Lack School - 1863 to 1975

A History of the School and its Pupils
by James Hehir


19. Conclusion

The Lack school era, 1863 to 1975, was an extraordinary period in so many ways. In terms of education, the Lack school era spans the transition from the hedge schools of the 1850s to free second level education in the late 1960s when a significant number of students began to enter third level. Politically it covered the decline of the British Empire, from its peak in the 1870s to Irish independence in 1922, as well as Ireland's entry into the EEC in 1972. In terms of innovations in transport, it witnessed the bicycle, car, aeroplane/jet, and man had landed on the moon before it closed. Lifestyles had changed dramatically during the period. By 1975, most houses in the area had slate roofs, bathrooms, electricity and a television, while the telephone had become quite popular. On the farm, much of the hard labour had been eliminated through mechanisation, while the presence of the horse was fast disappearing from the fields.

The school will be closed 30 years shortly. This history puts on record the 1175 pupils from the locality that passed through its doors.

Lack School, January 2004

Lack School, January 2004