The Matron

The post of matron was usually given to the master’s wife. This did not happen at first in Ennistymon. In October 1841, Michael Walsh was returned as master and Bridget Flanagan as matron. However, we do not know whether or not Michael Walsh was married at this stage. At any rate, after the dismissal of Bridget Flanagan on the 4th of August 1843, following considerable acrimony between herself and the master, Michael Walsh’s wife became matron. This policy of the husband and wife team may well have been a cost effective measure. On the appointment of Mrs. Walsh the matron’s salary was reduced by half - "....that taken into account that the matron now elected is the wife of the master, we respectfully suggest to the Commissioners that the salary do stand at 10 for the present."

The matron's duties included:

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