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Kilrush, County Clare: Notes from c 1760 to 1960 by Senan Scanlan

Kilrush Miscellaneous Annual Information

c 1760 (Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19) some extracts from Appendix (4)
1701. Lord Clare’s estates sold by the Commissioners of Forfeited lands. 1706. May 11. Charles, the fifth Viscount Clare was killed at the battle of Ramillies.1719. The house of Ballykett was built in this parish, by Anthony Hickman, Esq. 1742. May 20. The eldest son of the fifth and last Lord Viscount Clare, a colonel of one of the Irish regiments in the French service, died at Prague in Bohemia. He was commonly called Lord Clare. In this year the Rev. Dean Coote inducted to the living of Kilrush. 1752. The Rev. Richard Buller instituted to the rectory of Kilrush.1753. June 4. The Rev. William Lewis was instituted to the Rectory of Kilrush. 1767. The Rev. Wm. Watson instituted to the rectory of Kilrush.1777. The Rev. Irvine Whitty, the present incumbent, was instituted to the prebend and union of Kilrush, in the room of the Rev. Mr. Armstrong resigned.

1788 Lucas’s Directory
Hickman, James, grocer and spirit-merchant, Kilrush.
Ryan, Patrick, grocer and spirit-merchant, Kilrush.

1796. The Rev. George Gustavus Baker was instituted to the Rectory of Kilrush. (Mason’s)

1796 Flax Growers in County Clare:@

1796 Flax Growers from Kilrush, County Clare.
Boland Patrick   Madigan John
Brew Thomas   Madigan Matthew
Culligan Simon   Mahony John
Hassett Matthew   Mahony Laurence
Hassett Patrick   Monfell Jonathan
McDonnell Timothy   Mongane James
McMahon Matt   Mongane Joseph
McMahon Timothy      

1798. In the winter of this year, after the rebellion had been suppressed in all other parts of Ireland, it broke out here; but the insurgents were utterly discomfited by the active exertions of the Kilrush yeomanry, the officers and seamen of his Majesty’s gunboats, and some strong detachments of dragoons. On this trying occasion, the value of a resident Protestant clergyman, discharging the arduous and unpopular office of a justice of the peace, appeared in a striking point of view. (Mason’s)

1799. May 12. The British fleet, under the command of Lord Bridport, passed the mouth of the river, and steering northward, proceeded round Malbay towards the Island of Arran. Considerable alarm was spread through the country on this occasion; for it was for some time supposed that this was a French fleet carrying an invading army. Multitudes collected on the cliffs in the west to view it. (Mason’s)

1800. Great scarcity of provisions. Oats 2s. a stone; whiskey a guinea a gallon.—Cow-pock was introduced here. —Communicants in the churches of Kilrush and Kilfieragh at Christmas, 200. (Mason’s)

1801. March 27. A large rectangular platform of very fine paving discovered in an open field near the castle of Carrigaholt. It is said to have been the floor of mud-wall stabling, built here by Lord Clare for the accommodation of his dragoons. (Mason’s)

1802. July 4. The Lord Bishop of Killaloe confirmed 200 persons in the church of Kilrush.—the Princess Charlotte, East Indiaman, came into the harbour. (Mason’s)

1803. Jan 20. A census made of the population of Kilrush on this and a few succeeding days, by the writer of this report. (Population of the Town of Kilrush was 1,320 inhabitants, by December 1813 the population was 2,460)

July 25. The Varuna and Sir William Bensly, East Indiamen came into Scattery Road.
October. Serious apprehensions of an invasion.

Nov. 4. The Castle of Clahansevan was blown down by a storm.

Dec. 2nd. A meeting of the inhabitants of the barony of Moyarta was held at Kilrush for the purpose of putting into execution an act of Parliament, for the defence of the country in case of invasion.

13th. The superintendents and leaders of parishes in this barony assembled at Kilrush to meet General MacFarlane, who issued instructions as to the driving of cattle, and destroying mills, &c. in case of invasion. The returns of stock made out at this time would be a valuable statistical document. (Mason’s)

1804 March 29th. General Payne and the Navy officers of this station established signal posts in the different parts of the west, where telegraphs were immediately afterwards erected. (Mason’s)

1805. March 1. The Protestants of this union amounted to 518.—In December 1813, their number exceeded 800: an increase to be ascribed not only to the great influx of settlers within that period, but also to the constant residence of the incumbent, and his unremitting zeal to discharge his duty, particularly an unpopular and unfashionable department of it,—the defence of his flock from the influence of erroneous and fatal opinions.
June 22nd. The Rev. Standish O’Grady was inducted to the sinecure rectory of Kilrush, value about £200. a year.
October 3. Eight sail of East Indiamen come into our harbour. (Mason’s)

1806. Feb. 1. Severe snowy weather.—A West Indiaman ashore on Hog Island.
April 6. Mr. Considine, the Roman Catholic priest of Kilrush, died of a paralytic stroke. He had been blind of both his eyes for ten years of cataracts, which he had couched in London the year before his death, contrary to the advice of an eminent physician in Limerick, who foresaw the consequence of a man beyond the age of 60 submitting to such an operation.

April 28. An ancient brass lamp or censer was found in a field near the church of Kilrush.

Nov. 26. Mr. Hely Dutton came into this part of the country in search of statistical information.—the winter of this year was remarkable for the continued severity of the weather, with vivid lightning at night. (Mason’s)

1810 Remains of William Reed to which is prefixed a memoir of his life by J Evans. (Published in 1815) @
Kilrush is a neat little and greatly improving seaport town on the shores of the Shannon, in the county of Clare: and resting there the whole of the following day, it being the Sabbath, I had an opportunity of witnessing a circumstance or two which, to a stranger, had some novelty in them.

I went to Mass, but found the chapel so crowded as not to be able to proceed further than the door. The court was also full of people: some of whom were brought, on account of their age or infirmities, in little dog-carts and wheel-barrows, counting and conning their bead-strings with all the care and punctuality of a school-boy casting up his pounds, shillings and pence. There was also among this grotesque assembly a blind woman, singing ballads in the Irish language, and who to all appearance had the power of exciting more attention than clarity. The holy water was contained in a common washing-tub on the outside of the door. I, though a Protestant, was rather shocked at this apparent vulgarity. Between the hours of mass, and after it is finally over, every trace of the Sabbath is completely expunged. The people then have recourse to a variety of games and sports, among which, dancing to the bagpipe is a common amusement. This sudden transition from the solemnities of devotion to the frivolities of an Irish jig, to say nothing of its immorality, appeared to me a very gross violation of good taste and common sense, and more closely resembled the manners of monkeys than of men. The very same mortals, who at twelve o'clock most devoutly sprinkle themselves with holy water on the outside, will before it strikes one as devoutly bathe their inside with whiskey. Harnesses with external forms and ceremonies, they toil by fits and starts, like a horse in a mill, dreaming that they go onward, when, alas! they are only going round. The priesthood in the country at least, take no pains to dissolve this fatal enchantment, being either too lazy or too ignorant for its accomplishment. Whilst I was at Killarney, I heard one of the fathers violently reprimand the old apple-women who had the presumption to exhibit their fruit-stalls in the streets during service-time: and this was the only thing I heard like a Roman Catholic sermon, till I arrived in Dublin.

At Kilrush, I had another opportunity of being a spectator of the extravagances of an Irish funeral. The deceased was a medical man, young and skilful in his profession and alike distinguished for the elegance of his person, and the courtesy of his manners. Only a week previously he was in full health: but he was now fallen to the dust, and the subject of the most poignant and general regret. When the corpse was about to be removed from the house, his wife, children and friends, amidst the howling’s of the women who attended, detained it so long, that the undertakers were at last obliged to seize their charge by actual violence. Everything being now adjusted for departure, the sash was thrown up, and the females of the family, with looks of agony, sent forth such a wild and piercing scream, that if Stoicism had heard it, she must have stood still and wept.

At the funeral procession is generally composed of a large and motley group of persons, it not infrequently happens, on account of some trifling circumstances, that a quarrel ensues on the road, and the passive solemnities of death are converted into a lively field of battle. When the place of interment has been the subject of dispute, the coffin has sometimes been demolished in the scuffle, and the corpse carried away in triumph by the victorious party, to their favourite place of burial. Some difference arose on the present occasion: but for once the mourners had the good manners, whilst on their sorrowful journey, to suppress the ardour of their resentment. This apparent sense of decorum was however of short duration, for when they returned to town in the evening, the flame broke out with the greatest violence for having been pent up, and a general engagement took place, with sticks and with stones, in which many of the combatants were felled to the ground, and carried home to their friends dreadfully wounded. The person at whose house I lodged, had his head laid open in several places, and a relative of mine host was said to be dying through loss of blood. I went to see this unhappy man, and found him weltering in his gore and raving with delirium. His temporal artery had been opened by the stroke of a poker. The neighbouring surgeon was sent for to close the wound: but he was found sprawling before the fire on the carpet, in a most helpless state of intoxication. Another of the profession was now applied to, who resided at the other end of town: but this son of Aesculapius was imitating the example of his fallen brother with all possible haste, in company with an old friar, and could not on any account be prevailed upon to leave his cheerful companion of the bottle. --------.

1824 Irish Education Enquiry. List of Teachers at Kilrush. Extract from Clare Library Website

Name Religion Annual Salary/Pay Description of Schoolhouse.
Godfrey Taylor Protestant £44-15. The upper floor of the Kilrush Market-house.
Michael McMahon R. Catholic £70-00 A slated house master's dwelling house.
Francis Bradish R. Catholic £50-00 Held in the grand-jury room of the sessions-house.
John Fleming R. Catholic £50-00(about) Two apartments in the master's dwelling, a slated house.
Thomas Hagerty R. Catholic £50-00(about) Two rooms in master's dwelling, a slated house.
John Barrett R. Catholic £30-00(about) Three rooms in the upper part of the master's dwelling.
Patrick Behane R. Catholic £7-00(about) A wretched cabin mud walls: cost £2-5s-6d
Eliza O'Connor R. Catholic £45-10s A very good room in a private dwelling house.
Bridget Lewis R. Catholic £10-00 The parlour of the mistress's dwelling house.
Arabella Molony R. Catholic £12-00 A very good room in the mistress's dwelling
Anne Williams Protestant 1d per week per scholar A room in a small cabin
Miss Vandeleur’s & Miss Dora Keenan Protestants None Two rooms in a house belonging to the agent of Mr. Vandeleur.
William Hartshorn Protestant Boarders 30gs. Day 6gs.p. annum The old family mansion of the Vandeleurs
Mrs Hawkesworth R. Catholic Support from charitable inhabitants of the town Held in the chapel (one hour per day)
Pat. O'Farrell & O’Halloran R. Catholic A suit of clothes and 10d per week for snuff Held in the chapel (one hour per day)

1826/1827 List of School Teachers in Munster: Moyarta Barony Kilrush
(Manuscript available in the Reading Room in the National Archives Bishop Street, Dublin).

Name Religion Location of School
Barrett John RC Kilrush.
Behane Patrick RC Kilrush.
Bradish Francis RC Kilrush.
Fleming John RC Kilrush.
Hagarty Thomas RC Kilrush.
Hartshorn William Prot Kilrush.
Hawkesworth Mrs RC Kilrush
Keenan Dara Prot Kilrush
Lewis Bridget RC Kilrush
McMahon Michae RC Kilrush
Malony Arabella RC Kilrush
O’Connor Eliza RC Kilrush
O’Farrell Patrick RC Kilrush
O’Halloran Michael RC Kilrush
Taylor Godfrey Prot Kilrush
Vandeleur Misses Prot Kilrush
Williams Anne Prot. Kilrush.

1832 19th July: The Baptist Magazine Volume 24 @
From the Rev. Mr. Thomas, to the Secretaries. Kilrush, July 19, 1832.

My Dear Friends,
I am now in the western part of the county of Clare, and have preached in several places, which were quite destitute of the gospel. I have reason to believe that the Lord has blessed his own Word, which he has promised “shall not return to him void” to his promises we must look, and on his power we must rely for the accomplishment of his gracious purpose, which he purposed in Christ Jesus before the world began.
I went to Rahinisky, about eight miles west from Kilrush, and preached to a good and very attentive congregation: a great number of whom came some miles, and crossed and re-crossed a wide and dangerous ferry, the last three Lord's day evenings, to hear me preach at Caher Calla: I was not a little surprised, as the weather, two of the evenings, were very tempestuous, and they were obliged to come in an old boat. There were such a crowd that the farm-house could not hold them, and I preached in the open air.

The last Lord's Day evening, my subject was on the opening of the heart of Lydia. When I came to a certain part of the sermon, viz. on the heart being shut against the suffering love of the Lord Jesus, I was much affected at seeing a great part of the congregation in a shower of tears, and the rest deeply solemnised, with their faces to the ground. I hope the Lord opened many hearts. I repeatedly preached to a house full of poor people at Bog Mount: and, on my way to it, I ventured to address a number of people who were worshipping at a wall in “Honor of Saint Simon”. More debasing idolatry there is not in the world: nor does any heathen nation require the gospel and the power of God more to destroy the influence of Popish priest craft the worst of all craft. Since I commenced this letter, I preached at Cappa, near, Kilrush, where I have preached the last three Lord's Day mornings, and where nothing but darkness prevails.

The Society School at Kilrush was most flourishing-157 scholars until the cholera set it, when many of the people and their children fled from the town. I trust it will soon flourish again. O, my dear friends, the righteous displeasure of the Lord has been manifest: more than 1,000 of our poor fellow-creatures in the city of Limerick have been swept into eternity in less than seven weeks, and more than 2,077 hospital cases up to last week, besides those in private houses. I was credibly informed that half the inhabitants of Ennis, the principal town of Clare, have been cut down that remained; and many of those who fled, took it with them and died. The small town of Clare got a dreadful sweeping-it is going on in a terrific way in many places. We are still preserved the Lord be praised for his great goodness and merciful care. ----- W. Thomas.

1835 Leigh's New Pocket Road-Book of Ireland @
Kilrush: a post town in Clare is a thriving place with an excellent harbour on the Shannon. It has a neat church, a Roman house, and a school, on the foundation of Erasmus Smith. There is a considerable export trade in corn and butter, also slates and flagstones. Near Kilrush is a lake, as well as a mansion, of the Vandeleur family. Beyond this, towards the mouth of the Shannon, are the villages of Moyarta and Querrin. Steam vessels ply on the Shannon between this and Limerick.
Population: 3996. Market days: Wednesday and Saturday. Fairs: May 10th, and Oct 12th. Inns: The Kilrush Hotel. and the Vandeleur Arms.

1837 Kilrush Subscribers to Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (extracted from preface to the original “County Clare: a History and Topography” by Clasp Press Ennis 1995)
Bingham, C Esq. Kilrush. (Captain of the “P.S. Garryowen”)
Borough, Randal, Esq, J.P., Cappa-Lodge. Kilrush
Chambers, James, Esq. Kilrush
Channer, W. Esq., C.C.P. Kilrush
Elliott, John, Esq, M.D. Kilrush.
Griffin, John, Esq, M.D. Kilrush.
Hamilton, Samuel, Esq, M.D. Kilrush.
Kelly, Matthew, Esq. Kilrush.
Kennedy, Francis, Esq., Cappa- Lodge. Kilrush?
Kenny, Rev. John, V.G. and P.P., of Kilrush.
Lucas, Rev. John, V.G. Kilrush.
Marrett, W.C. Esq, J.P., Square, Kilrush.
Paterson, Irwin W. Esq, Cottage, Kilrush.
Studdert, Richard, Esq. Kilrush.
Unthank, Robert S. Esq, Marina-villa. Kilrush.
Vandeleur, Crofton M. Esq, J.P., Kilrush House.

1840 The Magazine of Natural History (Edward Charlesworth, F.G.S.) @
---- Got on board a steamer for Kilrush. --- When I landed at Kilrush, I found the entire steamboat people were going to Kilkee, and I did the same, without any definite object. There were from thirty to fifty cars on the quay where we landed, and twelve of these were soon freighted with live lumber for Kilkee. We were a formidable body altogether: it must have been a gallant sight to a traveller moving in an opposite direction! Whips cracking, car-men shouting, and the company laughing, talking, and smoking----.

1846 Slater's Directory @ Clare Library Website
Part 2: Kilrush: Gentry and Clergy

Barlow, Mrs. Georgina, Cappa Lodge
Bingham, Capt. Charles, Marine Villa
Breen, Rev. Timothy, 39 Frances St.
Brew, Francis, Esq., 9 High St.
Brew, Michael, Esq., Leadmore
Brew, Wm., Esq., Leadmore House
Burrows, Randal, Esq., Cappa Lodge
Butler, Miss Jane, 12 Frances St.
Collins, Francis, Esq., R. N. Cappa
Colpoys, John, Esq., Ballyerra
Creagh, Captain James, R. N. Cappa
Culkin, Mr. Michael, 9 Frances St.
Davoren, George, Esq., 33 Frances St.
Fitzgerald, George, Esq., Frances St.
Jackson, Miss Catherine, 14 Frances St.
Kenny, Rev. John, 39 Frances St.
Lucas, John, Esq., (coroner) Riverville
Meehan, Rev. Michael, 39 Frances St.
Molony, Mrs. Catherine, 125 Moore St.
Moran, Rev. Patrick, 39 Frances St.
O'Gorman, Nicholas P., Esq., Cappa
Paterson, James, Esq., Frances St.
Richey, Rev. Edward, the Glebe
Ryan, Patrick, Esq., 8 Frances St.
Smith, Captain James, Leadmore
Stackpoole, Mrs. P., Post Office Lane
Studdert, Captain John, Hill Mount
Studdert, Richard, Esq., Frances St.
Triphook, Captain Richard, Cappa
Trousdell, Rev. Henry, 34 Frances St.
Trousdell, Richard, Esq., Fort House
Vandeleur, Crofton Moore, Esq., Kilrush House
Young, Rev. William, the Glebe

1846 Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1844-45 Volume 11 D -M @
Kilrush Town: The principal parts of the town are a spacious central square, and two spacious streets running parallel with each other, and on a line with respectively the north and south sides of the square: and these parts are in a chief degree modern, and certain many good houses. The portion of the southern street, in particular, which extends from the square to the quays, is airy, well-built, and comparatively respectable: the square itself has a lively and cheerful appearance during the bustle of the weekly markets; and the vicinity of the quays exhibits large stores and pretending new edifices. The market-house, in the centre of the square, is a handsome structure, built at the private expense of Mr. Vandeleur. The customhouse, near the lower quay, is a neat modern building. The Bridewell situated near the upper quay, is the largest building of its class in the county: contains keepers' apartments, 8 cells, 2 day rooms, and 2 yards: and is maintained in a clean and orderly condition. The places of worship, and the schools, have been sufficiently noticed in the article on the parish.
Kilrush Harbour: The creek or natural harbour of Kilrush is dry at low water: admits only small craft even with the tide: and is provided with two small quays and a patent slip. The pier, which affords accommodation to larger sailing-craft and to steam-vessels, extends towards Hog Island from the upper side of the entrance of the creek. The pier was originally built by the Commissioners of Customs: and was subsequently transferred to the Commissioners of Fisheries: but practically became the private property of Mr. Vandeleur, or passed under his care for conservation. In 1825, in order to obviate the disadvantage of fishing-craft being obliged to wait out in stormy weather until half-flood, and to create facility for their entering the harbour and approaching the landing-quay at any state of the tide, Mr. Vandeleur contributed £456-13s-10d and the Fishery-Board £1,367-1s-8d for adding 165 feet to the length of the pier, and extending it into 6 feet low water of spring-tides. The Commissioners for improving the navigation of the Shannon, say, ”This pier is too small to answer the demands of the present trade, and in particular, of a steam-vessel which frequents it daily from Limerick, and which cannot always procure accommodation alongside for discharging its cargo, or landing the passengers. We propose, therefore, to lengthen the pier 150 feet, but in a different direction, for the purpose of giving the prolongation the most favourable position, as well for the present object as for such further extension as may hereafter be required. The estimate amounts to £8,600.” The body of the pier is to be filled with rubble: the exterior face to be paved with good ashlar: the head and inner-face to be built with the same material: a flight of steps to be formed near the pier-head for the accommodation of persons embarking or disembarking from steam-vessels or passenger-boats. The old pier runs nearly due south, and the extension of it runs to the south south west. “This direction”, say the Commissioners, “as adopted in order that greater accommodation might be afforded to vessels when lying at anchor within it: either waiting to load or discharge or having taken refuge from the westerly gales”. So heavy and rolling impetuous is the surge from the west, that it often broke over the old pier, and placed a drenching arrest upon business. “I will here observe” says Capt. Mudge, in his report of 1832,”that this part of the Shannon is exposed to the whole ocean-swell: the sea which sets in such a continuance of southerly or westerly winds, baffles all description, especially when accompanied by “the rollers”, - a periodical visitation.” Kilrush harbour is the first above the Shannon's mouth: and the roadstead opposite Kilrush and under lee of Inniscattery is the first secure anchorage from the westerly gales.
Kilrush Fisheries: The fishing trade of the town, as to both capture and sale, is somewhat extensive. About 20 small hookers, employing about 200 persons, belong strictly to itself, and are engaged in fishing and in dredging for oysters: and numerous fishing craft of various classes, belonging to neighbouring creeks upon the Shannon, have their rendezvous and market at Kilrush, and are employed in both the herring and the general fishery. In 1830 the fishing craft within the Kilrush district consisted of 2 decked vessels, of jointly 64 tons, with 12 men: 163 half-decked vessels, of aggregately 1,467 tons, with 652 men: 12 open sail-boats, with 48 men: and 443 row-boats, with 1,749 men. ----.
Kilrush Turf Trade: Enormous quantities of turf are sent from Kilrush and from the bay of Poulnasherry to the city of Limerick, and are supplied from a tract of 24,000 acres of turbary, which commences in the immediate vicinity of the town, and extends to Moore Bay and Doonbeg on the Atlantic. --- A boat manned by two persons, generally a man and a boy earns about £200 a-year at this trade: and would produce considerably more if freighted with limestone in return.
Kilrush Manufactures: --are chiefly for home consumption, and consist of frieze, flannel, stockings, shoes, nails, strong sheeting, and a narrow and serviceable kind of linen called bandlecloth. Several weavers from the north settled a number of years ago in the town, and considerably improved the linen manufacture.
Kilrush Commerce: The number of vessels which frequented the port in 1835 was 32 loading, 5 discharging, 2 in distress, and 103 trading-hookers, &c: in 1836,34 loading, 6 discharging, 8 in distress and 690 trading-hookers, &c: and in 1837,37 loading, 7 discharging, 10 in distress, and 743 trading-hookers, &c: The imports in 1827 consisted of 180 tons of salt, 180 tons of coals, 70 tons of iron, 10 crates of ware, and 60 barrels of herrings: in 1831 50 tons of salt, 177 tons of coals, 120 tons of iron, and 150 barrels of herrings:and,in 1836,of 140 tons of salt,150 tons of coals,250 tons of iron, and 454 barrels of herrings; but this statement does not include the foreign trade, nor a considerable portion of the British trade, which are blended in the accounts with Limerick. The exports in 1827 consisted of 33 barrels of wheat and 19,289 barrels of oats; In 1831 of 5,417 barrels of barley, 30,309 barrels of oats, and 94 blocks of marble: and in 1836 of 3,180 barrels of wheat, 27,202 barrels of barley, 36,898 barrels of oats, 2574 barrels of beans, 87 firkins of butter, and 20 bags and 14 puncheons of miscellaneous goods: but this statement does not include the shipments made by small traders to Limerick, Cork, &c. The estimated amount of carriage from the town consists of 100 tons of imported articles, and 850 tons of manure and other bulky articles: and of carriage to the town, 6,000 tons for exportation, 3225 tons of agricultural produce for local consumption as food, 500 tons of excisable articles not received by direct importation and 21,225 tons of stone, lime, and other bulky articles.
Kilrush Statistics: Area of the town, 145 acres, Pop. in 1831, 3,996: in 1841, 5071. Houses 664 Families employed chiefly in agriculture, 330: in manufactures and trade, 523: in other pursuits, 183. Families dependent chiefly on property and professions, 37: on the directing of labour, 517: on their own manual labour, 406: on means not specified, 76. Males at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 1,130: who could read but not write, 218: who could neither read nor write, 732. Females at and above 5 years of age who could read and write, 701: who could read but not write, 369: who could neither read nor write, 1,239.
1847 January to March (Correspondence relating to the measures adopted for the relief of Distress in Ireland Board of Works Series @ Commissary-General Hewltson to Mr. Trevelyan, Limerick, February 7th, 1847. Considerable importations of Indian corn, Indian meal, and other supplies, with every westerly wind, are now fast coming up the Shannon to this city. Large supplies are also on their way from the United States and Mediterranean to the Limerick houses. This market will be well stocked, and will I hope, feed the country for many miles round, including much of the county of Clare, and some portion of Kerry. Cargoes are likewise arriving, and will continue to arrive, at Kilrush, and to a less extent, at Tralee. I know orders from the Limerick merchants went forth some time since to a very large amount, and we shall have the benefit of them as the spring and summer approaches. Messrs. Russell now turn out from 800 to 1,000 tons of different sorts of meal weekly, and the other houses together at least 500 more. Prices I think are staggering, but no perceptible downward change yet in this market. The Clare Committee, in hopes of a fall, and for reasons stated in a former letter, do not seem inclined to press either the Kilrush or Clarecastle depots, nor are the dealers inclined they should. I want our old stock of sacked meal used. It is time, and to affect this object, I tell my people everywhere, for a time, and with caution, to loosen the screw. This must not alarm you. There is nothing serious to apprehend either way. I am greatly pleased to see so fair a prospect of large importations by the trade, and I have little doubt the markets here will soon be favourably affected thereby. -----
1850 Thom's Directory @
Clare (Kilrush): Deputy Lieutenants:
Burton, Henry Stewart, Carrigaholt Castle, Kilrush. Vandeleur, Crofton Moore, Kilrush House, Kilrush

Burton, Henry Stewart, D.L., Carrigaholt Castle, Kilrush.
Cox, Joseph Lucas, Mountpleasant, Kilrush.
Keane, Francis Nathaniel, Gower Hall, Kilrush.
Marrett, William C., Kilrush.
Studdert, John Fitzgerald, Kilrush.
Studdert, Jonas, Kilkee, Kilrush.
Vandeleur, Crofton Moore, D.L., Kilrush House, Kilrush

Resident Magistrates:
Little, James, Kilrush.

Agent for Lloyds:
William Blair, Esq, Kilrush.

Barony Cess Collectors.
Ibrickane--Thomas Studdert, Danganelly, Kilrush.
Moyarta--Simon O’Donnell, Shannon View, Kilrush.’

Constabulary Officers:
Paymaster, Matthew T. O'Halloran, Esq, Kilrush.

Bridewells and Keepers:
Kilrush--George Grant.

Medical Officers of Fever Hospitals:
Kilrush--T. Elliott, M.D.

Medical Officers of Dispensaries:
Kilrush--Thomas Elliott, M.D.

Fairs in the County:
Kilrush: 10th May, 12th October.

1857 Thom’s Irish Almanac 1857 @
Kilrush population in 1851 was 4,471. Deputy Lieutenants: Burton, Henry Stewart, Carrigaholt Castle, Kilrush. Vandeleur, Col. Crofton Moore, Kilrush House, Kilrush. Magistrates: Borough, Robert H., Cappa, Kilrush. Studdert, John Fitzgerald, Pella, Kilrush. Studdert, Richard, Fort House, Kilrush. Vandeleur, Col. Crofton Moore, D.L., Kilrush House, Kilrush. Barony Cess Collectors: Moyarta: Simon O’Donnell, Shannon View, Kilrush. Constabulary Officers, Sub-Inspectors' Stations: Kilrush: William Massy Blennerhasset. Petty Sessions Courts: Name of Clerk: Kilrush: John Armitage. Kilrush Union (Co. Clare), 27 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Saturday. Chairman, Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur, Esq, Kilrush. Dep. Vice-Chairman, Thomas Chambers, Esq., Kilrush Treasurer, National Bank, Kilrush. Clerk and Returning Officer, Edward James Kennedy. Master and Matron, Jeremiah O'Connor and Honoria Kelly. Chaplains: Established Church, Rev. J.F. Robbins. Roman Catholic. Rev. Timothy Kelly, P.P. Medical Officer. Thomas B. O'Donnell, M.D. Relieving Officers. Richard Brew, Kilrush. Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts: Kilrush. Thomas Elliott, M. D. G.

1867 The Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory @
Boat Owners at Kilrush:
James Brew: Catherine, 31 tons.
George Taylor: Sally, 34 tons.
Michael Grady: Lord Berehaven, 34 tons. (Sank on the 2nd December 1866)
Michael Griffin, of Scattery Island: Saint Synan, 17 tons. (Pilot Boat?)

1870 Thom’s Directory. (National Library of Ireland)
High Sheriff.
Robert Wm Cary Reeves, Esq, L.L.B., (Cantab), J.P., Burrane, Knock: Kildare St. Club and Union Club, London. S.W.

Colonel Crofton Moore Vandeleur (1859), Colonel of the Clare Militia, Kilrush House, Kilrush and Carlton Club, London.S.W.

Deputy Lieutenant.
Hector Stewart Vandeleur, Kilrush House, Kilrush.

Borough Randal, Querrin House, Carrigaholt.
Borough Robert H, Cappa, Kilrush.
Burton Francis Nathanial Valentine, Carnelly House, Clarecastle and Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt.
Cox Benjamin, Mountpleasant, Kilrush.
Studdert Richard, Fort House, Kilrush.
Studdert Capt. Richard Massy, Fort House, Kilrush.
Vandeleur Crofton Moore, Kilrush House, Kilrush, 4 Rutland Sq. East, Dublin, Kildare St. Club and Carlton Club, London.S.W.

Stamp Distributers.
William Peacocke, Kilrush.

Coast Guard.
Comm. Charles O. B. Hall, R.N., Kilrush.

Sub-Inspector R.I.C.
Devaynes Smyth Esq.

Petty Sessions Courts.
Kilrush, Monday: B.P. Armitage.

Bridewell and Keeper.
Kilrush: John Slattery.

1880-1881 Bassett's Directory @ Clare Library Website

Kilrush Gentry.
Colonel C.M. Vandeleur, D.L., Kilrush House
Robert William Carey Reeves, D.L., Bessborough House, Killimer
Michael Glynn, J.P., Merchant's Quay House
Major R. M. Studdert, J.P., Fort House, Kilrush
Randal Borough, J.P., Cappa House
Benjamin Cox, J.P., Mountpleasant House, Clarefield
Matthew Kelly, J.P., Bank House
Thomas S. Brew, J.P., Leadmore House
Francis W. Hickman, J.P., Kilmore House
E Burke Browne, J.P., Castlepark House
Nicholas O'Gorman, J.P., Bellevue House
Michael S. Brew, Ballyerra House
Holmer T. Land, Bank House, Provincial Bank
Samuel Bourke, Thomastown
Richard B. Silles, Newtown House
William Brew, Leadmore House
Christian Brothers' School - The Rev. M. Hill, Superior
Convent Schools - Mrs. Mary Angela Spence, Superioress
Kilrush National School (Leadmore) - Mr. John Trousdell, Principal
Vandeleur National School (Vandeleur Street) - Mr. E. K. Moore, Headmaster

1888: Kilrush in the year 1888: (History of Kilrush, J. F. McGrath, unpublished 1952 which states that the following are excerpts from the Industrial Year Book of 1888.)

Local Government Board Officers:
Inspector – Richard Bourke, D.L.
Auditor – Cornelius Pelly.

The Town Commissioners:
Chairman – John C. Mahony.

Resident Magistrate—Col. R.C. Evanson.
Clerk of the Petty Sessions – Robert H. Borough.
Civil Bill Officers – Joseph Carey and Hugh Jackson.

Constabulary District of Kilrush.
District Inspector – William Chambers.
Head Constable – James Downes.
Sergeant in Charge of Kilrush – Henry Fletcher.
Inland Revenue Department:
Superintendent—D. Moylan.
Income Tax Collector – P. McInerney.

Commissioner of Affidavits:
Thomas McInerney.

District Register of Marriages:
George Taylor, Henry Street.

Places of Divine Worship:
Roman Catholic – St. Senan’s, Toler Street, V. Rev. M. Dinan, P.P.
Church of Ireland – Grace St., Ven Arch. W. Wolseley, Rector.
Presbyterian – Rev. Mr. William Sorsby, The Manse.
Methodist – Rev. Mr. F. K. Elliott, Burton Street.

Sisters of Mercy. Rev. Mother, Mary A. Spence, Superioress.

The National – Head Teacher, Male Section, Mr. J. Trousdell.
National Convent - Toler Street, Teachers, the Sisters of Mercy.
National – Poor Law Union, Teachers Male Section, James O’Dwyer, Female Section, Miss O’Brien.

Member of Parliament for West Clare: Jeremiah Jordan, Enniskillen.

Physicians and Surgeons in Kilrush:
Charles Coote, L .A. Dub, Ennis Road, Kilrush.
John F. Counihan, L.R.C.S.I., L.K.Q.C.P.I., L.M., Frances Street.
William Foley, M.D., M.R.C.S.E.
Bartholomew Madigan, L.K.Q.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I., L.M.

Dominick R. Hilliard, Frances Street.
Thomas Kelly, Frances Street.

Civil Bill Officers:
Joseph Garry and Hugh Jackson.

Thomas Studdert Brew, Leadmore House, Kilrush.
Nicholas Smith O’Gorman, B.A., Belvue House, Kilrush.
Robert William Cary Reeves, LLB, D.L., Bessborough House, Killimer.
Richard Bolton Siles, Newtown House, Kilrush.
Randal Borough, Cappa Lodge.
Benjamin Cox, Mountpleasant, Kilrush.

Deputy-Lieutenants in Kilrush:
Capt. Hector Stewart Vandeleur, Kilrush House, Kilrush.
William C. Vandeleur-Burton, Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt.

The Post Office:
Headmistress: Mary Scanlan: Telegraphist: J.T. Scanlan.

The Gas Company:
Offices – Toler Street.
Manager – Mr. M. Hartigan.
Secretary – Mr. Ml. Roughan.
Engineer – Mr. Wm. Atkins.

Kilrush Boat Club:
Secretary – Mr. Thomas McInerney, Toler Street.

St. Patrick’s Benevolent Association:
President – Mr. John O’Brien.
Vice-President – Mr. P.J. Boyle, Senr.
Secretary – Mr. John R. McNamara.

Provincial Bank of Ireland. —Frances Street, Manager Mr. J. O’Ryan.
National Bank of Ireland. —Frances Street, Manager, Mr. J. M. Nolan.

Williams Hotel: _ prop. Michael Williams, Frances Street.
Vandeleur Arms; - Miss Eliza Smith, Proprietress, Frances Street.

Clare Advertiser: Published every Saturday, Price 3d. Proprietor, J.A. Carroll.
Kilrush Herald: Proprietor, Peter J. Boyle. Price 3d.

Clergy, Gentry and Professionals:
Abraham, Rev Thomas, Methodist Minister, Frances Street.
Bennett, James, Carradotia.
Borough Caroline, Cappagh.
Brew, Michael, Ballyerra House.
Brew, Thomas Studdert, B.L., J.P., Leadmore House.
Burke, Samuel. Leadmore.
Chambers, Patrick, Carradotia.
Chambers, Sophia, Frances Street.
Chambers, William, District Inspector, R.I.C.
Considine, Patrick, Co. Surveyor, Frances Street.
Counihan John, L.R.C.S.I., L.M., Frances Street.
Courtney Rev, Dannie, C.C., Frances Street.
Cox Benjamin, J.P., Mountpleasant.
Dinan, Very Rev. Michael, P.P., V.G., Toler Street.
Elliott Glanville, Frances Street.
Elliott, Rev F. Methodist Minister.
Evanson, Colonel R.C., Cappagh.
Flanagan, Br, S. Dir. Christian Bros. Schools.
Fetton Goodwin, Shragh House.
Foley Mary, Market Square.
Foley, William, M.D.Glasg. M.R.C.V.S., Frances Street.
Glynn, William, J.P., Merchants Quay.
Hilliard, Dominick R. Sol. Frances Street. (44 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin).
Keating John J., Moore Street.
Kelly, Thomas, Sol., Frances Street. (35 Stephen’s Green North, Dublin)
Lucas Jane, Frances Street.
McKenna, Rev. John C.C., Henry Street.
Madigan Barth.L.K.Q.C.P.I. I., L.R.C.S.I., L.M. Frances Street.
Newport William, Frances Street.
Nolan John M., manager, National Bank.
O’Doherty Michael, J., L.K.Q.C.P.I. I., L.R.C.S.I., L.M.
O’Donnell, John S, Shannon View.
O’Neill Goodison R., Cappagh.
O’Neill Rev. James C.C. Toler Street.
O’Ryan J., Manager Provincial Bank, Frances Street.
Peacock Thomas, Frances Street.
Peacock William, Frances Street.
Siles Richard Bolton, J.P., Newton House.
Sorsby, Rev. William, Presb. Minister, The Manse.
Spence, Mother M.A., Superioress Convent of Mercy.
Studdert, John F., Shragh.
Taylor George, Dist. Register of Marriages, Henry Street.
Vandeleur, Capt. Hector Stewart, J.P., D.L., Kilrush House.
Warren, Augustus, Clerk Union, Ballyerra.
Wolseley, Ven. Archdeacon William H. AM. Glebe House.

Bradley, John J. —Sewing Machines, Moore Street.
Bulger Daniel S. —Insurance, Moore Street.
Carey Michael. —Commission, Frances Street.
Culligan Patrick. —Emigration, Frances Street.
Dalton William B. —Insurance, Ferry Lodge.
Doherty Garrett. —Insurance, Moore Street.
Gibson, Thomas. —Emigration and Corn, Moore Street.
Glynn, Michael. —Lloyds, Frances Street.
Hilliard, Dominick R. —Insurance, Frances Street.
Hassett, Michael. —News, Frances Street.
Kelly, James and Sons. —News, Frances Street.
McInerney, Thomas. —Gunpowder, Moore Street.
McNamara, John C. —Insurance, Market Square.
Roughan, Thomas. —Market Square.
Scanlan M. and Sons. —Insurance, Moore Street.
Supple, Henry G. —Steamship Co., Cappagh.
Warren Augustus. —Insurance and Loan, Broomhill.

Considine, Patrick, C.E., Kilrush.

Brew Miss, Henry Street.
Enright, Thomas, Vandeleur Street.
Kelly, Michael, Frances Street.
O’Connor, James, Market Street.
Roughan, Michael, Market Square.
Russell, John Norris and Sons, Market Square.
Ryan, Andrew, Market Square.

Biscuit Manufacturers:
Stewart and Co., Frances Street.

Boat Builder:
McMahon John, Leadmore.

Booksellers and Stationers:
Hassett, Michael, Frances Street.
Morrissey, Michael, Frances Street.
McInerney, Thomas, Moore Street and Frances Street.
Trousdell, John, Henry Street.

Boot and Shoemakers:
Costello, Cornelius, Burton Street.
Hannon Jeremiah, Moore Street.
Hickey, James, Burton Street.
Keane, Michael, Grace Street.
Kelly, John, Moore Street.
Kershaw, Thomas, Grace Street.
McInerney, John, Burton Street.
McMahon P., Vandeleur Street.
Mahony William, Moore Street.
O’Meara Daniel, Moore Street.
O’Meara Michael, Frances Street.

Clancy, James, Ennis Road.
Clancy, John, Henry Street and Vandeleur Street.
Madigan, John, Ennis Road.
Morrissey, William, Henry Street.
Taylor, Godfrey, Moore Street.

Butter Merchants:
Eustace, Simon, Henry Street.
Moody, William, Henry Street.
Walsh, Michael, Moore Street.
Walsh, Richard, Moore Street.

Car Owners:
Denehan Maurice, Moore Street.
Dunleavy, James, Chapel Street.
Finucane, Joseph, Moore Street.
Keane, Thomas, Chapel Street.
O’Dwyer, Richard, Henry Street.
Smith, Mrs. E., Vandeleur Arms Hotel.
Williams, Michael, Frances Street.

Bermingham, John, Moore Street.
Madigan, Andrew (ship), Market Square.
O’Sullivan Catherine, Henry Street.

China and Glass Dealers:
Curtin Eliza, Henry Street.
Doyle Owen, Henry Street.
Gill, Jerome, Chapel Street.
Mescall, Michael, Market Street.

Coach Builders:
Burke Charles, Henry Street.
Burke, David, Henry Street.
Burke John, Henry Street.
Enright, Richard and Son, Vandeleur Street.

Coal Merchants:
Brew, W., Market Square.
Foley, Mary, Market Square.
Madigan, Andrew, Market Square.

Grogan Mrs., Frances Street.
Parkinson, William, Henry Street.
Stewart and Co., Frances Street.

Carey, John, Henry Street.
Keane, Charles, Henry Street.
McMahon, Patrick, Ennis Road.
Scales John, Moore Street.

Corn Merchants:
Fitzgerald, Thomas, Market Square.
Grogan, Daniel, Durban.
Mescall Michael, Market Square.

Armstrong, Mary, Moore Street.
Brew, Misses, Frances Street.
Clancy, John, Moore Street.
Culligan, Patrick, Frances Street.
Cunningham, Mrs., Moore Street.
Keating, Joseph, Market Square.
Lynch, Mrs. J., Moore Street.
Lynch, Michael, Moore Street.
McInerney, Thomas, Frances Street.
Morrissey, Michael, Frances Street.
Nolan, Honor, Moore Street.
O’Connor and Co., Market Square.
O’Driscoll, Ellen, Frances Street.
Taylor, Henry and William, Moore Street.

Dressmakers and Milliners:
Carey, Michael, Frances Street.
Considine, Susan, Henry Street.
Costello, Mary, Burton Street.
Culligan, Bridget, Moore Street.
Cunningham, Mrs, Moore Street.
Enright, The Misses, Vandeleur Street.
Leary, Mary, Market Square.
Lehane, Martin, Moore Street.
McInerney, Mrs. Kilrush.
McMahon, Jane, Moore Street.
Meany, Margaret, Moore Street.
Morrissey, Anne, Henry Street.
O’Brien Bridget, Frances Street.
O’Connor M. and Co., Market Square.
O’Driscoll, Miss, Frances Street.
Soffe, Ellen, Moore Street.
Taylor, Mary, Moore Street.

Egg Merchants:
Gill, Jerome, Moore Street.
O’Brien, John, Henry Street.
O’Dea, Michael, Henry Street.

Feather and Skin Merchants:
Gill, Jerome, Moore Street.
Moody, William, Henry Street.
O’Connell, Matthew, Henry Street.

Flag Merchants:
Clancy John, Knockerra.
Keane Timothy, Knockerra
Madigan Mrs. Knockerra
Nolan George, Knockerra.
O’Grady Mary, Moore Street.
Talty James, Knockerra.

Flour and Meal Dealers.
Curtin Eliza, Henry Street.
Eustace Simon, Henry Street.
Finucane Joseph, Moore Street.
Fitzgerald Thomas, Market Square.
Grogan John, Market Square.
Keatinge Thomas, Henry Street.
Kelly Michael, Frances Street.
Mahony John C., Market Square.
Mescall Michael, Market Square.
Moody Bridget, Henry Street.
O’Brien, Mrs., Glen.
O’Dea Michael, Henry Street.
Roughan Michael, Market Square.
Russell John Norris and Sons, Market Square.
Ryan Andrew, Market Square.

Flour Meal and Carding Mills:
Glynn, Michael, J.P., Merchants Quay.
Mahony John C., Kilrush.

Boland Ellen, Frances Street.
Boland Mrs. T, Cappagh.
Bonfield Patrick, Moore Street.
Burke Andrew, Moore Street.
Burke Daniel, Henry Street.
Clancy John, Henry Street.
Comyn Mrs. David, Henry Street.
Crowley Bartholomew, Henry Street.
Cunningham Michael, Market square.
Devine Denis, Henry Street.
Dwyer Bryan, Market Square.
Enright Michael, Henry Street.
Enright Thomas, Vandeleur Street.
Fitzgerald Thomas, Market Square.
Fox Ellen, Moore Street.
Hastings Michael, Henry Street.
Hynes Michael, Moore Street.
Keating Honoria, Moore Street.
Keatinge John J, Moore Street.
Lorigan James, Henry Street.
McMahon Bryan, Frances Street.
McMahon Stephen, Frances Street.
Markham Bridge, Vandeleur Street.
Mescall Margaret, Market Square.
Mescall Matthias, Market Square.
Mescall Michael, Market Square.
Molony Simon, Henry Street,
Mulvihill Margaret, Moore Street.
O’Brien Luke, Market Square.
O’Dea Patrick, Vandeleur Street.
O’Dwyer Richard, Henry Street.
O’Mahony Thomas C., Henry Street.
O’Reilly P., Moore Street.
Parkinson William, Frances Street.
Quinn Mary Ann, Frances Street.
Reid, Miss Eliza, Frances Street.
Ryan, Andrew, Market Square.
Walsh Mrs, Moore Street.

Buckley Denis, Moore Street.

Hardware Merchants:
Foley Mary, Market Square.
Madigan Andrew, Market Square.
McInerney Michael and Son, Moore Street.
Sullivan Michael, Moore Street.

Harness Makers and Saddlers:
Curran John, Market Square.
Cushen George, Henry Street.
Regan Thomas, Henry Street.
Ryan Mrs. Henry Street.
Trousdell John, Moore Street.

Brew William and Son, Market Square.
Mahony John C., Market Square.
O’Sullivan Michael, Moore Street.

Leather Dealers:
Corry Joseph, Market Square.
Hassett Michael, Frances Street.
Mahony John C., Market Square.
Mahony Thomas G., Henry Street.
Mescall Michael, Market Square.

Lime Burner:
Taylor George, Henry Street.

Loan Office:
Dowling Jeremiah, Moore Street.

Local Quarries for Sand, Stone, etc.:
Moneypoint Flags – Mary O’Grady, Proprietor.

Marine Store Dealers:
Gill, Jerome, Moore Street.

Doherty, Garrett, Moore Street.

Oil and Colour Merchants:
Brew W., Market Square.
Foley Mary, Market Square.
Madigan Andrew, Market Square.
Mahony John C., Market Square.

Devers Peter, Moore Street.
Downes John, Moore Street.
Lynch M and Sons, Henry Street.

Dowling, Jeremiah, Moore Street.

Boyle Peter J., Herald Office.
Carroll John A., Frances Street.

Provision Dealers:
Brew Richard, Ennis Road.
Campbell Bridget, Henry Street.
Carmody Michael, Henry Street.
Eustace Simon, Henry Street.
Finucane Joseph, Moore Street.
Hassett Michael, Frances Street.
Hayes Maria, Henry Street.
Hickey Mary A., Market Square.
Keatinge Thomas, Henry Street.
Kelly Patrick, Henry Street.
Kett Joseph, Henry Street.
Mahony John, Market Square.
Markham B., Vandeleur Street.
Mescall Matthew, Market Square.
O’Brien Denis, Frances Street.
O’Dea P., Vandeleur Street.
O’Reilly, Mrs Kate, Moore Street.
Ryan Andrew, Market Square.
Slattery John, Moore Street.
Slattery Kate, Henry Street.
Slattery Thomas, Market Square.

Road Contractors:
Kelly P., Henry Street.
Roughan Thomas, Market Square.

Salt Manufacturer:
O’Sullivan Catherine, Henry Street.

Brew William, Market Square.
Carmody Michael, Henry Street.
Culligan John, Frances Street.
Fitzgerald George, Market Square.
Lynch Michael, Moore Street.
Mahony John C., Market Square.
Mahony Thomas C., Market Square.
Molony Mrs., Henry Street.
O’Brien Luke, Market Square.
O’Dwyer Richard, Henry Street.

Tailors and Outfitters:
Carey Michael, Frances Street.
Galvin John, Burton Street.
Gould Thomas, Frances Street.
Hannon Jeremiah, Moore Street.
Keane Thomas, Moore Street.
McDonnell Martin, Moore Street.
Redmond Michael, Moore Street.
Tubridy Michael, Burton Street.

Timber and Slate Merchants etc.:
Doherty Garrett, Toler Street.
Enright R, and Son, Vandeleur Street.
Mahony John C., Kilrush.
Morrissey Anne and Sons, Henry Street.

Allen James, Wheelwright, Henry Street.
Barry John, Blacksmith, The Glen.
Considine Michael, Carpenter, Henry Street.
Enright Michael, Wheelwright, Henry Street.
Enright R. and Son, Wheelwrights, Vandeleur Street.
Finucane Michael, Smith, Chapel Street.
Gorman Denis, Carpenter, The Glen.
Lynch Michael, Blacksmith, Burton Street.
McMahon Bryan and Son, Shipwrights.
Moloney Simon, Smith, Ennis Road.
Nolan Michael, Smith, High Street.
O’Dea Cornelius, Carpenter, Ennis Road.
Ronan John, Carpenter, Ennis Road.
Scanlan Michael, Slater, Moore Street.
Scanlan S., Shipwright.

Allen J., Kilrush.
Clancy, J.P., Henry Street.
Enright Richard and Sons, Vandeleur Street.
Morrissey A. and Sons, Kilrush.

Allender John J., Moore Street.
Curtin Michael, Henry Street.
Curtin William, Ennis Road.
Griffin John, Moore Street.
McMahon Sinon, Henry Street.
Mahony John, Market Square.
Shea James, Moore Street.
Slattery Thomas, Market Square.

Behan Anne, Cappagh.
Boland Catherine, Frances Street.
Boland John, Frances Street.
Browne Thomas, Ennis Road.
Burke Andrew, Moore Street.
Cahill James, Henry Street.
Carmody Bridget, Henry Street.
Clancy John, Henry Street.
Comyn Mrs. Henry Street.
Crowley Bartholomew, Henry Street.
Cunningham Michael, Market Square.
Daly Richard, Cappagh.
Delaney William, Moore Street.
Doherty Garrett, Moore Street.
Dunleavy Mary, Moore Street.
Dwyer Bryan, Market Square.
Egan John, Henry Street.
Enright Thomas, Ennis Road.
Finucane Joseph, Moore Street.
Fitzgerald George, Market Square.
Fitzgerald Thomas, Market Square.
Fox Ellen, Moore Street.
Galvin Patrick, Moore Street.
Ginnane James, Market Square.
Griffin Edmond, Henry Street.
Grogan Susan, Frances Street.
Hastings Michael, Henry Street.
Haugh James, Henry Street.
Hazlett John, Moore Street.
Hynes Michael, Moore Street.
Keane Patrick, Henry Street.
Keatinge Anne, Moore Street.
Keatinge Honora, Moore Street.
Keatinge Thomas, Henry Street.
Kelly James, Henry Street.
Kelly Patrick, Henry Street.
Kett Joseph, Henry Street.
Kitson Patrick, Henry Street.
Lorgan James, Henry Street.
McMahon Bryan, Frances Street.
McMahon Johanna, Moore Street.
McMahon Johanna, John Street.
Madigan Michael, Moore Street.
Murphy John, Henry Street.
O’Dea Patrick F., Ennis Road.
O’Donnell Anne, Henry Street.
O’Donnell Martin, John Street.
O’Dwyer Richard, Henry Street.
O’Neill Patrick F., Ennis Road.
Parkinson William, Henry Street.
Quinn Mrs. Mary Anne, Frances Street.
Reid Eliza, John Street.
Ryan Bridget, Henry Street.
Slattery John, Moore Street.
Tubridy Mortimer, Henry Street.
Waters John, John Street.

Ivers Gamble, Chapel Street.
McNamara William, Moore Street.

Brew Michael, Toler Street.

Principal Farmers:
Boland Honor, Cappagh.
Brew Patrick, Ballykett.
Burke Jane, Leadmore.
Connell James, Moyne.
Crowley John, Carnanes.
Culligan Denis, Ballynote.
Culligan John, Kilrush.
Culligan Margaret, Carnanes.
Dalton, Wm B., Ferry Lodge.
Dowling Joshua, Ballyerra.
Eustace Simon, Kilrush.
Flanagan John, Tullagower.
Gibson Michael, Cappagh.
Gibson Thomas, Island View.
Gore Ellen, Woodlawn.
Grogan John, Kilrush.
Higgins Margaret, Carnacalla.
Higgins Thomas, Carnacalla.
Keatinge John J., Kilrush.
Lillis John, Kilcarroll.
Lynch Michael, Kilrush.
McDonnell Ellen, Ballynote.
Madigan Andrew, Kilrush.
Madigan Bridget, Carnanes.
Madigan Margaret, Ballynote.
Madigan Margaret, Leadmore.
Mahony John C., Kilrush.
Mahony John, Kilrush.
Mahony Thomas C., Kilrush.
Moody Wm, Kilrush.
Murphy John, Leadmore.
O’Brien John, Kilrush.
O’Brien Luke, Kilrush.
O’Brien Mrs., Moyadda.
O’Dwyer Richard.Kilrush.
O’Flanagan James, Ballyerra.
Peacocke William, Kilrush.
Reidy John, Kilrush.
Roughan Thomas, Kilrush.
Slattery Denis, Ballykett.
Slattery Thomas, Kilrush.
Trilly Ellen, Ballyerra.
Warren Augustus Junior, Ballyerra.
Williams Thomas, Carnacalla.
Williams William, Carnacalla.

1896 Thom’s Directory. (National Library of Ireland)
Population: 4,095 (1891).
Deputy Lieutenant:
Burton William Conyngham Vandeleur, Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt.
Reeves. R.W.C., Bessborough House, Killimer, Kilrush.
Vandeleur, Captain Hector Stewart, Kilrush House, Kilrush and Woodford House, Thrapstone.Northamptonshire. Kildare Street Club, Dublin.
Burton Wm. Conyngham Vandeleur, D.L., Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt.
Counihan John Francis, Frances Street, Kilrush.
Cox Joseph W., Mount Pleasant, Kilrush.
Culligan John, 3 Frances Street, Kilrush.
Glynn William Joynt, Kilrush.
O’Doherty Francis J, Moore Street, Kilrush and Querrin Lodge, Querrin.
Reeves W. Vandeleur, Bessborough, Killimer. Clubs: New Oxford and Cambridge; Pall Mall, S.W.
Silles Richard Bolton, Newtown House, Kilrush
Vandeleur Hector Stewart, D.L. ---
District Inspector: John Rolston, Kilrush.
Kilrush Union:
Population: 31423 (1891).
Chairman: Michael Mescall Esq., Dromellihy, Cooraclare.
Vice- Chairman: Anthony McNamara Esq, Albert Road, Kilkee.
Clerk and Returning Officer: Augustus Warren, Broom Hill, Kilrush.
Master: Francis O’Donnell.
Matron: Bridget Crowe.
Chaplains: Church of Ireland: Ven. Archdeacon Wolseley.
Roman Catholic: Very Rev, S. Malone, V.G. P.P.
Medical Officer: Dr. John R. Foley, Kilrush.
Relieving Officers: Stephen Roughan, Kilrush--- Michael Downes, Carrigaholt.—
Dispensary District:
Kilrush Population: 7,432 (1891) John F Counihan. L.R.C.P & S.

1903 Thom’s Directory. (National Library of Ireland)
Population 4,179 (1891).
Captain Hector Stewart Vandeleur: ---- and Cahircon, Ennis, 50 Rutland Gate. S.W. Club Carlton and Arthur’s S.W., Kildare Street Club, Dublin.
Deputy Lieutenant.
Burton William Conyngham Vandeleur, Carrigaholt Castle, Carrigaholt.
Brew Michael Studdert, Ballyerra House, Kilrush and Seafield Lodge, Miltown Malbay.
Burton WCV ----
Culligan Bartholomew, 3 Frances Street, Kilrush.
Dowling Joshua S, Cappagh House, Kilrush.
Glynn William Joynt, Pella House, Kilrush.
O’Doherty Francis J, Moore Street, Kilrush and Querrin Lodge, Querrin.
Reeves.and Silles as per 1896 above.
District Inspector: John McNally Esq.
Kilrush Union:
Population 28,734 (1901).
Chairman: A McNamara, Albert Road, Kilkee.
Vice-Chairman: P. Lillis, Kilmihil.
Deputy Vice Chairman: Patrick Burke Esq, Tullabrack, Moyasta.
Clerk of the Union: Timothy Kelly Esq.
Medical Officer: Dr. John F Counihan, Kilrush.
Dispensary District:
Kilrush Population 7,092 (1901) Randal Counihan. L.R.C.P. & S.
Local Sanitary Authority:
The R. D. Council: Chairman Michael Mescall, J.P. Vice-Chairman. Michael Kett Esq, Kilkee.

1915 Kilrush Trades @
Boot and Shoe Makers:
Breen Thomas, Burton St.
Cahill H. J. Market Sq.
Duggan Matthew, Moore St.
Hannon Jeremiah, Moore St.
Hickey James, Moore St.
Kelly John, Market Sq.
McGarry John, Henry St.
McInerney John, Burton St.
Mulqueen John, Henry St.
Mulqueen Martin, Henry St.
O'Brien William, Moore St.
O'Meara Michael, Frances St.
Saunders John, Moore St.
Carriage Builders:
Bourke D & Son, Henry St.
Clancy James, Vandeleur St.
Enright Richard, Vandeleur St.
O'Dea John, Chapel St.
Hide & Skin Merchants.
Gill Mrs. Mary, Moore St.
Moody William, Henry St.
Kelly John, Chapel St.
Saddlers & Harness Makers.
Daly John, Moore St.
McGarry John, Henry St.
Ryan William, Henry St.

1931 Thom’s Directory. (National Library of Ireland)
Deputy Lieutenant:
Glynn William Joynt, Pella House, Kilrush.
Peace Commissioners:
Brew George, Henry Street, Kilrush.
Lillis John, Frances Street, Kilrush.
McMahon Daniel, Carnacalla, Kilrush.
Nagle Thomas, Moore Street, Kilrush.
Court Town Day and Hour of Meeting and Clerk:
First and Third Tuesday except first Tuesday in June and October: 11 a.m. Patrick Green, Kilrush, Civil Bills third Tuesday.
Civic Guard:
Superintendent: Patrick J Finnergan, Kilrush.
Lloyds’ Agents.
Messrs. M. Glynn and Sons, Kilrush.

Kilrush Statistics from Census Returns. (*Rural includes Kilkee)
Rural &Urban
District Area Statute Acres Valuation
1926 Population
1926 Population
1911 Population
1901 Houses
1926 Houses
1911 Houses
*Rural 136,188 £48,464 19,297 21,981 24,555 4,274 4,684 4,862
Urban 1319 £5,133 3,345 3,666 4,179 719 870 839

County Council: Kilrush (9).
Thomas McGrath, Farrihy, Kilkee.
Michael McMahon, Moore Street, Kilrush.
Thomas Falvey, Newtown, Lisdeen.
Thomas Crowe, Ballylean, Killadysart.
John O’Dwyer, Market Square, Kilrush.
Thomas Reidy, Henry Street, Kilrush.
Joseph Healy, Moyarta Cottage, Carrigaholt.
John B Murray, O’Curry Street, Kilkee.
Wm. C Doherty, 3 Doherty Terrace, Kilkee.
Railway Guarantee:
The Liability of the County in respect of the West and South Clare Railways is now limited to an annual payment of £4,320 for 10 years from the 1st January 1925 under the Railways Act 1924.
Clare County Board of Health.
Member: John O’Dwyer, Kilrush.
Kilrush District Hospital.
Surgeon: Dr. Richard Counihan.
Hon. Visiting Surgeon: Thomas Daly.M.D.
Dispensary District, Population in 1926, Medical Officer & Register of Births, Marriages & Deaths:
Kilrush: Population 5,511 Thomas Daly.M.D.
Urban: Urban Council:
Thomas Nagle, Chairman.
Michael Ryan.
John Clancy.
Thomas Moore, Vice-chairman.
John Crotty.
Patrick J Clancy.
John Walsh.
William T O’Brien.
Thomas Shannon.
Joseph P. Hughes.
Michael McMahon
Clerk and Executive Sanitary:
Officer M.J. Murphy.
Sanitary Sub-Officer:
John McGarry.
Town Surveyor:
Michael Morrissey.
National Bank.
Medical Officer of Health:
Thomas Daly. M.D.
Veterinary Inspector:
John A Keely.
National Bank: Manager: F.C Carroll.
Provincial Bank: David D Brew.
Bank of Ireland: G. H. Odbert.

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