Lack School - 1863 to 1975

A History of the School and its Pupils
by James Hehir


15. Industry

(g) Patrick Clancy's Shop (1880's to 1958)

The school was well served with two shops - Griffins and Clancys. Patrick Clancy took the greater share of the school business for two main reasons: he was located nearer to the school, and he had a unique personality that attracted the pupils. As this shop was in business for most of the life of the school it is appropriate to summarise its history.

This shop was erected by a grand-uncle of Fr. Patsy Kelly in the 1880's. He developed a reasonable business selling items as large as flour and meal. On his death the business was operated by his wife who passed it on to her family, which consisted of four daughters and two sons, about the turn of the century. They emigrated and the shop was sold to Patrick Clancy, who already had a shop near Meades. He continued the business from 1926 to 1958.

Patrick Clancy's Shop in 1984

Patrick Clancy's Shop in 1984

The shop had a thatched roof which was burned down on the 22nd June 1942. A hive of bees had lodged in the chimney and Patrick had tried to move them by lighting a large fire. The roof caught fire and resulted in considerable damage to the premises and its stock. Patrick had the premises re roofed and business continued until its closure in 1958.

The business was directed to the pupils by the variety of sweets and bars on sale, most priced at 1d. The local community purchased cigarettes, paraffin oil, bread and jam and even pickled herrings. One particular summer he had a barrel of cidereen, targeted at the thirsty locals after working at Crahera bog.

Patrick lived at his home in Glencanane and walked to and from the shop daily. The opening hours were 10am to 9pm. Locals called in at night in the winter and enjoyed his company.