Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19

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Union of Noughaval and Carrune

XI. Natural Curiosities, Remarkable Occurrences, &c.

List of Incumbents, extracted from the First Fruits’ Records—

By certificate of Edward lord archbishop of Tuam, and bishop of Fenebore, dated the 25th day of May, 1724, from the 3rd day of July, 1723, dignitas precentoriat. eccliæ. Cathlis. sancti Fecknan. Feneboren. necnon vicariæ eccliarum. parlium. de Noughvaile, Carne, Kiltoraght, Clouney, Kilmainheen, et Killaspuglenane in comitatu Clare et diœces. nra. Feneboren. per mortem naturalem Roberti Couperthwaite clici ultimi ibm. incumbentis jam vacan.
George Fowler collated 29th May, 1772, chanter Kilfenora v. Carrune, v. Kiltoraght, v. Clouney, v. Killonoghan, v. Killaspughenane. R. Noughvaill, v. Noughvaill, Clare co.
James Kenny, instituted 28th June, 1785, R. Killeilagh r. Kilmoon r. Carrune.
Michael Davoren collated 3rd Sept. 1790, chantership of Kilfenora, r. v. Noughawall, r. v. Carrune.
Robert Gabbett, collated 9th May, 1810, with the rect. and vic. of Naughaval and the vic. of Carrune as the corps thereof, in the dioc. of Kilfenora and co. Clare, vice Michael Davoren, who held from 3rd Nov. 1790, and vacated by death.
Simon Holland was collated 1 Sept. 1817, to the chantership of Kilfernora, consisting of the re. and v. of Noughaval and v. Carrune, as the corps thereof in the dioc. of Kilfenora and co. Clare, vice Robert Gabbett, A. B. who held same from 9 May 1810, and vacated.

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