Lloyd's Tour of Clare, 1780
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Clare County Library


Almost midway between ASOLLAS and NEW MARKET, lies DORMOLAND [sic] near the FERGUS; is the Family Mansion of Sir LUCIUS O’BRIEN, Bart. it is elegantly improv’d both by Art and Nature, and situate on the Verge of a delightful Lake, abounding with variety of Fish and Wild Fowl; the House is antient and large, and at some distance exhibits a grand external appearance, it is encircled by Verdant, Airy, Eminences; the Demesne is divided into beautiful Slopes and Avenues, improv’d at a considerable Expence; from the East End of the House to the notable and murmuring River of ASOLLAS, is an elegant Walk enclos’d with Ever-Greens for about a Quarter of a Mile long, agreeably interspers’d with lesser Walks, traversing to the Right and Left, and terminating in charming Groves, of a truly Romantic Appearance.

The Gardens are beautifully laid out,——enrich’d with various Fruits and Flowers, &c. and decorated with Walks—Terraces, Hot-Houses and all other requisite Ornaments Artificial and Natural; here is a Square of Stabling compleatly finish’d in a manner not inferior to any of the Kind in Ireland.

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