Mason's Parochial Survey, 1814-19

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Union of Noughaval and Carrune

V. Present & Former State of Population, Food, &c.

The parish of Noughaval contains about 50 inhabited houses or cabins, and about 295 inhabitants, of whom about 148 are males, 147 females, all Roman Catholics. Carrune contains about 118 inhabited houses, and about 719 inhabitants, of whom about 371 are males, and 348 females, all Roman Catholics; this number includes men, women, and children; their occupations are farming, labour and herding. Most of the land in these parishes being pasture, is tenanted by persons residing in other parts of the county, consequently herding constitutes the employment of a considerable number of the inhabitants; but there are some comfortable wealthy resident farmers: with the exception of these, the inhabitants are in general poor and indifferently dressed, and always live on potatoes and milk. They are in general healthy, but the writer has not heard of any extraordinary instances of longevity.

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