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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Births, Marriages & Deaths 1900 - 1959

1900 10th February (Clare Man).
Death of a useful citizen.
--- Mr Sinon Kett who was deputy vice-chairman of the Board---- when many of the present guardians were in their petticoats -----.

1900 22nd February (CJ).
Death: Borough: February 16th at his residence Cappa House (Lodge), Kilrush, County Clare, Randal Borough in his 83rd year.

1900 26th February (CJ).
Death: D’Alton: February 22nd at Frances Street, Kilrush, Frances Ievers, widow of the late William B. D’Alton.

1900 3rd March (Clare Man).
Death of Mrs. Dowling, Cappagh House, Kilrush. ---.

1900 9th March (KH).
Death: Mrs M Trousdell of Henry Street, Kilrush. ---.

1900 1st June (KH).
Death: Mr. Michael Glynn, in Dublin, eldest son of the late – Mr. Michael Glynn, J.P., the founder of the well-known firm. -----.

1900 Saturday 7th July (IT).
Fashionable Marriage:
The marriage of Mr. Rowland W. H. Gray, eldest son of Mr. Richard Townsend Gray, J P (late Captain 50th Foot) of Lotaville, Cork with Miss Elizabeth M. Reeves, third daughter of Mr. R W Cary Reeves, J P and D L and Mrs. Reeves, of Bessborough, County Clare, took place in Kilmurry McMahon Church, County Clare on Thursday. The church was prettily decorated with water lilies, roses and golden ivy.------- The Rev. R H Bennett (vicar of the parish) performed the Marriage Service, and Mr. William Vandeleur Reeves attended as best man. The bride and bridegroom left immediately after the ceremony for London on route for the Continent. In honour of the event the shipping and coastguard stations at Kilrush and Tarbert were decorated with flags and in the evening many bonfires were lighted along the banks of the Shannon not only on the Clare side but also at Glin and other places in the County Limerick and along the Kerry shore. The presents were numerous and costly.

1900 1st December (Hampshire Telegraph and Naval Chronicle @ 19th Century British Library Newspapers)
Death: Death of Major Studdert:
Major Richard Augustine Fitzgerald Studdert, R.M.A., died at Deal on Tuesday last, aged 63. He was the son of the late Admiral J. Fitzgerald Studdert, of Pella, Kilrush, County Clare, and entered the Royal Marine Artillery in 1853. He obtained his Lieutenant's commission in the following year, and in 1855 served in the Crimea and in the expedition to Kinburn, receiving the medal and the Turkish medal. He again saw service in the China expedition of 1857-59, and was present at the blockade of the Canton River and the bombardment, storm and capture of the city. For his services on this occasion he received the medal with clasp. He retired on half pay in 1862, and was promoted to the rank of Captain in 1874, and Major in 1879. Major Studdert was appointed Adjutant of the 1st Middlesex Artillery Volunteers in 1864, and Adjutant of the 1st London Artillery Volunteers in 1873.

1901 5th January (Clare Man).
Death of Mr. J. Dowling, Cappa House, Kilrush. ----
-- the chief mourners were-- Jerome Dowling, Joshua S Dowling, U.C., (sons), S.F. Dowling, J.P., Limerick, Joshua Dowling, Ballyveric Villa, (brothers), J.J. Harrington, Tralee (son in law). ---- Dr, J.F. Counihan,J.P.,Dr. Vaughan,J.P.,Clonkerry House,Dr. T. Finucane,Dr. William Sexton,coroner,Dr. Randal Counihan,----- J Hollingsworth, Ballynote House,W.J. Brew,Bellvue. --- J. Saunders, Captain Murray, P. Shannon------.
Mr. John Madigan, Vandeleur Street had charge of the funeral arrangements, which were satisfactorily carried out. ---

1901 28th February (CJ).
Death: February 26th at Selsey (Suddenly) Lieutenant- Colonel John Ormsby Vandeleur, late Gordon Highlanders in his 58th year. The funeral will take place at Kilrush on Saturday next at 2 pm.

1901 25th March (CJ).
Birth: Kelly, April 22nd at Frances Street, Kilrush the wife of Thomas Kelly, Solr. of a daughter.

1901 1st July (CJ).
Death; Mr. R. W. C. Reeves, D.L., Bessborough, Killimer. -----.

1901 12th August (CJ).
Fashionable Marriage: Mr. Gilbert Smith and Miss Grace Vandeleur were married on the 2nd inst. --- Eastbourne. The bride who is the daughter of Mr. Vandeleur of Kilrush, Deputy Lieutenant of County Clare, and sister of Colonel Seymour Vandeleur D.S.O., Irish Guards, has made a wonderful recovery from her late serious illness.---

1901 22nd August (CJ).
Death: Miss Agnes Lynch, Moore Street, Kilrush.

1901 5th September (CJ).
Death: Vandeleur, August 31st near Waterval, South Africa, Lieutenant-Colonel, Seymour Vandeleur, D.S.O., Irish Guards, the beloved son of Hector Stewart Vandeleur, of Cahircon and Kilrush, County Clare, aged 32.

1901 19th September (CJ).
Death: Dowling, - September 14th, 1901 at his residence, Ballyerra Villa, Kilrush, County Clare, Joshua Dowling, aged 65 . R.I.P.

1902 6th February (CJ).
Marriage: McMahon and Keating: February 5th 1902 at the Franciscan Church Limerick by the Rev. P. Hogan, C.C., Kilrush assisted by the Rev. J.J. Hogan, C.C. Miltown-Malbay and Rev. Daniel Courtney, P.P., Coolmeen. Thomas son of Patrick McMahon Esq, Miltown Malbay to Mary (may) oldest daughter of Joseph Keating Esq, The Square, Kilrush.

1902 9th June (CJ).
Birth: O’Dea at her residence, Chapel Street, Kilrush on the 2nd inst., the wife of Mr. John O’Dea of a daughter.

1902 12th June (CJ).
Birth: Glynn: June 5th at Pella House, Kilrush the wife of W. J. Glynn of a son.

1902 28th July (CJ).
Birth: Cahill: At her residence Burton Street, Kilrush on the 19th inst., the wife of Mr Henry Cahill of a son.

1902 11th September (CJ).
Death of Mrs. O’Brien, Moore Street, Kilrush. --- wife of Mr. O’Brien an old and respected inhabitant.

1902 11th September (CJ) and (Clare Man of 25th October).
Death of Mr. Garrett O'Doherty, Moore Street, Kilrush.

1902 8th November (Clare Man),
Sympathy: ---expressed -- with an enterprising merchant (Hardware, Market Square), Mr. Denis Troy, Kilrush--- on the death of his dearly beloved wife. ---

1902 10th November (CJ).
We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Ryan the esteemed wife of Mr. Andrew Ryan, Moore Street, Kilrush which occurred on Wednesday.----

1902 4th December
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Finnucane, Thomas of Kilrush, County Clare, Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Died 4th December 1902 at Peshawar, Punjab, India. Administration Limerick to Joseph Finnucane, Merchant. Sealed London 17th June. Effects £500 in England.

1902 20th December (Clare Man).
Sympathy: Kilrush Board of the United Irish League;
-- passed a resolution of sympathy with Mr. Joseph Finucane on the death of his eldest son, Dr. Thomas Finucane which took place in India where he was stationed with his regiment.

1903 9th March (CJ).
Death: At her residence John Street, Kilrush on the 5th inst. Mary Costelloe widow of the late Martin Costelloe and mother-in-law of Mr. P. J. Boyle, -- at the age of 86 years.

1903 30th March (CJ).
Birth: Kelly: At her residence, Henry Street, Kilrush on the 16th March the wife of Mr. J. J. Kelly of a son.

1903 4th June (New Zealand Tablet @
Obituary: Mrs. E Killeen, Wellington.
Mrs. Elizabeth Killeen, who died in Wellington on Monday, May 18th, was well known and highly esteemed in that city, and also on the West Coast, where she and her husband, the late Mr. Michael Killeen, had resided for many years. During her illness, the deceased was attended by the Rev. Father Holley. The Sisters of Mercy, of St. Mary's Convent, were also most attentive. On Wednesday, May 20th, a Requiem Mass was celebrated in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart by the Rev. Father Holley, who also officiated at the graveside at the Karori Cemetery, where the internment took place on the same afternoon, being assisted by the Rev. Father Walsh. The deceased was the second daughter of the late Mr. Alexander McMahon, of Kilrush and Ballinacally, County Clare. Her husband predeceased her by about 10 weeks, and to the sorrowing family-a son and two daughters-the sincerest sympathy of a large circle of friends is extended in their bereavement. R.I.P.

1903 4th June (CJ).
Birth: Coote: At Moore Street, Kilrush on the 31st May the wife of Charles J. Coote, journalist, of a daughter.

1903 9th July (CJ).
Marriage: On Tuesday 7th July at the Franciscan Church Limerick, ---- Henry Thomas third son of Michael W. Murphy, late Chief Officer Coast Guard, Cappa, Kilrush to Susan Gertrude youngest daughter of B. Crowley, Esq Kilrush.

1903 30th July (CJ).
Death of Mrs. Margaret O’Dea, Vandeleur Street, Kilrush, wife of Mr. Cornelius O’Dea.------.

1903 27th August (CJ).
Birth: Glynn: on the 20th August at Pella House, Kilrush the wife of W.J. Glynn,J.P., of a daughter.

(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Walsh, Martin of Henry Street, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 8th November 1903 at the Union Hospital, Kilrush. Administration Limerick to Mary Considine (wife of John Considine). Sealed London 23rd June. Effects £143 in England.

1903 19th November (CJ).
Death: Kelly: At Henry Street,Kilrush on the 7th inst. The infant son of Dr. J.J. Kelly, V.S.

1903 3rd December (CJ).
Death: Brew: At 7 De Courcey Square West, Dublin, Elizabeth wife of Wm. J. Brew, late of Belvue, Kilrush, County Clare.

1903 7th December (CJ).
Birth: Culligan: At her residence, Toler Street, Kilrush on the 25th November the wife of Mr. John Culligan, junr., of a daughter.

1904 23rd January (IT).
Births: Conlin -January 11, 1904, at Frances Street, Kilrush, the wife of Bernard Conlin, D. I., R I C, of twins (son and daughter)

1904 23rd January (CC).
Death of Miss Eileen Murray, Kilrush:
We regret to announce at a comparative early demise of Miss Eileen Murray, Frances Street, Kilrush. ---- the chief mourners were Captain Edward Murray,father,Captain Murray, junr, son ----- all ships flags in the harbour were half-mast high as a token of respect---.

(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Culligan, John of Kilrush, County Clare, Justice of the Peace. Died 12th February 1904. Probate Dublin to John Culligan, Draper and Bartholomew Culligan, Justice of the Peace. Sealed London 15th December. Effects £1233 19s. 6d. in England.

1904 20th February (CC).
Kilrush Notes: Death of Mr. J Culligan J.P.
---- the melancholy event took place at the deceased residence, Frances Street---- Mr. Culligan carried on one of the most extensive drapery establishments in West Clare for close to a quarter of a century. -----

1904 22nd February (CJ).
Birth: Mungovan at her residence, Market Square, Kilrush on the 6th February the wife of Mr. Patrick Mungovan, of a daughter.
O’Dwyer at her residence, Market Square, Kilrush on the 29th January the wife of Mr. John O’Dwyer, of a daughter.

1904 27th February (CC).
Death of Robert Burrell, Kilrush:
I regret to have to record the death of Mr. Robert Burrell, an old and respected native of Kilrush----- Mr James Allen, Undertaker, Henry Street, carried out the funeral arrangements--.

1904 19th March (CC).
Death of an old veteran:
The death took place on Saturday last at his residence in Vandeleur Street, Kilrush of Mr. Richard Brew an old veteran of the Nationalist cause------.

1904 19th April (IT).
Births: O'Doherty -April 12th, at Frances Street, Kilrush, the wife of F J O'Doherty, of a son.

1904 2nd May (CJ).
Marriage: Troy and Carroll: April 26th at the Roman Catholic Church, Kilrush by the Ven. Archdeacon Malone, P.P. and V.G., Mr. Denis Troy, Merchant, Market Square, Kilrush to Miss Sarah Carroll, Kilrush.

1904 30th June (CJ).
Marriage: O’Donovan and O’Riordan: At the Parish Church, Kilrush by the Rev. P. Hogan, William O’Donovan, Kilrush to Alice youngest daughter of the late P. O’Riordan, Bellevue, Ballyvaughan, County Clare.

1904 1st October (IT).
Deaths: McIntyre -September 25th, at Frances Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Maria, widow of the late Bryan McIntyre.

1905 19th January (CJ).
Birth: Keane, January 17th at ( Raglan Road, Dublin the wife of Marcus Keane of Beechpark, County Clare of a daughter.

1905 18th March (IT).
Deaths: Brew-February 28th, 1905, at Cappa, Wm. Jonas Brew, aged 51 years, youngest son of the late William Brew, Esquire, of Leadmore House, Kilrush, County Clare.

1905 15th April (IT).
Death: Smith-April 7th, 1905, Caroline (Carrie), fourth daughter of the late James Smith, Kilrush, County Clare. “Safe in the arms of Jesus”

1905 17th April (IT & CJ).
Births: Glynn-April 14th, 1905, at Pella House, Kilrush the wife of W J Glynn J P, of a daughter.

1906 17th February (IT).
Deaths: Mahony -On February 9th, at 4 Vernon Parade, Clontarf, after a prolonged illness, Mrs. Bridget Mahony, formerly of Kilrush, County Clare.

1906 17th February (CC).
Death of Mr. John O'Brien, Kilrush:
--- Mr. John O’Brien, one of the principal residents of Kilrush at his Henry Street, residence --- attained a high position in the Commercial Life of the Town by his great business acumen. -----.

1906 10th March (IT).
Births: O'Doherty -On March 1st, at Frances Street, Kilrush, the wife of F J O'Doherty, of a son.

1906 10th March (IT).
Deaths: Purcell -February 26th, of heart failure, Hannah, widow of the late Bryan Purcell, Solicitor, Kilrush, Co. Clare, aged 86 years.

1906 21st April (IT).
Deaths: Allen -On April 7th, at 182 Alden Street, Orange, New Jersey, Samuel Allen M D, aged? 6 years, late of Kilrush Co. Clare.

1906 28th April (IT).
Deaths: Brews-At Clonmel, on the 17th April, 1906 of typhoid fever, Michael Herbert Brews, aged 26 years, dearly loved youngest son of Michael S, Brews, J P, of Ballyerra House, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1906 3rd May (CJ).
Marriage: Silles and Counihan: At the Roman Catholic Church, Kilrush on the 25th April by the Rev. P. Hogan ---------, John son of the late Richard Bolton Silles, Esq, J.P., Newtown House, County Clare, to Mary Helena (Mysie) second daughter of John F. Counihan, Esq, M.D., J.P., Kilrush.

1906 7th May (CJ).
Death of Mrs Batt Crowley, Cappa she belonged to the old stock of Kilrush. The internment took place at Scattery Island. ----.

1906 22nd May (II).
The death of the Ven. Archdeacon Malone,PP,VG occurred yesterday morning at the Parochial House, Kilrush after a protracted illness, to the great grief of his flock, by whom he was beloved in the highest and fullest sense.----------------.

1906 26th May (IT).
Archdeacon Malone, Kilrush.
The death has occurred at the Parochial House, Frances Street, Kilrush, of the Ven. Archdeacon Malone, P. P., V G. He had been ailing for the past six months, and though he rallied at intervals, two months ago was stricken down again, and had to proceed to Mater Misericordiae Hospital Dublin. His condition, however, became gradually worse, and in the closing days of last week, he returned to Kilrush. He was ordained fifty-four years ago, after a brilliant course at Maynooth, and having ministered in various parts of the diocese, he was transferred to Kilrush fourteen years ago as Pastor and Vicar-General of the Kilrush Deaconate. As an instance of his philanthropy, it may be mentioned that, at a cost of £500, and of his own private resources, he built and equipped a temperance hall in the town, which he made over to the people. He was born in the parish of Kilmaley eighty-four years ago. He was a fluent Irish speaker, a distinguished litterateur, a life member of the Royal Irish Academy: was connected with the archaeological and antiquarian bodies in Ireland, and was a publicist of some note. His first book,” The Church History of Ireland” which appeared in 1863,ran into several editions, He made several valuable contributions on various subjects, and was a contributor to Irish history, and was a contributor on various subjects to the “Hibernian Magazine” “ New Ireland Review” “Dublin Review” and “Irish Ecclesiastical Record”. His last literary effort was a pamphlet entitled “Irish Schools and Their Management”. On the reconstruction of the ancient Chapter of Killaloe, which had been in abeyance for over 300 years, by the late Pope Leo X111, Father Malone was made a Canon, and was subsequently elevated to the dignity of Archdeacon. Kilrush Petty Sessions yesterday were, on the motion of Mr. M S Brews, adjourned as a mark of respect to the memory of Archdeacon Malone. The Urban Council meeting was also adjourned for two weeks.

1906 30th July (IT).
Deaths: Blake -July 17th ,Fanny, youngest daughter of the late John Blake,Newtown,Co. Meath, and Mrs. Blake, The Square, Kilrush,Co. Clare. R I P. American papers please copy.

1906 20th September (New Zealand Tablet @
Death: On August 2,1906, at the Convent of the Good Shepard, Sunday’s Well, Cork, in the twenty-eight year of her religious profession, Sister Mary of St. Celestine, daughter of the late Michael O'Grady, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland, and sister of Mrs. M. Bunbury, Bishop's Road, Dunedin. R.I.P.

1906 27th September (II and CJ).
Death: Glynn – September 26th 1906, at Leadmore House, Kilrush,Co. Clare, George Edward Glynn,M.D., Surgeon R.N.,fifth son of the late Michael Glynn, J.P., age 33,R.I.P. Funeral on tomorrow (Friday), 1 am.

1907 28th January (CJ and 9th February (IT).
Deaths: Counihan -January 27th at Kilrush, Co. Clare, John, aged 21 years, of influenza and pneumonia, third son of Dr. John F. Counihan, J P, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1907 16th March (IT).
Deaths: Max-On the 5th March, at the National Bank, Kilrush, Ellen, youngest daughter of the late John Max Esq, of Ballytrasna, Co Tipperary, aged 72 years.

1907 30th March (CC).
Death of Mrs. Considine, Kilrush:
The death has occurred in Sydney where she had gone for the benefit of her health of Mrs. Elizabeth Considine a native of Kilrush and mother of the Rev. J.P. Considine, Redfern. ----

1907 10th June (CJ and 15th June (IT).
Births: Glynn-June 7th, 1907, Pella House, Kilrush, the wife of W J Glynn, J P, of a son.

1907 25th June (IT).
Fashionable Intelligence.
The marriage arranged between Dr. Arthur Lanigan-O'Keeffe,of Navan,fourth son of S M Lanigan-O'Keeffe,Esq,of Glenagyle,Toomevara,Nenagh,Co. Tipperary, and Delville,Glasnevin,Co Dublin, and May, only daughter of the late Randall Borough,Esq of Cappa, Kilrush,Co. Clare, and Mrs. Borough,Kilkee,will take place very quietly in Dublin on 31st July.

1907 12th September (IT).
Marriages: Culligan and Lynch-September 11th 1907,at the Church of St. Francis Xavier, Gardiner Street,Dublin,by the Rev. Canon McInerney P. P. ,V. G.,Kilrush,Co. Clare, Batt Culligan J P, Kilrush to Margaret youngest daughter of Mrs. M Lynch, Frances Street, Kilrush.

1907 5th October (IT).
Marriages: O'Ryan and Sadlier -September 16th, 1907,at St. Mary's Parish Church, Irishtown, Clonmel, by the Very Rev. Canon Spratt, P P, Owen, only son of the late L J O'Ryan, and grandson of the late James O'Ryan, Kilrush, to Eva G, youngest daughter of the late James Sadleir, Esq, Roseboro, Tipperary

1907 19th December (IT).
Deaths: Pelissier -December 17th, 1907 at 112 Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon, Westminster, Grace Wiles Pelissier, older daughter of the late James Pelissier and Mrs. Harry Supple, Bleak House, Cappagh, Kilrush.

1908 7th March (IT).
Marriages: Killeen and O'Connor -March 2nd 1908 at the Parish Church, Kilrush, Co. Clare, by the Very Reverend Canon McInerney P P, VG, assisted by the Reverend P Scanlan, C C Michael Killeen, Moloskey House, Mullagh, Co. Clare, to Ethel, youngest daughter of James Carden O'Connor, Kilrush. No cards.

1908 30th April (CJ).
Marriage: Kelly and Kelly: On Tuesday 25th April 1908 at St. Michael’s parish Church Limerick, by the Rev. Canon McInerney, Kilrush with Nuptial Mass, Margaret (Madge) second daughter of James Kelly, Merchant, Kilrush to John Kelly, Clonakilty, County Cork and son of the late John Kelly, Rehy, Carrigaholt, County Clare.

1908 12th December (IT).
Deaths: Blair-December 2, at 107 Morehampton Road, Harriet Persse, second daughter of the late William Blair, of Cappa, Kilrush.

1909 18th February (CJ).
Marriage: O’Dwyer and Studdert: On the 3rd February at St. Joseph’s ,Limerick with Nuptial Mass. --- Dr. P. O’Dwyer, J.P., Ennistymon to Mary Lucinda (Mae?) elder daughter of Dr. John Moroney Studdert, J.P., Rahona House, Carrigaholt.

1909 24th April (IT).
Marriages: Taylor and Harrison -April 13 1909,at St. Paul's Church, Cork, by the Rev, E A Tichborne, M A, Rector, Louis Henry, third son of the late Theobald Taaffe Taylor, Fort, Kilrush, Co. Clare, to Gertrude, eldest daughter of George Harrison, Egerton Villas, Cork. No Cards.

1909 29th May (IT).
Deaths: O'Connor-May 18 1909, at the residence of his father, Toler Street, Kilrush, Edward H. O’Connor, third son of James O’Connor, aged 22 years. R.I.P. Australian and American papers please copy.

1909 17th July (IT).
Deaths: MacFarlane -July 6 1909,at Provincial Bank House,Kilrush,Louisa,the beloved wife of John A. MacFarlan,and daughter of the late St. John Purcell,Ballina.

1909 21st August (IT).
Marriages: Mescall and Millea -August 4,1909,at St. Michael's Limerick, with Nuptial Mass by the Very Rev. Canon A. Ryan P.P., V.G., Tipperary, assisted by Rev. W. Kinane C.C., Solohead, Tipperary (cousin of the bride), Rev D Kiely C C Tipperary, the Very Rev. Canon McInerney P P, V G Kilrush, Rev Father O'Connor Adm. St Michael's Limerick, and Rev. T W Drumm, Dabugue, Iowa, U S A, Bartholomew, son of the late Michael Mescall, The Square, Kilrush, to Jane (Jennie), daughter of the late John Millea,16 Main Street, Tipperary.

(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Vandeleur, Hector Stewart of Cahircon, County Clare. Died 3rd October 1909 at 3, Manchester Square, London. Probate Dublin to Alexander Moore Vandeleur, Captain, Life Guards. Effects £1046 3s. 7d. in England. Sealed London 23rd July.

1909 5th October (IT).
Deaths: Vandeleur -On Sunday, October 3 1909,after a paralytic seizure, Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur (late Rifle Brigade), of Kilrush and Cahircon, (Deputy) Lord Lieutenant of Clare, eldest son of the late Colonel Vandeleur, M P and Lady Grace Vandeleur, aged 73. Funeral at Kilrush on Friday 3 p m.

1909 20th November (IT).
Deaths: Allen-October 18 1909,at Orange, New Jersey S A, Sophie Stewart, widow of the late Samuel M D Allen of Kilrush and Limerick. With Christ, which is far better?

1910 23rd April (IT).
Births: Glynn-April 14th, 1910 at Pella House, Kilrush the wife of W J Glynn, J.P., of a son.

1910 2nd May (CJ).
Death: Keane- on the 28th April at Barrington’s Hospital, Limerick, Perceval William Keane eldest son of the late Marcus Keane of Beechpark, Ennis, County Clare aged 61.

1910 5th November (IT).
Supple -Passed away October 27th, 1910, at Dublin, Harry G Supple (of Kilrush).

1911 13th May (IT).
Marriages: Honan and O'Connor - April 29,1911,at the University Church, St Stephen's Green, Dublin, by the Rev. L Healy, C S S P, John J. Honan, eldest son of Thomas Honan, Burleigh Road, South Liverpool, to Agnes, second youngest daughter of the late James Carden O'Connor and Mrs. O'Connor, Toler Street, Kilrush.

(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Hyde, Samuel, the Reverend, of the Rectory, Kilrush in the County of Clare, Clerk, Died 17th August 1911. Administration Limerick to Jane E. Hyde, widow. Effects £1842 9s. in England. Sealed London 3rd January.

1911 30th September (CC).
Death and funeral of Mr. Thomas Finucane, Main Street, Kilrush-----.

1911 11th November (IT).
Deaths: Borough -October 29,1911,at Cappa, Kilrush, Margaret Porter, eldest daughter of the late Robert Holmes Borough J P, Cappa Lodge, Kilrush, Co. Clare, grand- daughter of the late Hugh Harris, D.L., J.P., Ashford, Tynan, Co. Armagh, aged 68 years.

Brew-November 3, 1911, at Littor House, Co. Kerry, Thomas S Brew, D.L. and J.P., for the Counties of Clare and Kerry, aged 71 years, second son of the late William Brew, of Leadmore House, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1912 5th April (KH).
Death of Mr. T Culligan, Ballynote the internment took place at the family vault in Scattery Island--. The prayers by the graveside were read by the Rev Fr. Scanlan.

1912 27th July (CC).
Death and funeral of Mr. William Moody, Kilrush.
We regret have to announce the death of a much respected resident of Kilrush in the person of Mr. William Moody an extensive Butter Merchant.----.
Mr. M. Morrissey, Undertaker, Henry Street carried out the funeral arrangements---.

1913 10th February (CJ).
Birth: February 8th at 15 Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin to Capt. Vandeleur, Cahircon, County Clare and the Hon. Mrs. Vandeleur a daughter.

1913 12th March (II).
The interment took place some days ago in presence of a large and representative attendance, of Mr. John Murphy, Town Clerk, Kilrush. Keen as a public official kindly in manner, and a sincere supporter of the national movement his death is regretted by all classes of the people. The Kilrush Guardians at their last meeting passed a vote of condolence with his widow and relatives on the motion of Mr. Mescall.

1913 5th April (IT and CJ 27th March).
Deaths: Counihan -March 27 1913,at her residence, Kilrush,Co. Clare, Jane Counihan, dearly beloved wife of Dr. J F Counihan, J.P.,Kilrush.

1913 15th March (CC).
Death of Mr. J Murphy, Town Clerk, Kilrush:
The death of the above named highly popular official took place at his residence in Henry Street, Kilrush on Friday morning. ------.
Death of Mr. Pat Kelly, Henry Street, Kilrush:
-- the late Mr. Kelly the father of Mr Tom Kelly, Clerk of the Kilrush Union. He had a large grocery and spirit business in Henry Street, Kilrush and was in addition the owner of several farms of land, in which he employed a large number of labourers. He was also an extensive contractor of Public Works where he employed a large amount of labour.
In fact, no man has passed away for a number of years who will be more mourned by the labouring classes

1913 12th July (CC).
Death of Mr. P. M. Boyle, Journalist, Kilrush:
-- Mr. Boyle who was the son of Mr. P.J. Boyle, proprietor of the “Kilrush Herald” was a well-known figure in West Clare. ---.

1913 13th December (IT).
Birth: Culligan -November 28, 1913, at 3 Frances Street, Kilrush, the wife of B Culligan, Esq, J.P., of a son.

1913 27th December (IT).
Deaths: Brews -December 12, 1913, at Ballyerra, Joseph Brews, second son of M S Brews, J.P., Ballyerra House, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1914 4th March (IT).
Deaths: Counihan -March 2 1914, in London, Randal Counihan, M D, F R C S I, second son of Dr. John F Counihan, J P, Kilrush, Co. Clare, aged 38 years. R I P. Funeral at Kilrush tomorrow (Thursday) at 12.30.

1914 30th May (CC).
Death of Mr. Joseph Dillon, Kilrush.
We deeply regret to announce the death of Joseph M Dillon only son of Mr. P.J. Dillon, Moore Street, Kilrush, which took place on Friday 22nd inst., after a short illness -----.

1914 30th October
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Vandeleur, Alexander Moore of Cahircon, Ennis, County Clare, Captain, 2nd Life Guards. Died 30th October 1914 in France. Probate Dublin to the Honourable Violet Ethel Vandeleur, widow and Frederick Digby Darley, Solicitor. Effects £3010 7s. 5d. in England. Sealed London 20th August.

1915 16th January (IT).
Deaths: Hutton -January 5 1915,at Cappa, Kilrush,Dorothea,widow of Thomas Glanville Hutton, M D and daughter of the late Robert Holmes Borough,J.P., Cappa House, Kilrush.

1915 27th February (IT).
Deaths: Blundell- At the residence of her brother, Frances Street, Kilrush, Catherine widow of the late Matthew Fraser Blundell, Inland Revenue, in her 81st year.

1915 13th November (IT).
Death: Counihan -At Querrin House, Kilrush, after a lingering illness, Francis Borough Counihan, M D, son of Dr. J F Counihan J P.

1915 16th November (IT and CJ 22nd November).
Fashionable Intelligence.
We regret to announce the death of Mrs. Vandeleur, which occurred at 50 Rutland Gate, London, on Friday. She was the eldest daughter of the late W O Foster, of Apley Park, Bridgnorth, and married in 1867, Hector Stewart Vandeleur, of Kilrush and Cahircon, His Majesty's Lieutenant for Clare, who died in 1909.

1916 5th June (IT).
Rank and File, Irishmen and men in Irish Regiments only.
Died of Wounds: Coughlan, M (Kilrush).

1916 8th September (IT).
Roll of Honour.
Died. Royal Garrison Artillery: Moloney, 57579 Gunner S (Kilrush).

1916 20th September (IT).
Killed: Royal Munster Fusiliers: Moloney 4921 P (Kilrush).

1916 19th October (IT).
Died of Wounds.
Royal Munster Fusiliers, McGrath 6373 M. (Kilrush, Co Clare).

1916 12th November
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Allender, Thomas of Ballymacurtaun, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 12th November 1916. Probate Limerick to Daniel Chambers, merchant, John Bourke, Coachbuilder and Michael Garry, civil bill official. Effects £117 10s. in England. Sealed London 15th January.

1916 18th November
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Glynn, Henry Richard of Leadmore House, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 18th November 1916. Probate Dublin to William Joynt Glynn and Charles Edmund Glynn, Merchants. Effects £228 15s. in England. Sealed London 17th July.

1916 20th November (IT).
We regret to announce the death of Mr. Henry Richard Glynn J P, which occurred on Saturday at his residence, Kilrush House, Kilrush. Mr. Glynn, whose death was due to a severe attack of congestion of the lungs, was a Deputy Lieutenant for County Clare.

1916 2nd December (CC).
Funeral of the late Mr. H.R. Glynn, J.P., Kilrush:
The remains of the late Mr. H.R. Glynn were removed from Kilrush House, his residence on Monday evening to Kilrush Parish Church and were accompanied by all the inhabitants of the town. -----

1917 24th January (IT).
Died: Royal Munster Fusiliers: Blair 6373? Sergt. H (Kilrush).

1917 14th February (IT).
Second Lieutenant C M Armstrong:
The death in action is announced of Second Lieutenant Charles Martin Armstrong, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Lieutenant Armstrong, who was in his twenty- fourth year, was the son of Canon S C Armstrong, Rector of Kilrush.

1917 4th July (II).
Officers in the casualty lists.
2nd Lt. H.P. Peacocke, S. Lancs. missing since a year ago and now reported killed on that date, was a son of the late Mr. T. Twiss Peacocke, Kilrush, Co. Clare, and Mrs Peacocke, Greenmount Rd, Dublin. ------

1917 14th July (IT).
Ireland's Roll of Honour.
Second Lieutenant Herbert Parker Peacocke, South Lancashire regiment, who was formerly reported missing, is now officially reported believed killed in action at Thiepval on July 3rd 1916. He was the son of the late Mr. T. Twiss Peacocke, of Kilrush, County Clare, and of Mrs. Peacocke, Greenmount Road, Dublin. He was twenty years of age. While cheering his men on he was wounded. His Commanding Officer writes:-”Lieutenant Peacocke led his men in a gallant charge against the German lines. Lieutenant Peacocke was in the Provincial Bank at Cork when he volunteered and joined the Cadet Corps of the Leinster Regiment, from which he was gazetted into the South Lancashires.”

1918 28th March
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Will and Probate: Clancy, James of Ennis Road, Kilrush, County Clare died 28th March 1918. Probate Limerick to James Clancy, carpenter, Simon Clancy, farmer, and Pat Shannon, boatman. Effects £1573 8s. 2d. in England. Sealed London 4th June.

1918 6th April (IT).
Fashionable Intelligence.
The marriage arranged between Charles E, youngest son of the late Michael Glynn, J P and Mrs. Glynn, Kilrush, and Eileen eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Dorgan, Mount Prospect, Shanakiel, Co, Cork, will take place quietly in Dublin towards the end of April.

1918 15th June (II).
Marriage: O'Halloran and Culligan – June 11th 1918 at Kilmurray McMahon R.C. Church, Co Clare Timothy O'Halloran, R.I.C, Kilrush, third son of Daniel O'Halloran, Bandon, Co. Cork, to Agnes, only daughter of Simon Culligan, Knock, Co. Clare.

1918 18th October (II).
Roll of Honour.
Clancy: October 16th, 1918, at the Military Hospital, Woolwich. Lieut. William J. Clancy, dearly loved son of John and Winifred Clancy, Moore Street, Kilrush, Co Clare, R.I.P.

1918 7th December (CC).
Kilrush Urban Council.
Death of Miss Alice Counihan, adjournment of meeting:
----- The chairman proposed an adjournment without transacting any business as a mark of respect to Miss Counihan. Present: Messrs. Ml. O'Shea. Solr. In the Chair. W Carmody, J.P., H Keller, F. O'Dea ---- The late Miss Counihan was a daughter of Dr. J. K. Counihan, J.P., M.O., Kilrush Union.

1919 28th January
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Dold, Kate of Moore Street, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 28th January 1919. Probate Limerick to Della Dold, spinster. Effects £402 15s. 6d. in England. Sealed London 6th June.

1919 14th February
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Burton, William C. V. of Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt, County Clare died 4th February 1919. Probate Limerick to Charles R. A. McDonnell, land agent and Francis F. Cullinan, solicitor. Effects £1341 3s. 9d. in England.

1919 10th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Kelly, Thomas of Bellevue House, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 10th April 1919. Administration Limerick to Margaret Kelly, widow. Effects £2952 8s. 9d. in England. Sealed London 10th August.

1920 11th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Culligan, Bridget of Ballynote Cottage, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 11th April 1920. Probate Dublin to Bartholomew Culligan, Justice of the Peace. Effects £178 2s. 6d. in England. Sealed London 5th July.

1921 5th January (II).
Marriages: O'Hanrahan and Murphy -December 22 1920 at St. Anne's Alcester Street, Birmingham, by the Very Rev. Canon Villiers, P.P. Harry, son of Michael and Mrs O'Hanrahan, Ballyerra Lodge, Kilrush, Co. Clare, to Mary Josephine (Mai) only daughter of John and Mrs Murphy, Sycamore House, Doneraile, Co. Cork.

Saunders and Sexton- December 29 1920 at the Cathedral Ennis (with Nuptial Mass) by the Rev J. Sexton, B.A. Adm, Forbes, N.S.W. (brother of the bride) assisted by the Rev M McKenna, C.C. Mullagh, Rev J Considine, C.C. Ennis and the Rev J Meade, C.C., Ennis Frank, eldest son of John and Mrs Saunders, Moore Street, Kilrush, to Margaret (Peg) youngest daughter of Mrs Sexton and the late Timothy Sexton, Finor More, Mullagh.--- ay.

1921 13th September (IT).
Deaths: Williams-At his residence, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Michael last surviving son of the late Michael Williams, aged 74 years.

1921 17th September (CC).
Kilrush News:
--During the week, the death occurred of Mr. Ml. Williams, Hotel Proprietor, Frances Street, Kilrush.

1922 15th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Counihan, Edward of Kilrush, County Clare. Died 15th April 1922. Probate Limerick to Mysie Silles, widow. Effects £388 11s. 9d. in England. Sealed London 24th March.

1922 16th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Callanan, John Joseph of Frances Street, Kilrush, County Clare died 16th April 1922. Administration (With Will) London 6th October to Marion Callanan, widow. Effects £895 13s. 3d.

1922 5th May (KH).
Death of Mrs Walsh-Cappagh.
-----The funeral which left the church at 12 o'clock for Cappagh was large and respectable and of a representative character. The internment took place at Scattery Island.

1922 16th December (IT).
Deaths: McLean-December 8,1922 at Adelaide Hospital, Dublin, Lucy, wife of William D. McLean, 6 Eccles Street, Dublin and widow of Theobald Taaffe Taylor, formerly of Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1923 16th March
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Clancy, Stephen of Market Square, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 18th March 1923. Administration London to Michael Clancy, gentleman. Effects £21 10s.

1923 7th July (IT).
Births: Davey -June 21st, 1923, at Frances Street, Kilrush, to Mr. and Mrs. Davey, Provincial Bank, a son.

1923 8th September (IT).
Deaths: Persse -August 23rd ,1923,at Tabragalba,Queensland,Minnie Persse, wife of the late De Burgh Persse, and daughter of the late William Blair,Cappa,Kilrush.

1924 10th May (IT).
Births: Glynn-April 15th 1924, at 18 St. Patrick's Place, Cork, to Mr. and Mrs. C E Glynn, Kilrush, a daughter.

1925 11th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Behan, Margaret of Moore Street, Kilrush, County Clare, spinster. Died 11th April 1925. Probate London 17th November to the Reverend John Francis Enright, Clerk. Effects £196.

Bennett, Thomas of Cappa, Kilrush, County Clare, Master Mariner died 27th November 1878. Administration (With Will) Limerick to William Bennett, Master Mariner. Sealed London 26th April Effects £350 in England.

1925 2nd September (IT).
Farmer's Fatal Fall:-
Daniel McNamara, farmer, Cahermurphy, West Clare, has died at St. Joseph's Hospital, Kilrush, from injuries received from a fall off his horse on Wednesday last.

1925 17th December
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Keating, Patrick of Kilcarroll, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 17th December 1925. Administration (with Will) London 20th November to Ellen Keating, widow. Effects £144 16s. 11d.

1926 23rd January (IT).
Marriage of Dr. Richard Counihan and Miss Enid Glynn:-
On Wednesday, 20th inst., the marriage took place at the Catholic Church, Kilrush, by the Rev. T. Counihan, S J (brother of the bridegroom) assisted by the Very Rev Dean McInerney and the priests of the parish, of Dr. Richard Counihan, youngest son of the late Dr. and Mrs. John Francis Counihan, and Enid, eldest daughter of William Joynt Glynn, D L and Mrs. Glynn, Pella House, Kilrush.
The bride who given away by her father wore a white and silver Georgette dress and old Limerick lace veil. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white chrysanthemums. The bridesmaids (Miss Jeanette Glynn, sister of bride, and Miss Maureen Kelly, niece of the bridegroom) wore peach coloured crepe-de-chine dresses and pearl and diamond necklaces, gifts of the bridegroom. Mr. William Hilliard Glynn attended as best man.
A large family reception was held by the bride's mother at Pella after which the newly married pair left for the Continent.

1926 15th September
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Smith, Rose Zillah of Bleak House, Kilrush, County Clare, spinster. Died 15th September 1926. Administration London 24th November to Jemima Supple, widow. Effects £1176 2s. 3d.

1926 18th December (IT).
Deaths: O'Meara -December 11, 1926, at her residence Kilrush, Bertha Prior, youngest and dearly loved daughter of the late Michael and Catherine O'Meara, Frances Street. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for her.

1927 4th July (II).
Death: Keating (Kilrush, Co. Clare) – July 2, 1927 at her residence, Henry St, Kilrush, Mrs. Bridget Keating, Merchant: deeply and dearly mourned by her son, daughters, and grandchildren. Funeral from Catholic Church on tomorrow (Tuesday) at 1o'clock.

1927 1st August
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Harris, Frederick of Cappa, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 1st August 1927 at the Mental Hospital, Ennis, County Clare. Administration London 23rd November to Mary Harris, widow. Effects £141 1s. 1d. in England.

1928 14th January (II).
Death: Leehane, (Kilrush), - January 12th 1928 at Kilrush, Co. Clare, Mortimer Leehane. Funeral from St. Senan's Church, I o’clock, to-morrow (Sunday), after Requiem Mass.

1928 13th August
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Burke, James of Glen Street, Kilrush, County Clare died 13th August 1928. Administration London 8th September to Mary Burke, widow. Effects £198 14s. 7d.

1928 16th November (II).
Col. Francis Butler died at his residence Cappagh, Kilrush, aged 90.

1929 4th March (II).
Clare Man Killed: Palestine Ambush.
Const. John Dowling, of the Palestine Police Force, a native of Kilrush, was shot dead in an engagement with armed men near Nablus. -------------. (Son of Joshua and Mary Dowling, Cappa House, Kilrush)

1929 29th June (IT).
The remains of Mr. M. J. Byrne, solicitor, were removed from St. Mary's Parish Church, Listowel, on the 19th June for interment at Kilrush,Co, Clare. Solemn Requiem High Mass was celebrated, the celebrants being the Rev. Father O'Riordan, C C: the Rev. Father W. Ferris, C C. Deacon, and the Very Rev. Canon White, P P, Sub-Deacon. After Mass, the remains were placed on a motor hearse, and were followed by upwards of thirty motorcars, in which members of the profession and the public.

1929 31st October
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Fitzgerald, Dennis Patrick of the National Bank House, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 31st October 1929 at Brompton Hospital, Fulham Road, Middlesex. Probate London 17th July to Bridget Fitzgerald, widow. Effects £505 1s. 3d. in England.

1930 3rd February
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Studdert, John Morony of Rahona Lodge, Carrigaholt, County Clare. Died 3rd February 1930. Probate London 22nd January to Peter O’Dwyer and Michael Austin Shinkwin, M.D.s. Effects £2624 9s. 2d. in England.

1931 21st March (CC).
Kilrush in mourning.
Kilrush last week was a town in mourning. The death of the Venerable Parish Priest, Very Rev. Dean McInerney had touched every household as a very personal sorrow. ----

1931 21st June
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Carey, Patrick of Moore Street, Kilrush, County Clare died 21st June 1931. Administration London 5th October to Annie Carey, widow and Annie Carey, spinster. Effects £3633 1s. 5d.

1931 22nd August (CC).
Death of Mrs Bridget Slattery, late of Henry Street, Kilrush.
It is with sincere regret we announce the death of Mrs. Bridget Slattery aged 82 years who died on the 11th August at the residence of her daughter, Mrs Agnes McMahon, Ballyerra. ---

1931 16th October (II).
McMahon and Dowling. October 15th 1931 at St Michael's Church, Dun Laoghaire (with Nuptial Mass), by the Rev J Smyth, C.C., Kilrush, Michael John, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. M McMahon, Vernon Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin to Kathleen Teresa, daughter of Mr. and Mrs J.S. Dowling, Cappagh House, Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1931 28th November (IT).
Births: Counihan- November 14 1931 at Kilrush, to Dr. Richard and Mrs. Counihan, a daughter.

1932 30th January (IT).
Jack Slattery, a cattle driver, who lived alone in Russell's Lane, Kilrush, was found burned to death on 21st January.

1932 16th April (CC).
Death of Mr. M.J. Murphy, Town Clerk, Kilrush.
It is with feelings of deep regret we have to chronicle the death of the late Mr. Murphy, Town Clerk, Kilrush which sad event took place at his residence McNamara Street, Kilrush on the 31st ult. ----

1932 10th August
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Brew, Christiana Maria Dunkin of Provincial Bank House, Kilrush, County Clare, widow died 10th August 1932. Probate London 8th February to David Dunkin Brew and Reuben Arthur Claude Brew, Bank Managers. Effects £49 2s. 6d. in England.

1932 1st September
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Will and Probate: Glynn, William Joynt of Pella House, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 1st September 1932. Probate London 11th February to William Hilliard Glynn and Michael Desmond Glynn, esquires. Effects £5108 12s. 6d. in England.

1932 2nd September (II).
Recent Deaths.
Mr. William Joynt Glynn, who has died at Kilrush, was senior partner of W. Glynn and Sons, flour and meal millers. He was also Chairman of the Shannon S.S. Co. before the treaty he was a D.L. and J.P. for Co Clare.

1932 21st December
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Supple, Jemima of Bleak House, Kilrush, County Clare, widow. Died 21st December 1932 at Main Street, Tipperary. Probate London 29th July to Annie Cleavier Rutherford, widow. Effects £1386 10s. in England.

1933 18th June
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Carroll, Francis Charles of Frances Street, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 18th June 1933. Administration London 4th October to Elizabeth Bridget Carroll, widow and Patrick O’Brien, solicitor. Effects £1697 0s. 7d. in England.

1933 8th November (Irish Press).
Marriage: Hanson and Corry – October 18, 1933, at St. Joseph's Church, Limerick, by Rev. D. O'Donohue, C.C., Kilrush (with Nuptial Mass and Papal Blessing). John Andrew (Customs and Excise),only son of T. J. Hanson and Mrs. Hanson, The Mall,Youghal,to Mary Josephine (Josie) daughter of the late J.J. Corry and Mrs. Corry, Kilrush.

1934 21st January
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Clancy, Michael of Burton Street, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 21st January 1934 at 4, Merton Villas, Donore Avenue, Dublin. Administration (With Will) London to Bridget Clancy, widow. Effects £21 in England.

1934 27th January (IT).
Births: Glynn-January 4 1934, to Mr. and Mrs. Desmond Glynn, Leadmore House, Kilrush, County Clare, a daughter.

1934 23rd June (Irish Press).
Death: Hastings (Kilrush, Co. Clare) – June 21, 1934, at his residence, Henry Street, Kilrush, John: deeply regretted. R.I.P. Funeral to Cannon Island, (Kildysart), 1 o'clock (summer time) on today (Saturday).

1934 25th December
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Brew, Kate Elizabeth of Moore Street, Kilrush, County Clare spinster died 25th December 1934. Administration London 25th February to the Reverend William Brews, Clerk. Effects £180 10s. 9d.

1934 29th December (CC).
Kilrush Tragedy.
After being missing from her home for some time on Wednesday evening last Ellen Maunsell aged two years of Cappagh, Kilrush was later found drowned by Patrick Stafford in the tide in front of her house.

1935 4th February (IT)
The Late Mr. Andrew Ryan.
By the death of Mr. Andrew Ryan, founder of the firm of Messrs. A. Ryan and Sons, Kilrush, West Clare has lost one of its biggest and most enterprising businessmen. His business activities extended all over Clare, in various parts of which branches of the parent house were established. He was the owner of Merchant's Quay, Kilrush through which he imported virtually all the general goods in which he dealt. Mr. Ryan took the keenest interest in the social and business advancement of Kilrush, where he was held in the highest esteem. On the day of his funeral, business premises were closed in all the principal streets of the town, and all classes were represented in the exceptionally large cortège. Before the interment of the remains in the family vault at Shanakyle Solemn Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Very Rev. Canon Hogan, P P, V G, Kilrush: The Rev. T Sammon, C C, was deacon: the Rev P. Ryan, C C Roscrea, sub-deacon, and the Rev D. O'Donoghue, C C master of ceremonies.
The chief mourners were:-Daniel Ryan(son),Mrs D. Ryan (daughter-in-law),Mrs Crowley, Mrs. O'Regan,Mrs. O'Shea and Miss K. Ryan (daughters),James O'Regan,Ennis,and P.O'Shea (sons-in-law),Misses E. and A. Ryan (sisters).

1935 23rd March
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Denihan, Elizabeth of Market Square, Kilrush, County Clare, (wife of Richard Denihan). Died 23rd March 1935. Administration (With Will) London 26th November to Nancy McMahon (Wife of Joseph McMahon). Effects £849 15s. in England.

1935 29th May (II)
Clare Journalist Dead.
The death has occurred at the age of 90 of Mr. Peter J. Boyle, of John St., Kilrush. Deceased who entered journalism over 60 years ago, established the “Kilrush Herald”. He was the father of Miss E. M. Boyle, Press correspondent, Kilrush.

1935 26th September (II).
Wedding: Fitzpatrick-Kelly: In the Cathedral, Ennis the wedding took place of Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, E.S.B., Limerick, and Miss Kathleen Kelly, daughter of Mr. J. and Mrs. Kelly, Kilrush.

1936 16th September (IT).
Collapse of a Wall:-Man crushed to death at Kilrush.
Mathew Gorman. aged 45, a labourer was killed during work at the old workhouse, Kilrush, which is being demolished for the purpose of erecting 34 houses on the site for the Kilrush Council.
He was a native of Kilrush. A wall collapsed and he was buried beneath the debris. When it was removed, he was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital, where life was found extinct.
A second man, named John Nevin, escaped with minor injuries, and is detained in hospital.

1937 10th April
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Hogan, Patrick Joseph, the Very Reverend of Kilrush, County Clare, Clerk. Died 10th April 1937 at St John’s Hospital, Limerick. Probate London 14th February to the Reverend Daniel O’Donohue and the Reverend Timothy Sammon, Clerks. Effects £44 17s. 6d. in England.

1937 12th April (Irish Press).
Clare Priest's Death:
Very Rev. Patrick Canon Hogan, P.P., V.F., Kilrush.
The death took place on Saturday at St. John's Hospital, Limerick, of Very Rev. Patrick Canon Hogan, P.P., V.F., Kilrush, Co. Clare, aged 70. ----

1937 26th July
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Corbett, Patrick of Knockerra, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 26th July 1937 at Limerick City Hospital, County Limerick. Administration London 23rd September to Mary McInerney (wife of Martin McInerney. Effects £591 4s. 2d. in England.

1937 17th September (IT).
The wedding took place on Wednesday at St. Senan's Church, Kilrush, of Mr. James C. Clancy, son of the late Mr.J.P. Clancy and Mrs. Clancy, Henry Street, Kilrush, and Miss Pauline Lynch, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch, Moore Street, Kilrush. The Very Rev. Canon Meade, P P, officiated. ----------.

1938 13th October
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Bourke, Anthony of 16 Moore Street, Kilrush, County Clare died 13th October 1938. Administration London 6th January to Mary Bourke, widow. Effects £151 15s. in England.

1939 11th November (II).
Funeral of Clare Woman.
The death has occurred at her residence at St. Joseph' Terrace, Kilrush, of Mrs. Margaret Kelly McMahon, mother of Mr. Michael McMahon, Co.C.,Chairman of Kilrush Urban Council, and Chairman of Kilrush Comhairle Ceanntair,Fianna Fail.---.

1939 23rd December (CC).
Death of Mr. F.J. O’Doherty, Frances Street, Kilrush
----- as reported in our last issue the lamented demise of Mr. Francis J. O'Doherty at his residence ,Frances Street,Kilrush----- born 71 years ago the late Mr. O'Doherty was the youngest son of the late Garrett O'Doherty who founded the firm of G.O'Doherty and Son.-----.

1939 31st December
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Griffey, James of Vandeleur Street, Kilrush, County Clare. Died 31st December 1939 at St Joseph’s Hospital, Kilrush. Administration (limited) London 26th August to William George Westwood, Office Manager and Dudley Ernest Osmond, Cashier, attorneys of Margaret Ryan. Effects £25 in England.

1940 15th April (Irish Press).
Death: Saunders- (Kilrush)-April 14th, 1940, at his residence, Moore Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare. John Saunders: to the inexplicable grief of his sorrowing family. R.I.P. Remains removed to St. Senan's Church on today (Monday) at 6 pm. (Old Time). Solemn Requiem Mass to-morrow (Tuesday) at 10 am. (Old Time). Funeral to Shanakyle at 1 pm. (Old Time).

1940 23rd August
(National Probate Calendar (England & Wales): Clare Entries 1859-1941 by Tom McDowell)

Wills and Probate: Brews, William, Reverend Canon of The Rectory, Kilrush, County Clare, Clerk died 23rd August 1940. Probate Llandudno 9th November to Dora Adelaide Brews, spinster. Effects £492 5s. 9d. in England.

1940 24th August (IT).
Deaths: Brews -August 23 1940 (suddenly), at his sister's residence, Ballyerra House, Kilrush, Rev. Canon W. Brews, Rector of Kilrush, Co. Clare.

1941 20th September (IT).
Deaths: Glynn-September 11 1941, at his residence, Kilrush House, Kilrush, Co. Clare, Charles E. Glynn, aged 64, youngest son of the late Michael Glynn, J P.

1941 27th November (Sydney Morning Herald).
Death of Father J. P. Considine:
The Rev. Father John Patrick Considine, whose death occurred on Tuesday, was for 25 years parish priest of St. Joseph's, Burwood Heights. He was born at Kilrush, County Clare, Eire, in 1877, and studied for the priesthood at All Hallows' College, Dublin. He was ordained in 1901 and he came to Sydney the same year. Archbishop Gilroy will preside at a Solemn Office and Requiem Mass in St. Joseph's, Burwood Height- (Composer of the song ”Kilrush in County Clare “and was the son of Patrick Considine, C.E. Kilrush)

1943 19th June (IT).
Births: Glynn-June 5th, 1943, to Kay, wife of Desmond Glynn,”Pella House”, Kilrush, a daughter.

1943 9th December (IT).
Births: Blunden- November 30, 1943, to Kittie, wife of John T. Blunden, Frances Street, Kilrush, a son.

1945 7th February (IT).
The engagement is announced, and the marriage will take place on April 10th (DV), between Captain Jerome E. I. Counihan, second son of Maurice Counihan, B Dent. Sc. and Mrs. Counihan, Kilrush, County Clare, and Patricia J. (Peggy), fifth daughter of Mr. and Mrs, James O'Flynn, Sixmilebridge, and Galway.

1945 16th March (IT).
Rev, Samuel W. King.
The death has occurred at the Rectory, Kilrush, of the Rev. Samuel Waldron King, M.A., Rector of the Union of Kilrush and Kilmurry in the Diocese of Killaloe. He was in his 88th year. A graduate of Dublin University, he was ordained in 1890. ------.

1945 24th April (IT).
Wedding: - Pyne-Dobson.
The wedding took place on April 18th at the Pro-Cathedral, Dublin, of Mr. J.W. Pyne, A.M.I.E.E., third son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Pyne, Kilrush, Co. Clare, and Miss Carmel A. Dobson, third daughter of Mrs. Dobson and the late Mr. Thomas Dobson, 20 Capel Street, Dublin. The ceremony, with Nuptial Mass and Papal Blessing, was performed by the Rev. Brendan Caffrey, C C, Irishtown (cousin of the bride). The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. Philip V. Dobson, and was attended by her sister, Miss Colette Dobson, and her cousin, Miss Rosemary Baker. The best man was Mr. T. Pyne, and the groomsman, Mr J. Geoghan. The ushers at the church were Mr. P. Crotty and Mr. D. Dobson.

1946 15th June (IT).
Deaths: Counihan- June 2,1946, at her residence, Kilrush, Enid, dearly-beloved wife of Dr. R. Counihan, and daughter of the late W.J. Glynn and of Mrs. Glynn, “Pella House”, Kilrush.

1947 2nd July (IT).
Mill Hand's Death.
A verdict of accidental death from injuries received was returned at an adjourned inquest in Kilrush on John Kiely, St. Joseph's Terrace, Kilrush, mill worker, who was found dead on Friday morning last on the ground floor of Messrs. M. Glynn and Sons' flour mills.
Patrick Hennessy gave evidence that he saw Kiely going towards the machines, and 20 minutes later, he saw his body in the basement under a drive wheel.

1947 12th December (CC).
Prominent Kilrush man's death: The death of Mr. Patrick F Tubridy M.R.C.V.S. Which occurred unexpectedly at his residence in Moore St, Kilrush on Monday morning was learned with feelings of deep regret, not only in his native Kilrush but throughout all parts of West Clare. ---- one of his sons is Lieut. M Tubridy who recently returned from Toronto with the Irish Army jumping team-------.

1948 7th September (IT).
Social and Personal.
Dr. P. O'Shea:-Dr. E. O'Flynn.
The engagement is announced and the marriage will take place at the end of September, between Dr. Patrick O'Shea, Kilkee, son of Mr. and Mrs. John O'Shea, Kilrush, and Dr. Ellen O'Flynn, daughter of Mr. James O'Flynn and the late Mrs. O'Flynn, of Sixmilebridge.

1948 28th September (IT).
Social and Personal.
Mr. F. Tubridy:-Miss J. K. McKeever.
The engagement is announced and the wedding will shortly take place between Francis, eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Tubridy, Moore Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, and Jean Kilpatrick (Patricia), elder daughter of the late J. H. Riscoe McKeever, and Mrs. McKeever, Annesbrook, Duleek, Co. Meath.

1950 30th March (IT).
Deaths: - Dowling -March 28, 1950 (suddenly) at his residence, Cappagh House, Kilrush, Joshua F. Dowling, beloved husband of Mary Dowling. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing wife and family. R.I.P., Requiem High Mass at St. Senan's Church, Kilrush. Funeral immediately afterwards to Shanakyle Cemetery.

1950 24th April (IT).
Deaths: - Brew -April 22, 1950, at his residence, The Square, Kilrush, Annie Daxon Brew, deeply regretted. Remains will be removed this (Monday) evening at 6 o'clock (S.T.) to Parish Church. Funeral tomorrow (Tuesday) at, 12 o’clock.

1950 1st June (IT).
Weddings:-Captain M G Tubridy and Miss D. Lawlor.
The wedding took place yesterday in St. John the Baptist Church, Clontarf, of Captain Michael G. Tubridy, of the Army jumping team, son of the late Mr. P. F. Tubridy, M.R.C.V.S., and the late Mrs. Tubridy, Kilrush, Co. Clare, and Miss Dorothy Lawlor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Lawlor, Notre Dame, Howth Road, Clontarf, Dublin. The ceremony, with Nuptial Mass and Papal Blessing, was conducted by the Rev. D. Campbell, C.C.
The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a grown of ivory satin with a tulle veil and a matching ivory satin headdress. She carried a bouquet of red roses. The bridesmaids were Miss Elizabeth Lawlor (sister of the bride) and Miss Elsie Tubridy (sister of the bridegroom): they wore duck-egg blue taffeta frocks with matching Dutch bonnets and carried bouquets of yellow carnations. The train-bearer was the bride's niece, Miss L. Lawlor, who wore a full-length white net frock with a matching Dutch bonnet and carried a posy of red carnations. Mr. W. Tubridy was best man to his brother, and Mr. L Lawlor and Mr. D. Lawlor were groomsmen.
After a reception, held by the bride's mother at Portmarnock Country Club, Captain and Mrs. Tubridy left for Paris.

1952 8th October (IT).
Marriage: The wedding took place in St Senan's Church, Kilrush, Co. Clare of Mr. Michael Collins, Dublin, son of Mrs. Collins and the late Mr. J. Collins, Lisnaskea, Co. Fermanagh, and Miss Claire Kitson, D.Sc.I. daughter of Mrs. Ellen Kitson and the late Mr. P.J. Kitson, The Square, Kilrush. ---

1953 9th March (IT).
Death: Dowling -March 7th, 1953, at Seaford, Sussex.Mrs.Mary, widow of Joshua S. Dowling, Cappagh, Kilrush. Deeply regretted. Funeral arrangements to Kilrush later.

1953 12th October (IT).
Death: Brew; - October 10th, 1953, at his residence, Carnanes, Kilrush, Michael Brew. Deeply regretted by his sorrowing family. Burial today (Monday) from Kilrush Parish Church at 1 o'clock.

1953 3rd November (IT).
Death: O'Doherty – November 2nd, 1953(suddenly) at Sir Patrick Dun’s, Hospital Dublin, Bryan H., son of the late F. J. and Mrs. O'Doherty of Kilrush, Co. Clare. Remains will arrive Kilrush 6.30 today (Tuesday). Funeral tomorrow (Wednesday) after 11 o'clock Mass.

1954 31st May (IT).
Births: Glynn – May 28th, 1954, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Kilrush, to Gwendoline, wife of Henry G. Glynn. Merton Villa, Kilkee, a son.

1955 28th January (IT).
Deaths: Morrissey (nee O'Shea) – January 27th 1955, at the residence of her parents. The Square, Kilrush, Co. Clare. Máiread (Mary Margaret), formerly of 1 Castle Road, Clontarf, beloved wife of Dan Morrissey. Deeply regretted by her husband, son, parents and relatives. R.I.P. Remains will be removed to St. Senan's Church, Kilrush, at 6 o'clock this (Friday) evening. Solemn Requiem Mass at 11 o'clock tomorrow (Saturday). Funeral to Shanakyle immediately afterwards.

1955 23rd February (IT).
Birth: Martin – February 8th 1955, at Saint Joseph's Hospital, Kilrush, to Carmel wife of Charles F. Martin, 48 Frances Street, Kilrush, Co. Clare, the gift of a son (a brother for Elaine and Kaye). Deo Gratis.

1955 15th June (IT).
Death: Griffin: - June 14th, 1955,at her residence, O’Gorman Street, Kilrush, Maud, relict of Thomas Griffin, Deeply regretted by her sorrowing family. R.I.P. -----.

1959 21st August (IT).
Birth: Glynn: - August 17th, 1959, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Kilrush, to Gwendoline, wife of Henry G. Glynn, Kilrush, a son.

1959 23rd September (IT).
Marriage: The wedding took place yesterday in University Church, Dublin, of Dr. Richard Glynn Counihan, son of Dr. R. J. Counihan and the late Mrs. Counihan, Kilrush, Co. Clare, and Miss Elizabeth Ann Morris, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Morris, Enniskillen. The Rev Thomas Counihan, S. J., officiated-----.

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