Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19

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Union of Noughaval and Carrune

Appendix No.1: Townlands, Derivations

Noughaval Parish

Name Derivation.
Ballygannor Not obvious.
Sheshaghmore Great plough land.
Deerpark Obvious meaning.
Lismoher Moher’s fort or dwelling.
Noughaval New take.
Ballymurphy Murphy’s town.
Ballymahony Mahony’s town.
Rusheen Little arable ground.

Carrune Parish

Mugonna Smithfield.
Ballylina Spearstown.
Crevat Place of the branch, or branch place.
Murrarron Not obvious.
Fanygallavane Ring of promise.
Castletown Obvious meaning.
Clonncouse Not obvious—perhaps, cause of deceit.
Mugonhy Plain,or field of danger.
Glancallenkilla Glen of Hollywood.
Fahy A district, a field or plain.
Knockanes Little hills.
Kealkella Kelly’s cell or church.
Pullogh A hollow place, or place full of holes.
Cappagh Blocky, a place full of blocks or stumps.
Cushkeam A pace, or step.
Ceolnatolagh Back of the hill.
Cragvill Rock town.
Ranagh. Ferny, a place where fern grows
Cahirgrillane Dutch chair.
Cahirmaconnello Mac Conell’s chair.
Meggaught Not obvious.
Mohermilan Lousepark.
Poulavack Son’s hole.
Ballydoura . Watertown
Poulcanarush Not obvious
Poulacarrune Quarter hole.


Glebe land; or a sanctuary.
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