-14/- and 20 pc., respectively of the nett profits of a fancy dress ball jointly organised in the Connolly Hall, Kilrush.
The District Justice had held that Frawley “wiped the Jew man's eye” and the Jew wiped Frawley's eye, and they were well able for one another. He dismissed the claim, but allowed Hayes £1. Cohen appealed.
Judge McElligott remarked that Paddy was well able for the Hebrew and the Hebrew well able for Paddy, but of the two Paddy was the cleverest.

1929 19th October (CC).
Kilrush Court: Reduction of Licenses: Two more dead in Kilrush.
--Publicans who refused to renew at Kilrush District Court on Tuesday before Justice Gleeson-- Inspector P Hall objected to the renewal of four licenses in the area —those of Mortimer Tubridy, Frances Street: Peter J Crotty, Moore Street: Susan Carroll, Frances Street and Wm Poole Cappa.----- Tubridy and Poole licenses were not renewed------.

1930 8th March (CC).
Kilrush District Court:
Non-Payment of Rates;
Scattery Island was well represented at Kilrush District Court on Tuesday last when no fewer that thirteen of the islanders were summoned for non-payment of rates. No defence was offered by any of the defendants and decrees for the amounts sued for with 17/6 costs in each case were pronounced by Acting District Justice O'Sullivan who disposed of the entire court business in less than twenty five minutes.
The proceeding for the recovery of rates was instituted by Mr. J Barrett, Rate Collector, for whom Mr. N J McMahon Solr. appeared. The defendants against whom decrees were prosecuted were as follows:
Thomas Moran (Thos.): £9-0-6
Thomas Moran (Patk): £5-6-0
Margt. Hehir: £37-10-2
Ml. Scanlan (Patk): £8-14-4
Bridget Brennan: £29-1-2
Catherine Melican: £9-13-4
Sinon McMahon: £11-2-10
Sinon Griffin: £26-15-4
Bridget Brennan: £14-12-8
Thomas Hanrahan: £15-18-10
John Moran: £11-8-0
Ml. Scanlan (Mich): £15-2-11
Christina Melican: £28-19-10.

(Austin McMahon name is missing from this list it is assumed that as he ran the Post Office he would have kept his affairs up to date)

1930 17th May (CC).
Kilrush Circuit Court: New License.
-- applied for a license on behalf of Mr. James Quinn, Limerick, in respect of a premises at Frances Street, recently tenanted by Mr. Tubridy. ---Mr. James Lynch, State Solicitor, objected on the ground that there were already sufficient public-houses in Kilrush there being 49 or one for every 68 persons including women and children---.

1930 6th September (IT).
Drinking at Sports Meetings.
When dealing with five applications for occasional licences at a forthcoming coursing meeting in Liscannor, District Justice Gleeson said that if he granted the five it would nearly mean a public-house for every dog. Superintendent Feeney said that the more tents the less drinking. When there was only one tent at a race or sports meeting everybody met everybody else and started treating. The result was that twice as much drink was consumed as there would be if there were a number of tents. He noticed also that at some fixtures people who got occasional licences charged extra prices for drinks. In one case a Kilrush woman charged the Food and Drugs Inspector 2s for a “small” whiskey. (Laughter). The Justice adjourned the application, and said that he would grant two only at the next Court.

1930 20th September (CC).
Kilrush Court:
Mrs Mary Sheehan, Vandeleur Street, Kilrush was charged with a breach of the licensing laws----

1930 25th October (CC).
Kilrush Court: License Transfer:
On the application of Mr. M.J. McMahon an interim transfer of license was granted to Miss Annie Josephine Kelly, Henry Street from her late mother. A wholesale license also attached to the premises. ---

1930 25th October (CC).
Kilrush Court: New Solicitor.
Mr. M.J. McMahon, Solr., said he had great pleasure in introducing to the Court Mr. Thomas F. Twomey, a new member of the profession who intended practising in Kilrush.----.

1931 24th January (IT).
Maintenance Order: First Case in Clare.
The first order made in Clare under the illegitimate Children's (Affiliation Orders) Act was made at Kilrush District Court, when District Justice Gleeson directed the defendant to pay 5s a week, until varied, for the maintenance of a child born in the County Nursery at Kilrush. ----.

1931 7th March (CC).
Kilrush Circuit Court.
A youth named John J O'Brien of Pella Road was summoned by Sergeant Reilly for cycling on the footpath in Frances Street and was fined 2/-.--

1932 9th April (CC).
Kilrush Circuit Court: Kilrush Business Houses.
That at the moment there was no great demand for business houses in Kilrush was the statement made by George Brew, Henry Street, Kilrush at the Circuit Court on Friday before his Lordship Judge E J McElligott,K.C., when he appealed against the valuation of £25 on his premises.-----
“ How long have you been established in business ?” his Lordship asked.
“About twenty years myself” the witness replied.---
Valuation was reduced to £20.----.

1932 9th July (CC).
Kilrush District Court: Sequel to the scene on shore:
Pilots from Carrigaholt figured in a state prosecution at Kilrush District Court on Tuesday where before District Justice Gleeson, Felix Brennan senr., Felix Brennan junr., Michael Brennan and Michael O'Dwyer were charged with assaulting Patrick Behan with intent to do him grievous bodily harm-----
(Dispute was over whose turn it was to take a ship up to Foynes. Patrick Behan was also a pilot)

1932 6th August (CC).
Kilrush District Court:
Mary Sheehan, Vandeleur Street, Kilrush was summoned for a breach of the licensing laws on the 6th July. ---

1932 20th August (IT).
Kilrush Shooting Affair:-Attempted murder charge.
At a Special Court held in Kilrush Hospital on Tuesday George Gilmore and T. J. Ryan were charged with the attempted murder of two detective officers. They were remanded for eight days.
Gilmore and Ryan were taken to hospital wounded after a shooting affray at midnight on Sunday.
Gilmore and Ryan and a third man Bernard Lowe, were charged on three counts.--
The grounds of Kilrush Hospital are being patrolled by Civic Guards, a large force of which have been drafted into the town from surrounding districts. -------.

1934 30th June (CC).
Kilrush Court.
1933 Damage to Property Act ----- Some “ Miserable and disgraceful claims at Kilrush” Judge McElligott's caustic comments------. His Lordship refused a number of claims and stated during the hearing that some people seemed to think the new Act was “ A gold mine which they are entitled to rob left, right and centre”.

1935 23rd March (Irish Press).
Clare cases Settled:
At Kilrush District Court when ten adjourned summonses brought by Giles A. A. M. Vandeleur, were called it was announced that they had been settled. Justice Gleeson said the settlements reflected great credit on those concerned.

1935 10th August (CC).
Kilrush District Court: Peaceful Kilrush:--
Supt. Dawson said things were very quiet in Kilrush just now. It was about the quietest place in the county at the present time he added.
The Justice said he was very glad to hear that, because it was not always quiet, and he was glad to hear that Kilrush was making a good reputation for itself.--

1936 9th May(CC).
Kilrush Court: Transfer of Licenses.
John Crowley was granted a transfer of a publican's license in respect of premises in Henry Street. -----.

1936 24th October (CC).
License Transfer:
John J Ronan, Henry Street, Kilrush for whom Mr. P. O'Shea, Solr. appeared was granted a transfer of a publican's license from the name of Mr. John Crowley.----.

1937 7th August (CC).
Kilrush Court: Money Lending
A certificate entitling him to act as a money lender was granted to Mr. Joshua S. Dowling.

1938 8th April (IT).
The Judge's Cold:
While presiding at the Clare Circuit Court in Ennis, Judge McElligott K.C. was suffering from a severe cold, which caused several fits of coughing. The Judge said: “ !, I got a desperate cold in the courthouse at Kilrush yesterday. There was no fire in the court, no fire in my room, and the windows would not close. You can now see the results for yourself”

1938 24th September (IT).
Parish Priest as Licensee.
At Kilrush District Court, when Very Rev. P.J. O'Dea, P P, Kilmihil, applied as chairman of the Kilmihil Parochial Hall Committee for five dances from 8pm to 2am and three dances from 7pm to 11pm, District Justice Gleeson said that it was the first occasion on which he had seen a parish priest apply for a licence in his own name, and he was very glad to see it. He had received a letter from Father O'Dea explaining that he was applying for the licence with great reluctance, as he thought that the sooner dancing after midnight was prohibited the better, as it was unnatural.--------.

1940 13th January (CC)
Kilrush Circuit Court.
Charles Clancy, Market Sq., Kilrush sued John Finucane and his wife Anne Finucane of Clooneylissaun,Kilrush for £55/15/6 for shop goods sold and delivered----
His Lordship said the plaintiff had given his evidence and the money was due to him and would have to be paid.------

1942 25th April (CC).
New licence granted.
Mr. Thomas McDermott applied for and was granted a new licence in respect of premises situated in Market Square, Kilrush formerly licensed in the name of Thomas Ryan. Mr T K Liston (instructed by Mr M J McMahon Solr.) for applicant explained that his client was already in possession of licensed premises on the opposite side of the street but it was his intention to relinquish this license on June 19th -----.

1942 23rd April (CC).
Another Transfer.
Patrick Joseph Ronan, Henry Street was granted an interim transfer of a license hitherto held in the name of Daniel J Comerford------.

1943 25th September (CC).
John Griffin, Moore Street, Kilrush, for whom Mr T F Toomey Solr. appeared was granted a confirmation of a transfer of a publican's license formally held by Patrick O'Connor.

1947 19th April (CC)
New Justice welcomed: At the sitting of the Kilrush Court on Tuesday District Justice Hurley was welcomed on his first appearance in West Clare -----.

1950 4th January (IT).
Clean Sheet: - Kilrush, Co. Clare, made a good start to the New Year. No cases were listed for hearing at the District Court.

1950 23rd March (IT).
Had to be removed from Church. Two itinerants-Stephen Carty and Patrick McCarthy-were fined 20s each at Kilrush Court, Co. Clare, and bound to the peace for two years, for being drunk and disorderly. It was stated that they interrupted the Holy Hour devotions in St. Michael's Church, Kilmihil ,and had to be removed. In the event of failure to obtain bail, District Justice Hurley ordered their imprisonment for one month each.

1952 18th December (IT).
Cyclist chased by Guard: For cycling at night without a light, John Purtill, Kilrush, Co. Clare was fined £2 at the local court. Purtill refused to dismount when challenged by Guard Leahy who chased and captured him.

1953 21st January (IT).
-- ----- John A. Kelly, veterinary surgeon of Kilrush,Co. Clare, was fined £5 in Kilrush District Court yesterday, and his son, John Joseph Kelly,£2 on charges concerning the careless driving of a motor-car and failing to remain at the scene of an accident for a reasonable time.---.

1953 17th September (IT).
Licences for late dances granted: Before Justice Gordon Hurley at Kilrush, Co. Clare District Court, Kilrush Urban Council was granted a licence for 40 dances to be held from 8 pm. to midnight in winter, and 40 from 8 pm. to 1 Summer in the local Town Hall. ---- Miss M. Nolan applied for 15 dances to be held from 10 pm. to 3 am.: four dances from 10 pm. to 4 am. and eight more from 9 to 1 am. -----

1961 21st April (IT).
“Faust” makes it a special occasion. The presence of six operatic “stars” in a Kilrush Co. Clare, hotel during a local opera week constituted a special occasion and qualified it for special exemption orders. This was the decision of District Justice Gordon Hurley at Kilrush Court when Mrs. Noreen Sheehan, Williams’s Hotel, Kilrush applied for the exemption orders. Mr. Michael McMahon, for the applicant, said that the local operatic society was presenting “Faust” from May 14th to May 21st. The principals of the opera would be staying in the hotel and as a large number of opera-goers would come into the hotel after the show; the applicant had decided to provide special late meals for the artists and public.
Timothy Sheehan, husband of the applicant, told the court that he anticipated a big influx of people into the hotel each night after the performance to see the singers. -----

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