Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19

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Union of Noughaval and Carrune

By the Rev. Robert Gabbett, Late Rector.

I. Name of the Parish, Situation, Extent, &c.

The ancient and modern names of these parishes are Noughaval and Carrune. Both are situated in the county of Clare, barony of Burren, and diocese of Kilfenora; they join each other, and are situated about from 9o 14’ to 9o 28’ west longitude, and from 52o 49’ to 52o 55’ north latitude. Noughaval is bounded on the east by the parish of Carrune, on the west by that of Kilfenora, on the north by that of Rathbourney, on the south by that of Kilnaboy. Carrune parish is bounded on the east by the county of Galway, on the west by the parish of Noughaval, on the north by that of Kilcorney and Octmanna, and on the south by the parishes of Kilnaboy and Kilkeedy.

The extent of Noughaval is about three miles by two; that of Carrune is about six miles by three. In the former of these parishes, the proportion of tillage or meadow land is very small, the whole being mostly a limestone rocky pasture. Such parts as are capable of being tilled, produce potatoes, oats, and bere; there are about 15 acres of meadow land in it, and about 80 acres of pasturable mountain. The latter parish has a much less proportion of tillage, and no meadow land; almost the whole consists of extremely rocky pasture, all of a limestone soil, which answers well for sheep. There are about 80 acres of pasturable mountain in Noughaval, and about 20 acres of bog in the same parish.

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