Lack School - 1863 to 1975

A History of the School and its Pupils
by James Hehir


6. The New School - Island View National School

(a) The Premises

The school building that exists today was officially opened on the 17 October 1898. It was designed to accommodate 120 pupils. It consisted of two rooms and a gallery and had 6 desks each 10.5 feet, 2 forms each 4.5 feet and 4 forms in the gallery each 11.5 feet. It was built at a cost of £458.95. A government grant of £305.63 was made available towards the cost while the balance £153.32 was collected locally. The school manager at the time was Fr. R. Fitzgerald.

Pupils on the school steps

Pupils relaxing on some of the 46 steps that lead up to the school door

In addition to normal maintenance the following works were carried out over the years:

1906Grant paid for timber sheeting to the ceiling, small works carried out to the roof, plastering and a boundary wall erected.
1911Grant covering two-thirds of cost was paid towards plastering the western gable at a cost of £6.
1912Gallery removed.
1937The pupils assisted in the provision of the 46 steps leading to the school door.
1961Electricity installed.