Lack School - 1863 to 1975

A History of the School and its Pupils
by James Hehir


17. Landmarks

(c) ESB Power Line to Kilrush

ESB Power Line to Kilrush

ESB Power Line to Kilrush

The ESB 38KV power line which passes through the Lack school catchment area could perhaps be described as a local landmark and therefore worthy of comment.

This power line was erected in 1942, about 20 years before the area was served with electricity. It brought electricity from Clarecastle to Kilrush and was erected by a dedicated team of men in record time. They had no machinery, only picks, shovels and crowbars. They were paid £2 per week and they provided their own transport. The only difficulty encountered in the area was the sinking of holes for a double pole on John Sheehan's hill in Lack. The excavation took 37 days due to the hardness of the rock. Joe and Miko Kelly who worked on the line purchased a van, providing transport for the locals who worked on the line through to Kilrush.